HostGator vs iPage Comparison For 2023 – 1 Winner!

Are you looking for the most efficient internet hosting provider? iPage and HostGator are a couple of the most reputable hosting providers out there. But who has the best web hosting service: iPage or HostGator?

Not all internet hosting service area units are created equal. It is important to know, however, that these two hosting providers do not agree with each other when it comes to their pricing plans and options. Leveraging our unbiased comparison between HostGator and iPage, we’ll help you decide which is the best option for your websites.

HostGator vs. iPage – Overview

HostGator vs iPage Comparison For 2022

The HostGator and iPage area unit hosting brands are operated by the Endurance International cluster, a particularly well-known internet hosting company.

HostGator is on track to provide a good variety of hosting options and services. provide|provide} many hosting options that iPage doesn’t offer, as well as cloud hosting and reseller hosting.

HostGator vs iPage Comparison For 2022

Rather, iPage concentrates on offering the most affordable in-house hosting plans to fit every budget. Their internet hosting plans start at $1.99 per month, which has a free name and SSL.

HostGator vs. iPage – Page Speed and Uptime

Without a doubt, speed and time area units are the most important factors that you would like to consider when choosing an internet host.

To test whether HostGator and iPage live up to their promotional material, we decided to investigate their page speed and time guarantees by communicating linguistically with each of them and running a couple of test sites.

To mirror the live environment on our test sites, we tend to install a WordPress theme and display dummy content alongside some images.

We then tend to run a few different experiments on these test sites with the following tools:

  • Pingdom: to check the website’s loading time.
  • Load Impact – See how these hosting servers handle increased traffic during a time of peak load.
  • Bitcatcha – to see how these hosting servers work from eight completely different geographical locations.
HostGator vs iPage Comparison

According to our Pingdom speed test, our HostGator website took 691ms to load once tested from the city.

HostGator vs iPage Comparison For 2022

However, our iPage test website loaded in a couple of 2.60 seconds which is faster than just 60% of all websites tested and means slower than our HostGator website.

HostGator vs iPage Comparison

According to Load Impact, our HostGator server responded quickly until there were around eighty guests at a time.

HostGator vs iPage Comparison For 2022

When it came to iPage, the time frame was slow once there were around fifty users on the site. After that, the page speed remained stable despite having many active users.

According to our Bitcatcha test, HostGator’s server was rated C; while our iPage website received a C+ rating.

HostGator vs iPage Comparison For 2022
HostGator vs iPage Comparison

Winner: HostGator

HostGator vs. iPage – Ease of Use

HostGator vs iPage Comparison For 2022

To manage your internet hosting accounts, all HostGator hosting plans work with cPanel. Well-known website scripts like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal, also provide 1-click installations.

HostGator vs iPage Comparison For 2022

On the other hand, iPage does not offer cPanel. Instead, they provide their custom version of a print panel that they query as vDeck. However, if you are familiar with cPanel, which is the most popular web hosting panel in the world, then you will have to tackle a bit of a learning curve before mastering vDeck.

Both also provide {a website | an internet website | a website} builder developed in-house for users that the UN agency needs to create a site without having to hire a developer.

Winner: HostGator

HostGator vs. iPage – Features

With HostGator, you’ll get everything you need to start your new website from the bottom up. Whether or not you want website builder tools or 1-click app installers, SEO tools, or backup solutions, HostGator has you covered. They also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee to make their hosting services risk-free.

However, once it comes to options, iPage runs circles around HostGator.

One-size-fits-all deal: iPage offers only one shared hosting plan, which allows you to host unlimited websites; whereas, with HostGator, you will need to log in for a modern arrangement to order unlimited web hosting.

Free Domain Name – Once the language communication is ready for a hosting arrangement, you’ll get a free name with iPage.

Winner: iPage

HostGator vs. iPage –Support and Documentation

Both HostGator and iPage provide professional help 24/7 via phone, chat, and ticket-based emails. Its database area unit is quite simple, though not fluffy, so you’ll also be able to easily solve web hosting problems on your own.

Winner: It’s a tie

HostGator vs. iPage – Pricing

Here’s a head-to-head comparison between HostGator and iPage’s rating of various hosting options:

HostGator$2.75 /mo.$5.95 /mo. (Cloud)$4.95 / mo.$23.95 / mo.$89.98/ mo.
iPage$1.99 /mo.$3.75 /mo.$19.99 / mo.$119.99 / mo.

As you can see, iPage’s introductory plans area unit is cheaper than HostGator’s. If you’re trying to find reasonable shared or WordPress hosting plans, consider iPage.

iPage does not provide cloud or reseller hosting. However, the valuation of the VPS server and dedicated servers offered by HostGator and iPage area unit is almost similar.

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iPage was also added to our list of the best free web hosting companies.

Winner: iPage

Recap – HostGator vs. iPage

After our comparison, we tend to believe that HostGator may be a better hosting company than iPage in general. HostGator not only offers many hosting options but also offers a wide variety of tools to easily launch a website from the bottom up.

HostGator continually strives for excellence by constantly upgrading its infrastructure as well as the user experience.

While iPage comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, HostGator helps you try their service for forty-five days risk-free.

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