IONOS Review 2022: Features, Pricing & More!

IONOS Review (formerly known as 1&1) is a web hosting service that has many tools for websites.

They cover the majority of hosting alternatives, including shared hosting, VPS hosting, WordPress hosting, cloud hosting, and others.

IONOS hosting review
IONOS Review 2022: Features, Pricing & More!

This, not to mention the strict evaluation, has made IONOS a favorite in the world of hosting services.

But how smart is IONOS Hosting?

For the needs of this review, we largely cover IONOS shared hosting services.

We test a variety of things, including customer service, overall usability, length of service, and more to give you the most comprehensive review possible.

Let’s delve into it.

General Info & IONOS Review:

Our Rating:Our Verdict: 4.5 ★★★★☆
SPEED:898 ms
SUPPORT:Phone, live chat, mental object
APPS:1-click installs for over seventy applications (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.)
FEATURES:Dedicated SSL Certificate, Dashboard, Website Builder, Email Account, Free Domain for the first year, Unlimited Measurement and Storage, 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, Free SSL Certificate, and more.
HOSTING PLANS:Shared, VPS, WordPress, Cloud, Dedicated Server
PRICING:Starting at $0.50/mo (renews at $10.00/mo)
IONOS Review 2022: Features, Pricing & More!

Pros of Using IONOS

IONOS launched solidly, delivering good results in terms of timing and speed.

But what other area unit are they smart in?

Let’s have a more elaborate look.

1. Strong time period – 99.98%

One of the most important metrics that we usually live with when it comes to hosting providers is the period of time.

You are paying to have your website online. If a period of time is missing and your website is constantly up and running, then your hosting service is failing you in your most important area.

IONOS last 12 months average speed data
IONOS Review 2022: Features, Pricing & More!

IONOS claims to have an uptime of 99.9%. According to their customer service department, the only reason they don’t claim 100% of the time is that they can’t account for natural disasters.

And so far from the information we’ve collected over the last twelve months, his time frame has been a mighty 99.98% with only an associate degree hour and a 1/2 term.

Here is the data for the average time period of the last 12 months:

  • December 2021: 99.98%
  • November 2021: 99.99%
  • October 2021: 99.96%
  • September 2021: 100%
  • August 2021: 100%
  • July 2021: 99.95%
  • June 2021: 99.99%
  • May 2021: 100%
  • April 2021: 99.97%
  • March 2021: 99.99%
  • February 2021: 100%
  • January 2021: 99.96%

2. Free SSL Security

Security is another necessary aspect of a hosting service. Fortunately, this is one section where IONOS excels.

The service uses a unique GeoTrust SSL certificate and a wildcard SSL certificate. This encrypts your website for added security, which are a few things that should help you breathe a sigh of relief when doing business online.

An SSL certificate is required to own an associate degree HTTPS website. If your URL starts with the communications protocol, Google can actually mark your website as not secure. For starters, SSL certificates protect the information that is exchanged between users and also the website. This helps your customers trust you more, which is the backbone of any account.

GeoTrust’s dedicated SSL certificate is included with the server, the developer shared hosting, and developer eShop packages. The Wildcard SSL certificate comes standard with all shared Linux and Windows hosting plans.

3. Free domain and email account

The extras area unit is forever nice. We like to see hosting packages add some bonus options at no cost after you purchase one of their paid options.

IONOS actually offers 2 of the most common free options, domain registration, and email address.

A domain name is free for one year with the Essential, Business, and Professional shared hosting packages.

When it comes to a branded email account (another necessity if you want the people you’re doing business with to take you seriously), all Linux Associate Degree Windows packages come with an email account at every level.

4. Improved program

IONOS does not use the classic cPanel but instead needs to develop its own custom backend. For people who are familiar with cPanel, it will be confusing and take some getting used to at first, but overall, it’s pretty easy to use.

Iono's user interface
IONOS Review 2022: Features, Pricing & More!

In the dashboard, you will be able to manage domains, SSL certificates, email addresses, check your site statistics, etc.

IONOS also has an additional associate degree enhanced search bar, where you can make settings and switch between products faster.

There are tons of mixed feelings from different users regarding the IONOS interface, particularly as it is not as intuitive compared to cPanel. but it seems that IONOS has done a test to increase the usability of the board and made it more logical to use.

Cons of Using IONOS

Now let’s take a look at what IONOS lacks.

1. Restricted customer support

IONOS offers 24/7 customer support for unregistered users by phone or mental object only. If you already have a degree account associated with them, you will additionally be able to access live chat support from your buyer space.

IONOS Review 2022: Features, Pricing & More!

We logged into our account to watch IONOS live chat and asked the customer representative a simple technical question. However, the question remained unanswered because, after a 20-minute wait, our chat ended due to inactivity.

After a short while, we tend to try one more time and get a message that IONOS live chat is out of stock.

In general, it seems that the choice of IONOS live chat is inconsistent and you feel comfortable contacting them to facilitate by phone or looking for solutions in their mental object.

2. Slow page load speed 898ms

A slow website isn’t just annoying: once a page takes too long to load, several of your potential guests may already be looking elsewhere.

Why is that?

Site performance can be a big issue once Google vets your website. Your top SEO score, which determines your placement in the world’s most loved show, largely depends on it.

Site speed is the fourth most important SEO ranking factor, behind only website security, crawlability, and mobile-friendliness.

Therefore, a slow website is an instant turnoff for Google and website visitors.

We tackle the associate degree age of instant communication and instant data. If it’s isolated, there’s a good chance the user will find another website with similar information that cares more about their experience.

IONOS delivered an average page load speed of 898 ms in the last year.

IONOS last 12 months average speed data
IONOS Review 2022: Features, Pricing & More!

The good news is, however, that they have been stepping up faster throughout the year.

3. Account registration is only possible in a limited number of countries

One of the things you may not even notice about IONOS is that you will only register your account with them in only a very limited number of countries. most of the countries area unit painted except for example if you are located in China and want to login to IONOS, it is unfeasible as it is not in your list.

The same goes for many European countries. Although IONOS was established in Germany and its headquarters area unit is still there, only a few of the ECU country area units are listed.

Some examples where you cannot log in with IONOS:

  • China
  • Iran
  • Egypt
  • Morocco
  • Burma
  • Europe (Poland, Romania, Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden, Finland, Belgium, European country, etc.)

Therefore, you may feel comfortable checking before logging in, whether you will be able to proceed with registration in your country.

4. No Free Website Transfers

If you’re migrating your website to a new web host, a good way to sweeten the pot is to offer a free transfer.

It allows a new client to need some of the effort and financial burden of the method.

That is not something that IONOS offers.

IONOS Pricing, Hosting Plans & Quick Facts

IONOS has two different types of shared hosting services, each with three web hosting packages to choose from.

First of all, they offer Linux hosting, which is simply referred to as web hosting on the official website.

Also, they provide Windows hosting. Obviously, these totally different variations of shared hosting appear on different operating systems.

Both of these area units are well priced, but you get a lot of extra options with the Windows option. each browser has three different levels to install.

Let’s start with Linux:

PlansEssential PlanBusiness PlanExpert Plan
Renews at $6.00/mo
Renews at $10.00/mo
Renews at $16.00/mo
Storage10 GBUnmeteredUnmetered
Email Accounts111
Other Features• Basic CPU & MEM resources
• Free domain
• Increases CPU and MEM resources
• Free domain
• Most CPU & MEM resources
• SiteScan and CDN
• Free domain
IONOS Review 2022: Features, Pricing & More!

On the Windows side of things, it has a variety of larger plans that come with a compromise amount.

PlansBusiness PlanPro PlanExpert Plan
Renews at $10.00/mo
Renews at $12.00/mo
Renews at $20.00/mo
Storage100 GB250 GB500 GB
Email Accounts111
Other Features• Free Domain• Free domain
• SiteLock malware protection
• Free Domain
IONOS Review 2022: Features, Pricing & More!

IONOS accepts PayPal and MasterCard payments.

Do We Recommend IONOS?.


Their versatile plans for every area unit of Linux and Windows are reasonable and cover tons of useful options. SSL security makes this a terrifyingly secure service, and we really like that it comes with a free domain.

Furthermore, IONOS has delivered a reliable time frame.

But there are downsides. You cannot sign in with them in most European countries and also the promoted trial of $0.50/month renews at a much higher price of $10.00/month.

We also don’t like its overly restricted support options that require too slow an average speed.

While IONOS doesn’t verify as much profit as we’d like, it’s still a reliable hosting provider that will get the job done.

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