HostGator vs GreenGeeks Comparison For 2023 – 1 Winner!

Do you have doubts about which is the most sensible option between HostGator and GreenGeeks? Both HostGator and GreenGeeks serve countless domains from around the world. however, it is difficult to investigate which is the most suitable option with numerous conflicting opinions.

In our FAIR HostGator vs. GreenGeeks comparison, we’ll help you realize that the provider has the right web host for your budget and needs.

HostGator vs. GreenGeeks – Overview

HostGator vs GreenGeeks Comparison For 2022

HostGator and GreenGeeks are a couple of the most popular hosting providers on the market. While they offer a variety of different hosting options, as well as VPS and dedicated servers, they shake up the shared hosting industry significantly.

HostGator also offers the best reseller hosting solutions.

HostGator was supported in 2002 and currently hosts around eight million websites, with customers all over the world. HostGator was not inherited by the Endurance International cluster in 2012. Since the acquisition, it has been consistently growing alongside the world’s leading web hosting providers.

HostGator vs GreenGeeks Comparison For 2022

GreenGeeks, on the other hand, was supported in 2008, with clients from more than one hundred and fifty countries. They generally emphasize their commitment to the environment and bill themselves as the #1 green web host on the market.

HostGator vs. GreenGeeks – Speed and Uptime

Page speed and time area unit are the most important factors that you would like to consider when selecting an internet host.

Nobody likes a slow website. Even a 1-second delay will hurt your conversions by seven members. Furthermore, Google continues to emphasize the speed of its algorithms.

Similarly, time is also important because your visitors expect your website to be available 24 hours a day.

To test the speed and uptimes of HostGator and GreenGeeks for our comparison article, we tend to sign up for a shared hosting account with each hosting provider. We tend to co-mirror a production setup on these shared hosting accounts by creating a WordPress website, installing a default WordPress theme, adding dummy content, and uploading a few images.

We then ran some completely different speed and duration experiments on these test sites that abuse the following testing tools:

  • Pingdom
  • Load impact
  • Bitcatcha
HostGator vs GreenGeeks Comparison For 2022

According to Pingdom, our HostGator website took 691ms to load, while our GreenGeeks website took 697ms.

GreenGeeks speed test
HostGator vs GreenGeeks Comparison

After our Pingdom tests, we tended to analyze how our test sites handled traffic spikes during peak hours with a preferred testing tool, Load Impact, and sent some virtual users to our sites.

HostGator vs GreenGeeks Comparison For 2022

According to Load Impact, our HostGator server responded quickly until there were around eighty guests at a time. As traffic grew, rankings began to bog down slightly.

GreenGeeks loadimpact
HostGator vs GreenGeeks Comparison

However, during the Load Impact test, our GreenGeeks website worked almost consistently despite the load. No periods were recorded during the test.


We also needed to investigate the response times of servers around the world ignoring the content of the sites. For this test, we use Bitcatcha. Average upload speed from eight completely different global locations: New York, Los Angeles, London, Brazil, India, Singapore, Japan, and Australia.

HostGator vs GreenGeeks Comparison For 2022

According to Bitcatcha’s test, our HostGator server responded in just a fraction of a second in the United States. while the latency period was comparatively high in international locations, the server still responded within a second.

GreenGeeks response time
HostGator vs GreenGeeks Comparison

Similarly, Bitcatcha rated the GreenGeeks server as C. The latency period was almost equivalent to HostGator from multiple locations.

Winner: GreenGeeks

HostGator vs. GreenGeeks – Ease of Use

HostGator vs GreenGeeks Comparison For 2022

Both HostGator and GreenGeeks offer cPanel access to manage your web hosting account. With each hosting plan, you will also get a 1-click WordPress installer to quickly launch your website.

HostGator helps you build a website the way you’d like it with an in-house developed lag and crash generator. The builder even helps you integrate an associate degree eCommerce store along with your website.

HostGator vs GreenGeeks Comparison For 2022

On the other hand, GreenGeeks offers a really basic builder with their hosting plans.

Winner: HostGator

HostGator vs. GreenGeeks – Features

When it comes to options, GreenGeeks is ahead of the curve. Let’s take a look at how GreenGeeks compares to HostGator:

  • Unlimited Domain Hosting – With each hosting plan, GreenGeeks offers unlimited domain hosting, while HostGator’s shared starter plan only helps you host one website.
  • SSD (Solid State Drive) Storage: All GreenGeeks plans include SSD storage, while HostGator offers HDD (Hard Disk Drive) storage. SSD is tested to run 2 times higher than HDD.
  • Free Domain Registration – Unlike HostGator, you can waive the domain registration fee once you sign up for a GreenGeeks hosting plan.

Winner: GreenGeeks

HostGator vs. GreenGeeks – Support and Documentation

Both HostGator and GreenGeeks provide 24/7 technical support via live chat, phone, and email.

What makes HostGator stand out is its strong content. It contains over 680 facilitated articles and over 500 video tutorials to help you explore every facet of web hosting, one step at a time.

Winner: HostGator

HostGator vs. GreenGeeks – Pricing

Let’s compare the hosting costs for the GreenGeeks and HostGator plans side by side.

HostGator$2.78 /mo.$5.95 /mo. (Cloud)$4.95 / mo.$19.95 / mo.$119.00 / mo.
GreenGeeks$2.95 / mo.$2.95 / mo.$39.95 / mo.$169.00 / mo.

HostGator is also on our list of the best free web hosting companies that offer less expensive solutions.

As you can see from the table, HostGator plans cheaper area units than GreenGeeks plans. HostGator also offers many hosting options, as well as cloud hosting and WordPress cloud hosting.

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Winner: HostGator

Recap: HostGator vs. GreenGeeks

After our comparison, we tend to believe that HostGator might be a better hosting option than GreenGeeks. HostGator offers you many more hosting options than GreenGeeks. Your area drives low-cost and cheap hosting services.

If you’re just starting and don’t want to hire a developer to create a website, then you could try HostGator’s website builder.

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