Hola VPN Review in 2023: Features, Pricing & More!

Hola VPN Review in 2023
Hola VPN Review

 Our Hola VPN score

  • Speed8.0
  • Safety1
  • User-friendliness5.0
  • Servers5.0

Hola VPN Review (2023): Free but Puts Your Safety at Risk

If you’re looking for a free VPN service, you may have come across Hola VPN, which is marketed as the first “community-powered” or “peer-to-peer” VPN. These innocuous words are, in fact, the main red flags that warn about Hola VPN’s security and privacy issues. We will discuss these issues in our full Hola VPN review below.

The most important thing to understand is that this service is not very VPN. Instead, it is a peer-to-peer proxy service. Hello VPN doesn’t meet any criteria that you need to poke around during a Smart VPN. It records all your online activity and does not record your membership.

Using Hola VPN puts your privacy, identity, and online security at risk. If you want to browse the internet safely, we highly recommend choosing a top premium VPN or one of our tested free VPNs for safe online browsing.

Hola VPN – Short Review

Works on a variety of devices/platformsLogs all your data
30-day money-back guaranteeNo secure encryption
Sells free user bandwidth to premium users
Doesn’t work with Netflix or torrenting
Hola VPN Review

Hola VPN is available for various platforms, as well as Windows, macOS, iOS, and good TVs. It is not for sale on the Google Play Store due to suspected malware.

A single subscription to Hola VPN will work on up to ten devices. In addition, it contains a free version. Hola VPN is guaranteed to help you access virtually any website from one hundred and ninety countries, due to its huge network of thousands of servers and many IP addresses.

But don’t be fooled by these great options, because Hola VPN can be an extremely risky service. Its “community-driven” model means that the VPN shares its measure of idle information with alternative users, allowing unauthorized activity to occur on your network. Also, even though it claims to unblock Netflix, none of our tests established this claim to be true. It worked intermittently for some alternative services (such as BBC iPlayer), however, ultimately it’s not a reliable or secure approach to unblocking content.

PriceFrom $2.99 a month
Operating systemsWindows,
Simultaneous connections10
Payment methodsPaypal,
Credit card
Money-back guaranteeYes
Hola VPN Review

Speed – How Fast is Hola VPN?

Since Hola VPN is a point-to-point proxy service, it maintains fairly reasonable speeds. We tend to try Hola VPN for various activities, from surfing {the web|online|net} to streaming videos and gaming online. the area unit to carry is as follows:

  • Hola VPN barely affects membership speeds.
  • High speeds come at the price of security, as there is no encryption.
  • Most of the usual online activities, like browsing and streaming, happen at the same time.

Speed Test Results For Hola VPN

The following table summarizes our Hola VPN speed check results.

No VPN96.88100%47.57100%3
United States89.1291.9%44.5593.6%112
United Kingdom94.3197.3%45.3995.4%89
Hola VPN Review

As you can see, speeds are little impacted by Hola VPN. This may be because you are not bogged down by the encryption alternative that VPNs use to protect your information. However, even real VPNs offer fairly reasonable speeds while encrypting your data. We recommend NordVPN as the most suitable option.

Speeds During Daily Use

There were no slowdowns once I hit Hola VPN for browsing, streaming, and gaming. Web pages loaded quickly and videos needed no buffering time.

Safety – How Secure is Hola VPN?

Security could be a big concern if Hola VPN is abused, especially for free users. The service works under the premise of “resource sharing”, which implies that your measure of information is shared with other users. Here is a summary of Hola VPN protection risks:

  • Hola VPN offers secure protocols for premium users only.
  • Hola VPN claims to log data, but this is only available to premium users.
  • Hola VPN collects a lot of user information for each free and premium user.
  • Hola VPN does not have a kill switch.


The Hola VPN app and website do not list the protocols the service uses. however, we tend to check their FAQ section to find that premium users have access to IKEv2, IPsec, PPTP, and L2TP protocols. there is no clarity on which protocols free users have access to.

VPNs use secure protocols to transmit information through an affiliation. For reference, the most commonly used protocols include OpenVPN, Wise TCP, Wise UDP, IKEv2, and WireGuard. you will learn a lot about VPN protocols in our guide here.


According to the FAQ, premium users’ information is protected by industry-standard 256-bit AES encryption, but free users’ information is not protected at all.

In general, the service is unclear about how it keeps you safe, which makes it extremely suspicious and dangerous. You may inadvertently become an accomplice in breaking the law if someone uses your measure of information to do dirty activities online victimization Hola VPN.

Hola VPN has been in the news before for its bad practice of marketing user information to botnets. For starters, the Hola browser extension has been moved away from the Google Chrome internet store thanks to the associated risks.

Logging and Privacy

The best VPNs do not collect user information to take care of privacy and help you browse anonymously. Such services are called “no logs” VPNs. Unfortunately, Hola VPN is at the opposite end of the spectrum and collects almost all of your usage information, including:

  • Your information science address
  • Your name and email address
  • Browser type and package used
  • Websites visited and time spent on them
  • Payment information and more

To create a Hola VPN account, you can use your Associate in Nursing email or Google, Facebook, or Apple account. You can get a subscription victimization credit card, PayPal, Google Pay, and some alternative options. however, it is not among the VPNs that settle for cryptocurrencies.

Even if you purchase Hola Premium, your knowledge continues to be collected. A premium subscription can only guarantee your privacy by removing you from the open peer-to-peer network. Therefore, you pay to benefit from the resources of alternative users without sharing your own.

Kill Switch

Hola VPN does not provide a kill switch.

As the name suggests, a kill switch mechanically “kills” or disconnects your network if the VPN affiliation is unexpectedly lost. This prevents the download of your alternative information science address and personal information.

Most VPNs offer this feature to bolster your privacy, but given Hola’s lack of security measures, we’re not surprised that it doesn’t include a kill switch.

Usability – How User-Friendly is Hola VPN?

Hola VPN has attractive stigmatization that is perhaps intended to distract users from its lack of options and security. It is very easy to install and use, which is great for beginners, but it lacks most of the features needed in a VPN. Here are our main conclusions:

  • Despite having a good look, the website lacks comprehensive information.
  • The installation method is quick and easy on all devices.
  • Hola VPN includes a free version, however, it is extremely risky to use.
  • Even the premium versions lack proper security.

Hola VPN Website

Hola VPN’s website features a bright and attractive style that is easy to navigate. however, it lacks detailed information about the service and options. Instead, it is geared towards getting users to do the free version.

Hola VPN Review in 2022 Hola VPN website
Hola VPN Review

There is a lot of misleading advertising on the website, such as Hola VPN’s claims to be “community-driven”. This is usually simply concealment of the danger users are exposed to because they are going to share their measure of information with other users.

Also, the website lacks a page explaining all the app’s options and what VPN protocols or alternative security measures it uses. The link to the review page is also mentioned once and then hidden at the bottom, almost as if visitors aren’t inspired to buy a subscription at all.

Installing HolaVPN

At the top of the placement, there may be a call to action to “get unlimited VPN at no cost”. once you click the “Next” button, you will be prompted to directly download the setup file to your system.

You can then open this file and follow the instructions on the screen and complete the installation method.

When you launch Hola VPN for the first time, you may be asked to comply with its terms of use, which has many practices that violate your privacy.

Ironically, the Hola VPN app displays a message stating that the company cares about your privacy while listing all the data they collect about you.

Hola VPN Review

Once you comply with the terms, you may need to register or create a Hola account using your Google, Facebook, or Apple ID or email address. You may also need to be forced to verify your email before victimizing the service.

Hola VPN Review

Hola VPN’s Appearance And Ease Of Use

We tested the HolaVPN app on waterproof and it is a simple and easy-to-use interface. when you register and log in, you may see an inventory of servers and be able to choose the one you would like to connect to.

Hola VPN Review in 2023 Hola VPN’s appearance and ease of use
Hola VPN Review

As we explained earlier in the section on Hola VPN speeds, the connection is quite fast with most servers. we have a tendency not to notice any impact on system performance and will use the VPN effectively.

However, there is a dearth of different options or settings between the app. for example, there is no kill switch or the easiest way to decide on protocols, as is typical of most smart VPNs.

Another strange problem that we often see is that there is no option between the HolaVPN Windows application to prevent it from starting automatically after the system startup. For this, you may need to go into the home configuration settings and disable HolaVPN, which can be confusing or inconvenient for some users.

Also, keep in mind that this VPN partially tracks your online activity and your information is not encrypted once you exploit the free version. Free users may even see a pop-up warning that you are simply sharing your measure of information with other users (which can be a huge security risk). If you want to opt out of this, you need to upgrade to a paid Hola VPN subscription. however, even by doing that, the service can still collect all of your data.

Hola VPN Review in 2023 Hola VPN’s appearance and ease of use
Hola VPN Review

So even though Hola VPN looks attractive with a free, easy-to-use app and good speeds, we tend not to recommend this VPN due to its security and privacy issues.

Pricing And Payment Methods

In addition to the free version, Hola VPN offers a variety of subscription options; however, these still create a privacy risk because the company also collects information about premium users. The advantage of a paid arrangement is that your information is encrypted and routed through secure protocols.

There are square measures 3 subscription options:

  • $14.99 per month
  • $7.69 per month for one year
  • $2.99 ​​per month for 3 years
Hola VPN Review

You can pay with a master card, PayPal, Google Pay, or many other methods that do not include cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. However, the pricing is on the value side, and there are plenty of reasonable VPNs that offer better options and protection.

Although Hola offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, it also states that you cannot refund any purchases made through the Apple App Store. This information is hidden in the detailed FAQ section of the HolaVPN website and can be quite inconvenient for waterproof or iOS users.

Customer Service

The Hola VPN website and app have a help section where you can find some general troubleshooting information. however, there is no live chat or ticket system to be successful with their customer support team.

Instead, you will be able to communicate via email, and also the response is quite unpredictable. We tend to not get prompt or proper email support, that’s one more red flag to avoid Hola VPN.

The FAQ page does not invite the greatest confidence either. we tend to see a question where the solution was misspelled. for example, the name “Google” did not have the first letter capitalized and a sentence ends with a comma instead of a number.

Hola VPN Review in 2022 Customer service
Hola VPN Review

Server Network Hola VPN

Hola VPN works as a peer-to-peer service, making it a major global network. This ensures good speeds, however, it can be a security risk.

Number Of Servers And Locations

Hola has a fairly massive worldwide peer-to-peer network of over a thousand servers, although it doesn’t reveal the precise range of servers that exist. You will almost certainly have no problem finding a server near you in most parts of the world.

But as we have already explained, it is risky to use Hola VPN due to its lack of security features. The vast network of servers hardly matters once your data is at stake.

Hola VPN’s Options

Hola VPN lures users by claiming that it will unblock almost any geo-blocked content on services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, etc. However, it didn’t work for the US after we tested the VPN with totally different streaming services.

  • Hola VPN does not unblock Netflix.
  • Sometimes it works for different services like BBC iPlayer, but not all the time.
  • The use of torrents is not allowed.

Hola VPN And Netflix

In our tests, Hola VPN did not unblock Yankee Netflix or the different regional versions of the popular streaming service. This is probably because Netflix has incredibly advanced anti-VPN technology that can track and block Hola connections.

Please note that some users have reports that the service works for them. However, given the security risks involved, we tend to advocate staying out of Hola. Instead, you can use certain premium VPNs that work with Netflix and other streaming services while keeping you safe online.

Hola VPN And torrents

To download torrents anonymously, you need to use a VPN with strong encryption and security measures that can protect you from government police work or nosy hackers. Hola does not provide any security measures and blocks BitTorrent connections.

If torrenting can be a priority, you should select one of our best VPNs for torrenting.

Conclusion – Our Experience with Hola VPN

Overall, Hola VPN can be a dangerous and unethical service that compromises users’ privacy and security. It shares the information measure of free users with paid users, which puts free users at risk. It also collects a large amount of information about users, even those who purchase a paid installation.

Although easy to use, there are no additional secure user protocols or a kill switch to prevent data processing leakage. Also, it does not support torrents or unblock Netflix. To top it off, customer service is mediocre.

While not as unhealthy as BeetVPN, HolaVPN doesn’t offer a decent enough reason to choose it over a reliable and equally reasonable VPN like Surfshark.

HolaVPN – Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hola a Trusted VPN?

HolaVPN is not a reliable VPN because it is a peer-to-peer proxy service. It collects all your data and allows different users to use your measure of information. It does not write code information or use secure protocols, which makes it an extremely risky option.

Why is HolaVPN Bad?

HolaVPN is not healthy because it presents various security and privacy risks. It allows other users to access your measure of information, which means that if they are doing criminal activities online, they will join you. Also, it doesn’t code your information and collects all your data, which are big red flags. Scan more in our full HolaVPN review.

Is HolaVPN Still Free?

Yes, HolaVPN comes with a free version, but it is very risky to use because it lends its data measurement to other users. this implies that if another user performs some unscrupulous activities online, they will be joined again. you may unknowingly become an accomplice in breaking the law. Therefore, it is better to use a reliable free VPN instead.

Why Was HolaVPN Removed From The Play Store?

HolaVPN was removed from the Play Store and therefore from the Google Chrome net store due to its bad practices that will create security and privacy risks for users. It’s still available in other browsers like Opera and as apps on a variety of platforms including Windows, macOS, and iOS.

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