HostGator vs DreamHost Comparison for 2021 – 1 Winner!

Wondering which is the best hosting option: HostGator or DreamHost? They are two of the most popular web hosting companies out there. But one has to be better than the opposite, right?

In our INBIASED comparison between HostGator and DreamHost, we will help you find the simplest option for your budget and wishes.

Overview – HostGator vs DreamHost


HostGator and DreamHost are two of the most well-known web hosting firms. HostGator was founded in 2002 and now hosts over 8 million websites. DreamHost, on the other hand, started operations in 1996, a year before Google. With over 400,000 happy clients, they currently support over 1.5 million websites, blogs, and applications. Both of these web hosting companies are PCI compliant.

Although Endurance International Group acquired HostGator in 2012, DreamHost remains independently owned and operated.


Both HostGator and DreamHost offer a good type of hosting options that include shared, VPS, and dedicated servers. They both particularly shake up the shared hosting space with their affordable hosting plans.

HostGator vs DreamHost – Speeds and Uptimes

The most important factors that you would like to think about when choosing an internet hosting service are the speed and uptime of the website. Web hosting companies often boast of high server response times and uptime guarantees.

To check if they live up to expectations, we signed up for their shared hosting plans and created a test site on both HostGator and DreamHost. To reflect the live website environment on our test sites, we installed the default WordPress theme and added dummy content along with some images.

And then we ran a couple of different performance tests on our test sites:

  • Pingdom test: to see the page load time.
  • Load Bump Test – To determine how the server responds during increased traffic.
  • Bitcatcha test: to record server reaction time in 8 different international locations totally ignoring the content.

And these are our results:

speedtest hostgator

According to data collected from Pingdom, HostGator took 691ms to load when tested from Dallas. That’s faster than 94% of all sites tested.

dreamhost speed test

Our DreamHost test site loaded in just half a second, which is faster than 97% of all sites tested.

loadimpact hostgator

According to Load Impact, our HostGator server responded quickly until there were around 80 visitors at a time. As traffic increased, the location began to get in the way.

dreamhost loadimpact test

As you will see in the graph, our DreamHost site was stable during the traffic increase test. the number of live visitors had no impact on reaction time.


Based on our Bitcatcha test, our HostGator server responded in just a fraction of seconds within the US While the reaction time was relatively high at international locations, it still responded in as little as a second. Bitcatcha rated HostGator’s server a C, while our DreamHost site received an A + rating.

dreamhost bitcatcha

Winner: DreamHost

HostGator vs DreamHost – Ease of Use


Unlike HostGator, DreamHost does not include a cPanel control panel. Instead, they need their own web-based dashboard.

 manage domains

That means, if you are already familiar with the most popular web hosting dashboard (cPanel), then there is a touch of a learning curve that you need to address before using the DreamHost dashboard.

Winner: HostGator

HostGator vs DreamHost – features

The best thing about HostGator is that they give you more hosting features than any of their competitors.

Before we jump in and start seeing how HostGator compares to DreamHost in terms of features, let’s take a look the other way around – a couple of areas where DreamHost excels compared to HostGator.

SSD Storage:

DreamHost offers solid state drive storage, while HostGator offers hard disk drive (HDD) storage. SSDs have been shown to be up to 2x faster than HDDs.

Free domain-name:

When signing up, DreamHost gives you a free name, while HostGator doesn’t offer one. However, the free name offer is more of a marketing gimmick than a useful feature because if you register a website name with DreamHost for free, you will have to pay around $ 15 per year after the primary year. Instead, you could have registered a website name with a website registrar like for as little as $ 12 a year.

If you want to save a lot on domain cost at the end of the day, we suggest that you employ a website name registrar.


Except for SSD storage and a free name, HostGator pulls miles before DreamHost in terms of features …

  • Unlimited Email Accounts – With any of HostGator’s hosting plans, you get unlimited email accounts. However, if you want to find out the emails associated with your DreamHost hosting account, you should go with the most expensive alternative.
  • – Although both DreamHost and HostGator have website builders as part of their hosting packages, HostGator’s builder stands out due to its advanced features, which include an eCommerce showcase.
  • Free Dedicated IP: HostGator’s high-end shared hosting package provides a free dedicated IP and SEO software, while DreamHost’s shared hosting plans do not.
  • Free Ad Credits – You get $ 200 in ad credits with every HostGator hosting plan to help you drive traffic to your site. Free advertisement credits are not included in any DreamHost hosting arrangements.

Winner: HostGator

HostGator vs DreamHost – Supports and Documentations

HostGator employs over 850 people to provide superior support through live chat, phone, and email 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Their online help centre covers every aspect of using HostGator to create a website. There are over 500 instructional videos and 680 support articles in this series.

On the contrary, DreamHost support is pathetic. While they often advertise 24/7 support, the truth is that they only offer 24/7 email support. However, it takes almost every day to urge your support request to be resolved via email.

Live chat support is available only from 5 AM to 6 PM. M. At 10 p. M. PST, 7 days a week. Although callback requests are available, you must make a one-time payment or subscribe to a monthly plan. Please note that callbacks cannot be made for numbers outside of the US and Canada.

Winner: HostGator

HostGator vs DreamHost – Pricings

Here’s an in-depth comparison between the prices of various hosting options from DreamHost and HostGator.

HostGator$2.78 /mo$5.95 /mo(Cloud)$4.95 / mo$19.95 / mo$119.00 / mo
DreamHost$2.59 / mo$16.95 / mo (Managed)$4.50 / mo$13.75 / mo$169.00 / mo

Here’s an in-depth comparison between the prices of various hosting options from DreamHost and HostGator.

The regular price for DreamHost’s shared hosting plan starts at $ 10.95 per month. We’ve had an exclusive effect on DreamHost though, so you’ll only have to pay $ 2.59 per month.

DreamHost offers managed WordPress hosting so you don’t need to know the technicalities of server optimization to improve your site performance because DreamHost handles it for you.

HostGator, on the other hand, provides WordPress cloud hosting, which is slightly faster than their shared hosting service.

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HostGator also offers its costumers simplest reseller hosting plans.
If you’re trying to find the most profitable introductory hosting plans, look no further than DreamHost. Please note that after the initial payment period, you will have to pay your regular prices.

Winner: DreamHost

Summary: HostGator vs DreamHost

After our comparison, it is clear that HostGator is the most suitable option for your website. Not only do they offer many useful hosting features, but their dashboard is very easy to use.

The award-winning support team at HostGator has always been there for you. Unlike DreamHost, they provide live chat, phone, and email support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

With DreamHost, you would need to make a separate payment for phone support. While free callback support is available, it is only included in their most expensive price tier.

Additionally, you would like to inspect our expert’s comparisons between,

We hope this text has helped you select between HostGator and DreamHost. For more details, check out our full HostGator review and DreamHost’s in-depth review.

Alternative Hosting Providers

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