Inspiring Travel Guide Hokkaido And Japan In 2023

Let’s start this Yezo Japan Travel Guide with an easy question: why visit Hokkaido? Simply place, this northernmost prefecture of Japan features Mother Nature at her finest. Yezo is simply beautiful, with amazing scenery all year round and local cuisine fresh off the boat. Any time can be an experience to travel since each season has its attractions and attractions.

Hokkaido in winter features Japan’s long-lasting, pleasant powder snow. Yezo in summer is pleasant for hikers and outdoor lovers. Spring is the season for cherry blossoms and many other flower fields, while stunning Koyo (colorful leaves) beckon in autumn.

Inspiring Travel Guide Hokkaido And Japan In 2023 A Hokkaido Japan Travel Guide
Inspiring Travel Guide Hokkaido And Japan

Hokkaido is also a gastronomic paradise, especially for fans of Japanese cuisine. Foodies say the cold waters around this island encourage the best possible uni (sea urchin), Kani (crab), ika (squid), hotate (scallops), and ikura (salmon roe). Drinkers should enjoy every meal with fresh Japanese beer, as this island is the birthplace of Sapporo beer, Japan’s oldest brew.

There is also a new ramen culture in this prefecture. Here, thick wavy ramen noodles measure soft-bo with a shape of native flavors. There’s rich miso ramen, light salt ramen, bold seasoning ramen, Sapporo ramen, ramen made with shrimp broth, tsukemen (ramen served separately from soup). And plenty to eat until your heart’s content.

Hokkaido Weather

Inspiring Travel Guide Hokkaido And Japan In 2023 Hokkaido in winter is filled with JAPOW
Inspiring Travel Guide Hokkaido And Japan

Hokkaido has cold, snowy winters and moderately hot summers. Unlike alternative prefectures, this island not affected by the mid-year season. Keep in mind that the island’s climate, between north, south, east and west, will vary drastically due to the surrounding mountain ranges and different seas.

An outstanding feature of Yezo’s climate is its snow. the standard of this snow is therefore good as it is a worldwide fan of winter sports enthusiasts and its own nickname (see JAPOW below).

The Best Places To Visit In Hokkaido

Inspiring Travel Guide Hokkaido And Japan In 2023 Hokkaido in summer is great for outdoor activities
Inspiring Travel Guide Hokkaido And Japan

Lake Toya

Lake Toya is located in Shikotsu-Toya Park. {this is|this is often|this will be} {one of|one among|one in all|one among|one in each of} Hokkaido’s favorite tourist spots with spectacular scenery as far as the eye can see and in all directions. Stay at a partner onsen resort and delight in the changing read of the lake. Must-sees include taking a cruise around the lake, landing on Oshima, the only island you can visit, and visiting the Toyako Forest Reservoir.

You should also enjoy the art at Lake Toya Sculpture Park and indulge in Wakasaimo. A popular sweet made from beans that grow around this lake. Between the end of April and the month of the Gregorian calendar, you fancy 20-minute fireworks show every night.

A Hokkaido Japan Travel Guide: Best places to ski


The word of the day is JAPOW. JAPOW refers to ‘Japan Powder’ and Yezo in winter said to have the best JAPOW in the country. The global athletics and snowboarding community seeks to experience Hokkaido JAPOW at least once in their lifetime. JAPOW is represented as dry, deep, silky, and light.

The Niseko range sometimes receives the most prominent JAPOW during the winter. With fresh snow practically a day, this resort town has the largest and most developed ski slopes in Yezo. There are square-measure courses for various skill levels, as well as bizarre backcountry athletics trails. Please note that Niseko United refers to four connected ski resorts: Grand Hirafu, Niseko Village, Annupuri, and Hanazono. Each resort has its own character and offers activities throughout the year

A Hokkaido Japan Travel Guide: Club Med


Tomamu receives a Japow similar to Niseko’s, but the crowd is smaller. It’s a preferred destination for multi-person families staying at Club Master Tomamu. A partnered expansive ski-in resort (meaning you’ll arrive on skis). There are square-measure beginner tracks before the building with “slow zones” where kids can go at their own pace. In addition to ski lessons, kids and adults alike will love snowshoeing, ice fishing, skating, and snow sledding, plus daytime and nighttime fun. There is also a closed beach and wave pool in Tomamu, so during a close-up, summer never ends in this town.

Club master’s degree conjointly has resorts in Sahoro and Kiroro Peak in Hokkaido.

A Hokkaido Japan Travel Guide: Where to see brown bears.


One of Japan’s most unspoiled national parks is Shiretoko, a United Nations agency World Natural Heritage site. Shiretoko tops the list of tourism sites in Japan that prioritise protecting the environment living things. Shiretoko has been called “the terrible border of the earth” by a number of visitors.

This is wherever you’ll spot brown bears, killer whales, and therefore the Blakiston’s fish bird of night (the world’s largest bird of night species). Utoro, a tiny low port city. Could be a sensible base to remain as you explore this for the most part unspoiled piece of ground. Note that components of this park are solely accessible by boat or on foot.

Inspiring Travel Guide Hokkaido And Japan In 2023 A Hokkaido Japan Travel Guide: Sapporo
Inspiring Travel Guide Hokkaido And Japan


The fifth-largest city in Japan the capital of Hokkaido is Sapporo. Since 1877, Sapporo brew, the oldest and most well-known beverage in the nation, has been brewed here. Head to the Sapporo brew depository to be told about the history of brew and therefore the beer-making method. The paid target-hunting tour includes tasting recent brews. you’ll be able to conjointly visit the Ishiya Chocolate plant to be told about how chocolates is created in Hokkaido and the style of the island’s specialty. Shiroi koibito (white chocolate).

The annual Sapporo Snow competition options fantastic, mind-blowing ice sculptures and snow statues. Throughout this week-long event, Sapporo town tends to double in population as millions visit the competition. Odori Koen is the main website of the Sapporo Snow competition and this can be wherever you’ll be able to watch performances, music concerts, plays and participate in contests.

Hakodate's star-shaped fort


This referred to as the town of connoisseur food with beautiful views. Hakodate could be a haven for foodies and fashionable dishes embrace a food rice bowl. That often devoured in the morning, grilled lamb, a belt dish that provides unique recent sashimi-grade fish, Sapporo soup curry and shio ramen. food lovers should attend the Hakodate morning market and check out differing types of food. Crabs steamed on the spot are powerfully counseled.

After ingestion, you’ll be able to head over to Mt Hakodate’s observation deck. you’ll be able to walk, take a gondola, bus or taxi to the highest of this mountain. The reward is an Associate in Nursing memorable read of Hakodate. Hakodate town, lit by scattered lights alleged to seem like sort of a box of jewels in the dead of night. This is considered one of every of Japan’s 3 best town views in the dead of night (the different 2 views are from Mt. Rokko in Kobe and Mt. Inasa in the city City).

A Floral Paradise

Inspiring Travel Guide Hokkaido And Japan In 2023 A Hokkaido Japan Travel Guide: Lavender Fields
Inspiring Travel Guide Hokkaido And Japan

Hokkaido turns into an ornate paradise in summer. Flower fields take center stage and you’ll be able to visit fields of helianthus, lavender, pink bryophytes, and after all. The famous sakura (cherry blossoms). The last space in Japan for cherry blossoms to bloom. Sakura season starts around the finish of April in Hakodate, in Sapporo in early could, and reaches Nemuro in late could.

Here are many renowned flower fields in Hokkaido that flower enthusiasts should positively visit:

  • Matsumae Park

Matsumae Park, which incorporates a castle, has 250 forms of cherry blossoms as well including the single-flowering Yoshino cherry and therefore the double-flowering Naden cherry. There are early-blooming, middle-blooming, and late-blooming cherry blossom trees. this suggests these stunning pink flowers are for as long as a month.

  • Higashi Mokoto Shibazakura Park

This park found at the foot of Mt Mokoto in Ozora, in Japanese Hokkaido. From the time period to early Gregorian calendar month. This park turns vivid pink as shibazakura (pink moss) that covers the complete vicinity. there’s an Associate in Nursing observatory on high of a hill wherever you’ll be able to get a wide ikon of the park.

Flowers in Hokkaido
  • Farm Tomita

Farm Tomita has many fields of various flowers however its lavender field is the largest in Japan. come in a Gregorian calendar month if you would like to go to its renowned lavender field and you may be by a hill lined in purple.

  • Kamiyubetsu Tulip Park

There are over two hundred different types of tulips at the Kamiyubetsu liliaceous plant Park in western Hokkaido. Expect a shiny rainbow liliaceous plant field. Locals say this park is one in every of the most effective places to go to in Hokkaido in spring.

  • Hokuryu Sunflower Fields

The Hokuru City Flower Field Area Unit is 100 kilometers north of Sapporo City and is home to more than one and a half million sunflowers. As you might imagine, this stunning cheerful golden field is a good backdrop for picturesque photos.

Tulips in Hokkaido

We hope this Ezo Japan travel guide encourages you to visit this attractive island. The Japanese authorities have been gradually allowing the entry of non-residents. However, tourists must be part of a licensed partner tour group and in the midst of a guide at any time.

In August 2022, the requirement that immunized travelers require a coronavirus test to enter the country was removed. There is no update on whether or not individual travelers will enter. Please visit our travel news section often as we tend to report on changes in demand for entry into Japan.

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