How to Set up Price Alerts for the Items you Really Want (2021)

Imagine having your own slave robot surfing the web day and night trying to find the simplest prices on the items you would like. LED TVs, new sneakers, perfumes, whatever. check out our guide to using FREE “price alert” tools

We’ve already covered the cashback websites and automated price comparison tools on Insider’s Edge; Here’s another useful gadget for your money-saving arsenal.

This is easy thanks to receiving automatic notifications every time an item you want has gone on sale or has dropped in price. You don’t need to do anything, he e-mails you to let you know.

Say, for example, you’ve seen a TV that you simply want to buy from Amazon, but immediately feel that the value is too high. you would like the article eventually, but it only goes down to mention 20% less.

This is what you are doing. You’ve discovered a price alert and this free online tool will do the job for you. will monitor the value on your behalf and then email you as soon as it goes down. great huh?

That means you’ll relax and do other things instead of constantly checking and rechecking the current price online.

There are currently a couple of websites that offer this feature (free). Some are easier to use than others. Here are the three I liked the most …

Price Grabber

How to Set up Price Alerts for the Items you Really Want (2021) Price Grabber Price Alerts
Article: How to Set up Price Alerts for the Items you Really Want (2021)

Price Grabber is actually a price comparison website and price alert tool. The discovery is simple. You go ahead and search for the item you are looking for after one tap as you would neutralize Google. Once you find it, click on the option under the item that says “Set price alert!” (it is during a green font).

At this point, it will ask you to log in with a username or password, sign up for a free account, or log in via Facebook. It is up to you what you are doing here, some people prefer the convenience of Facebook. Regardless of what you choose once you are logged in, you will be ready to receive a price alert. You will see an example of what it looks like in the following screenshot

Price Grabber offers you a wide variety of options that the opposite price alert sites do not offer. As an example, you will specify what price you would like the item to drop before receiving an alert, and which retailers should or shouldn’t be included.

Once you have completed the sections you would like to incorporate, simply click the green “Set Price Alert” button and you can proceed. Done!

Price Pinx

How to Set up Price Alerts for the Items you Really Want (2021) Price Pinx Price Alerts
Article: How to Set up Price Alerts for the Items you Really Want (2021)

Price Pinx works slightly differently thanks to Price Grabber; in fact, I’d rather have it cost Grabber somehow because it allows me to line up price alerts on the fly rather than having to go online and search through their website first. Is that how it works:

Start by accessing the “New Pinx Cost” page. Now save your “bookmark” (yes, that’s what they call it) in your bookmarks. It will do this by literally dragging the green icon displayed in the bookmarks folder or bookmarks toolbar. Now you have discovered that you can travel.

The next time you see an item you would like online, highlight the value on the page and click on the bookmark you have saved. An example is shown below in the following screenshot:

If you have done it correctly, a window should appear confirming the value alert and asking you to enter your email address. If you sign up for a free account, you won’t have to enter your email address anytime. Note: check which retailers support price drop alerts; Major ones like Amazon (both UK and US) are covered.


How to Set up Price Alerts for the Items you Really Want (2021) Shopping Price Alerts
Article: How to Set up Price Alerts for the Items you Really Want (2021)

Shopping is eBay’s offer for price comparison and price alerts. the location is simple enough to navigate, but in terms of setting price alerts, this is usually the weakest of the bunch.

Why? Because it seems to be a lottery on which items will let you know the price alerts. you have to click on the words below the item you are looking for, which can be frustrating because it will sometimes lead you to the item (rather than offering you the option to line up a price alert). If you discovered a price alert, you will be directed to a screen where you will see something similar to the following:

Just click the “Price Alert” icon and log in / register to activate. If there are no price alerts available, they will take you directly to the article.

So there we have it! Three ways to align item price alerts to get instant notifications if there is a price drop. Perfect if you’re a savvy shopper who’s happy to show up for an honest deal … but doesn’t feel like the task of actually paying the check in full.

Check which retailers are compatible with all the above price alert sites. Many major retailers (including Amazon) are covered, but some smaller websites and online stores may not be.

Have you had any experience using any of the above sites or special price alert websites? What functionality would you like them to use?

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