Intego Antivirus Review In 2021: Features, Pricing & More!

Intego Antivirus (review) attention Mac users: there is finally an antivirus solution created for you. That’s right: Intego Antivirus is a web security tool designed primarily for macOS. This could be exciting for Apple fans who are constantly underserved by the cybersecurity market!

But let’s not go before us. During this Intego review, I will cover everything you would like to know about this antimalware software. Features, prices, and all the juicy details you might want to remember before downloading or purchasing the tool; just scroll down and you will learn it all.

Intego Antivirus Overview

Free version:No
Price:from $21.99/year, 1 device
Platforms:Windows, Mac
Current deal:Get Intego, now 65% OFF!
Article: Intego Antivirus Review In 2021

Intego Pros & Cons


  • 7-day free trial version
  • Many features for macOS
  • Good virus detection rates
  • Live chat support
  • Sleek and modern design
  • Real-time scan
  • Integrated firewall
  • Allows you to scan your iOS device


  • Complicated system
  • A little expensive
  • No mobile apps
  • Very simple Windows application

This is probably the main antivirus software I’ve seen that has more features on macOS than it does on its Windows platform. Of course, the accompanying features vary in their usefulness, but it is still a powerful suite.

The Mac version of Intego comes in several separate applications for each task. As a result, you will get six applications installed on your device instead of one.

Intego Security Features


Intego virus barrier
Article: Intego Antivirus Review In 2021

VirusBarrier is Intego’s real antivirus program. Scans your files and provides real-time protection against malware and viruses.

It is quite a reliable application because it consistently achieves excellent results in AV-Comparatives virus tests. In other words, Intego detects the vast majority of threats found online.

In addition, the function presents a Quarantine section where it places infected or suspicious files, and a Trusted files section where it will place files that should not be scanned.

VirusBarrier can also scan your iOS device if you connect it to your Mac via Bluetooth. Since Intego does not have an iOS app, it is the only way to scan your iPhone or iPad with an Intego subscription.

Washing Machine

Intego review washing machine
Article: Intego Antivirus Review In 2021

Simply put, the scrubbing app can be both an optimizer and a system cleaner. It allows you to delete cache files, logs, downloads, and thus the content of your ashcan. After Intego completes the analysis, it will choose the files to delete.

The application can also search for duplicate files on your system. And it is quite a useful feature. In some cases, duplicates can take up very little storage space. I also like that there is a preview feature that allows you to take a look at the file before choosing to delete it.

Finally, Washer will help you sort and organize your files in folders. You will love this feature if you look anything like me and have a tendency to throw it all on your desk.

Personal Backup

Intego Personal Backup
Article: Intego Antivirus Review In 2021

Personal Backup allows you to back up your files to external media (such as an external disk drive or USB key). It also allows you to synchronize your data between two computers. Also, the feature restores your files when needed.

I like that it is the feature to automatically backup your files at a preferred time. for example, you will configure it to copy your entire PC to your NAS every morning. Very convenient, right?


Intego NeUpdate macOS
Article: Intego Antivirus Review In 2021

NetUpdate is the most boring application in the Intego package. Basically, it is just an application that updates other applications within the Intego suite. Honestly, the entire update could be done automatically without the need for a completely separate app.


Intego NetBarrier firewall
Article: Intego Antivirus Review In 2021

NetBarrier is Intego’s custom firewall. Your user interface may be a bit different than what you would expect from a firewall. That’s because it is a more simplified version than what you will find in many other antivirus suites.

However, that is not unpleasant at all. NetBarrier is simple enough to be used by even less tech-savvy users, but it still retains many features. Conversely, power users who want to tweak everything themselves may miss out on an option or two.

It’s really convenient how NetBarrier instantly recognizes if you are connected to your home, work, or public wifi and changes your firewall settings accordingly. You will also change certain settings manually. for example, it will control which incoming or outgoing Internet connections are allowed or blocked.

On a grimmer note, NetBarrier kept showing annoying pop-ups. You see, every time I opened a replacement application the function would ask me if I wanted to allow that application to attach to the web.

In the short time, I tried it, this issue was constantly getting in the way. Fortunately, Intego remembered my choices, so at the very least, I only had to try once for each application I used. I guess it could be a lot better after a short time once I whitelist all the apps that you just use on a daily basis.

NetBarrier also shows you if a background script or application is doing something suspicious. for example, if you are trying to establish unwanted Internet connections.


Intego AV ContentBarrier
Article: Intego Antivirus Review In 2021

ContentBarrier can be a fairly straightforward parental control feature. You can block certain websites and apps, or whitelist content that you would like your child to find out.

The feature allows you to choose the degree of content protection for each user of your macOS device. There are four levels of protection available. These include Unprotected, Monitored, Safe Web Browsing, and Restricted Internet.

However, the most attractive trick of ContentBarrier is that it can read chats. In turn, the app can provide you with a warning if it detects any predatory speech patterns from the person on the opposite line. On the contrary, the speech patterns you are looking for are a basic touch, that is, “I am your friend” or “how old are you”.

There is also the Recording tab that allows you to record keystrokes, as well as periodically receive screenshots of the device.

Intego Windows Review

Intego review Windows
Article: Intego Antivirus Review In 2021

It seems like every single great thing Intego created was included in their macOS suite. Yes, your Windows application is one of the most basic. Of course, we can’t really blame them for that – the Windows Intego tool is comparatively new because it was only released in September 2020.

Design-wise, this antivirus app refreshes my memory of other antimalware products like Avast. Also, its functionality is like the free versions of many Windows antivirus solutions, which could not fully justify a price that starts at $ 29.99 a year.

On the other hand, although it does not have as many functions, Intego Windows offers real-time scanning. Protects you when you visit potentially dangerous sites or open email attachments. This feature is not present in many free antivirus programs, so it might be worth paying for the application.

The Windows version of Intego also allows you to scan your computer for viruses. you will choose between a quick scan and a full antivirus scan.

I tested the quick scan feature and it took Intego about 3.5 minutes to finish. It is a really good result for a quick scan, however, some applications (like Avira) are ready to do it faster.

There is also the Quarantine tab that blocks infected files from damaging your computer.

In general, Intego Antivirus for Windows is essentially the VirusBarrier application in the macOS version.

Intego Antivirus plans and pricing

The Intego system can be a bit complicated for my liking. We have six different prices depending on the percentage of devices you would like to hide, also due to the length of your subscription period.

1 Mac (1 year)$69.99
2 Macs (2 years)$129.99
3 Macs (1 year)$94.99
3 Macs (2 years)$174.99
5 Macs (1 year)$119.99
5 Macs (2 years)$219.99
Article: Intego Antivirus Review In 2021

Obviously, the most profitable thing thanks to using Intego Antivirus is to buy the 2-year plan for five Macs. This way, you will only spend $ 21.99 a year on one device. Of course, for this to be realized, you must first have tons of devices (or share your subscription with your family members).

If you want additional protection for Windows, you would like to pay an additional $ 10 regardless of the plan you purchase. You will also get your VPN for a hard and fast price of $ 19.99.

Note that these plans include all the applets mentioned during this Intego review. However, you will buy most of the apps separately if you simply need certain functionalities:

You can pay with PayPal and various credit cards. What I don’t adore is the proportion of personal information that the acquisition requires. You must fill out a huge form with all kinds of private details like your real name and residence address.

On the bright side, Intego offers a 7-day free trial that allows you to test all of its features.

Is Intego worth the money?

Intego is definitely not the most profitable antivirus option for macOS, although you do think about buying its longer subscription. On the contrary, its abundance of features makes it worthwhile, especially if you are serious about the security and performance of your device.

However, I honestly don’t think the costs of the freelance features are adequate. For example, why pay $ 40.99 / year for the Mac X9 washing machine once you can buy the full package for $ 69.99 / year?

This is why I could stick with the full subscription options, as they are the ones that justify the slightly above average price.

Ease of use and setup

The Mac and Windows versions of Intego Antivirus are very easy to align. you simply have to download the installation package from the Intego official site and install the software.

I liked that Intego didn’t try to push annoying add-ons or additional programs that I didn’t sign up for. In other words, no garbage!

Please note that while the Windows version will install as a single program, the Mac version will end up in 6 different mini-apps.

About Intego software

The idea behind having a special application for each function is quite sensible because each tool has many functions. Despite this, I prefer to have everything in one app, as jumping from one app to another to search for what you’re trying to find is often a bit of a hassle.

Other than that, both versions of Intego were easy to use. If you enjoy simplicity, you will especially like the Windows application because it is extremely intuitive and will not leave you confused. although this is the first time you have used an antivirus solution.

When you get used to the abundance of mini-apps, the Mac version doesn’t cause a huge headache either. However, I can see that it has been created with a touch of more advanced users in mind. This is because it offers quite a few advanced features that will be configured manually.

Overall, I don’t have too many complaints about using Intego. Its design is nice and it works really smoothly, a bit like any modern software should.

Intego mobile app

Intego for iPhone

Although Intego does not have a mobile app, it does offer certain functions with iOS mobile devices. Its VirusBarrier feature can connect to your iOS device via Bluetooth and scan it for viruses and malware.

No other Intego Mac application connects to mobile devices. Honestly, if you’re trying to find an antivirus solution for your phone, Avira, Malwarebytes, or the other brand will be a much more sensible option than Intego.

Customer support

When it comes to Intego customer service, I don’t have much to complain about. I prefer the fact that you can simply reach out to their live chat for an instant solution to your problem. Their support agents are helpful and very quick with their responses. Unfortunately chat is not available 24/7.

Apart from that, you will send an invitation and receive the solution in your email. Please note that when filling out the form you are required to submit tons of data. This includes your email address, your first and last name, country, the name of the merchandise, the serial number, and therefore the exact version of your operating system.

However, if you are an expert in touch technology, you will read his domain of knowledge that has many troubleshooting topics. They range from compatibility issues to miscellaneous application setup manuals.

There is also the option to send viruses or malware that affect Mac devices in case it identifies new ones.

How good is Intego Antivirus?

All in all, Intego can be a specialized antivirus solution. It has been continuously proven to detect online threats reliably, offers a free version, and is fairly easy to use.

However, you must remember that it is a Mac-oriented tool first and foremost. Although it’s Mac and Windows versions will protect you from viruses and malware, only the macOS version offers a host of features that will make your cyber life much easier.

Additionally, Intego’s value could alienate several of its potential users. If you are one of them and you cannot buy this antimalware tool for Mac, I suggest you download the free trial version just in case. You may change your mind.


Is Intego for Mac any good?

Yes, Intego can be a specialized antivirus solution for Mac, because it was created specifically for macOS. Not only does it continually get great leads for virus and malware testing, but it also offers many features that you might not find anywhere else. However, It also has a 7-day free trial.

Who owns Intego?

Intego is currently owned by Kape Technologies. This UK-based computer software company acquired Intego in 2018. Kape Technologies owns a couple of other major brands; For example, it acquired Private Internet Access (PIA) VPN in 2019.

Does Intego slow down Mac?

No. Intego is not likely to hamper your Mac device because it is specifically designed for macOS 10.13 and is fully optimized for efficiency. Also, although I did find some user reviews complaining of slower speeds when using Intego, I did not experience any slowdowns even during malware scans.

Is Intego trustworthy?

Yes. Since Intego was launched in 1997, it took a long time to define itself as a reputable company that makes all kinds of security products for Mac and Windows. Today, it helps more than 1,000,000 users in 60 countries stay safe online.

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