IVPN Review in 2023: Features, Pricing & More!

IVPN may be a foreland-based VPN service available for $6.00/month for the quality setup. The service has over 50 servers in 28 countries, none of which are capable of unblocking US Netflix, but it does offer better privacy options and a zero-logging policy. The VPN got an overall rating of 3.9/5.0 stars.

IVPN Review in 2023
IVPN Review
Based inGibraltar [SAFE]
Servers50+ (28 Countries)
LogsNo Logs
Multi Login7 Devices
Refund30 Days
IVPN Review

IVPN is a Gibraltar-based VPN service that contains a comparatively small but loyal user base. During this IVPN review, I evaluated its various capabilities and functionalities to determine whether or not it is cost-effective.

Surely, the provider has some outstanding qualities like its glorious no-logging policy, surveillance-free jurisdiction, and options like obfuscation, multi-hop, and anti-tracking.

However, that’s only 50+ servers on their network, unlike ExpressVPN or Surfshark, which cover a much wider range of locations. The service is also on the lower side in terms of speed and can’t get around restrictions on streaming services like Netflix and BBC iPlayer.

Overall, the provider received a rating of 3.9/5.0. I would suggest this service if you are willing to pay for several alternative VPNs and need strong privacy options to keep yourself well protected from cybercriminals and online agencies. you will be able to check many VPN ratings evaluated by VPNRanks.

My Rating Criteria

Here you will notice a list of nine factors that I will be mistreating to make this review:

  • Jurisdiction: where is IVPN headquartered?
  • Security: Is IVPN secure?
  • Leaks: will IVPN leak the direction of the scientific discipline?
  • Servers – Does IVPN support P2P?
  • Speed: How fast is IVPN?
  • Streaming: Will IVPN Unblock US Netflix?
  • Compatibility: What percentage of devices support IVPN?
  • Prices: what proportion is IVPN exactly?
  • Reliability: Trustpilot rating, Reddit reviews, and support

Jurisdiction – Where is IVPN Based?

Fortunately, IVPN mainly comes from a safe jurisdiction, that is, Gibraltar. The country is not a neighborhood of any alliance of the five eyes. The country does not need to comply with mandatory information retention rules, so users who are sensitive about their privacy will consider IVPN.

Since the promontory is far from the reach of the country of the five eyes, the largest police investigation agencies in the world do not have any territorial authority on the island, which allows IVPN to fulfill its promise to maintain the privacy of its users well. protected.

The service also contains a Canary Warrant and Transparency Report on its website. These should help resolve any doubts you may have about the reliability of the VPN.

Security – Is IVPN Secure?

IVPN can be a terrifyingly secure VPN service. It offers OpenVPN, WireGuard, and IKEv2/IPSec as VPN protocols, all modern and advanced tunneling protocols.

However, the VPN does not use the PPTP or L2TP protocols, and that’s up. L2TP and PPTP measure outdated protocols with exposed vulnerabilities. As such, it doesn’t add up for VPN users to use protocols that cannot guarantee their security.

One of the most powerful encryption algorithms is used by default by OpenVPN for encryption: AES-256-GCM bit encryption.

Additional Security Features

IVPN also offers additional strong security measures to protect your identity and information online from all the many threats that pose a danger to you.

IVPN Firewall (Kill Switch)

Has a Kill Switch that prevents privacy leaks from happening in the science field or DNS leaks. Kill Switch is available for desktop applications (Windows and macOS) from IVPN.

IVPN Multihop

For United Nations agency users who want an extra layer of privacy, IVPN offers multi-hop. With this feature, you will be able to route your association through multiple servers located in various regions, making it incredibly difficult for any agency to track your activities and/or the direction of your scientific field.

IVPN Anti-Censorship

IVPN also offers obfuscation to mask the fact that you are only using a VPN. This will be useful if you are in a country where VPNs are illegal and your ISP blocks VPN traffic.

IVPN Wi-Fi Protection

IVPN mechanically connects to your secure network if it detects your partner trying to connect to an unsecured Wi-Fi hotspot. With this feature, you can rest easy every time you connect to Wi-Fi, as IVPN can be aware of the insecurities of any network.

IVPN Anti-tracker

IVPN anti-tracker blocks ads and online information trackers. This is a much-needed addition for users who are annoyed with online trackers and ads tracking them on the Internet.

Does IVPN Keep Logs?

IVPN contains a clear no-logging policy. the company does not keep records of your scientific discipline address, traffic, activity, DNS requests, timestamps, or measurement of information.

IVPN Review in 2023 -logging-policy
IVPN Review

This makes it one of the few providers that refrain from working, probably in person, with fully recognizable information. Combined with the fact that it’s set on a promontory, far from the reach of five eyes, IVPN’s excellent privacy-affirming working policy is one of the service’s most encouraging attributes.

Leaks – Does IVPN Leak IP Addresses?

There is no doubt that IVPN can be a leak-free service because it conceals your true location regardless of whether it is using DNS, WebRTC, or scientific field addresses. The findings square measure is as follows:

IP Leak Test:

Unsurprisingly, a VPN as secure as IVPN has no problem when it comes to keeping your science field from being leaked:

IVPN Review in 2023 -IP-Leak-Test
IVPN Review

DNS Leak Test:

There are no DNS leak issues with IVPN because it prevents such leaks from happening:

IVPN Review in 2023 DNS-Leak-Test-of-IVPN
IVPN Review

WebRTC Leak Test:

IVPN also remains robust against WebRTC leaks:

IVPN Review in 2023 WebRTC-Leak-Test-of-IVPN

Virus Test: 

I tried VirusTotal Google Play Store humanoid app link and found no malware.

IVPN Review in 2023 Virus-Test-of-IVPN
IVPN Review

Servers – Is IVPN Compatible With P2P?

IVPN has more than 50 separate servers in twenty-eight countries around the world. This service not only specializes in installing a wide range of servers.

Instead, it takes time to build a robust and restricted network in countries that users mostly like to connect to, like the US, UK, Canada, Germany, Australia, France, etc.

The service also supports p2p file sharing. However, it discourages users from exploiting US servers to download torrents as they need to receive DMCA notices from them. Therefore, IVPN recommends connecting to VPN servers outside the US for torrenting activities.

Providers square measure continued to expand their server base and specifically square measure operating to add many East Asian locations.

Does IVPN Work in China?

IVPN claims that it works in China. although we haven’t tested it in China, the VPN’s claim seems plausible as it will offer multi-hop and obfuscation options capable of bypassing Chinese online restrictions.

Speed – How Fast is IVPN?

IVPN offers average association speeds to its users. I tested the VPN on servers in the US, UK, and Germany with a base network association of 30 Mbps. Here are the results:

On the US server, it delivered 11.84 Mbps, which is on the low end of the average:

Next, I tested the VPN on a UK server delivering 12.57 Mbps.

I eventually connected to the German server and got 9.25 Mbps:

In general, IVPN delivered average or non-average speed test results. In a way, that’s to be expected considering how focused this VPN is on security and privacy. Strong protocols and security options affect speed, as is the case here with IVPN.

Streaming – Does IVPN Unblock US Netflix?

Unfortunately, IVPN is not a perfect answer for Netflix streaming. You may have to think of different VPNs that will unblock US Netflix without a problem. I tried to connect to their {America Country|North American Nation} servers to unblock American Netflix, but instantly got a proxy error:

IVPN Review in 2023 -Netflix-error
IVPN Review

Other VoD Services

IVPN also didn’t connect when I tried to access BBC iPlayer with it. This is not very convincing if you are a friend of streaming services as IVPN cannot be counted on in unblocking services.

IVPN Review in 2023 BBC-iplayer-ivpn-error
IVPN Review

Compatibility – How Many Devices do IVPN Support?

You can connect up to seven devices with an IVPN subscription. The provider offers dedicated apps for Windows, macOS, iOS, and automata. Also, you will be able to manually install the VPN on the UNIX system, as well as routers that support VPN installation.

IVPN Desktop Apps (Windows & macOS)

The dedicated IVPN apps for Windows and macOS are similar in appearance and performance options. You will be able to access the server list from the main VPN screen, while the settings tab allows you to control Kill Switch settings, and choose the VPN protocol, and other settings. Also, you will be able to pause the VPN session for some time and set it to resume once in a certain amount of time or manually.

IVPN Review in 2023 -App-for-Windows-and-macOS
IVPN Review

IVPN Smartphone Apps

IVPN’s smartphone apps for automata and iOS are also very similar in appearance. They even have constant variations of the desktop apps. as example, there is no Kill Switch. Applications work perfectly with strict properties. In terms of ratings, IVPN features a 3.4-star rating on the Google Play Store and a 4.1-star rating on the iTunes Store.

IVPN Review in 2023 -App-for-Android-and-iOS
IVPN Review

Pricing – How Much is IVPN Exactly?

IVPN offers a rich evaluation structure. You will be able to choose between regular and professional packages, each of which is available as annual or monthly subscriptions. The evaluation of each plan looks like this:

Monthly Plan:

Annual Plan:

Pro plans offer multi-hop, port forwarding, and seven synchronous connections. In contrast, the quality setting does not provide multi-hop or port forwarding and only supports two synchronous connections.

Both packages come with a 7-day money-back guarantee and a 3-day free trial. Subscriptions can be purchased with MasterCard, Bitcoin, and PayPal.

IVPN Review in 2023 -payment-methods
IVPN Review

Also, if you’re fascinated by getting premium VPNs at discounted prices, check out our awesome VPN deals right now!

Trustworthiness – Trustpilot Rating, Reddit Reviews & Support

IVPN has a rating of 4/5.0 on Trustpilot. However, the company has only received two reviews on this platform. It’s hard to assess what people generally consider a company to have only supported ten customer reviews.

IVPN Review in 2023 -trustpilot
IVPN Review

IVPN Reddit Reviews

The name IVPN is very positive on Reddit. Users often have smart experiences to share regarding IVPN performance and reliability.

Here is a user expressing his satisfaction with the VPN:

IVPN Review in 2023 Reddit-IVPN
IVPN Review

Another user points out the stability of the VPN and overall good performance:

IVPN Review in 2023 Reddit-Customer-Review-IVPN
IVPN Review

It is encouraging to see that the VPN receives intelligent feedback from real users.

Customer Support

IVPN offers strict customer support options. you will be able to communicate with them through live chat (although it is not available permanently) as well as emails.

I couldn’t meet any online customer support representatives once I tried to get through live chat:

IVPN Review

Now I would be okay with this if it was a low-cost no-name provider. But considering the high-level evaluation of this VPN, I am quite surprised that they cannot afford to hire a couple of customer representatives to serve visitors on their website via live chat day and night.

As such, IVPN has to start funding more in its customer support department to serve its users instantly.

Comparison Between ExpressVPN and IVPN

I’ve outlined the salient features of each of these VPNs to help you opt out of your privacy right away.

Servers3000+ in 94 Countries50+ in 28 Countries
CompatibilityAll DevicesWindows, macOS, Linux,
Android & iOS
JurisdictionThe British Virgin IslandsGibraltar
Logging PolicyZero LogsNo Logs
Customer SupportLive Chat & Email SupportFAQs, Live Chat & Email
Trustpilot Score4.74
IVPN Review

Alternatives to IVPN

IVPN could be a complete VPN service that provides an incredible combination of options for your digital privacy. Regardless, several users are also looking for something else that this service does not offer. we tend to recommend that these users can post reviews.

Do I Recommend IVPN?

Yes, I like to recommend IVPN to users, especially if you focus on privacy. IVPN has one of the easiest working policies in the company. It offers stable performance with valuable capabilities like Kill Switch, obfuscation, multi-hop, anti-tracker, and Wi-Fi protection.

As such, VPN could be a good alternative if you want to freely access the web without worrying about rogue elements violating your privacy. It also has the rare quality of operating in China.

However, its expensive evaluation, low number of servers, lack of Netflix support, average speed, and a live chat network that is not permanently online are the biggest drawbacks of this VPN.

Therefore, with all the points mentioned during this IVPN review, the service has received an overall rating of 3.9/5.0 stars.

For additional reviews, check out our VPN reviews section with over 160 unbiased reviews waiting for you to scan.

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