Intego Antivirus Review In 2023: Features, Pricing & More!

After a month of testing, I’m pleased to report that Intego Antivirus for Windows provides comprehensive protection against the spread of cyber threats. Its easy-to-use Windows app can be a solid upgrade to the built-in Microsoft Defender program.

However, none of Intego’s packages come bundled with more options. Like a VPN, arcana manager, fraud protection parental controls, or a firewall. As a result, Intego is right if you’re trying to find an efficient antivirus for Windows and you don’t want (or don’t want) any of those extra options.

You can safely try Intego on Windows with our 30-day money-back guarantee. It’s simple and hassle-free to induce a refund should you change your mind. I tried it myself and got my refund in ten days.

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Intego Antivirus Review

No Time? Here’s a 1-Minute Summary

  • The powerful period malware scanner. Protects your PC against threats 24/7 by checking every file your system finds.
  • Lean choice of options. There are no other options besides Internet protection, which protects your Internet browsing.
  • Simple and easy application. The simple app installs and discovers in minutes.
  • Few customer support options, however helpful agents. You’ll only get help via mind object or email, but responses were prompt and helpful.
  • Premium rating with a 30-day free trial. three plans with different device limits, betting on your needs.


To see how well Intego works on Windows. I downloaded samples of viruses, spyware, phishing links, zero-day threats, and other malware.

Real-Time Protection — Detects 100% Of Live Cyberattacks

Intego’s Antivirus for Windows performed exceptionally well at blocking new malware threats during my tests.

I tested Intego’s time protection by exposing my verification Windows machine to numerous malicious programs on the network, including new threats that were only a month old. I’m happy to report that Intego detected and isolated each of my sample threats, along with the phishing links. Impressively, Intego did not flag any false positives. This result surprised Maine, as even major vendors like Norton generate far more false alarms than Intego. Within the same tests, Norton 360 discovered twenty-two false positives during a full system scan.

By comparison, Microsoft Defender also found these threats, but also flagged a false positive, meaning it incorrectly recognized an innocent file as malware. Annoyingly, Microsoft Defender kept an equivalent innocent file even when I marked it safe.

Please note that Intego cannot detect existing threats on your Windows device, so run a full virus scan as soon as you install the program.

Virus Scans — Quick Malware Detection That Doesn’t Impact Performance

You can perform a quick scan, a complete system scan, or a specific folder scan. Additionally, it will set up scans for later. By default, Intego is set up for brief biweekly scans; however, you can alter this schedule or include full scans as well.

Intego Antivirus Review In 2023
Intego Antivirus Review

The quick scan targets locations on your computer that are in the area drive with the following risk of containing malware. Destination folders change as Intego’s virus definitions evolve to deal with new and growing threats. Throughout the scan, a permanent ticker shows you the precise location being searched for.

The quick scan checked more than 7,600 files and took only three minutes and twenty seconds, a reasonably civil time compared to other competing antiviruses. Aside from capturing all the Trojans, I planted, the scan didn’t crash my Windows computer at all (even after running photo-editing code and streaming a movie at the same time!). Virus scans sometimes overload the mainframe and use a lot of memory; however, Intego relies on cloud-based protection for quick scans. This approach uses an external server to run the malware scan without storing data on your computer.

The full scan caught every single one of the half-dozen infected files I planted on my verification machine and didn’t cause any noticeable slowdowns. the total scan examined 675,682 files and took seven hours and forty-two minutes to complete. However, I would have liked a faster full scan: the main competitors completed full scans in less than two hours.

Prevention Engine — Block Unidentified Threats Before They Infect Your Device

The jamming engine successfully blocked every malware sample, all of which were free in the last twenty-four hours. These results put Intego on board with business leaders Norton and TotalAV, each of which scored well against unknown threats throughout my tests.

Like period protection, Intego’s interference engine detects and blocks new threats trying to infect your device. To detect these threats, the interference engine uses self-learning technology to flag files that behave in notable ways.

Quarantine — Easy to Delete, Restore, or Add Exceptions to Suspected Malware

All suspected malware is mechanically isolated. simply click on the “Quarantine” tab and you will see the file in question, and you will have the possibility to safely delete it, restore it or restore it and exclude the file from future scans. Intego may ask you to back up your call, very carefully so that you don’t accidentally trigger an infected exit from quarantine.

Intego Antivirus Review In 2023
Intego Antivirus Review

Security Reports — Easily Pull Details From Past Scans

You can review the abuse of the previous virus scans in the “Security Reports” tab. Here you can consult the reports of:

  • Real-time protection
  • System scans
  • Web shield
  • Prevention engine (protects against zero-day threats)
  • Exclusion list

While other vendors bundle all types of protection into one report, I like Intego’s technique of separating each report. Once Internet Defender blocked a website from loading, I checked the reports and immediately saw that it detected a known hunter address that could collect my data for merchants. The report included the name of the hunter, the action is taken, the threat class, the app that was affected, and thus the date and time it was fully detected.

Intego Antivirus Review In 2023
Intego Antivirus Review

You can also add exclusions directly from the same tab by selecting “Exclusion Reports” from the dropdown menu. This shows recent exclusions in the process of an inexperienced “Add Exclusion” button. From there, you’ll be able to choose folders, files, websites, applications, or processes to exclude from all scans and period protection. Your other way to add exclusions is to exploit the “Security” section of the Settings tab.

Intego Antivirus Review

It was good to have multiple places to whitelist innocent files, as I find false positives very annoying. Fortunately, the only exception I had to file was, which was blocked by Internet Protection. Intego never flagged different files on my laptop, including the ones Microsoft Defender detected as false positives.

If you have harmless files and want your current antivirus to keep coming up as suspicious, try Intego and run a scan to see if they still show up.

Cross-Platform Protection So You Don’t Spread Mac or Linux Malware

Most impressively, Intego will detect and quarantine malware designed to infect waterproof and even Linux-based devices. even if you only use Windows, malware targeting different platforms will still infect and “live” on your laptop, and likely spread to other waterproof or UNIX exploiters. If you work or move files between multiple operating systems shared by family, friends, or co-workers, this kind of cross-platform protection is very important.


Unlike the waterproof version, Intego for Windows does not have a large variety of features. You won’t get a firewall, VPN, parole vault, system backup, or laptop enhancement tools. the only feature is internet protection, which protects you from numerous online threats once you browse.

Despite the dearth of secondary options, Intego offers reliable security against a host of threats, making it the right antivirus if all you want is malware protection.

Web Shield — Blocked Phishing Links, Malicious URLs, and Downloads

While it prevented several of my most visited websites (such as Amazon) from loading properly, Internet Defense blocked every malicious link and malware transfer I tried to open.

Phishing is one of the most valuable tricks for hackers because they generate emails, links, and even entire websites that appear to come from a real company. once you try to log in to these fictitious websites, hackers steal your login credentials to access your account. That’s why phishing schemes are effective and contribute to tens of billions in losses worldwide annually.

Ease of Use

I found Intego’s Windows applications remarkably easy and intuitive to use. Even beginners shouldn’t have any problems, especially since Intego has helpful transfer and installation guides in their Cognitive content.

User Interface — Simple to Install and Use on Windows

All machines running Windows 7 and higher are compatible with Intego. Intego is not only simple to install, but it’s also simple enough that you probably won’t need any online resources to figure out how to proceed. Basic information is shown on your primary dashboard, including the dates of your most recent and upcoming scans, the number of threats that have been protected, and the protection styles that are now active. Since the code only had five primary tabs, there was an immediate understanding of how to use it.

Intego Antivirus Review

Compared to several antivirus programs I’ve used, Intego’s program is remarkably intuitive. Aside from having no garbage, most of the options are obvious. For those who aren’t, you’ll be able to hover over a small ‘i’ icon under it to request a concise clarification.

Intego Antivirus Review In 2023
Intego Antivirus Review

English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Finnish, Norwegian, and Swedish are the accessible languages for Windows software. This might seem like a big variety, but previous antivirus programs featured translations in more than 20 different languages.


Intego for Windows only has email support and basic cognitive content, but I was happy to hear that their email agents were quick to respond and helpful. sadly their main support page still doesn’t have a cap for Windows support, despite having massive buttons for all of their waterproof products.

Intego Antivirus Review

Email Support Tickets — The Only Way to Get in Touch With Agents

I contacted a live chat agent on the Intego website and asked how the online defense and jamming engine worked. The aforementioned agent lives chat support was not offered for Windows and sent the US state a link to their email contact type to use instead. I just needed to submit a few details like my name, email, question, which Intego product I have, and if I’d like to help with a technical issue or a sales question. There is a trick to bypassing this by emailing the support address directly, however, if you don’t provide enough information. The agents may not be able to answer your question.

Email support is not 24/7: Agents are only available from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. m. to 5:30 p.m. m US Central Standard Time. This wasn’t a huge inconvenience as I always received helpful email responses within two and a half hours, as long as I stayed within those hours. Outside of that point frame, I still got a solution the next business day regarding my queries.

Intego Antivirus Review In 2023
Intego Antivirus Review

If you’re testing Intego yourself, you’ll be able to open a support price tag to request that all of your questions be answered. If you choose that you don’t just like the code, it’s easy to request a refund within thirty days with their money-back guarantee policy. simply send an associate degree email requesting a full refund. upon obtaining a reason for cancellation, Intego may offer you a refund.

Knowledge Base — Find Detailed Manuals and Answers to Basic Questions

Intego’s Cognitive Online Content could be a good resource for basic queries related to installing and exploiting the code. while most of the resources were associated with their waterproof product (offered for several years), the Windows user manual was the most helpful overall. There are chapters for each operation, clearly explaining what options they do and when to use them. If you are like the American state and as a visible guide, each clarification has helpful images that accompany the text.


Plan Options — Solid Basic Windows Antivirus for the Money

You can get annual plans that include licenses for one, three, or five computers (Personal, Family, or Extended plans). The extended setting is twice the value of the family, so I would suggest the private or family setting for Windows. Unless you really want protection for five separate devices.

On the Private and Family plans, the rating may be a reasonable value for basic Windows protection. But the {too | too} expensive extended setting for just two additional device connections. If you want associate-grade antivirus for many devices, I recommend protecting your Windows device with Norton. It’s still decently priced because, in addition to rock-solid Windows antivirus, it comes with a full suite of security features. Plus, even low-level settings protect up to five of your computers compared to one device on Intego’s Personal plan.

Intego Privacy Protection for Windows — Powerful VPN for a Low Price

This is mainly a white-label version of the personal web access VPN. It’s a great VPN for Windows, much more powerful and versatile than the one you get from Norton, one of the biggest names in cybersecurity.

7-Day Free Trial

The free trial starts automatically once you download and install the app. After your 7-day trial is over, you’re still eligible for the 30-day money-back guarantee if you take a paid setup.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

The 30-day money-back guarantee gives you a much longer amount of your time to check out each feature. If you’re not satisfied and need a refund, all you have to try to make an associate degree is email support. after I requested my refund, the support team confirmed my refund request immediately, and also the cash arrived in my checking account within ten days.

Intego Antivirus Review In 2023
Intego Antivirus Review

Final Verdict

Despite being basic compared to its mack edition, Intego for Windows can be a solid entry-level antivirus and an exact upgrade to Microsoft Defender.

The only minor issues I had were that the top-tier extended setup wasn’t worth the increase and customer support weren’t available 24/7. If you have a pressing problem, it’s nice to be able to get instant help whenever you want. However, Intego representatives were still comparatively quick to respond: I never had to wait more than a business day for a response.

The best way to see if Intego is right for you is to see for yourself, which is why I recommend you try Intego on Windows risk-free with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you choose that you want too many options or it obviously doesn’t work, it’s quick and easy to get a full refund.

FAQs About Intego Antivirus for Windows

Will Intego Slow Down My Computer?

No. Intego is such a lightweight application that you will hardly notice any slowdowns, even during full system scans. It performed higher than the commercial average, taxing very little on my system’s processing power and memory. Even after doing strict activities like enjoying a first-person shooter game or watching Netflix in 4K, I didn’t encounter any performance issues.

Does Intego Work on Windows, Android, and Other Devices?

Intego includes a variety of dedicated apps and plans for Windows and Mac. The Mack app is much more intensive than the Windows one, with additional options like a Mack optimizer and parental controls. There also used to be an associate degree antivirus for iOS, but Apple pulls it from the app store. If you already own it, it will continue to be supported, however, otherwise it will only scan iOS devices for malware by connecting them to your initial Mac. Then run a scan while each connected area unit. Intego with Associate Degree can search your iOS device as a unit.

Does Intego Include a VPN?

No, there is no VPN included in the Windows antivirus package. However, you will get their privacy protection VPN as an associate degree add-on. It works on both Windows and Mac and supports the same technology as Personal Web Access, which is one of the best VPNs on the market. The configured privacy protection also includes the same 30-day money-back guarantee as the antivirus.

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