Japan’s Summer Season To Visit In 2023

Travel In Japan: Different Seasons

Now let’s talk about summer in Japan and also about the different 3 seasons. As mentioned above, all seasons offer a wonderful and memorable experience in Japan. Let’s look at the highlights of each season, along with peak traveler months and a host of other invaluable travel tips.

Spring In Japan (March To May)

Japan's Summer Season To Visit In 2023 spring in Japan
Japan’s Summer Season To Visit

The Japanese word for spring is here. The magical and romantic season of cherry blossoms is usually the most effective time to go to Japan. However, crowds are sizable and accommodation tends to be expensive. Cherry blossom season starts and ends earlier in the south and starts later and lasts longer in the north. Keep in mind that Mother Nature works at her own pace. So sakura trees may bloom earlier or later each year.

Typically, April is the greatest month to view cherry blossoms. The weather is calmer and warmer this month, however, you can expect remarkable cherry blossom spots filled with hikers of all ages. The Japanese appreciate sakura so universally that these impermanent flowers (sakura trees bloom for about 10 days) are seen as a national image. Cherry blossoms are deeply embedded in the country’s culture, and countless poems, music, and works of art celebrate Sakura.

There could be a famous Japanese haiku by Matsuo Basho (the most famous author of the Edo period):

This Spring Night
Ending with dawn
And cherry blossoms  

The first week of May is known as Golden Week (beginning at the end of April). is a group of 4 national holidays between seven days. Making it one of the busiest holiday seasons in Japan, in addition to New Year and Obon week. Trains, airports, and major tourist destinations are often extraordinarily crowded during Golden Week.

Lodging in places for travelers is more expensive and is usually fully booked before. If you intend to be in Japan within the first week of May, please book early. The latter half of May is the best for travel, and you can explore Japan before the time of year in the Gregorian calendar month. Let’s continue with what summer is like in Japan.

Summer In Japan (June To August)

Japan's Summer Season To Visit In 2023 summer in Japan
Japan’s Summer Season To Visit

Summer in Japan is an exciting time of year with several vibrant festivals. This season tends to be hot and humid, with rain in most parts of Japan. Although this is usually the time of year, it does not rain daily. The rain in Japan is not like the rain in different Asian countries. Although not torrential, it can be continuous.

Keep in mind that summer in the Japanese capital tends to be hot and humid. Throughout this season, locals prefer kakigori (Japanese finely shaved frozen dessert seasoned with exceptional ingredients, sweeteners, and a sweetener) and somen (cold noodles). The rain comes briefly, gusts sharply, and breaks the humidity for a short time.

Summer in Ezo could be a completely different story. This prefecture is comparatively unaffected by the time of year. Several of Hokkaido’s National Parks are at their best in the Gregorian calendar month, and most of the high-altitude trails start to open up for the hiking season.

The summer months in Japan provide some of the best festivals. Examples are the Gion Matsuri in Kyoto, the Tenjin Matsuri in Osaka, the Nebuta Matsuri in Aomori, and also the Awa Odori competition in Tokushima on the island of Shikoku. There is also a variety of local matsuri (festivals) throughout the country. In addition to Associate in Nursing’s authentic cultural experience, you’ll notice an inspiring choice of Japanese street food at a matsuri.

Japan's Summer Season To Visit In 2023 Akagawa Fireworks
Japan’s Summer Season To Visit

Summer in Japan is also famous for its extraordinary fireworks displays. On the last weekday of the Gregorian calendar month, one of the most beloved summer events is Tokyo’s Sumida Stream fireworks competition. During this competition, the sky above Sumida Stream sparkles with tens of thousands of clever fireworks. With the rain and heat. Summer is also a great time for visitors to explore indoor options like museums, art galleries, Kabuki (a classic form of Japanese dance-drama), cafes, and fine dining.

Autumn In Japan (September To November)

Japan's Summer Season To Visit In 2023 autumn in Japan
Japan’s Summer Season To Visit

Autumn is considered the most pleasant time to visit Japan, with temperatures ranging from 10 to 21°C. This season is meant for the spectacular colors of the time of year and the lively, dynamic foliage. We found that immersing yourself in a partner’s outdoor onsen while taking in the foliage for the time of year is a memorable experience for partners.

The downside to visiting Japan during the entire time of year is that the crowds in the Gregorian calendar month rival the massive numbers seen during the spring cherry blossom season. However, September tends to see fewer tourists than October and the Gregorian calendar month.

Fall offers the right weather for outdoor walks with the trees turning vivid shades of red, yellow, and orange. seek out ancient Japanese gardens like Rukugien Gardens in the Japanese capital for time-of-year views. You can also take the long drive to Lake Kawaguchiko at the base of Mount Fuji for views of Japan’s highest peak reflected in the serene waters of the lake, with red trees dotting the shores and lining the mountainsides.

Several autumn festivals, such as the inner city Kunchi competition, feature Japan’s distinctive reference to the West. In Kyoto, residents celebrate the Jidai Matsuri at the end of October. you might catch a long procession of moving shrines, samurai, and ancient music performances. For those about to be in the Japanese capital this season. Keep an eye out for the time of year Ginza event.

Winter In Japan (December To February)

Japan's Summer Season To Visit In 2023 Visiting Hokkaido in February 2023: Ultimate Guide to Hokkaido in Winter  and Clothes You Need! | LIVE JAPAN travel guide
Japan’s Summer Season To Visit

Winter in Japan offers a completely different experience with winter onsen, snow sports, festivals, and events. If you want to avoid the crowds. Consider visiting early in the Gregorian calendar month, once you can see some of the time-of-year leaves. Winters are cold, and temperatures vary between -1 and 7 °C.

The mid to late Gregorian calendar month gets quite busy as people prepare to travel during the year’s celebrations. Throughout this era, lodgings throughout the country’s area units were often full and area unit costs were in addition to usual. However, the period and area unit of February are good months to go after the holidays if you don’t mind the weather conditions.

Note that many places within the cities area unit normally close at the top of the Gregorian calendar month for many days. The partners’ choice is to get off the beaten path and away from the cities. It can be a peaceful and otherworldly time to go to the temples and shrines as they remain open during the New Year holidays.

Japan has become an amazing ski and snowboard destination all winter long. the most famous place to enjoy the legendary powder drive of Japan Yezo and the Japanese Alps. If you are here during this entire season, don’t miss the onsen. Few things are identical to sitting in a very mountainous torrent, surrounded by a white landscape with falling snow while you get soaked.

A Summary Of Japan’s Peak Travel Seasons

Japan's Summer Season To Visit In 2023 Japan travel
Japan’s Summer Season To Visit

Please note that the seasons and weather in Japan vary from place to place. Yezo (in the north) experiences longer and cooler winters than Okinawa (in the south), which enjoys longer summers and relative warmth year-round.

To decide once to travel to Japan, ask yourself: would you rather have better weather or smaller crowds? Also, consider the busiest times of the year in Japan where, in addition to lots of people. The price of accommodation in hotels and ryokans tends to skyrocket.

Don’t forget that travelers must visit Japan on a radio-controlled tour organized by a Japan-based agency or operator such as Holiday Tours. To organize your trip, check Japan’s travel restrictions here.

Japan’s Peak Travel Season

  • New Year’s: From around the last week of December into the first week of January.
  • Cherry Blossom Season: From around the second half of March into the first half of April.
  • Golden Week: An extended holiday week that usually occurs in the first week of May.
  • Obon: An extended holiday period usually occurs in the middle of August.
Japan's Summer Season To Visit In 2023 nachi fire festival
Japan’s Summer Season To Visit

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