Host A Giveaway For An Amazon Gift Card (2021)

Gift card giveaways are affordable, easy, and effective campaigns that will dramatically increase your brand’s social following, email list, and brand presence.

Because gift card gifts are inexpensive, you will be able to give them regularly (weekly or monthly). This can allow your brand to experience steady growth.

With their gift card promotions, online firms like PC Perspective and Lola Blu have had a lot of success. Even physical stores employ online gift card promotions to boost visitors to their social media pages and physical locations.

This guide will show you ways to figure this out and more with case studies and samples from past campaigns hosted by growing brands.

But first, let’s determine how effective a present card gift will be for your brand.

Host A Giveaway For An Amazon Gift Card (2021) Gift Card Giveaway
Article: Host A Giveaway For An Amazon Gift Card (2021)

Who Should Host Gift Card Giveaways?

According to WalletHub, 41% of people prefer to receive gift cards over regular gifts. This is often why gift card giveaways are great campaigns that will appeal to a wide audience.

Host A Giveaway For An Amazon Gift Card (2021) Benefits of gift cards
Source: Incomm

Any brand can benefit this way just by giving away popular gift cards. However, if you want to attract the right audience for your brand, you will need to choose your gift cards wisely.

The following are some of the most popular gift cards currently available:

  • Amazon
  • Xbox and Playstation Store
  • Netflix
  • Starbucks
  • Walmart
  • iTunes
  • Sephora
  • Chipotle
  • Best Buy
  • Target
  • Victoria’s Secret

Giving away Amazon gift vouchers could lead to many eager entrants to your giveaway. However, if you want to target specific audiences, you will need to choose the gift cards that your audience finds most attractive and specific to a niche.

Host A Giveaway For An Amazon Gift Card (2021) Gaming Gift Cards
Source: @TheTruuth_ YouTube

For example, if your brand works with gaming peripherals, you will advertise Xbox and Playstation gift cards. People can use these gift cards to get games and subscriptions.

Examples of Brands That Host Gift Card Giveaways

Some of the brands that will benefit from gift card giveaways include:

  • Electronic
  • Clothing
  • Make-up
  • Gaming
  • Food drink
  • software
  • Business (B2B)
  • Photography
  • Artists (edit)
  • Etc.

Electronic Brands/Stores

Gift card giveaways can be profitable for electronic (or computer) brands like Apple, Samsung, Sony, and others.

For example, Samsung may organize a giveaway to market the launch of its latest smartphone. The award? a gift card to be used at the Samsung store to redeem complimentary phone accessories such as chargers, Galaxy Buds, and phone cases.

This also works great for phone operators looking to market new phone deals. Operators can disclose a store gift card that will be used to purchase phone accessories. Or a gift card from a digital store, such as gift cards from the Play Store or Apple App Store.

Host A Giveaway For An Amazon Gift Card (2021) Google Play Store Gift Cards
Source: Google Play Store

Electronic brands that sell their products on Amazon or in brick-and-mortar stores may host Amazon gift card giveaways (or store gift cards) to market their brands or generate leads. However, users can enter only for the Amazon gift card and should have no interest in using the gift card to purchase Amazon’s products.

If this could be the case, you would rather advertise your own products to attract a crowd curious about your brand.

Clothing Brands/Stores

A gift card giveaway works exceptionally well for physical and online clothing stores. Clothing gifts are great.

However, there is always the danger of trying to change the size with which you won (if the garment you sent them does not fit well).

Host A Giveaway For An Amazon Gift Card (2021) Nordstrom Gift Card
Source: USA Today

For example, your store gives a Ferrari jacket to a cheerful winner who graciously accepts the gift only to find that the jacket may be a small cut. Therefore, you will need to collect the prize to leave a larger size.

With a gift card (or store card), you will simply set a price for the winner and allow them to choose on their own.

Another tip for running successful giveaways is to base the campaign on an occasion or a big day (Christmas, Easter, birthdays, Father’s Day, World Peace Day, etc.).

Makeup and Beauty Brands

Makeup giveaways are extremely popular on YouTube and other social media platforms. Exclusive beauty kits, brushes, vanity mirrors, and other items are given away by brands. The presentation of large prize packages is a frequent motif in most beauty giveaways.

So instead of just giving away a makeup set, brands add other complementary gifts to the prize to create a great prize package. This helps ensure that more people enter the giveaway due to the size of the prize.

Gift cards for exclusive makeup and beauty brands (like Sephora) can be great additions to makeup prize packages.

Host A Giveaway For An Amazon Gift Card (2021) Sephora Gift Card
Source: Walmart

Makeup gift card giveaways are also great for smaller makeup influencers looking to grow their following.

Host A Giveaway For An Amazon Gift Card (2021) Hosting a Makeup Giveaway Infographic
Article: Host A Giveaway For An Amazon Gift Card (2021)

Gaming and Entertainment Brands

A gift card giveaway is ideal for brands found in the gaming and entertainment industry. Here are some examples:

We previously discussed how gaming peripheral companies can use a gift card giveaway to generate more leads. Twitch streamers can benefit from a similar promotion to grow their online following.

Emerging Twitch streamers can host relatively inexpensive giveaways to quickly build their subscribers on Twitch and YouTube (and on social media too). A $ 50 Xbox Game Pass or PSN (PlayStation Network) gift card is ideal here.

Twitch also has its own gift cards that can be great prizes for player gifts.

Host A Giveaway For An Amazon Gift Card (2021) Twitch gift cards
Source: Twitch

Another example would be entertainment channels on YouTube (movie reviews, response channels, and so on) that are using a giveaway to expand their audience. These channels/brands could utilize a Netflix gift card as a prize in their giveaway.

They can also try gift cards for other streaming services like Hulu, HBO Max, and Apple if available.

Gift Card Giveaway Examples

We looked at the strengths and weaknesses of three different gift card giveaways. As a result, these campaigns serve as excellent models for how brands could conduct gift card offers.

We hope our analysis will provide you with a deeper understanding of gift card giveaways and inspire your next campaign.

PC Perspective Steam Gift Card Giveaway

  • Login Method: Sign up for a PC Perspective account to login
  • Prize: Steam gift cards for 3 winners
  • Ideal For: blogs looking to drive traffic and grow their online presence.

PC Perspective, a technology blog that focuses on computer hardware and software, has an interesting offer on their website.

They offered away three gift cards, one for $100 and the other two for $50, to be utilized on the Steam Store (an online computer games service). Users can use these gift cards to buy games for their computers.

When it came to gift cards for a specialized platform, PC Perspective was very particular. With Xbox and PlayStation gift cards, they could have reached a bigger audience. Steam, on the other hand, is a PC gaming platform.

Seeing as PC Perspective’s audience is PC users, it makes sense that they want to appeal to that audience.

Host A Giveaway For An Amazon Gift Card (2021) Steam Gift Cards
Source: PC Perspective

Key Takeaways:

  • The PC Perspective website is hosting the giveaway. They can utilize the giveaway to generate visitors to the blog, sign up for website accounts, and grow their social media following.
  • A niche gift card that appeals to a specific audience is a great idea if your brand is targeting niche audiences.
  • Multiple awards mean more winners. This can lead to more people entering the giveaway as they will feel like they have a better chance of winning at least 1 of the 3 prizes.

Lola Blu Boutique Gift Card Giveaway

  • Input Method: Follow @lolabluboutique on social me
  • Prize: $ 100 store gift card
  • Ideal For: Small Shopify stores looking to spice up social media traffic, sales, and fans

Lola Blu Boutique can be an acute online store that offers fashion and accessories for women. A Shopify store with great potential and an impressive Instagram profile.

Having a strong online presence is extremely valuable to online stores. Especially if those stores decide to direct their social media traffic to their products. This will lead to sales.

With her gift card offer, Lola Blu Boutique was attempting to figure this out. To enter the competition, people had to follow Lola Blu Boutique on social media and connect with the brand and other users.

Another notable aspect of this raffle was the prize. The brand offered a gift card from the store as a reward. This meant they didn’t have to go and buy an Amazon gift card (or another).

Plus, offering your own store gift card will help you lower prices. With lower costs, you will be able to afford regular gift card giveaways (evergreen giveaways).

Host A Giveaway For An Amazon Gift Card (2021) Lola Blu Boutique
Source: @lolabluboutique Instagram

Key Takeaways:

  • This is a gift card giveaway that generates engagement and new fans on social media.
  • Using your own store gift card cuts costs and makes it easier for brands to give gifts regularly.
  • A great example of how to organize a gift card giveaway on social media (for Shopify or online stores).
Host A Giveaway For An Amazon Gift Card (2021) Evergreen contest funnel
Article: Host A Giveaway For An Amazon Gift Card (2021)

Winesburg Meats Gift Card Giveaway

  • Participation Method: participate in the publication of the giveaway to win
  • Prize: $ 50 Butcher Gift Card
  • Ideal For: brick-and-mortar stores looking to encourage engagement on social media

Yes, a physical butcher shop can raise awareness online and on social media with a well-designed giveaway.

Winesburg Meats can raise brand recognition online by giving away a $ 50 shop gift card. To enter, users just simply like, comment, and share the giveaway post.

As in the previous example (Lola Blu), a $ 50 gift card is comparatively inexpensive. It won’t cost Winesburg Meats a lot of money to run these kinds of giveaways regularly.

The entry method requires users to love, comment, and share the publication of the giveaway. This type of interaction can lead to a viral post.

The more people share your post, the more visible the post will be. For example, when an individual shares your giveaway post, all of her followers will potentially see your post and discover your brand.

This is why you should always encourage people to share your giveaway posts.

Host A Giveaway For An Amazon Gift Card (2021) Winesburg Meats Facebook Gift Card Giveaway
Source: Winesburg Meats Facebook

Key Takeaways:

  • This gift card giveaway is just to improve engagement on social media. The giveaway post will instantly receive many likes, comments, and shares, which will make the post go viral on the platform.
  • Using your own store card ensures that sweepstakes prize expenses are kept to a minimum.
  • This is a great example of how a physical store can host a gift card giveaway on social media. Plus, it’s an honest example of how to make your own store gift card to use as a reward.
Host A Giveaway For An Amazon Gift Card (2021) MILLER Free Account Signup Fortnite

Gift Card Giveaway Ideas with MILLER

Few any ideas for creating your own gift card giveaway?

Not to worry! We created a couple of gift concepts using MILLER’s gift designer. We hope our gift card giveaway examples will inspire you for your next campaign.

Netflix Gift Card Giveaway

  • Entry Method: Subscribe to Jeremy’s YouTube channel to participate.
  • Prize: $ 100 Netflix gift card
  • Objective: increase the presence of the YouTube channel and social networks

Jeremy Jahns may be a popular movie critic and YouTuber. he is documented by his quirky but excellent review of the latest blockbuster movies, TV shows, and classic movies.

Host A Giveaway For An Amazon Gift Card (2021) Jeremy Jahns YouTube
Source: Jeremy Jahns YouTube

Jeremy’s channel receives income from YouTube and various endorsements. Additionally, increasing the channel’s subscribers with a card-present gift will benefit Jeremy’s channel.

Jeremy can do all of this with a simple gift of Netflix gift cards. People who are curious about a Netflix gift card will likely appreciate Jeremy’s movie review channel, making it the perfect prize to attract their audience.

Host A Giveaway For An Amazon Gift Card (2021) Jeremy Jahns Netflix Giveaway
Article: Host A Giveaway For An Amazon Gift Card (2021)

Benefits of this campaign:

  • Jeremy’s channel must be subscribed to by all participants. This will immediately raise your subscriber count and help you develop your channel.
  • Jeremy can entice users to follow him on social media and refer additional people to participate in his contest by using bonus actions. This will immediately improve the results of your campaign.
  • Hosting a low-cost giveaway like this every two months will allow Jeremy to continually develop his channel over a long period of time.

The Feed Feed Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

  • Entry Method: visit our social networks to enter
  • Prize: $ 300 Amazon gift cards (first place $ 150, second place $ 100, third place $ 50)
  • Objective: increase the presence in social networks. Bonus: increase website traffic

The feed can be a publication and a digital kitchen community. His successful blog is a platform for influencers, chefs, and businesses.

Host A Giveaway For An Amazon Gift Card (2021) The Feed Feed Website
Source: The Feed Feed

Feed already has a strong social media presence and consistently produces quality posts.

However, maintaining consistency and relevance is often challenging. Oftentimes, this is why the power to consistently provide fresh content is crucial.

Hosting a UGC giveaway is a great thank you for using your giveaway to provide User Generated Content (UGC).

A campaign of this type can generate hype towards your brand and produce content for your social networks.

Host A Giveaway For An Amazon Gift Card (2021) The Feed Feed Amazon Gift Card Giveaway
Article: Host A Giveaway For An Amazon Gift Card (2021)

Benefits of this campaign:

  • The input method requires users to access The Feed Feed’s social media profile. Users will also need to interact with previous posts to search for a suitable recipe.
  • Engagement numbers will skyrocket as contestants submit their tagged posts on social media. It’s also a great opportunity to create a strong social media hashtag associated with your brand.
  • Such a contest would require tons of work on the part of the participants, so you will need to increase the value of the prize. It is also not advisable to organize such a campaign frequently.
  • To get the most out of this campaign, you will request that users submit their entries to your website. This input method will automatically drive traffic to your website.

How Partner Gift Card Giveaways Generate Sales

Partner gifts are excellent campaigns that allow multiple brands to benefit from a gift.

With two or more brands working on building and promoting a giveaway, the results are sure to be much more substantial.

Here’s an example of a member giveaway hosted by The Feed Feed and Ghirardelli:

Host A Giveaway For An Amazon Gift Card (2021) The Feed Feed Ghirardelli Contest
Source: The Feed Feed

The above giveaway will generate massive exposure to both brands. After sharing the giveaway on social media, followers of each brand will find themselves discovering the opposite brand (which will generate more followers on social media).

Ghiradelli benefits directly (in sales) from this giveaway, as users must purchase and use their chocolate squares to enter the giveaway.

Why Host a Partner Gift Card Giveaway?

Not having to pay for the gift card:

You can team up with a company ready to sponsor gift cards. You will promote the offer in exchange. Alternatively, you can sponsor the gift cards.

For example, you are a makeup influencer looking to grow your YouTube channel. You will approach an online makeup brand/store and get them to sponsor gift cards for your giveaway.

Improved results:

As mentioned above, two brands promoting a giveaway can generate better results.

For example, the Pewdiepie and Razer Influencer Giveaway:

Pewdiepie can promote the contest on his social media accounts and encourage his fans to follow Razer. So Razer can do something similar on social media and get Pewdiepie’s fans to follow him.

This strategy can help build both brands’ social media audiences efficiently.

Host A Giveaway For An Amazon Gift Card (2021) Pewdiepie Razer Giveaway Demo
Article: Host A Giveaway For An Amazon Gift Card (2021)

Click on the banner above to view a live demo of the Pewdiepie/Razer giveaway created with VYPER.

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