Ivacy Review in 2021: Features, Pricing & More!

Ivacy Review Throughout this process, I’ll be able to go over everything, including (Ivacy) pricing, features, speed, cons, and pros.

What Is Ivacy? What Do They Offer?

Based in the strange and wonderful island nation of Singapore, Ivacy VPN has been protecting its customers’ online experiences since early 2007.

Despite its long history in the VPN industry, Ivacy is still a largely unknown brand. Privacy is an understandably secretive organization that operates under the umbrella of PMG Private Limited.

Article: Ivacy Review in 2021

And this surprises me …

In fact, in 2010, it was the Ivacy technology team that was responsible for unveiling the revolutionary concept of split tunneling, a technology that allows users to make a decision about what traffic is sent through an ISP and what traffic is protected by. your VPN.

So, with all of this in mind, I made the decision to review Ivacy for myself to determine if this relatively unknown VPN could play within the “Major Leagues.”

Ivacy VPN Overview

OVERALL RANK:#66 out of 78 VPNs
USABILITY:Easy to install and use
LOG FILES:No Logging Policy
LOCATIONS:50+ countries, 1000+ servers
SUPPORT:Knowledgeable team, quick responses
TORRENTING:Limited Torrenting
NETFLIX:Not Working
OFFICIAL WEBSITE:www.ivacy.com
Article: Ivacy Review in 2021

Ivacy’s VPN services work for almost every system on the market, including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, routers, smart TVs, and even the Xbox.

Article: Ivacy Review in 2021

While Ivacy offers a sparse network of just 450 servers in 100+ locations, the servers in question are highly optimized for the value you’re simply paying for (as you’ll see for a minute).

With P2P-optimized servers in the US and Canada, they make torrenting a breeze, and their clients can bind to their VPN service using any big protocol, like OpenVPN, PPTP, SSTP, L2TP, and IKEv2.

Add to that, Ivacy offers 5 simultaneous connections and an inline kill switch.

And thankfully, they provide all of those features (and more than we’ll discuss in a moment) for a price equivalent to that of a cup of coffee.

How Much Does Ivacy VPN Cost?

One of Ivacy’s biggest selling points is its ultra-affordable 24-month pricing package.

Article: Ivacy Review in 2021

This is how it all falls apart.

Monthly: $9.95

1 Year: $40.00

2 Years: $54

Ivacy has one of the most competitively priced VPN offerings you’ve ever seen, with the exception of their monthly pricing plan. When I saw the percentage of various payment options that Ivacy requires prospective clients to use, I was also relieved.

Whether you want to use your MasterCard, PayPal account, Bitcoin, or Paymentwall, they need to be covered.

Payment options for Ivacy VPN
Article: Ivacy Review in 2021

Like several of its competitors, Ivacy technically offers a 30-day money-back guarantee; however, as you will see later in this review, it is almost what it sounds like. For the moment, however, I deviate from the topic.

With such affordable pricing plans, many of you are probably wondering how Ivacy’s services stack up against its higher-priced competitors.

To my own surprise, the solution is… practically.

Ivacy VPN Overview

USABILITY:Easy to install and use
LOG FILES:No Logging Policy
LOCATIONS:50+ countries, 1000+ servers
SUPPORT:Good customer support
NETFLIX:Not working
ENCRYPTION/PROTOCOL:256-bit encryption; OpenVPN, PPTP, SSTP, L2TP, IKEv2
COST:$2.25/mo for 2 years
Article: Ivacy Review in 2021

Ivacy Pros

Good Speeds (for the price) 

To ensure the accuracy of this review, I ran some simple speed tests on speedtest.net to find out how fast Ivacy really is. Here are the results.

Ivacy Download and Upload speed test
Article: Ivacy Review in 2021

US Server (New York)

  • Ping: 115ms
  • Download: 45.86mbps
  • Upload: 43.92mbps

EU Server (Amsterdam)

  • Ping: 42ms
  • Download: 53.04mbps
  • Upload: 25.39mbps

Asia Server (Hong Kong)

  • Ping: 261ms
  • Download: Test Failed
  • Upload: Test Failed

UK Server (London)

  • Ping: 50ms
  • Download: 53.24mbps
  • Upload: 33.36mbps
  • * As always, take these speed tests with a grain of salt as they consider numerous different variables and can change from person to person. However, we have tested over 70 VPNs for this site, so we have a baseline that we will compare all VPNs against.

Ivacy’s speeds are, on average, in the middle of the lane.

Although I used to be disappointed to find that its Asia servers were completely unusable, at 53.0 Mbps for an EU server, Ivacy’s speeds are on par with competitors such as TorGuard (review) and Buffered (review).

If you’re a seasoned VPN user, Ivacy’s speeds are nothing to get excited about, and if you need a faster VPN, you should check out our Surfshark (review) and ExpressVPN (review) reviews.

Their speeds, however, far surpass the standards set by their nominal price of $ 2.04 per month.

A Genuine No-Logging Policy (That Is Actually Followed)

A wrongly marketed “Zero Log” policy is one of the aspects that irritates me the most when investigating every VPN service, and sadly, this pattern seems to be becoming more pervasive by the day.

In fact, this problem has become so pronounced within the VPN industry that I don’t trust any VPN provider’s “no logs” claims until I’ve read every word of their privacy policy.

While I used to review Ivacy’s VPN, I actually went through the fine print in great detail, and frankly … I used to be shocked. Ivacy actually stands up for its advertised zero log policy, and that they move in the hay better than just over the other VPN I’ve even reviewed.

This is your registration policy.

This means that Ivacy only holds the email address associated with each account as information for its clients.

That is what there is to it. There are no traffic records, bandwidth logs, or time logs. Nothing but absolute, unadulterated secrecy.

Good Customer Service 

To be honest, I’ll be the first to say it…

I didn’t have high hopes for Ivacy’s customer service. Forgive my cynicism, but after reviewing 70 VPNs, I have learned to have exceptionally low expectations when reviewing the customer service offered by an inexpensive provider.

After all, companies have a limited amount of resources. If they provide high-quality services at an affordable price (as Ivacy does), it is generally safe to assume that they had to cut another area of ​​their business to try.

And the customer service team is usually the main victim …

I was happily surprised to discover that Ivacy’s customer service agents were able to react and extremely supportive. Although I would like to see more detailed and comprehensive responses from your agents, I have a hard time complaining considering the quick response times and efficient support I received.

Here are few screenshots from one of my Ivacy support calls (all questions were answered within a few minutes of being posted).

Ivacy Live Chat Quality #1
Ivacy Live Chat Quality #2
Article: Ivacy Review in 2021

I submitted several other inquiries designed to measure the knowledge and effectiveness of the team (all were submitted at similar times) and each of those inquiries was answered in an equally timely (and brief) manner. To ensure that my experience was an accurate representation of their customer service team, I also reviewed their social media accounts to determine how well they handled complaints and questions from other customers.

Once again, I was impressed to find that her team was extremely knowledgeable and efficient and that almost every problem that arose was the fault of a client and not Ivacy’s.

Ivacy Twitter Profile

Although NordVPN still offers the simplest customer service I have ever experienced, Ivacy may be a close competitor within the race and I was surprised and impressed by the level of their support.

Available Protocols: OpenVPN, SSTP, PPTP, L2TP and IKev2

Ivacy VPN Available Protocols
Article: Ivacy Review in 2021

“What could go wrong?”, You think.

She says, “It’ll just take a second.”

So you take out your phone while you wait for that vanilla latte. the point is, the network you’re close to connecting to could be an “evil twin.”

Is that how it works.

Someone turns your computer into a network access point and may provide a real-sounding name (often imitating popular and well-known names like “T-Mobile”, for example). once you connect, you are actually connecting through your computer. and that now they will gain access to some or all of the knowledge that they used to log in with, as well as their browsing activity.

That means once you take out a master card or run a couple of quick transactions, all of that data is logged because the connection is not encrypted. Unfortunately, this “WiFi” eavesdropping instance is one of the most common (and oldest) tricks within the “man-in-the-middle” attack playbook.

Now compare that to a traditional web session on a legitimate network. Open a bank’s website and each of the activities during your entire session will be encrypted by an SSL certificate. These create special keys at each access point so that no one else can monitor or gain access to what is happening after you arrive at the location.

OpenVPN, the go-to protocol for all major (and legitimate) VPN providers, is powered by the same underlying SSL technology. Ivacy follows suit, opting for OpenVPN wherever possible.

If you can’t use OpenVPN for any reason (like device restrictions), Ivacy also has other common protocol options available, including PPTP, SSTP, L2TP, and IKEv2.

Some of these other protocols, such as IPv6, are found to have security flaws. In this situation, though, Ivacy manages to fix the issue by transmitting the data and traffic through a VPN.

256-Bit Encryption

Public WiFi networks are some of the most common places people can access their online activities.

Even hotel and airport WiFi networks, which you would think are rock solid, are often vulnerable to attack. (In some cases, these institutions are the worst offenders: they track every action you create on their networks and sometimes sell your information to third parties.)

However, many public networks are vulnerable to bad behavior. Hackers can run automated systems on these networks to monitor and plan for “brute force” on your accounts.

Brute force attacks will target the login page of a selected website and plan to crack the username and password combinations by running infinite variations until they finally hit the right one. They try one letter or number at a time and keep going, adding more digits until they finally figure out how to access it.

These attacks are to blame for several of the most common ones you hear on the news every day. For example, brute force attacks are one of the main ways that people gain access to WordPress websites (which is the largest platform on the internet). They are also the commonly used tactic for hacking into celebrities’ iCloud accounts and leaking … well, private photos and videos.

When encryption is poor, brute force attacks are efficient.

In other words, when there are only numerous possible combinations of letters and numbers, it’s just a matter of time to interrupt. Generally speaking, the weaker the encryption, the faster it decrypts.

All ciphers can eventually be cracked. But if they are strong enough, it would take decades (or centuries) to try. That is why 256-bit encryption is considered the strongest possible available on the market today. It is so strong that it is employed by government agencies and therefore the cream of the crop for agricultural security companies.

Ivacy takes pride in using 256-bit cryptography, implying that the link to them should be virtually impossible to hack.

Ivacy Cons

Singapore’s status as a member of the “Five Eyes” has been confirmed

If the above title makes you scratch your head in confusion and softly mutter “What is he talking about?” quietly, it’s okay.

The term “Five Eyes” is not something that is commonly understood or discussed among the general public … and rightly so. When Edward Snowden executed the now notorious security breach on him, he published approximately 1.5 million classified NSA documents.

Among the knowledge included during this leak was a document that revealed the fine print of a security operation called “The Five Eyes”, a partnership for the exchange of information and resources between the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand that allows each government to locate and spy on “anyone, anywhere and at any time”.

In other words, the Five Eyes association may be a privacy advocate’s worst nightmare.

By using fiber optic cables in more than 20 locations around the world, concerned governments can access the personal data and thus the real-time location of almost a person of their choice.

Unfortunately for Ivacy, other leaked papers have shown that South Korea and Singapore (where its headquarters are located) are allies within the “Five Eyes Agreement” and frequently offer confidential information and services to these other governments.

Although this shouldn’t affect Ivacy’s protection because they hold no records, you should be mindful of the political landscape affecting the company’s headquarters.

No TOR or Proxy Compatibility 

While this is usually a minor annoyance for many VPN users, I used to be disappointed to find that Ivacy doesn’t support the TOR network or the other third-party proxies.

Although this may not affect the VPN experience for many users, the additional layers of security provided by TOR and other proxies can literally save your life in several of the most draconian countries.

For example, TOR support is included in NordVPN (here’s a review).

There’s a BIG Catch on the 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

One of the only issues I had with the Ivacy pricing package is that they are not upfront about the stipulations of their 30-day money-back guarantee.

It is reasonably common practice for a VPN provider to place limitations on the percentage of gigabytes of service it will use before losing its money-back guarantee. However, in most cases, this is often advertised well and therefore the customer understands the warranty restrictions.

With Ivacy … This is not the case.

After doing some research on their various policies and legal disclaimers, this is how the money-back guarantee really works.

Request a refund within 30 days (or 7 days for a 1-month plan) from the date of your subscription
Ivacy has not yet suspended your account for breach of any clause mentioned in the terms of service.
It has not consumed enough 500 MB of bandwidth, which incorporates upload and download activity with Ivacy; otherwise, you have not exceeded 30 sessions, that is, the number of times you connected to Ivacy’s services, whichever comes first
Previously, you did not request a refund under this policy
You have not used BitCoin, BitPay, Coin Payments, or Paymentwall as a payment method

Personally, I think this is usually a reasonably fair deal.

However, I also think that the clauses of your refund policy should be stated much more obviously. I mean really … How often do customers take the time to review the Terms of Service before making a purchase? It’s possible that the answer to the question will be a resounding “Never!” like you, I, and the people of Ivacy are well aware.

While I won’t blame Ivacy for intentionally lying to her user base, I will be able to say that the conditions surrounding her money-back guarantee should be detailed on her sales page, not buried in her legal disclaimers.

Only one of the four Netflix servers was operational

Just put:

Ivacy doesn’t work with Netflix. and that they have no intention of reversing that position in the short term.

To confirm, we test the downstream servers. they all allow us to download:

  • U.S
  • Canada
  • UK
  • Netherlands

“As it is, Internet users would need to comply with Netflix’s ban policy on VPN,” Ivacy has confirmed on her website.

Netflix VPN streaming error
Article: Ivacy Review in 2021

So it looks like this won’t change anytime soon.

Fortunately, we have confirmed that a couple of VPNs are still trying valiantly. Check out our top Netflix VPN list down to the simplest of the simplest.

Do I Recommend Ivacy?

On top of the day, Ivacy can be a quality VPN with acceptable speeds, unbeatable prices, and high-quality customer service.

They offer an easy-to-use platform with lots of settings and features to play with and while they are far from perfect, the “Pros” in this case far outweigh the “Cons”.

What’s good about Ivacy?

  • Cheap ($2.25/mo)
  • Secure and safe
  • True no-logging policy
  • Easy to install and use
  • Good customer service

What’s bad about Ivacy?

  • No TOR compatibility
  • Sketchy “money back guarantee”
  • “Five Eyes” jurisdiction
  • No Netflix compatibility

I do not recommend Ivacy. It’s a good service, but there are better ones for an identical price: NordVPN ($ 3.49 / month) or Surfshark ($ 1.99 / month). They both land in our top 3, check out the simplest VPNs here.

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