HostGator Review (2023): Features, Pricing & More!

HostGator Review, Either you love it or hate it. However, looking at all, it seems that this hosting provider leaves no one indifferent. Therefore, I made a decision related to an unbiased attack on the vendor, looking at their costs and options, testing ease of use, performance, security, and customer support.

HostGator is one of the largest and most preferred providers in the web hosting industry. With low costs, cheeky sales, and billions of guarantees to make your website awesome (!!). No wonder it’s attracting a lot of people.

And some of these people are really satisfied with the service. Meanwhile, for others, everything just seems to travel wrong. at least that is the impression created by many HostGator complaints and reviews that I came across.

So even though I’ve spotted a lot of stuff before, I made the decision to throw all my misconceptions out the window. I went in, looked at HostGator costs, and found an inspiration that seemed to offer the best value. a minimum of in my name.

Now, let Maine take you on a wild, savage search for answers. Is HostGator review smart or is it just another hyped corporation?

In my HostGator review, you will notice all the answers before trusting your website to it.

HostGator Detailed Review :

Price:Prices start at $2.75/month
Hosting Types:Shared, WordPress, cloud, VPS, reseller, & dedicated
Server locations:The US
Support:24/7 live chat and phone
Current deal:Get up to 65% OFF HostGator!
HostGator Review

Pros & Cons


  • Highly stable and reliable internet hosting
  • Fast website load time
  • Affordable costs start at $2.75/month
  • Free crocodile website builder


  • Free security tools are restricted
  • Servers only within the North American nation

Hostgator Pricing

HostGator review falls into a class of cheap hosting services, with shared plans starting at $2.75/month. Alternative options are also cheap. WordPress hosting costs $5.95 per month, $23.95 per month for VPS, and $89.98 per month for dedicated hosting. however, these are upfront costs and may increase once you renew.

Type of hostingBest for
Shared hosting ($2.75/month)Very easy to use for small and medium websites.
WordPress hosting ($5.95/month)Easy to use and optimized for higher performance, it is the most effective for small and medium websites.
VPS ($23.95/month)Best-suited online stores and high-traffic websites looking for higher performance. wants some technical skills.
Dedicated hosting ($89.98/month)It provides full freedom of customization, however expresses technical skills are required. is the most effective suitable companies.
HostGator Review

HostGator provides something for everyone in terms of possibilities. Furthermore, the price is reasonable.

Anyway, shared hosting is what suits the needs of most websites. I also advocate perpetually from there.

For shared hosting packages, the HostGator review comes up with three options. They all come along with a free SSL certificate, a free domain for one year, and a free website builder. Also, unlimited storage, email accounts, and information measure are also there.

HostGator Review (2023): Features, Pricing & More! HostGator shared hosting pricing
HostGator Review

Now, let’s explore the individual characteristics of each array.


  • Hatchling ($2.75/month) – With this arrangement, you will host a website. it is best for private blogs or portfolio websites.
  • Baby ($3.50/mo): Will connect to an unlimited variety of websites. it’s the simplest fix for small businesses or small to medium-sized blogs.
  • Pro ($5.25/mo): This plan allows you to host an unlimited variety of websites and includes a free dedicated scientific discipline, SEO tools, and a free upgrade to Positive SSL. professional is the simplest and most secure small and medium business website.

What I like is that even if you choose the cheapest plan, from now on there will be no expenses for the first year, since you already have a site name attached. Plus, even the most expensive plan is relatively inexpensive. Alternative providers typically charge media above $10 for identical options.

But in any case, not all plans have the same value.

Personally, I guess when it comes to HostGator hosting plans, you have to skip the youngsters. You can only make a website using it. What if you want 2 at some point? which will be an additional value.

Meanwhile, the Baby configuration seems to offer the best price. It’s only $1 more expensive than young, but at the same time, you get unlimited sites.

At the same time, professional might seem like an honest deal, but neither dedicated science nor positive SSL is crucial for websites. therefore, unless you personally have use of these options, it is cheaper to stick with Baby.

By the way, take things like unlimited information measurement or storage with a grain of salt. similar to your device you can’t put unlimited photos, neither will the server. particularly once you share it with a group of people.

Now, let’s discuss how to get the best deal for this plan.

Pricing need to know

While HostGator’s web hosting costs seem cheap, you have to pay upfront to push what’s advertised. Plus, extra stuff is interspersed with your pushcart, and there’s a language spoken in fine print that costs increase with renewal. Nothing unusual, but considering the price.

I’m sticking with Baby as I think it’s the best value of all the plans. To take full advantage of the advertised offer, you want to travel with the larger requested amount, which means a higher prepayment, but a lower monthly rate.

Best Value
Baby is $3.50 a month with a 3-year subscription. That’s $125 total for the main period. The arrangement can be renewed at $9.95/month or $358.20 total. Just keep in mind that additional things will and can be interspersed in your cart. just throw it away – everything is standardized by free alternatives.

The first payment will not seem very high, but the renewal will. sadly that’s not uncommon, this is often the case with every hosting provider out there.

This is what the costs would look like if you want to get the same arrangement with alternative hosts for a period of 3 years:

ProviderPlanTotal initialTotal renewal
InMotion HostingPower$215.64$539.64
DreamHostShared Unlimited$142.20$395.64
HostGator Review

So even with a steep increase, HostGator review is still one of the cheapest options to go for.

It also comes with a fairly long 45-day money-back guarantee. the only drawback is that the name fee is subtracted from the refund. On the other hand, you will be able to keep that domain.

PS This may be our little secret, but just know that you’ll be able to migrate your website before renewal time and enjoy some long-term discounts with alternative providers. Also, most of them do free migrations, including HostGator.

All in all, HostGator is still one of the best budget options right now. It also offers specialized value, since it includes everything you want. just factor in renovation costs and factor in additional things in your cart once you get inspiration.

Hosting management – is HostGator easy to use?

During this HostGator web hosting review, I had a very bittersweet experience with the software. On the one hand, the combination of native interface with cPanel is incredibly easy and useful. On the contrary, some things just don’t work the way they should.

HostGator uses a currently common combination of a custom dashboard and cPanel. The dashboard allows you to use the most basic options, while additional advanced settings can be found in cPanel.

This is what you will see once you log in:

HostGator Review (2023): Features, Pricing & More! HostGator hosting management panel
HostGator Review

It has everything you could want: SSL management, WordPress installation, email accounts, databases, file manager, and thus the convenient button that will launch cPanel. Also, the appearance of the board is excellent!

But let’s keep going with this fast recap. This is how the cPanel appears:

HostGator Review (2023): Features, Pricing & More! HostGator cPanel
HostGator Review

HostGator review uses a normal cPanel with just a small indefinite amount of private bits. Everything is incredibly well categorized and easy to search.

cPanel remains one of the favorites of all users for its ease of use. Sure, you can easily configure HostGators native hosting admin panel for your website exploitation. However, you may notice additional options in cPanel once it comes to fixing email accounts or managing domains and subdomains.

It can also be very useful if you decide to install another content management system other than WordPress. simply scroll down to the Softaculous Installer application section and choose.

In a word, the UI is incredibly user-friendly and offers a large range of settings.

Is it easy to install WordPress with HostGator?

Installing WordPress with HostGator review is incredibly easy. You just need to follow the “Install WordPress” link found directly on your dashboard and fill in the required details.

You will see the “Install WordPress” button right on your dashboard, inside the dashboard column.

HostGator Review (2023): Features, Pricing & More! WordPress installation through HostGator hosting management panel
HostGator Review

Now there is no need to visit cPanel as you can be sent directly to the installation window. Although, you can also choose to install WordPress from cPanel. To do so, you will need to click on the “WordPress” icon set in the Package section.

HostGator Review (2023): Features, Pricing & More! HostGator Software section in cPanel
HostGator Review

Either way, it will send you to the Softaculous installer. It also has alternative apps like Joomla and Drupal, if you’re interested.

While I am a huge fan of WordPress, the number of providers that are completely focusing on it is just too many. so I’m glad HostGator isn’t hiding alternative content management systems under nine locks.

Generally, the WordPress installation is incredibly elegant. However, I have even detected quite a few stories where it was a blunder. If this happens to you, clear your cache or check if your VPN is turned on or off. In the vast majority of situations, this appears to be beneficial.

Now if you decide to install WordPress, this is often what you should be seeing on your screen.

HostGator Review (2023): Features, Pricing & More! WordPress installation on HostGator
HostGator Review

Fill in the required information by clicking “Install Now.” This information contains your name, username, password, and other relevant details.

HostGator Review (2023): Features, Pricing & More! WordPress installation information fields
HostGator Review


Now Softaculous can do the rest for you. In just a few minutes, you will have your WordPress website ready.

quick note. If you travel through Marketplace > One-Click Installs within HostGator’s main dashboard to install WordPress, the installation is outdated. I tried it and it installed the 2019 version of WordPress. Not that it’s hard to update, but I’m just not sure why the HostGator review needs to have it.

So while installing WordPress was terribly simple, there can be a few issues. It’s a bit strange that HostGator has two ways to install WordPress, one of which is deprecated. Regardless, all problems will be solved simply. or cPanel’s Softaculous module has on top of WordPress – other content management systems are offered as well.

Is my SSL automatically activated with HostGator?

Your SSL certificate should be available and active if you used HostGator’s free domain. However, it is preferable to verify that everything is in working order.

On your dashboard, there is an SSL Management button. Click on that and it will take you to the page where you will see all your domains and their SSL statuses:

HostGator Review (2023): Features, Pricing & More! HostGator SSL certificate activation
HostGator Review

Most of the time, certificates are mechanically activated. However, if your domain is hosted by another registrar, the HostGator tool may not be ready to mechanically enable SSL all the time.

If that is the case, your certificate status is incomplete instead of Active. to resolve that, you’ll contact the HostGator review support team, and they can manually sleep for you.

Enabling SSL should generally be no problem for you, especially if you selected to apply for HostGator’s a free domain. At the same time, it’s easy to see if everything works as it should.

Can I set up a professional email with HostGator?

No matter which shared hosting arrangement you choose, HostGator can offer you free, unlimited email accounts. still, it’s up to you to line up the buyer via email. Rest assured, the setup method is simple, even for beginners, and only takes a few minutes.

To set up an email buyer associated with HostGator, simply click the “Email Accounts” button on your HostGator dashboard. or you will be able to access that from cPanel by clicking the “Email Account” icon within the Email section.

HostGator Review (2023): Features, Pricing & More! HostGator email section in cPanel
HostGator Review

It will take you directly to the email account management space anyway, just click “Create” and this is often what you should see on your screen:

HostGator Review (2023): Features, Pricing & More! Creating an email account with HostGator in cPanel
HostGator Review

Simply fill in the necessary information, such as the mailbox name and the new positive ID. in addition, it will set a storage limit or keep it unlimited. And bam! Are you ready?

Once you’re doing that, your email is ready to go. It is equivalent to Gmail victimization. You sign in, check your email, and then leave. as easy as that. you will try this by clicking on Webmail in your main dashboard.

However, HostGator uses email buyers from Horde and RoundCube. they are pretty basic and hosted on a server equivalent to your website. this means they are smart to use for casual sending, but not for high volumes of outgoing emails.

The bottom line is that getting an email buyer associated with HostGator up and running is incredibly simple. It only takes a few minutes, nothing is confusing about it, and you should be ready to start victimizing your address quickly. just limit your mind, if you expect to use your email for giant sales campaigns, you’ll feel comfortable selecting a paid email buyer that won’t be hosted on your server.

HostGator website builder

HostGator’s hosting itself may be fine, but I’ve realized one issue is hiding in plain sight which is price attention. Alligator Builder is one of the best and simplest website builders out there if trying to get to know WordPress seems like too much right now (check out our Alligator Web Site Builder review for more info). it is easy and simple to use. Plus, you’ll produce up to six pages for free along with your hosting account.

HostGator Review (2023): Features, Pricing & More! HostGator website builder pricing
HostGator Review

Of course, free choice is fine to represent your business or make a portfolio. However, you will have very few ways to legalize because the e-commerce capabilities just aren’t there. So if you are looking for a lot of advanced options like online store, appointment booking, or no trading fees then you better master WordPress. Or get a paid website builder instead of hosting.

In any case, all plans come with a selection equivalent to 149 (at the time of writing this report) templates. There are fashionable square ones, there are classic square ones, there are clean square ones. mainly something, you can imagine.

HostGator Review (2023): Features, Pricing & More! HostGator website builder templates
HostGator Review

The templates are also responsive so you will also get a mobile-friendly version of your website.

Once you have a sample elite, it’s easy to customize. will change the demo content to your own. Or, you’ll do a lot of customization by adding your own components and reshaping the example to make it look distinctive.

HostGator Review


Each component has its own settings, so it’s pretty easy to manipulate.

At first, it would be confusing to search for such a large number of settings, but that’s no more troublesome than a PowerPoint presentation. just take it easy and you will have an attractive and productive website.

Overall, it’s extraordinarily easy to use and comes with a huge selection of templates to choose from. Due to its various functions, it will seem confusing at first, but you’ll be done with it in no time. However, one issue to be aware of is that the free version may have the HostGator banner at the bottom of your website. It’s not big, but considering the price.

The bottom line regarding HostGator’s easy usage and interfaces is that it’s remarkably easy. All square measure needs to be placed inside the mainboard. it will just prevent cPanel victimization if you want, even though it is there and accessible. The free website builder is also incredibly intuitive and easy to use for simple websites or recurring current pages.

Performance – is HostGator fast?

To see what reasonable performance I expect, I’ve even put HostGator through a lot of tests related to speed and stability. During the trial period, the service was terribly stable, the length of time was more than secure, and the loading speed of the website was very fast. For many details, let’s explore these tests separately.

HostGator uptime and response time

To prepare this review, I have even monitored HostGator for almost 2 and a half months. During this time, there have been three power outages, which have resulted in five minutes of time. That’s greater than 99.99% uptime. the typical latency period reached 525ms, which is slightly higher than the hosting market average.

HostGator Review

Now let’s explore in more detail what these numbers mean.

For starters, HostGator offers a typical 99.9% uptime guarantee, which is no surprise here as most hosts do. However, I found myself dumbfounded, as this was a minimization of what the future is. Generally, the 99.9% time period means that you will expect your website to be down for no more than 2h 11m 29s on a quarterly basis. I advise you to take a seat because HostGator can blow your mind with its expected quarter of an hour or half a dozen minutes.

The average latency period may not be as shocking as the time period, but it didn’t mess up either. HostGator’s average latency period is slightly above the market average of 600ms.

All things considered, HostGator gave good results. It tried to be terribly, and I mean terribly reliable in terms of time frame, and also the latency period was satisfying.

Next in line for testing is the loading speed of the website.

HostGator speed

My website is hosted in a data center located in the United States, where the fastest load time in the United States is predicted, with the highest content paint (LCP) at only 431 ms. And let Maine tell you a story, now it’s absolutely spectacular. After exploring different locations, don’t be surprised to imagine much higher LCP. It is natural that time extends beyond the server we usually go to.

HostGator Review (2023): Features, Pricing & More! HostGator loading speed test from different locations with GTmetrix
HostGator Review

There are very few square numbers, but even I have only mentioned LCP, why?

In a nutshell, LCP is one of the measures employed by Google once it ranks websites on its search results page. It states that if your page’s LCP is less than two.5s, your website has smart odds to rank higher at intervals in search results.

In this regard, HostGator can be sure that 431ms could be a good time. Even the farthest location managed to compile the established norm at intervals, that’s over, I’ll turn it on. good to understand

HostGator operates its knowledge centers in 2 locations: UT (USA) and Texas (USA). This provider may work best if your audience is also within the United States. Also, limit your mind, you won’t be able to choose between the two.


It all seems pretty smart so far, right? Well, I wonder if there will be much of a change if I put a fully designed website through a similar test.

As expected, LCP has been doubled to 1.1s.

HostGator Review (2023): Features, Pricing & More! HostGator fully built website loading speed test with GTmetrix
HostGator Review

And as you will say, that’s still terrifyingly cool.

However, there is another life that matters a lot. It is the time it takes for the traveler to be ready to move with a fully loaded website, or rather, the fully loaded time. For the best website ranking results and traveler satisfaction, it’s best to stay below 3s now. You will say that I don’t have to be forced to worry about this because the total charging time is just one.2s.

Now that we’ve seen that HostGator’s load time is fine, let’s put it under a fireplace. We will see if the increased traffic on the website is prohibited even in the same way.

HostGator stress testing

For this test, I have sent fifty virtual guests to my website. Limit the mind, fifty guests can be a great variety. These fifty users appear on the website constantly, for a long time. This puts a lot of pressure on the server as there are thousands of requests coming back to the area unit. This could presumably crash the server or completely overwhelm it.

HostGator Review (2023): Features, Pricing & More! HostGator stress test
HostGator Review

It seems that HostGator created certainty that such a problem cannot occur. At this point, it’s hardly even surprising how well HostGator is passing my tests. it is as if fifty guests create little distinction. an increase in the variety of tourists (gray line) had little impact on reaction time (blue line). One Traveler, or Fifty: Reaction time was stable with only a few notable jumps.

It looks like HostGator passed another test with flying colors.

Overall, HostGator will hold off the extra pressure and handle some serious traffic, which can be expected on small to medium-sized websites or small online stores.

After all, HostGator’s performance is spectacular and reliable. the website will not have any problem related to interruptions, and the fast loading speed is some things that were not sure, but very welcome. it is ideal for small to medium-sized websites that receive an occasional traffic spike.

Security – is HostGator secure?

On the protection front, HostGator tends to focus on the essentials. you’re getting the last word on necessities like SSL and a server-level firewall. however, you will be able to break out your savings account for different options.

For starters, note that all plans include SSL certificates, which is usually a y.

You’ll also get a server-level firewall that will protect your website(s) from unwanted or perhaps malicious traffic.

So far so good, but every other security feature you want to implement has additional value. And HostGator comes with the whole list.

HostGator Review (2023): Features, Pricing & More! HostGator safety tools for an extra charge
HostGator Review
  • SSL Positive Upgrade for $39.99 a year. inside the checkout cart, it seems like a must, however, if you examine the fine print you will see that it is simply an upgrade and a free SSL is already included. I’m skipping this as it’s only useful for websites that run lots of transactions or sensitive information. By the way, business settings can get this upgrade at no cost.
  • SiteLock Necessities is $23.88/year, that’s not exactly cheap. Check your website for malware and signs of hacking. the reason it bothers me is that various vendors can provide you with this at no cost.
  • Backups cost $23.95/year, and it’s really unhappy. Problems will arise at any time, and it gives you an exact level of comfort in knowing that {that you|that just|that just} will restore your website with a single click. therefore, if you want that peace of mind, you have to pay.

The bottom line is that when it comes to security, HostGator is somewhat greedy. You get the most basic options for free, but the rest may cost you more. alone, it is not abundant. however, you recognize it as it is. a little here and a little there will make you dig deeper into your pockets.

HostGator for Business

HostGator is good for small business web hosting, but it also packs a ton of quantifiable options for businesses, as well as cloud, dedicated, and reseller hosting, among others. After all, shared hosting is usually not enough once your website gains quality; Otherwise, you must be forced to start hosting your clients’ websites as a developer or agency.

In this part of the HostGator review, I summarize cloud, dedicated, and reseller hosting to help you choose the right one for your business.

Cloud hosting

HostGator has three reasonable cloud hosting plans that start at $4.95/mo. The provider’s cloud hosting can be an acceleration of shared plans: it’s reasonable, easy to use, and a bit more powerful, due to the infrastructure. By the way, HostGator does not actively advertise these plans, so you will find them in the footer section of the website.

HostGator Review (2023): Features, Pricing & More! HostGator Cloud hosting pricing and plans
HostGator Review

All plans can get a free domain for one year, AN SSL certificate, built-in caching, and free email accounts.

Resources range from one domain host, 2GB of RAM, and a couple of CPUs to unlimited domains, 6GB of RAM, and 6 CPUs.

HostGator also guarantees higher performance and a shorter time frame when collocated with shared hosting. Plus, it continues to get simple and consistent use.

So if you want to host an online store that is becoming standard, it is one of the most reasonable options that do not need advanced technical information.

Dedicated hosting

HostGator is among the most profitable dedicated hosting providers, with costs starting at $89.98/month. The advertised rate includes server administration and a cPanel dashboard, so it’s an honest option if you’ve never managed dedicated servers before.

HostGator Review (2023): Features, Pricing & More! HostGator dedicated hosting prices
HostGator Review

All plans include unmetered data metering, choice of Linux or Windows operating system, DDoS protection, firewall, and full root access. be careful with the measure of information: there is no problem of unlimited. At the same time, it is a dedicated accommodation, that the chances of being punished for excessive abuse are slim.

However, other server resources range from 4 CPUs, 8 GB RAM, and 1 TB HDD to eight CPUs, 30 GB RAM, and 1 TB SSD—that is, masses.

Overall, HostGator’s dedicated hosting feels like a really smart value for money. so if you have a large project that needs your own server, my recommendation is to look at what this provider offers. It’s particularly smart for business owners who want to learn how to run an enthusiastic server themselves.

Reseller hosting

HostGator’s reseller hosting plans start at $19.95/month, with three options to set. It’s a hosting resolution if you want to a) start your own hosting company, b) host your clients’ websites as a developer/agency.

HostGator Review

All plans cover the essentials: Unlimited Domain Hosting, cPanel, Internet Host Manager (WHM) and WHMCS Buyer Management, and Request Code. Simply put, HostGator offers one of the best reseller hosting options you can get.

Meanwhile, server resources will go from 60 GB of space and 600 GB of data to 140 GB of space and 1400 GB of data. One problem that isn’t good is that HostGator doesn’t specify how many cPanel accounts you get with each install, making it difficult to grow your business.

Also, keep in mind that while the entry prices of copper and silver are constant, the turnover of silver will be higher than that of copper.

However, HostGator offers great reseller packages with just a few of the quirks, so you can easily opt for them for your business.

All things considered, HostGator has all the {types|every type} of hosting types to scale your income. It is solely a matter of private choice on the left.

Customer service – will HostGator help me?

In terms of customer support, HostGator offers you 2 channels. I’m talking about 24/7 phone support and live chat. In addition, the provider presents quite intensive content. There you can make simple guides, video tutorials, and different elaborate articles.

HostGator Review

It seems strange that a ticketing system is not in the market by default, but it can be in special circumstances. for example, if a difficulty is simply too sophisticated, a price tag can be opened for senior members to solve.

However, my personal favorite method of contacting the support team is through live chat. every time you access the HostGator website, you will be able to see the button on the top right corner. something similar happens with your control panel.

During this HostGator review, I contacted support many times. Each time, I was quite pleased with the results. Wait times were shorter and agents were helpful.

The first time I tried to chat, I asked AN agent to help Pine Tree State find nameservers. Providers typically use similar nameservers for all shared hosting accounts; however, that is not the case with HostGator. each account has its own nameservers.

HostGator Review

The agent took a minute or two to look up my nameservers, but that’s fine. Nine minutes total: in and out and my problem is gone.

Next, there was a problem on my dashboard: for some reason, I had two hosting plans, even though I only bought one. I asked the agent to resolve this, and they did.

HostGator Review


There was some waiting as it’s probably not something you get every day. furthermore, the issue was resolved. The agent even offered Pine Tree State to activate the domain I got with HostGator since I wasn’t victimizing him. That was awfully nice of him!

Overall, my experience with HostGator support was glorious. Quick responses and productive problem-solving. However, other HostGator reviews generally describe the experience as horrible.

And I fall. Not all of the agents I interacted with had good English skills. Miscommunication occurs in such cases. Also, HostGator’s support team is outsourced, therefore not all agents can be equally invested.

As another to measure chat or phone support, you will also be able to use the content. HostGator review features a ton of articles and even videos on every conceivable topic.

HostGator Review

Everything is displayed clean and organized, so finding what you want is easy. otherwise, it will just use a query bar at the top.

In general, HostGator’s customer support is fast and friendly. I didn’t have to wait long for answers, and my problems were fixed in just a few minutes. In addition, the content is intensive and includes video tutorials. That’s glorious if you’re a visible learner.

The Final Verdict

During all the testing and analysis during this HostGator review, I was pleasantly surprised at how well this provider performed. That’s considering performance, simple usage, and customer support. It’s also one of the cheapest options out there. Sure, there are some drawbacks, but there’s nothing major to write home about.

So, looking at each facet, what did this guy do?

Feature4.2★★★★☆Cheapest & Fast Hosting Provider
Pricing★★★★☆HostGator is on the budget side of things with shared hosting starting at $2.75/mo. Renewals can get more expensive, but that’s not uncommon. The good thing is that almost all the needs area units are already closed and no other investments can be required either.
Ease of Use★★★★★HostGator is incredibly easy to use. you will be able to create a professional website without even accessing cPanel. However, it is also available for many advanced customizations. the only downside is that some tools may crash a bit, however, customer support can always help you.
Performance★★★★★HostGator’s performance was nice. the location exceeded the 99.9% safe time period for a long shot with >99.99%. The host proved to be fast and reliable. Also, a huge surge of traffic was handled just fine.
Security★★★☆☆Unfortunately, security is HostGator’s weak point. Includes free SSL certificates and integrated server-level firewall with all plans, however different tool area units are paid for. That’s just 1 step behind what the different providers do.
Support★★★★☆My experience with HostGator support via live chat was excellent. They were quick and helpful. However, there are several HostGator reviews that indicate otherwise, making it really hit or miss. In addition, they provide 24/7 support by phone, and detailed content can be obtained.
HostGator Review

Who do I recommend HostGator to?

HostGator review could be a terribly nice budget option for first-time users. it’s incredibly easy to use. Plans area unit powerful and well-equipped enough for almost any reasonable website. are also in no time. therefore, you will have no problem hosting anything from blogs and portfolios to business websites or small online stores.


Is HostGator trustworthy?

Yes, the HostGator review is reliable both in terms of performance and business. Speaking of performance, it stays active > 99.99% of the time. Meanwhile, as a corporation, it has been in existence for over a decade and continues to thrive.

Do I buy a free domain with HostGator?

Yes, a free domain is included with all shared hosting, WordPress, and Cloud hosting options. For that, you need to log in for a requested amount of 12, 24, or 36 months. If for any reason you decide to cancel your contract, a non-refundable fee of $17.99 USD per name will apply.

What is HostGator’s Money Back Guarantee?

HostGator review offers a 45-day money-back guarantee for new users. Please note that the domain is non-refundable: the value will be deducted, but you will be able to keep the name of your website.

Is HostGator safe?

HostGator covers the basics of security by offering a free SSL certificate and a server-level firewall. the other live security is for additional value.

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