How to Select Makeup Brushes (2023)

If you ask a makeup lover to talk about their favorite elements of their makeup assortment. The general public would mention tinted makeup, a lustrous highlighter, or a foundation that stays matte all day. But, if you ask a makeup creator an identical question, he’ll likely mention his brushes.

Makeup brushes are to makeup artists what brushes are to painters or a beloved plectron to a musician. Yet the general public doesn’t realize how integral brushes are to our makeup kits. One reason? There isn’t much information available on what makes a “good” makeup brush, so you won’t even know what to look for. To find a way to choose a makeup brush. We asked 3 experienced makeup artists for their tips, tricks, and must-haves.

The Makeup Brushes That Should Be in Everyone’s Kit

How to Select Makeup Brushes (2023) The Makeup Brushes That Should Be in Everyone’s Kit
How to Select Makeup Brushes

Whether you’re a makeup whiz or just starting your color cosmetics journey. There are certain varieties of brushes that should be the muse in your makeup kit. A good place to start would be a foundation brush. A concealer brush, a powder brush, AN makeup blending brush, and a flat shadow brush. Says makeup artist and educator Rose Siard. This should get you to most places you’d like to travel to for day-to-day looks.

Essential Makeup Brushes:

  • Foundation brush
  • Concealer brush
  • Powder brush
  • Eyeshadow blending brush
  • Flat eyeshadow brush

Once you get the basics down, there are plenty of brushes you might want to consider to top up your kit.

Additional Makeup Brushes:

  • Contour brush
  • Crease brush
  • Eyeliner brush
  • Lip brush

Despite the allure of the extensive brush collections that makeup gurus like to show off online, there’s no need to go crazy. Celebrity makeup creator Sandy Linter says she shouldn’t want to have a huge kit. His advice from her? soar what percentage of brushes you will use. Makeup artists will have 100 brushes because they know which ones work anywhere, but don’t get confused by an oversized brush kit, she warns.

How to Choose a Makeup Brush

How to Select Makeup Brushes (2023) How to Choose a Makeup Brush
How to Select Makeup Brushes

So now that she only understands the types of makeup brushes she would like, it’s time to interrupt what sets a decent brush apart from a bad one.

Consider the Fiber Density

Fiber density refers to the percentage of bristles that sit on the cap (the metal ring that separates the bristles from the handle) of a brush and is a key indicator of how well a brush can deposit color on your face. A dense brush can result in the following coloration, while a brush with a lower fiber density can give you a smoother application. In general, makeup brushes should be denser than the brushes you use for blush or blending. The best way to check the density of a brush before buying it is to see it face to face. But, with COVID-19 restrictions still in place, Siard suggests posing for recommendations, looking at the outline of the comb on the brand’s website, and reading reviews.

Check Out the Material

The hairs that evoke a makeup brush are made of artificial or natural fibers. Natural sometimes means that it comes from an animal, a species of goat, sable (i.e., weasel), or squirrel, which has long raised questions about the ethics of origin of the hairs. While natural brushes used to be more popular because they were alike to be softer and provided better color payoff, the outlook has changed as technological advances have greatly improved the quality of artificial tools. I believe that artificial hair fibers are the solution, explains Siard. They are cruelty-free, but they are almost indistinguishable from natural hair in feel and application.

Prioritize Quality Over Quantity

When it comes to building a brush kit, apparently you get what you buy. Cheap brushes sometimes don’t drag their feet once they’re clean, and that will spread, Linter notes. Also, Siard believes that bright brushes will make makeup look taller. In my opinion, a good quality brush will evoke a poor quality product, he shares. I’d rather have one good eyeshadow brush than 3 mediocre ones.

Know When to Splurge

One more issue to consider? the type of brush you would like. Celebrity makeup artist and creative John Barleycorn Allen recommend investing in face brushes (think: foundation, powder, etc.), as they are used for the majority of makeup application. Meanwhile, Linter likes to splurge on blush and shadow brushes. If you’re in the market for a lip brush, it’s going to be another tool price outlay a small amount because Linter says it’s hard to find one that’s comprehensive enough. On the other hand, our consultants agree that there are good inexpensive highlighters and makeup brushes that can do the trick for a fraction of the value.

Expert-Approved Makeup Brushes

How to Select Makeup Brushes

Ready to upgrade your makeup brush set? Under the square, measure 5 makeup artists and editor-approved tools to treat your face, eyes, and body.

For Multitasking: Anisa Beauty Multi-powder Brush

How to Select Makeup Brushes (2023) For Multitasking: Anisa Beauty Multi-powder Brush

Anisa Beauty’s makeup and aid brushes square the Allen option, and this highly versatile powder brush is used to apply everything from blush and bronzer to highlighter and setting powder.

Sale Price $30 on

For Face & Body: Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Face & Body Kabuki Brush 160

Kabuki Brushes Square-measure appendage brushes with dense bristles and a rounded shape. Although historically recommended for use with powders, liquid products are also applied with a kabuki brush. this selection from Fenty is sweet for applying foundation, powder, highlighter, and shimmer to the face, neck, décolleté, and arms.

Sale Price $34 on

How to Select Makeup Brushes (2023) For Face & Body: Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Face & Body Kabuki Brush 160

For Contouring: Surratt Beauty Artistique Sculpting Brush

How to Select Makeup Brushes (2023) For Contouring: Surratt Beauty Artistique Sculpting Brush
How to Select Makeup Brushes

One of the priciest picks on our list, Linter says this brush is worth it because the UN agency created it. Troy Surratt can be a creative makeup person, so he understands the varied wants of a brush, she says. This sculpting tool allows for delicate and strategic contouring, with no streaky lines here.

Sale Price $125 on

For Eye Makeup: Beautyblender High Roller Crease Brush & Cooling Roller

You clearly understand Beautyblender for its sponges, but the brand’s double-sided makeup brushes also make a place in your kit. This soft, synthetic bristle brush is ideal for applying and blending eye makeup, regardless of your eye shape or talent, while the cool roller tip de-puffs and smoothes under the eyes.

Sale Price $33 on

For Foundation: Anisa Beauty Pinnacle Foundation Brush

How to Select Makeup Brushes (2023) For Foundation: Anisa Beauty Pinnacle Foundation Brush

Siard says this brush is one of her favorites because applying foundation is “so messy” compared to other products. The dense triangle-shaped tool blends perfectly with cream and liquid makeup, which the expert says makes a “huge difference” in the method of application.

Sale Price $30 on

For Newbies: Zoeva Coral Shine Brush Set

Whether you’re building your kit from scratch or trying to get started with contemporary, this nine-piece set has everything you want, and plenty of it. With four face brushes and 5 eye brushes, your whole face will love Zoeva’s vegan looks.

Sale Price $95 on

How to Take Care of Your Makeup Brushes

How to Select Makeup Brushes (2023) How to Take Care of Your Makeup Brushes
How to Select Makeup Brushes

Here’s the good news: Cold hard cash on quality brushes suggests that you can predict that they will stand up to the tests of their time, and you can generally expect your makeup brushes to last a handful of years. Linter says that she has 2 brushes in her kit that she has had since the 1990s. However, to confirm longevity, brushes must be cared for.

Brushes should be washed on a regular basis to remove debris and microorganisms that degrade both the skin barrier and the brush fibers. Siard washes her brushes every four days, whereas Allen washes them every day. If she knows this isn’t the case, she recommends cleaning your brushes every day with a brush cleanser and then deep cleaning them every one to two weeks, depending on how often you use them.

He’ll understand it’s time to throw away a brush once the bristles start to shed, fray, or get stiff. If you notice a broken handle or collar, it’s also time to throw it away, as bacteria will enter the crack. Another clue that it might be time to change your brushes? Now they are not applying your makeup equally.

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