HostGator vs WPEngine Comparison for 2021 – 1 Winner!

Are you searching for the most basic WordPress hosting service? Are you confuse between choosing HostGator or WPEngine? Both HostGator or WPEngine make it easy to host your WordPress account. Although HostGator provides a range of hosting options, including WordPress cloud hosting, WPEngine is a managed WordPress hosting service that focuses solely on WordPress.

In this post, we’ll compare WPEngine and HostGator side by side so you can find out which is the best match for your budget and needs.

Overview – HostGator vs WPEngine

HostGator vs WPEngine Comparison for 2021

HostGator is one of the most well-known web hosting firms. was founded in 2002 and now hosts over 8 million websites all over the world.

HostGator offers a good kind of hosting options, including WordPress cloud hosting. WordPress cloud hosting is specifically optimized for running WordPress sites and accelerates your hosting performance 2.5x faster than a shared hosting platform. With HostGator, you will test your hosting services risk-free for 45 days. If you are not completely satisfied, you will request a full refund.

HostGator vs WPEngine Comparison for 2021

WPEngine, on the other hand, is one of the simplest managed WordPress hosting providers. It is one of the leading companies offering managed hosting solutions focused on WordPress. They have a powerful client list that includes Yelp, Asana, National Geographic, PBS, and MyFitnessPal.

Whether you are running a private blog or an enterprise-grade business growing out of the ordinary, you will find the right hosting option with WPEngine.

Both are PCI compliant web hosting companies.

HostGator vs WPEngine – Speed and Uptimes

Speed ​​and uptime are the most important factors you would like to think about when choosing an internet server. Almost all hosting providers guarantee super fast website speed and high website availability. To check if HostGator and WPEngine really live up to your expectations, we decided to investigate the page uptime and speed guarantees by registering with each of them and creating 2 test sites.

To reflect the assembly environment on our test sites, we installed WordPress, added dummy content, and uploaded some images.

We ran a couple of different experiments on these test sites with the following tools:

  • Pingdom: to see the page load time of our websites.
  • Load Impact – To investigate how servers handled increased traffic to our sites during peak load times.
  • Bitcatcha – to find out how servers would work from 8 different geographic locations.
HostGator vs WPEngine Comparison for 2021

According to our collected data Pingdom, our HostGator test site took 691ms to load when tested from Dallas.

wpengine speed test


Our WPEngine test site, on the other hand, loaded in 582 milliseconds, which is faster than 96% of all sites tested.

Following the Pingdom test, we used a tool called Load Impact to see whether the hosting servers could handle a spike in traffic. To test how the servers can do, we sent some virtual users to our sites and eventually generated up to 100 visitors at a time.

loadimpact speed test

From our testing, it is evident that the number of live visitors does not have any negative impact on the WPEngine site.


While our HostGator site responded quickly until there were around 80 visitors at a time. As the traffic grew, it began to obstruct slightly.

 bitcatcha server response time

According to our Bitcatcha test, our HostGator server responded in a second worldwide. BitCatcha rated the overall performance as C, while BitCatcha rated WPEngine as A.

 bitcatcha server response time

Winner: WP Engine

HostGator vs WPEngine – ease of Use

Since WPEngine can be a managed WordPress hosting solution, you can be sure that your server will be optimized for superior performance without having to handle the technicalities of server optimization. Which means you’ll have peace of mind while specializing in what you’re specialized in – publishing content and marketing it.

HostGator vs WPEngine Comparison for 2021

On the other hand, the WPEngine platform works differently than a standard WordPress hosting platform. for example, you cannot install any performance or security plugins to speed up your site because they need integrated solutions for performance and security.

In fact, there is a touch of a learning curve that you need to address before using WPEngine.

HostGator vs WPEngine Comparison for 2021

On the contrary, HostGator plans allow you to host your website the way you want. There are no plugin restrictions, unlike in WPEngine. All HostGator hosting plans come with cPanel to manage your hosting files and your account. Since it is not a WordPress specific solution, you will create any kind of website with HostGator.

Its 1-click installer makes it easy to install your preferred web hosting software.

Winner: HostGator

HostGator vs WPEngine – features

HostGator is primarily aimed at beginner level users, so you will expect all the essential features that beginners have to start a website; including unmetered bandwidth, 1-click installers, a website builder, $ 200 free marketing credits, etc.

With your initial shared hosting plan, you will host 1 website, and with a significantly more expensive plan, you will host unlimited websites.

WPEngine, on the other hand, has everything you need to optimise your WordPress growth, marketing, and migration. Let’s take a look at some of its defining characteristics:

  • Free Access to StudioPress Themes – You’ll get full access to over 35 high-quality StudioPress themes at no additional cost.
  • 1-Click Tool – You also get a 1-click tool for correcting development, production, and staging environments.
  • High Performance Guaranteed – The WPEngine platform works with Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform to ensure high performance.

Winner: WPEngine

HostGator vs WPEngine – Supports and Documentations

HostGator offers live chat, internet, and email support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Its comprehensive documentation includes more than 680 support articles and more than 500 video tutorials to direct you through every step of the web hosting process.

However, with its starter plan, WPEngine offers only live chat support. Telephone support is given to their higher plans. And ticket-based support gets your custom dedicated server plans.

Winner: HostGator

HostGator vs WP Engine – Pricings

HostGator’s regular shared web hosting pricing starts at $ 6.95 per month. When you are a beginner to an Internet site, the cost of starting an website seems quite great. Hosting prices and a website name can add up quickly. That is why we have negotiated a HostGator to offer our users a 60% discount on web hosting. that is, you simply have to pay $ 2.78 per month.

HostGator also offers the best hosting plans for resellers.
The regular pricing for WPEngine starts at $ 35 per month. If you want a monthly subscription, you can get a 30% discount on WPEngine, so you only have to pay $ 24.50 per month.

With our WPEngine coupon code, you can get 5 months free with an annual subscription: WPBeginner30 is a forum for WPBeginners.

You can also use our HostGator coupons to claim BIGGEST discounts by visiting our site at

Winner: HostGator

Summary- HostGator vs WPEngine

The ideal customer base for HostGator and WPEngine is completely different. While HostGator focuses on entry-level users, WPEngine targets specific customer segments such as developers, marketers, SMEs, agencies, and businesses.

For example, with WPEngine, developers can focus only on development and design without having to take on hosting maintenance responsibilities. Similarly, marketers can quickly create and customize their website using its extensive built-in tools.

HostGator, on the other hand, is ideal for a wider user base and offers a wide variety of hosting options. Whether you are a seasoned internet professional or a newbie, you will find the perfect set of features to start your website with HostGator.

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