How to Get Glowing Skin (2023)

If there is a beautiful look that suits everyone, regardless of the occasion, it is radiant skin. Assume a glowing, lit-from-within, light-reflective complexion galvanized by the famous K-beauty glow. In the Korean beauty industry, they call it ‘choke, which means moist, juicy, and dewy. And, because that’s all we’d like out of our routine in 2022. We’re testing new ways to kick-start a boost of radiance. need in? Keep scrolling for 6 brilliant makeup hacks that will light up your skin…

The Best 6 Ways to Get Glowing Skin!

How to Get Glowing Skin (2023) The Best 6 Ways to Get Glowing Skin!
How to Get Glowing Skin

Try Facial Massage

How to Get Glowing Skin (2023) Try Facial Massage
How to Get Glowing Skin

For radiant skin, the task is just as important because the products you use and trying facial massage can leave you looking much brighter in seconds. Adopt a simple technique that scoops Carlolingian makeup creative Barnes trusts for her buyers. Starting with a moisturizer pressed onto the holding fingertips of freshly cleansed skin. Next, massage your knuckles from the center of your face outward briefly. In jerky motions, then use your palms to repeatedly sweep from your jawline to the tops of your cheekbones. Finish by giving the cheeks a “touch, touch, touch” with your fingertips. Two-minute glow, covered.

Merge Makeup and Skincare

How to Get Glowing Skin (2023) Merge Makeup and Skincare
How to Get Glowing Skin

Ingredients are key in K-beauty, and not just in the skincare you use. Explore makeup with hints of beauty to keep reaping radiance-boosting goodness throughout the day. The best choices for glowing skin measure mucopolysaccharides (found in Miracle bit Foundation). Water-soluble vitamin (puts the “radiance” in effulgent lift Concealer), and cucumber (in Lasting Performance Setting Spray). These makeup must-haves work overtime to keep your complexion dreamy and dewy.

Work with Liquids and Creams

How to Get Glowing Skin

Liquid and cream makeup formulas square a requirement for radiant skin. Starting with primer and ticking each foundation box up to a cream blush. You can add a little makeup on top if you’re worried you’re trying more glitter than dewy but always use a small. Low brush to use to confirm that it’s the final step in your beauty routine.

Upgrade Your Beauty Tools

How to Get Glowing Skin (2023) Upgrade Your Beauty Tools
How to Get Glowing Skin

Whether you apply foundation with a stippling brush or a blending sponge. There’s a quick trick that will instantly make your foundation look more drenched. simply dampen your chosen makeup tool under the tap before dipping into the foundation, then blot dry and blend onto the skin for a next-level K-beauty-worthy glow.

Give Foundation a Glow-Up

How to Get Glowing Skin

Become a makeup bartender by boosting your foundation with a drop of Miracle Glow Professional Universal Highlighter; a liquid highlighter that transforms complexions from drab to fabulous in seconds. Use the back of your hand as a palette and apply a pump of liquid foundation next to a dot of highlighter, before blending the 2 formulas with a brush. Once you glide this sparkly dream team over your skin, you’ll glow like never before. Want a more subtle finish? Add the highlighter to your foundation or moisturizer instead for a candle-like impact under your foundation.

Take Highlighter Higher

How to Get Glowing Skin (2023) Take Highlighter Higher
How to Get Glowing Skin

By applying a highlighter to the tops of your cheekbones, a fail-safe tip for soft sculpting, a dedicated wand, like the Miracle Sculpting Wand Highlight, can create it ultra-easy. On its own, this light-reflecting liquid can ensure that dull skin is a thing of the past, but applying it over the contour of the Miracle Sculpting Wand can make even more of a statement. Though designed for contouring, it doubles as a liquid bronzer that adds a dose of warmth to radiant skin, serving to cheat a “two-week-in-the-tropics” tan.

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