How to Wash Makeup Brushes (2023)

An essential part of any beauty routine is properly caring for your tools. Which begs the question: how is it best to wash your makeup brushes? As clean as your favorite iterations of spiky concealer or powder diffuser should be. The only way to keep them free of bacteria, dust, and dirt is with a weekly wash, says makeup creative person Troy Surratt, whose line of extremely Desirable square measure brushes supported principles learned in the hand brush mecca of Kumano, Japan.

Cleaning brushes and sponges is necessary not only for hygiene functions and keeping bacteria and germs free but also for performance reasons, explains Henry Martyn Robert Sesnek, a professional makeup creative known for his work with stars like Hailey. Bieber and Cara Delevingne. Once you finance quality makeup brushes, it is equally necessary to understand how to properly clean and maintain the level of your brushes. Building the famous makeup creator Wendi Miyake. Cleaning and maintenance are the most important thing to make sure your brushes are long-lasting and can perform at their full capacity.

Below, six makeup artists tour the United States of America through how to clean makeup brushes like a pro, and therefore the products that make the method that much easier.

A Weekly Washing is a Must

How to Wash Makeup Brushes (2023) A Weekly Washing is a Must
How to Wash Makeup Brushes

How often do you have to wash your makeup brushes? For the best application, and therefore the best color payoff, you need to use clean brushes, says Surratt. If you apply an identical makeup look every day, I recommend that you wash your brushes completely once a week. That said, you’ll need to wash them more often if you change colors often.

Treat Your Brushes Like Your Hair

How to Wash Makeup Brushes (2023) Treat Your Brushes Like Your Hair
How to Wash Makeup Brushes

Washing brushes [will seem] like a chore, therefore producing an associate degree experience that’s enjoyable, Surratt suggests. To achieve this goal, he reaches for Oribe’s Signature Shampoo, which has an addictive associate-grade lemon and orange scent and is light enough for even delicate natural hair.

How to Wash Makeup Brushes (2023) Oribe Signature Shampoo

Oribe Signature Shampoo

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Deep Clean With Liquid Soap

If a brush is completely covered in the foundation or a sponge is soaked in silicones and oils, on the other hand. Surratt says Dawn dish soap “does wonders” for degreasing. Beware of “cleaners that are high in alcohol or contain strong solvents as they will loosen the glue that holds the comb together and eventually affect the life of the comb.

Seek may be a fan of Cinema Secrets Makeup Brush Cleaner. This is usually good for a quick and healthy brush clean, [as it] contains an associate grade antimicrobial response for bacteria-free brushes. Drying time is fast, some sprays and brushes measure clean, dry squares in minutes. It also has the professional endorsement of makeup creator Brigitte Reiss-Andersen.

How to Wash Makeup Brushes (2023) Dawn Ultra Liquid Dish Soap

Dawn Ultra Liquid Dish Soap

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Cinema Secrets Makeup Brush Cleaner

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In addition, Sesnek “went crazy with how thoroughly this Sephora shampoo assortment cleaned his brushes. I like to use very little at a time until the stains from the comb or sponges are gone. It’s very specific so a touch goes a long way. Otherwise, Sesnek likes the Beautyblender Liquid Blendercleanser for sponges because it removes the toughest oil-based makeup stains. Andre Sarmiento, makeup creative, agrees: I prefer to put a handful of drops directly on the sponge and it gets it all out!

How to Wash Makeup Brushes (2023) Beautyblender Liquid Blendercleanser

Beautyblender Liquid Blendercleanser

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How to Wash Makeup Brushes (2023) Sephora Collection Deep-Cleaning Brush & Sponge Shampoo

Sephora Collection Deep-Cleaning Brush & Sponge Shampoo

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Clinique cleanser is another option designed to take care of your tools and your skin. As it is developed for a delicate but deep clean. Users rave, however, it removes build-up with no problem. Otherwise, the $64000 Technique gel option is tried and true for just a handful of bucks, worthy of a spot in your Amazon cart.

How to Wash Makeup Brushes (2023) Clinique Makeup Brush Cleanser

Clinique Makeup Brush Cleanser

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Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Gel

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Deep Clean With Bar Soap

While some consultants believe in additional old-fashioned liquid formulas, others, like famed makeup creator Fiona Stiles, look to soap options; her favorite is Takeda Brush Strictly Soap. What she considers an associate’s degree is “if you recognize, you recognize the product,” she points out, but this makes the combs squeak while also learning the bristles of the brush. Jenny Patinkin’s Luxury Vegan Makeup Brush Soap is another favorite of hers because it’s sulfate-free, fragrance-free, antibacterial, and antimicrobial, so she feels like her brushes are clean and ready to go.

She goes on to say that both are also good for cleaning beauty sponges and finds them quicker than cleaning a sponge with dish soap. If she’s trying to clean a beauty sponge with something like dish soap, she’ll spend a full ten minutes trying to get all the soap out of them. You never have that issue with any of those soaps and so the sponges are squared with no stains once you’re done. I even cut up one of my sponges because I wanted to make sure it was clean and it was just as clean as when I bought it.

Takeda Brush Purely Soap

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How to Wash Makeup Brushes (2023) Jenny Patinkin Luxury Vegan Makeup Brush Soap

Jenny Patinkin Luxury Vegan Makeup Brush Soap

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Lather and Rinse—But No Need to Repeat

Put some cleanser on a small plate. Wet your brush, making sure to only scrub the top of the comb that comes in contact with makeup and skin, then dip it into the soap to dilute the concentration a bit, says Surratt. Next, move the comb back and forth inside the palm of your hand to lather, then rinse it under warm water until all the soap is gone.

If you prefer not to use your hands like Surratt, there are plenty of cleaning tools that will make it easy to remove product buildup from your brushes. Sarmiento says he can’t live without Sigma’s cleaning mat or mitt. They greatly facilitate cleaning the comb and at the same time prevent hands from drying out. Twist the comb on your cleaning mat or mitt to push out the old product and rinse your brush. Then fan the bristles to check for any product left in the center of the comb. If there is, provide another wash with cleaner.

How to Wash Makeup Brushes (2023) Sigma Spa Express Brush Cleaning Mat

Sigma Spa Express Brush Cleaning Mat

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Sigma 2X Sigma Spa® Brush Cleaning Glove

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For my larger powder brushes, I always swirl the water that goes into the StylPro Original Brush Cleaner and the appliance, so all the water goes out, drying faster while also ensuring there is no odor on the brush. harvest, says Miyake. this can be a surefire option for someone short on time or with a lot of brushes to manage.

Stylpro Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner and Dryer

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Proper Drying Is Paramount

Shake off excess water and pat the bristles with a clean towel to get as much moisture out as possible, advises Surratt. Then roll up one end of the towel, placing the handle of the comb in the rolled half so that the tip of the comb is angled slightly downward. You don’t want water seeping into the handle because that can affect bristle bunching in addition to the handle itself, he says. If you want your brushes to dry in the morning, place them on smooth cookware with a Silpat baking mat as an extra layer of protection, and place them next to a gas stove appliance. You don’t have to turn on the kitchen appliance, because the pilot light adds a small amount of heat and helps them dry quickly for a long time.

Look for Signs Your Brushes Are Ready to Be Replaced

If a brush starts losing its bristles too, it’s time to change it, says Surratt. However, rest assured that if you take care of your brushes with a little care, they should last for years. In my opinion, some brushes seem to get thicker and smoother over time.

How to Wash Makeup Brushes (2023) Surratt Beauty Artistique Concealer Brush Petite

Surratt Beauty Artistique Concealer Brush Petite

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How to Wash Makeup Brushes (2023) Surratt Beauty Artistique Face Brush

Surratt Beauty Artistique Face Brush

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