How to Start a Blog and Earn Money in 2021

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The Beginner’s Guide to Creating a Successful Blog in 2021

how to start a blog and make money

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A quick introduction: blogging for beginners

There are five details you would really like to know to start a blog quickly and earn money. We will concentrate on how to start a WordPress blog later, aside from now, it is important that you simply follow these steps. If you are familiar with these details, you will have a web blog in 20 minutes or less.

Choose a different segment and a name:

Your blog niche is the particular market (topic) that you will simply target. Pick a topic that you are simply hooked on. Also, confirm that your niche has enough interest around it for people to search for topics related to your niche.

When it comes to naming your blog, you have countless options. he will use his own first name, last name, or some combination of the two. Or you will use a descriptive combination of words.

Select the simplest blogging platform:

The next step is to search for the most suitable and unique blog site to start creating your own blog and earn money. there is an honest selection of platforms with all kinds of functions.

I suggest you employ a self-hosted WordPress blogging software if you are serious about blogging.

Find web hosting and a domain:

A hosting company acts as the foundation for blogging. Selecting the wrong web server can ruin your hopes of having a successful blog.

A domain name is the name by which your blog will be known online, no matter what niche you decide on. is a singular web address online.

Design and maintain a blog:

These days, you don’t have to be a seasoned web designer or developer to make your blog look beautiful.

Platforms like accompany many free pre-built blog themes. Once you log into WordPress, you will choose templates, compatible with your preferred layout and color scheme.

Read helpful resources

Starting a blog is your initiative to enter the planet of blogging. However, to be successful online and earn money by starting a blog, you would like more information.

Step #1: Choose an ideal niche for your blog

To start a blog and become a blogger, you would like to establish yourself in the right niche for your blog then earn money.

  • First, inform to select a special segment that simply interests you more: the one that is connected.
  • Second, I’d like to confirm that a special segment has enough audience interest – topics that people review.

That way, you will follow your passion, find your readers, and enjoy your blogging journey.

Once you opt for a special segment, I also suggest that you simply validate it. Below, there could also be a 3-step formula to verify your fulfillment niche.

A 3-step blog success validation process:

  1. Check the dimensions of the niche.
  2. Explore the competitors.
  3. Analyze the potential for monetization.

This process will help you get a transparent idea of ​​the size, competition, and monetization potential for your proposed niche. If you’re not sure how to select and validate your blog niche, read our detailed guide.

Step # 2: choose a blogging platform

At this stage, you will need to check the available blogging platforms and determine the type of blog management software that you are just starting to use.

I recommend creating your blog using the self-hosted WordPress blog setup that I share during this guide.

You have a few choices when it comes to blogging sites. Usage figures showing the distribution in the US of blogging technologies are as follows.

WordPress software is by far the most popular technology with a market share of over 90% in the US.

how to start a blog and make money

Let’s look at the top 3 options and thus the key difference between them will become apparent.

Self-hosted blogging solutions (like

You don’t have much of a choice when it comes to self-hosted blogging systems (also called a content management system or CMS). As you will see from the chart, the most popular is the free and open source

Self-hosted platforms allow you to line up your blog and run it using your own domain and web hosting. you are fully responsible for your blog and its content. It will cost only a  couple of dollars a month for online space (hosting account) and about ten dollars a year for an Internet site. especially blogging software is free.

If you want to be in full control of a blog and earn money, or plan to post ads, sell products and services through your blog, this is often the easiest thanks to rolling in the hay.

Hosted blogging solutions (for example, Blogger and Tumblr)

For many new bloggers, it is tempting to start a blog using free hosted platforms like or and start earn money.

However, it is important to understand that “free” always comes with limitations.

  • Firstly, Your blog name will be set as a subdomain first (examples: or
  • Second, you will be subject to its rules and restrictions.

There are free options available to consult a blogging platform. But if you’re serious about blogging, sooner or later you’ll have to start paying for full services and a custom name.

How much it cost to Begin your own blog?

Below are the costs for a basic 1-year hosting plan with a custom name to place on the CMS. For hosting services, ready to “> I will be able to show the pricing plans of the Bluehost company. If you choose to use another service, the costs will vary, but should not be $ 100 per annum. + Bluehost
Blog hosting service$4.95 per month (billed for 1 year)
$2.75 per month (billed for 3 years)
Domain registrationFirst-year free (after $17.99 per year)
Custom emailFree Web-Based E-mails/ Forwarding
SSL CertificateFree SSL certificates
Storage space50 GB
Total price$59.40 (for a 1-year plan)
$99.00 (for a 3-year plan)
*Storage Space will show you how much space you will use for your blog and media files. the amount of knowledge your blog can deliver to visitors is bandwidth. When your blog starts to grow and get more traffic, these two parameters are important.

To create your blog with, you would like to choose between two important things: the name of the website and an internet hosting company. If you are a replacement blogger, you should try using Bluehost, an organization that powers 2 million websites around the world.

I was able to negotiate a special treatment only for our visitors that includes:
Free domain.
Discount price of $ 2.75 / month.
30-day money-back guarantee period.
Set up a blog with a one-click install.

Claim your 65% discount + free domain

Step #3: Choose a singular name

Your name will be the name by which you will be known online, no matter what niche you decide on. is the unique address of your online blog. it will be yours as long as you pay the annual fee ($ 10 to $ 15 per year for a .com).

Users who know your domain (URL – Uniform Resource Locator) can simply type it into the address bar of their browser. Others will be able to determine through search engines like Google and Bing, so you should search for a singular blog name.

Your name could also be the popular “dot com”, or it may be unique to the country or niche. The general rule of thumb is that a “dot com” domain is required, but often there are also several opposing extensions used. For instance, “dot net” or “dot blog”, etc.

If you cannot find the name of a website that you would like, Bluehost will let you choose one later. which can offer you time to get started, do some research and think before starting your blog.

Recommended Quick Domain Search Tool:

In the end, it’s all about being memorable, so if a special extension or country code helps you be memorable, break the rules!

Step # 4: Get a Web-Hosting Account

After choosing a website name, selecting a reliable hosting service will be one of the most important decisions you make.

To a large extent, the functionality and performance of your site will depend on the hosting of your blog. The host makes sure your blog is available 24/7 to potential readers and is where your content and files are stored online.

Most hosting companies will also provide you with a free domain for the first year once you purchase their services.

The wrong web hosting can cause a lot of problems along with your blog. Imagine choosing a mobile phone company that has no reception. Your web host is often a crucial piece of the puzzle in creating a well-functioning blog. Therefore, you would like to decide on a reliable supplier.

Based on our research, and thus the knowledge available on the official WordPress website, Bluehost could also be one of the simplest options in the opinion of many blogging experts.

# 1 choice of experts

how to start a blog and make money bluehost

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5/5

Starting at $8.99 $2.75/month

  • Free domain name
  • 63% off regular price
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Step #5: Starting a blog using WordPress

To help you sign up for your web hosting account and install the WordPress application, this section provides detailed details. I’m going to show you ways to blog with Bluehost as an example. I also included screenshots of the pages you have to travel through.

1. Visit Bluehost Home Page

Go to the website. Then, click on the “Start Now” green button.

how to start a blog and make money bluehost

2. Select your hosting plans

You can start by choosing a hosting package. You should choose the simple plan if this is usually your first blog. Later, once your blog starts to grow, it will easily upgrade to a Plus or Option Plus package. Explore what each technique offers, p. For example, domain privacy and some extras accompany the Choice Plus package. Choose the suggested plan, if your budget allows it.

how to start a blog and make money bluehost bluehost hosting plans

3. Choose your Specific domain name

Your name will be the address of your blog, so you should take some time to come back with something unique and memorable. Just type your required name during this “new domain” box and Bluehost will show you if it is available or not. Otherwise, it will provide you with a list of comparable names to choose from.

Don’t worry if you can’t find an honest name directly, you’ll skip this step and choose an internet site name once you start a blog (then earn money).

how to start a blog and make money bluehost bluehost choose domain name

If you have already purchased a website name elsewhere, you will use that name. Just write it down in the “Use a website you own” box.

4. Register with Bluehost

After selecting your name, Bluehost will take you to the registration page where you will fill in your personal information manually; otherwise, it will be registered together with your Google account to make the tactic even easier.

Add your account information

Start by filling in your personal information.

how to start a blog and make money bluehost bluehost account info

Select your hosting package

At this point, it is time to establish an account plan of the available options. Bluehost offers 1, 2 and 3 year packages.

With a 12 month package, you will have to pay a smaller amount up front, but with the opposite 2 packages, you will get a much better deal if you are ready for a longer term commitment.

how to start a blog and make money bluehost bluehost hosting plans

Package extras

Check carefully the extras in your package. Not all extras are important, and by unchecking the boxes for extras you don’t need, the total amount owed will decrease.

You can always add extras later if you find that you simply need them. I suggest you just keep the Domain Privacy Protection box checked. This service will hide your personal contact information from the global database, which is publicly visible to anyone online.

how to start a blog and make money bluehost bluehost package extras

Payment information

Now, enter your payment information. Check the box that you just read and abide by the TOS (Terms of Service) and click the green “Submit” button.

how to start a blog and make money bluehost bluehost payment info

Bluehost will send you a confirmation email when the payment is made. You will also receive an email to verify your email address to activate your name.

Next, the Bluehost account will be discovered. One move closer to starting a blog is you!

5.Create your account

Let’s create your account with Bluehost.

how to start a blog and make money bluehost bluehost create your account
  • Step 1. Click on the “Create your account” Option.
  • Step 2. Enter your password and complete the discovered account.
  • Step 3. Your account is ready to travel. Click the “Go to Login” button.
  • Step 4.Fill in the “Email or domain name” and “Password” fields with the details.

You’re ready. You’re going to start working on building your blog then.

6. Create your WordPress blog with Bluehost

After logging into the account, Bluehost will offer a 4-step process to help you create a blog. I suggest you follow that procedure if this is your first time to start a blog to earn money.

You can also click the “Skip this step” button and work blogging from scratch on your own within your Bluehost hosting account.

The four-step blog discovered the support process:

Step 1.

You will begin the tactic by answering 3 questions: What site? What type is it? And for who it is? I have personally selected: 1-Blog, 2- Personal, 3-Myself. you will select equivalent options or choose what suits your individual case.

how to start a blog and make money bluehost bluehost create a website step1

Step 2.

With this step, you will select what else you would like to incorporate on your site. Bluehost offers you a few options to make up your mind.

how to start a blog and make money bluehost bluehost create a website step2

Step 3.

During this step, you will want to answer a few questions such as the name of your blog, the tagline, and how you are comfortable creating websites. Note that you will just always change this later.

how to start a blog and make money bluehost bluehost create a website step3

Step 4.

Inspect the themes chosen by Bluehost and see if you would like any of them (if you don’t see a theme you would like, skip this step). will always change it and use a special one later. More information on this later.

how to start a blog and make money bluehost

Once you finish fixing your blog with these 4 steps, you will be directed to your Bluehost account page. Right now, the WordPress software is installed and your blog structure is close to completion!

7. Launch your blog

Within your Bluehost account, you will see options to further customize your WordPress blog site to support Bluehost’s recommendations. These options are here so you can get started and personalize your blog before launch.

how to start a blog and make money bluehost

After clicking the “Start my site” button, your blog will be activated.

If you open your website during a browser, don’t get frustrated if it doesn’t look right. it is simply the most draft. Inside the WordPress dashboard, you will have to apply some changes and add content to make it look polished and complete. I’ll be ready to show you the paths later!

By clicking on the blue ‘WordPress’ button in the upper right corner of your browser, you can access the WordPress blog dashboard from your Bluehost account.

Have you already started a blog and earn money? Click to urge It started here

Below, I’ll show you ways to find the right theme for you, as promised, and how to customize your blog.

Step #6: Select a theme and start designing your own blog

The first thing your blog needs is usually a face (design and layout).

Installing a replacement WordPress theme is exciting and pretty straightforward.

Inside the WordPress dashboard, under the “Appearance” tab, click on “Themes”. you will have some popular options to decide. You will click the Themes button and search for free themes. There are around three thousand themes available on

how to start a blog and make money bluehost

The appearance of your new blog is based on the theme that you simply select. Beginning readers will note your overall appearance even before taking a look at the content. Choose a style that looks fantastic, but works with your unique needs for content as well.

Here’s a quick guide to selecting your theme by searching within the WordPress dashboard:

Read the outline

most topics accompany a short description of the features and functions. Reading it can help you determine if the topic suits your needs.

Theme Preview

Preview the theme (demo) to ask you to believe in the overall look, layout, and how they are often customized.

Check Ratings

Star ratings will be visible in the theme preview and details to give you a transparent idea of ​​how good the theme is.

If you can’t find a topic that you just like, don’t worry. Pick one that you simply like and you will always change it in the future.

Once you’ve included a topic, don’t be surprised if it still doesn’t look quite right. it is just the skeleton of a blog. To make it attractive, you will have to complete it with content (text, photos, videos, etc.).

Which one would you choose, free or premium theme?

In my opinion, there are enough free WordPress themes to choose from on any blog theme.

If you don’t want to rummage through thousands of topics, you’ll easily start with  Twenty Twenty or Twenty Twelve topics. Both free themes are delivered to you by and they are trendy creators.

Remember, you will always choose a special topic later, as you still discovered your blog. All content pages and unique content that you simply create will automatically transfer to a replacement theme layout.

If the current stash of free themes doesn’t satisfy your particular desire, you’ll inspect the premium themes available. These themes are generally designed by third-party companies and sold on different WordPress theme sites. The value range for single-use licenses varies from $ 30 to $ 500, depending on the premium theme you choose.

Blog theme customization

Remember, your WordPress dashboard is the back location where you will manage your new blog. It gives you quick access to some or all of the tools you want to include in your content and adjusts the functionality of your blog for an end-user experience. Your initiative to master WordPress is to discover the board.

WordPress has unlimited customization options, so it’s impossible to cover everything during this “How to start a blog and earn money” guide. Instead, I’ll cover the most important changes you would like to make to your blog. For this case, I will be able to use the Twenty Twenty theme.

Create your blog logo

Within your Bluehost account, you will find the “Create Your Logo” tool. If you weren’t already rolling in the hay when launching your blog, now is the time to urge you to give it a try.

Once you click the checkbox, you will be directed to an AI-powered logo maker. It is an easy to use tool that you can use to create an amazing logo for your blog in seconds. Start by entering a reputation and tagline (if you have one), the tool will automatically generate different types of logos.

how to start a blog and make money bluehost

Select a logo you want, click on it and further customize it according to your taste.

how to start a blog and make money bluehost

When you’re done with your logo design, click the Download button and a replacement page will appear along with your logo files that will be saved to your computer.

Customize your blog

Now, let me show you where you will do the general customizations for your blog. That includes: uploading the branding you just created (or will create in the future), editing the blog title and tagline, changing the colors, uploading the background image, and making changes to the homepage settings. “How to start a blog and earn money

As I said, within the Twenty Twenty theme, I will be able to show you ways to use these modifications. If you choose a particular subject, the tactics can also be slightly different. Both themes, however, have similar customization options in most cases.

To start optimizing your blog, access the WordPress administration panel. Find the appearance tab on the left side and choose the Custom option.

how to start a blog and make money bluehost wordpress customize theme

Each WordPress theme will be customized slightly differently. In my case, I will be able to show you the customization options for the Twenty Twenty theme.

You’ll see the following customization menu choices on the left side:

Site Identity

Upload your logo, change the location title and tagline, and upload the location icon.


change the background color, header and footer of your blog and customize the first color.

Theme Options:

Select whether you want to mark a question icon within your blog header and display the biography of the author of your posts.

Cover Template

Make additional changes to the page template, such as the background color of the overlay, the text color of the overlay, and thus the opacity of the overlay.

Background Picture

Upload any custom background image that you want on your blog to start using.


Customize your blog menu, social media menu links, and modify the locations where they are displayed.


customize the content of your footer, add an outline and the way to find it if it is a physical location.

Home page settings:

Choose what is displayed on the home page of a blog. These are usually the most recent blog posts or a static page.

Additional CSS

Add your own CSS code to customize your site layout and design (advanced option).

You can also check how your blog looks on different devices using the menu at the bottom with three icons: desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

how to start a blog and make money bluehost wordpress customize twenty twenty theme

Many themes (for example, the Twenty Twenty theme) accompany the new Gutenberg editor that revolutionizes the way users create pages and write posts within WordPress.

Gutenberg is often a visible editor working on the block principle. So once you propose to include a replacement paragraph, heading, image, video, or anything, there are blocks that will quickly increase new pages or blog posts. “How to start a blog and earn money

This way, creating blog content is much easier for beginners, whether you are creating a landing page or writing a replacement article. The blocks are often rearranged into whatever layout you want and are here to make your life easier.

Add plugins to your blog

Plugins are bundled pieces of code that affect the design and feel of your site. They will add new features to your WordPress blog, expand the capabilities of your theme, and customize a blog in whole or in part.

While most plugins are free, there are many that are offered for a fee and support their unique functionality. Right now, has quite a few of 57,000 different plugins within the repository.

By default, once it discovers your blog, Bluehost will automatically add some plugins that they think are important to any website. You will review these plugins within the WordPress dashboard and add new ones by clicking on the Plugins tab on the left side.

how to start a blog and make money bluehost wordpress add plugins section

Here you will install new plugins, disable, remove and update them.

Below, I will be able to show you some suggested plugins that you simply should use.

List of recommended plugins for bloggers

To save you time, I have even selected some important (free) plugins for your immediate blogging platform needs:

  • MonsterInsights: Google Analytics plugin for WordPress, to observe and analyze your website traffic.
  • Yoast SEO – A comprehensive SEO plugin for your blog, to optimize your content for search engines.
  • WP Super Cache  – Helps along with your WordPress blog loading time and delivers content to your readers faster.
  • Akismet Defends your comments and contact form from spam and prevents malicious material from being added on your site.
  • Contact Form 7– Contact form with email choices that are versatile. It supports spam filtering from CAPTCHA and Akismet.
  • Disqus– An alternative to the essential WordPress commenting system with advanced commenting and management capabilities.
  • YARPP – Create an inventory of related blog posts on top of each content automatically to encourage people to keep browsing your site.

Congratulations, you’ve just learned how to customize and make template improvements to your site!

The next step is to find a way to write content for your blog.

Step #7: Write and publish blog content

So far, you’ve established an internet site name, you’ve chosen your blog hosting site, found a blog topic, and you’re done. Your frame is complete. “How to start a blog and earn money

Now comes the instant of truth and you’ll really start blogging and earn money. you’d wish to determine the way to write your first blog post. On the online , any useful information that you simply simply share with readers is named “content.” It should be something useful that folks want to interact with and be available for more.

WordPress CMS is structured during a way where you’ll simply publish your content as posts or pages.

Before you begin publishing posts (day-to-day writing) on your blog, please confirm that you simply simply completely fill the important static pages with content (like About Us, Contact, etc.). Let’s explore each of these sorts of content.

Prepare and publish content on main pages

Depending on your individual needs, you’ll decide which pages to publish. the subsequent pages are used most often by bloggers:

  • Homepage – Depends on the sort of layout you select . As I described above, when customizing your blog, you’ll like more to display the house page as a static page. therein case, you’ll need to prepare the content for it.
  • About Us: the foremost important traditional page on any blog is that the “About Us” page. This page tells new visitors what it’s all about, who you’re , and why you’re blogging about your niche topic.
  • Contact: This page allows visitors to your blog to speak to you. this is often often an easy page next to your email address plus your social media links; Otherwise, you’ll use an easy contact form that visitors can use to speak to you.
  • Products, Services, Resources – Static landing pages with any additional information that you simply simply want to incorporate on your blog.

The guidelines for posting a replacement WordPress page:

A blog page provides content or static information to readers. Quality pages bloggers use include: About, Contacts, Products or Services. A page also can be foundational (or perennial) content with information that’s still relevant to your readers. for instance , this guide that you simply are simply reading directly.

  • To create a blog page in WordPress, log into the admin area of your dashboard along side your login details (username and password).
  • Hover over the “Pages” menu item within the navigation menu located on the left side of the control panel . Click “Add New“.
how to start a blog and make money bluehost Click on Pages menu item

Write your first blog post

Creating blog posts in WordPress is nearly like creating pages. However, for a blog post, WordPress allows you to settle on categories and tags, whereas pages don’t . “How to start a blog and earn money

Wondering how you’ll write quality blog posts? It’s simple.

This could even be an easy 3-step approach to making great content of any kind:

  • Point: Establish most of the concept of your blog topic that you simply are simply covering.
  • Demonstrate: Give an example of the thought you’re covering.
  • Do: Give a simple many thanks for executing the thought.

The guidelines for publishing a replacement WordPress post:

On your first blog post, you’ll take a flash and introduce yourself. Tell your readers who you’re , what motivated you to blog, and what you’ll write. The title might be “Welcome to my blog.” for starters..

  • Inside the WordPress dashboard on the left side, you will see the Posts menu item.
  • Hover your mouse cursor (or click) over the Publish item. Then select “Add New”.
how to start a blog and make money bluehost
Add new post in WordPress

Below, I will be able to mention how to optimize your content for search engines.

Step #8: Optimize your blog content for Search Engine Optimization SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process that website owners use to generate more traffic to their sites from search engines (such as Google).

53 percent of all website traffic comes from organic search, according to recent reports (.pdf). This number demonstrates how important it is to make sure your WordPress blog is optimized for search engines. “How to start a blog and earn money

There are several different strategies and techniques used in SEO. As an author, you will have to familiarize yourself with them. We are not going to talk about a complicated phase here. At a minimum, for any blog post or page that you post to your blog, you will need to do the following: perform keyword optimization and apply SEO meta tags to any or all sites. “How to start a blog and earn money

Keyword optimization

This is the tactic of researching and selecting the right set of keywords that you simply think people will type during a query to find content like yours online.

Ideally, keyword optimization should be completed on any blog post or page. It’s important to set as many keywords (and related words) that you simply want to specialize on for each page, and make sure to include these (and related words) in your content. This way, it will be easier for search engines to understand what a specific website is about once they crawl it and you have a much better chance of ranking higher in search results.

Search Engine Optimization Meta Tags

When you publish a replacement website or blog post, you’ll want to incorporate program optimization meta tags for each content.

These are the program  Search Engine Optimization ID Tags and Search Engine Optimization Description. These tags are not visible on the particular website, however Google will use metadata to recognize what is set on the website.

how to start a blog and make money bluehost SEO meta tags
Example of Title and Description meta tags in Google search results.

If you want to start rating your content material in serps, that’s an important step to finish. Program optimization tags should be organized and presented when creating a replacement website or internal WordPress submission. will upload program optimization meta tags via free plugins, along with  Yoast’s search engine optimization.

The identification tag period should be between 50 and 60 characters (which is what Google normally displays), and therefore the meta description tag is usually between 50 and 160 characters.

Start promoting your blog and its content

By now, you have figured out how to create weblog content material and how to solve it with the help of using serps.

It is important to recognize that you can simply write the most compelling answer in the international arena and design a weblog interface that will promote citizenship in your personal shoes. However, if no one sees it, all your paintings are in vain. So you would like to find a way to sell your blog. “How to start a blog and earn money

Marketing and advertising appear whenever you interact with your current and target readers. Your weblog’s advertising compliance will depend on your ability to interact in your preferred area of ​​interest.

Let’s take a better look at the form of sports advertising and advertising that you can simply see to become a web expert and successful blogger, once you start a blog (to earn money).

Let your friends notice your weblog

Get started with the help of informing anyone you know about your new project. you would like to embed your website’s online callout and email signature URL, put it on all your social media profiles, and take advantage of all the possibilities to spread the word about your new company.

Submit your weblog to search engine

Having an online site on the serps list can be a vital and beneficial endeavor. There are a number of items that you can simply do here. will post your  weblog’s sitemap to Google or  ask Google to slowly move the pages to your weblog.

Submit your blog to bookmark websites

Bookmarking Internet sites can serve your content to a variety of potential visitors trying to find content within your area of ​​interest. you have to try every time you post a replacement weblog to develop the phrase. Some famous social bookmarking websites are Scoop.itReddit, etc.

Cheer up along with your area of ​​interest

Stay upbeat on the appropriate blogs, forums, and social pages. Blogger groups are a great way to connect with different bloggers within your area of ​​interest. you will interact, build friendships and help everyone spread content. Commenting on different applicable blogs is a big thank you for building relationships with the top bloggers within your area of ​​interest.

Be lively on social media

Your business enterprise is exclusive and you must also employ social media whose quality suits your personal area of ​​interest and elegance. Choose the one (s) that best suit your needs and learn how to use them to help you achieve your goals. Some of the most famous social networks that bloggers use on a daily basis are Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

Guest with a blog

Connect during a similar step and provide the power to annotate visitor blog posts for all other sites on the web. Just confirm that your paintings are on official websites whose content instantly relates to your area of ​​interest. Guest posting can be a great thank you for building an online presence.

Start building your email list

After starting a weblog, you will start to attract new readers and site visitors. It’s a really good concept to collect the email addresses of the people who received notifications for the most recent blog posts you publish or have. As humans realize and accept it as true with you, they will respond better in your advocacy efforts.

Online advertising (paid visitors)

Proper and well-informed use of payment methods will allow you to take advantage of hype and interest before your organic (clearly derived) visitors take hold. Visitor payment methods contain Google AdWords and Facebook.

Remember that you can constantly discover different methods to sell your new weblog.

Rely on the basics of blogging: a clean and well-functioning weblog, specific and beneficial information, an engaging conversation, and a sensible recommendation. Your authority will come from helping and giving recommendations to different citizens, your audience and readers.

The best approaches to Generat money from your blog

Monetization is the process of translating your blog activity into profit.

You must bear in mind that blogging is not almost making money. it’s about creating useful content and writing blog posts that will engage readers and keep them coming for more.

After producing great content for a while and by engaging alongside your niche, you will become a recognized expert ready to build a large list of your blog followers and visitors.

In the meantime, when starting a blog, consider adding content that will generate income in the future.

Blog monetization channels

Our case, a look at running a blogging business, indicates that 59.8% of bloggers earn money from starting a blog.

But how do you use a blog to earn money from starting a blog? To settle, there are several alternatives.

Run ads on your weblog

There are perfect opportunities for you to post ads on your weblog. Regardless of your area of ​​interest, you will choose ads that are accurate to what you are writing or ads that truly meet the needs of your advertiser.

Some of the most common options for blog ads are Google Adsense, Mediavine, and Adthrive.

Enroll in partner applications (affiliate programs)

Affiliate applications are approaches to partnering with outlets to sell your merchandise and earn sports income effectively through commissions.

Some belongings you won’t want to forget when you sign up for partner apps:

  • The amount of associated revenue will largely depend on the number of site visitors you have.
  • You want to be credible enough for your site visitors to click on your links.
  • You should also remember to place a notice on your Terms of Use website that uses associated links.

There are some famous online structures that provide partner apps in case you want to get you started, along with  Amazon AssociatesShareASale, and ClickBank.

Sell ​​your merchandise and services

If you are an innovator and entrepreneur, you cannot forget to use your weblog as an area to market your personal products and services. This is often a specific alternative as your weblog grows in readership, authority, and recognition.

There are WordPress plugins, along with the  WooCommerce plugin, that you can simply effortlessly combine into a weblog and start using to market products online.

Write and promote an e-book

Another incredible possibility to earn extra money is to collect current content material from your personal blog and provide it as a downloadable e-book. promote e-books independently on your weblog; otherwise, you can buy them elsewhere.
You often get great publishing possibilities with the help of Amazon and its KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) program.

Sponsored posts

Advertisers are constantly trying to find advertising and are willing to pay you to place a subsidized submission on your weblog.

These posts often sell advertiser products or services and are a great thank you to earn money from your blog. At the destination, if you are ready to create a famous blog and be an expert in your area of ​​interest, advertisers should prepare you to publish their posts.

As you will see, there are several approaches to monetize your weblog.

Consider the opportunities, after which you select the approach or strategies that suit your needs and your audience.

At the very least, you should start from scratch by building an email list of your readers through subscriptions. Then, as long as you can propose products, you will have access to the people who heard what you would like to mention.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

A few more things before you start along with your journey. Here are some useful facts and common questions many people ask before they start blogging and earn money.

Why start a blog?

Answering this question will help you determine clear goals for your blog.

Would you like to talk about something, some kind of post, or an idea? Do you want a group to be built around your love for a cause? Want along with your brand, to keep your followers and fans updated on the latest news? Do you want to find out how your product or service operates and why people should buy it?

A blog can help inform, educate, promote, and even sell, but as long as you are clear about your intent to blog from the start.

So, take some time to build your central message and, thus, your blog’s purpose. Here are some examples of why some individuals blog and enjoy blogging:

  • Use it as a creative expression outlet.
  • Be self-employed or earn extra money.
  • To establish expertise and build an audience.
  • Network with others and build an organization
  • Improve writing and thinking skills.

Is blogging worth it in 2021?

Simply put, yes, blogging is still important in 2021 and beyond.

Technologies change. Business processes evolve. But I think blogging today is still as valuable as it was 10 years ago. Blogs are a big thank you for bringing your ideas, products, brand, business, and content down to earth.

I’m not saying blogging is easy. To be successful as a blogger, you have to think hard and give your blog the eye it deserves, especially in the beginning. you will have to create quality content, interact within the comment section, promote your blog on social media sites and then repeat.

Will you be able to motivate yourself and try to do it right, day after day?

Blogs are an excellent tool for community building, but if you are not willing to be the central voice, that is, the focal person for them, you will have trouble maintaining them. Blogging is often a public act that will put you in the spotlight. The more successful you are, the more attention your words will get.

How do you start a blog without money?

Its most frequent questions people ask.

Let me tell you some ins and outs of free blogging. Various platforms allow you to create your blog for free.

You can register for a free account (free blog) on ​​WordPress, Blogger, or Wix, but there are a few things you need to know before you start:

  • You can use the service on a subdomain of the network if you sign up for a free account. “The name of your blog appears as if it were: “” or “”. These types of blogs are also a sign of an inexperienced novice within the blogging community who probably won’t be taken seriously.
  • Your free blog will be subject to the principles and restrictions established by the platform. Free platforms can limit or prohibit you from using ads, or will even place their own ads on your blog. If you’re serious about blogging, you’ll want to walk away from this feature sooner rather than later.

So what is the simplest thanks to creating a blog?

To take any blog to the next level, you have to start paying for it. That way, you get full control of your blog, access to more features, and a custom domain.

To get an honest start, I suggest that you simply discover a self-hosted blog and install the WordPress software (free open source) on any web hosting account. I’ll be ready to show you ways to get started later in this guide, so keep reading!

Create an account on one of the free platforms mentioned above if free blog hosting is currently the only choice for you.

What if I already have a free blog?

For starters, don’t worry. If you select to upgrade to self-hosted WordPress, you will move your free blog to its new host quickly and easily.

Most blogging sites allow you to export content to a special site. And WordPress has many tools that will automatically import the content to the new blog. If you are running a Blogger site (Blogspot), let me show you ways how to drive WordPress, step by step.

What should I blog about?

People often think that they should start blogging (earn money)on popular topics to earn money from blog. And while the truth is that you could simply appeal to a larger audience by typing on smartphones rather than blogging about something specific like tuna fishing, that’s wrong because of go. During this case, it could show that you are simply writing about something that you will not fully understand or love. The result would be a failed blog that you simply wouldn’t even enjoy.

Instead, new bloggers should start a blog and write about something they love or follow which would help them earn money. Even if it’s a smaller audience, your passion and knowledge will attract the right people. If you choose to blog about something that you are simply hooked on, you will be able to connect with your audience, which can help you grow and even earn money from your blog.

How do I find an honest niche for my blog?

So now that you’ve chosen a special interest segment, everything seems to be going well. Now what? How do you start to earn money with your blog?

Do a market search

The first thing to try is to know the competition.

This is what you will do:

  • Do a simple Google search for the highest niche keyword and appearance that ranks in the top ten results.
  • Take a look on social media or maybe print out magazines to urge you to understand your competition and see if you have the audience you want.
  • Use free SEO tools to request information on the number of searches and recognize what you will be handling.

If your search volumes are very high with many competitive websites, you will want to narrow down your niche. Explore all the possible keyword ideas that will be of interest to your audience to find that sweet spot between high demand and low competition.

See how profitable your niche is

If you are making money blogging, you would like to know if the niche you have chosen is profitable. Again, you will easily check this with a Google search. Once you type in your keywords, do you see any ads appear as a result of the top result?

When brands or companies pay to advertise their products or services related to their niche, you acknowledge that you have chosen an honest topic and can monetize your blog with ads.

Another method to monetize a blog could be the sale of affiliate products. Amazon, for example, has a good affiliate program that allows bloggers to say up to 10% commission once they send them a buyer customer. For example: if you are blogging within the yoga niche, you will link to Amazon affiliate products like yoga pants, mats, etc.

How are bloggers paid on their blogs?

There are two main categories that we will mention when it comes to getting paid as a blogger. One is promoting third-party products, the other requires you to sell your own products or services.

You can get paid while promoting different products and services on your blog through affiliate programs or ad networks.

  • Affiliate Programs – You will be paid a quick fixed amount or a percentage of the purchase that comes from your site (CPA model) or some programs offer a distribution model where you will consistently get a percentage of your recommended customer amount. spend.
  • Ad networks: With ads that are purchased via pay per click (PPC) or pay per impression (PPI), it is also sometimes referred to as pay per mile (PPM). The number of visits (impressions) on the page where your ads are displayed is purchased.

By selling your own goods or services on your blog, you can raise money and get paid. It’s an easy operation, but on your part, it does require some involvement. As an author, here are some suggestions for collecting extra income:

  • Sale of courses, training and education
  • Post sponsored listings and posts
  • Sale of products or consulting services

These are just some of the popular ways to earn money while blogging. Learn more about it in our beginner’s guide.

How much money can I make from blogging?

Can you earn money and how much will you earn depends on many factors?

Are you just starting out or have you ever been blogging for a short time and have a group of people who trust you? Is it your main focus or do you manage your blog in your spare time?

According to Glassdoor, bloggers in the US earn an average of $ 30,000 a year. Obviously some make a lot less, while there are influencers who have tons of people following them and can make quite a little of $ 100,000 per year. Some even say that blogging for money generates a million dollars a year.

Do you want to know how blogging makes a living?

Once you start your blog, you will have to put in some effort to get that first paycheck.

Also, passive income takes time to start growing. The various ads and banners will be added only after you have a well established blog. While it is possible to get a few dollars per click on a Google ad, you will have to develop your site and build an audience before that becomes a reality. So when starting out, you will expect only a fraction of a dollar for each click, but don’t let that put you off. Everything has a beginning, a bit like income from a blog.

Where can I learn WordPress from?

I always want to know that someone is curious to know WordPress or in general how to write a blog for free. That is because I enjoy sharing the knowledge and knowledge that I have even been collecting for several years during this business.

I have dedicated an entire section of our site to discovering WordPress, where you will be ready to improve your WordPress skills and understand the unique practices.

The section will guide you from getting started on your WordPress site to advanced techniques that will teach you ways to develop a unique site that both you and your visitors will love.

What to do if your name is not available?

Sadly, billions of incredible domain names have already been taken, especially if you’re targeting the more popular .com domain. But do not worry. If you can’t get the domain you want while signing up for a hosting account, Bluehost will help you and let you choose one later.

In this guide, I describe how to discover a blog and later get a free name. Just by clicking the button, you will skip the domain registration process and install WordPress first. Try to consider other options or maybe another extension like .net or another that honestly suits your blog.

how to start a blog and make money bluehost

I have put together a guide to help you find a great name,, so take some time and consider all the factors before registering on a website.

How to protect your WordPress blogs?

To protect your blog, all you want to try is to activate the SSL certificate. It controls the transfer of data on your site and makes it unreadable to nosy people who might sniff knowledge from the surface.
But before you start to worry that only technicians have the skills to test this, let me show you the ways you will get a FREE secure connection in just a couple of steps:

  • Login to your Bluehost account, choose the tab “Hosting Login”.
  • Click on “My Sites” in the menu.
  • Hover over the thumbnail that your site represents.
  • Click on the “Manage Site” option that will appear above the thumbnail.
  • Select the “Security” tab at the top.
  • Activate the “Free SSL Certificate” by clicking the switch to “Enabled”.

After activating the switch, you must wait until at least an hour before the changes appear on your blog.

how to start a blog and make money millercoupons

how to start a blog and earn money millercoupons
To quickly identify if the SSL certificate was installed correctly for your domain, look for the icon next to your blog URL.

If you’re using Chrome, you should see a green touch padlock followed by the word “Secure.” This may indicate that the certificate has been installed successfully and your blog is protected.


Congratulations! You have learned to create a blog. you have your own name, hosting space and your blog is about to end. You can then get acquainted with the WordPress dashboard, make your desired changes, start creating content, and promoting to become a successful blogger. Check out all of our resources to start a blog and find out how to do it successfully and earn money.

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