How To Dress Casually And Still Feel Great For Men’s (2021)

If you want to be stylish, shop for the newest trending yarns. If you want to stay in style, keep it simple. Today we will deal with the latter during a little game that we want to call casual wear. Okay, it’s not so little.

In fact, he is often a huge question mark among many within the masculine style space. What is casual wear? When can you put it on? Are jeans casual wear? All valid questions that we are close to tackling head-on within the comprehensive guide.

In the end, we guarantee that you will be the king of casual fashion.

What Is Casual Attire For Men

How To Dress Casually And Still Feel Great For Men's (2021) What Is Casual Attire For Men
Article: How To Dress Casually And Still Feel Great For Men’s (2021)

The term “casual” dress is one of the most overused words in the modern lexicon of clothing. For the uninitiated, it can run the gamut from a Bintang and board pants to a sports coat and chinos. However, for the needs of today’s gentleman, “casual attire”, anything, should speak of a casual yet elegant way of dressing. Not so much a code as an attitude and non-public style approach, the casual dress can be true art that, once mastered, should be ready to keep you in good stead on many occasions. Here we explain how.

When Is It Appropriate To Wear Casual Clothing

How To Dress Casually And Still Feel Great For Men's (2021) When Is It Appropriate To Wear Casual Clothing
Article: How To Dress Casually And Still Feel Great For Men’s (2021)

The average guy spends most of his life in casual outfits. They are the race for the outfits you wear when you have a coffee; heading to sporting events; meet up with colleagues for a drink and everything in between. Soon; the outfit you wear for the routine things in your life. However, just because it’s every day doesn’t mean it should be treated with less care or nuance than more formal event outfits.

The very nature of casual attire is that it is adaptable. A pair of chinos, a chambray shirt, and classic sneakers should be ready to take you from Sunday morning brunch to a day out at the pub and beyond. And that’s why casual shouldn’t be misconstrued as an excuse to be careless. In order not to be confused with sports or beachwear, the casual outfit is modest but elegant. It’s a pair of skinny jeans with a well-cut T-shirt, it’s a denim jacket paired with chinos and Chelsea boots. briefly, and as a rule, if you’re not comfortable wearing it in a casual restaurant for dinner, it’s probably not casual.

When Not To Wear Casual Attire

When Not To Wear Casual Attire
Article: How To Dress Casually And Still Feel Great For Men’s (2021)

Some inexplicably enjoy flaunting the rulings of a code. I’m not that person, and I shouldn’t be a picky gentleman either.

When it comes to when not to wear casual clothes, the principles are simple; it is simply when the code states otherwise. And sometimes a code is not indicated, it is simply implied through the event character. For example, a party naturally includes a two-piece or elegant blazer and pants. in a similar vein, the opening of a play or perhaps the opening of a gallery suggests a higher formal dress code.

This isn’t just a nod to convention, either. Failure to abide by the code means a lack of attention and manners, not only for other guests but more importantly, for your hosts. Dressing to dress standards can be a gesture of respect and a simple thank you to distinguish yourself as a true gentleman.

What To Wear On Top

What To Wear On Top
Article: How To Dress Casually And Still Feel Great For Men’s (2021)

If you’re just starting to build your casual wardrobe, the main thing to specialize in is some classic button-down shirts. Experiment with different brands to find a fit that suits you, and then invest in some classic colours and prints. What’s great about this style is that it is often dressed up or down all day long.

If preppy isn’t your thing, check out a far more rock-n-roll (but no less cool) denim shirt. Reverse for a deep indigo version and lighter wash and pair them with pale-coloured pants in white or taupe.

Look for a cape over a shirt with a fine knit crew neck sweater in the cooler months. Navy blue is an option that looks just as good over a collared shirt as it does over a see-through white tee. Sweaters can also be a terrific way to explore colour and texture once you’ve covered a few basic colors. Each season, Uniqlo introduces a new colour palette that will bring a pop of color to your everyday wardrobe. Look for brands like Reiss or Hugo Boss if you’re looking for something a little more daring. Thicker designs in brighter hues are ideal for when the temperature decreases.

To complete your outfit, complete with a classic denim jacket during a dark indigo wash. Nudie Jeans presents a great selection that leans more towards streetwear than the tired rocker. Alternatively, a padded vest is another great finishing touch. Try Brooks Brothers or Suitsupply for styles that give a nod to the British team and that will look as welcome on the field as they are in the big smoke.

What To Wear On The Bottom

What To Wear On The Bottom
Article: How To Dress Casually And Still Feel Great For Men’s (2021)

Nothing says casual like jeans. And whether you prefer a light wash or a dark ink wash, they are a staple that numerous styles are often based on over and over again. When it comes to styling jeans, roll up the cuff to point out some of the selvedges (the inside seam), and don’t be afraid to elevate them with a button-down shirt or perhaps a lightweight sports coat.
The key with jeans, when worn casually, is to go beyond excessive amounts of detail. The motor-cross edging and thus the excess rips may sound good but ultimately detract from a perfectly good, sleek ensemble.

You can’t go wrong with a pair of traditional chinos to up the ante on your casual appearance. Choose a slim-fitting pair in a neutral base colour like olive, navy, white, or beige. These look great with a t-shirt or a button-down shirt and can take you from the bar to a midweek dinner with ease. It looks great with a pair of classic sneakers and a shawl collar sweater.

During the summer, shorts are quite fine as casual attire. However, they can’t simply be an unnamed pair of scooters. Instead, go for fitting cotton twill or seersucker shorts. For a summery look, pair them with a linen shirt, a canvas belt, and suede loafers or espadrilles.

Best Casual Shoes

How To Dress Casually And Still Feel Great For Men's (2021) Best Casual Shoes
Article: How To Dress Casually And Still Feel Great For Men’s (2021)

When it comes to casual footwear, it’s hard to beat a loafer. Whether you’re a penny, tasselled, or pony-style lover, these shoes pair effortlessly with jeans, chinos, or perhaps tailored shorts and add a level of sparkle to casual wear that won’t go unnoticed.

In the warmer months, play with the suede and canvas constructions that add a bit of texture. even be hospitable by experimenting with bold colours like blue, burnt orange, or perhaps yellow. This unexpected flourish adds personality and amplifies the fun, just be sure to Scotchgard them first.

Looking at the options, G.H. Bass & Co. presents an excellent selection of additional traditional leathers and chamois, as does Meermin Mallorca. If you’re bold enough to attack bolder styles, try models like Santoni or perhaps Aquila, who often posts a colour or two in press releases each season.

Of course, loafers aren’t the only option when it comes to casual wear and it might be remiss not to include the classic sneaker here. A cool white sneaker is indeed the epitome of laid-back style and works with most types of pants and shorts. However, the key is to keep them clean. Nothing looks worse than a pointy outfit paired with a dirty pair of sneakers.

When it comes to finding the right pair, it pays to shop for a method that combines comfort with elegance. Personal favourites include Common Projects, Vejas, and Stan Smiths.

Best Casual Accessories

How To Dress Casually And Still Feel Great For Men's (2021) Best Casual Accessories
Article: How To Dress Casually And Still Feel Great For Men’s (2021)

Complementing a casual outfit is all about details. Whether it’s your belt, sunglasses, or watch, these finishing touches are an opportunity to inject a bit of personality and style into your outfit. Let’s start with the simple first: belts.

There is a strict rule with belts which is to always believe them in reference to the shoes you are wearing. For example, if I’m wearing sneakers and a pair of chinos, I’ll generally choose a looser canvas or suede belt in navy blue or grey. Alternatively, if I’m wearing a pair of oxblood polished loafers, I’d see how to pair them with a similar dark brown belt. This does not mean that they have to match exactly, but that they must have a reference to each other.

In reference to sunglasses, it is worth investing in a classic pair. Beyond giving a nod to timeless style, a classic sunglass ensemble can quickly turn into a private statement. Whether you choose a pair of Ray-Ban Clubmaster, Dior SoReals, or perhaps Persols, they will effortlessly add freshness to your outfit.

Jewellery is not for all men and can look a bit clunky if you are not used to it. However, if you are one of those who dabble in, it is worth trying to find options that will become classics. Pieces like a Cartier gold chain or signet ring that has been passed down through the generations are simple touches that act as an extension of your personal style.

Casual Go-To Looks

You cannot have a guide without the proper appearance. From summer to winter, these are the best casual wear looks you’ll be stealing today.

Linen Shirt With Fitted Pants

Linen Shirt With Fitted Pants
Article: How To Dress Casually And Still Feel Great For Men’s (2021)

Lightweight and breezy, the white linen shirt can be a must-have when it comes to staying stylish and cozy in the warmer months. This shirt is meant to look laid back, oozing ease through an open collar and thus neatly rolled-up sleeves. The hem should be combed for a carefree half-tucked into the pants in the front and without a belt.

Roll up the cuff to display your ankles and wear your white shirt with elegant pants made of lightweight fabric. For footwear that embodies summer nights, choose woven leather loafers, espadrilles, or sandals (all without socks). If you’re completely dedicated to design, you’ll even buy your cotton pants pre-cut and have to roll the hem yourself. Make use of the fact that shorts (like white linen shirts) have a summertime vibe. You’ll soon feel like you’re on a European holiday without ever leaving Bondi, Byron, or Burleigh.

Floral Shirt With Chinos

How To Dress Casually And Still Feel Great For Men's (2021) Floral Shirt With Chinos
Article: How To Dress Casually And Still Feel Great For Men’s (2021)

Floral prints offer more muted and softer colors, allowing florals to venture into both fall and spring. However, there is nothing very Hawaiian about flower shirts. These prints are more like abstract works of art; desert color and dirty, therefore flowers can be seen as blotchy or blurred color up close.

Fronds and ferns abound for the gardenia guy, but in a muted monochromatic that is more tactile and gritty than flamboyant and patterned. Contrast a short-sleeved or rolled-up floral button-down shirt with bulky cotton chinos for a stylish look (lighter and cheaper chinos can work during warmer seasons, too). Wear it with tan or brown penny loafers or monk straps.

Shirt Jacket With Jeans

How To Dress Casually And Still Feel Great For Men's (2021) Shirt Jacket With Jeans
Article: How To Dress Casually And Still Feel Great For Men’s (2021)

Also known as the ‘jacket’, the shirt jacket, a hybrid men’s fashion item that combines the layering capabilities and solidity of the jacket with the planning and lightness of a collared shirt, is wearing the style of the men further into the territory of fashion and functionality. . and that we are not complaining.

Designers are creating “jackets” in sports nylons or light cotton for every taste, making them the ideal choice for spring or fall. Wear the vest closed (up to the neck or slightly open) or layered over a plain t-shirt to get the most out of it. The shirt jacket combines the deconstructed components of a blazer with the formalities of a suit jacket, making it even more attractive for the weekend when worn with your favourite tapered jeans.

Polo Shirt With Trousers

Polo Shirt With Trousers
Article: How To Dress Casually And Still Feel Great For Men’s (2021)

The poles are experiencing a resurgence lately. Not reserved for preppy jocks and pop-necked pimps, this season’s looks speak of a ’70s revival (yes, designers still love the disco decade). Crafted from lightweight cotton or piqué, they give any outfit a truly René Lacoste-cool component.

Despite its aesthetic ties to the standard tee, a polo collar gives the summer pants a smart and casual finish, especially within the new season’s military hemmed construction. Update this classic tee with a change of textures, intarsia prints, and an injection of color, especially muted yellows, greens, and blues. Used alone, just close the third button; Never go all the thanks to the highest.

Leather Jacket With Jeans

How To Dress Casually And Still Feel Great For Men's (2021) Leather Jacket With Jeans
Article: How To Dress Casually And Still Feel Great For Men’s (2021)

Nothing says a casual weekend outfit, a kind of much-loved leather jacket over a fitted T-shirt with a pair of jeans. However, buying a leather jacket can require a huge investment, especially if you’re looking at high-end styles, so why not try running with a classic style like ASOS or more durable first? A biker style will be ready to wear over and over again, just remember that leather has a natural stretch and will stretch over the course of the first few uses.

When designing a leather jacket, take a less is more approach. Think about the basics with an honest quality white tee from somewhere like Bassike and dark jeans. This looks sensational with a cool white pair of sneakers and no socks.

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