Liquid Web Review 2022: Features, Pricing & More!

US-based Liquid Web Review has fully grown into a $100 million Web hosting business that currently manages 1.5 million sites for 45,000 clients in its 10 global data centers.

Liquid Web could be a leader in customer loyalty for the hosting business. they are made specifically for mission-critical sites, stores, and applications.

Here could be a careful review of the liquid web.

General Info & Liquid Web Review:

SUPPORT:live chat, email, phone
CMSs:WordPress, WooCommerce
FEATURES:Pre-Installed WordPress, Fast SSD Storage, Unlimited Traffic, Off-Server Backups, Proactive Enforcement
HOSTING PLANS:VPS, WordPress, cloud, dedicated, WooCommerce
PRICING:From $15/month (pay per period)

Liquid Web Pros & Cons

Let’s quickly reconsider the key pros and cons of Liquid Web hosting.

• cPanel attached
• fast SSD storage
• DDoS protection
• High security
• Good customer service
• Dedicated and High-Performance Servers
• WooCommerce Hosting
• Extremely high ticket
• No shared hosting
• No liquidweb video hosting

When to use Liquid Web

Your business wants an SEO-optimized website from Associate in Nursing. Put your website on a trusted provider for maximum performance and improve your software’s rankings. What sites will you be able to host on Liquid Web? With support for the WordPress platform, you can host your company blogs as well as online stores.

And with support for the WooCommerce platform, you’ll have added convenience for hosting and supporting eCommerce sites. Overall, you will be able to host a website here and get a good return, if the liquid web hosting reviews are to be believed.

When not Liquid Web

In general, the types of accommodation here create the potential to host the location of almost any business. Both small businesses and large companies can get the performance that suits them best here. Due to the different plans, you can choose both the type of hosting and the capacity of the servers.

However, there are strict rules, in line with the operating policy of the service. Not all sites can be hosted on this platform.

  • Hacking, spam, fraud, hacking of identity information.
  • Engage in offensive activities such as stalking or posting or distributing inappropriate content.

In this case, your website could also be blocked. Be careful about the websites you put on this hosting.


Liquid Web Performance

The first thing we tend to have an interest in hosting is performance. In fact, it is terribly fascinating to visualize what capabilities and possibilities servers offer. now we tend to shake Liquid Web Performance. Let’s see what the provider offers and what you can use to improve your site’s position in search engines.

  • Automatic daily backups
  • staging website
  • Cloudflare CDN
  • Own information centers
  • Plesk and cPanel available
  • Unlimited sites with InterWorx
  • Gigabit Information Measurement
  • Dedicated Information Processing Address

CDN could be a route that minimizes the geographical distance between your guests and your website server to reduce page load time and maximize your customer experience. The service allows you to request the advantage of additional capacity, in fact, for a fee. you can set more from the screenshot below.

Liquid Web performance

Liquid Web Speed ​​Check Results

Let’s be honest. Nobody likes slow websites! Users choose to use websites that load quickly. Nor can we need to attend a minute or two before accessing the content of the website. Furthermore, website loading speed is also one of the most important factors in software rankings. Keep this in mind once you select a hosting provider!

Let’s see how fast they contain hundreds on Liquid Web! to try to do this we are going to use free services to check the loading speed.

TestAverage Loading Time
GTmetrix test2.0 s
Pingdom test2.21 s
PageSpeed Insights (Google)3.1 s

Well, we have seen sites that load much faster. however, it’s still not an unpleasant meter. Liquid Web, you still have work to do!

Liquid Web Period Guarantees

An accessible website gets additional visits. makes sense, right? however, what affects the network accessibility of your resource? First of all, it is the performance and guarantees of your provider. the longer the Warranties period, the less likely your website will be unavailable for a purpose.

If a visitor can’t get to your website, they will leave and are unlikely to return. you may lose a potential customer as well, as your site’s position in the software rankings will deteriorate.

Regarding the Liquid Web Period Guarantees, it is 99.999%. is almost 100%! a terribly high guarantee. you’ll be able to ensure that your website is almost always available, plus the possibility of an unforeseen Nursing Associate scenario with the provider’s servers.

Even in this case, liquid web hosting has precautions in place. In any case, the service ensures that any issues are quickly resolved and the website is available once again. Let’s not check it next. I would like sites accessible to all!

Liquid Web server reaction time

Okay, now it’s worth taking a look at the reaction time of the Liquid Web server. What is this metric and why is it necessary for SEO? The primary computer’s memory content unit transfer time shows how responsive and quick the server is in responding to user requests.

The higher this indicator, the higher the ranking of your website. Google considers sites that load faster than 200ms to be fast. Well, let’s see how fast Liquid Web hundreds.

Liquid Web server response time

Above we have attached a screenshot of the Bitcatcha service. On a daily basis, this service compares thousands of hosting companies and assigns them a rating. the higher the rating, the faster the content loads. As you can see, Liquid Web received an Associate in Nursing A+. What an excellent result! Well done guys!

Liquid Data Processor Transfer

The migration team’s sole focus is to take that pressure off you by transferring your information from your old server or provider to Liquid web. It comes free with VPS hosting. Transferring an Internet site needs hot specialists. The migration team will transfer your information on your timeline within a nominal period.

Varieties of Liquid Web, characteristics, and valuation.

The most fascinating part of our liquid web hosting review. Currently, we tend to measure squares to establish specifically what styles of accommodation can be obtained from this provider and how many of you have to acquire this pleasure. Well, as you can see from the screenshot below, there is VPS, WordPress, cloud, dedicated, and WooCommerce hosting.

Liquid Web Types, Features, and Pricing

Prices start at $15 per month. It’s a bit expensive, but maybe that price has a reason? Let’s see Liquidweb hosting plans!

Dedicated Server Hosting

Liquid Web Managed Dedicated Servers offer high performance for your website, plus a high level of security for any website or application.

The higher the configuration level you decide on, the more options you will get by default! for example, backup and DDoS protection. Six and twelve-month square window packages are available upon request. Check with support for more details.

Dedicated servers in the cloud

This provider’s secure and reliable cloud servers offer the company’s customers hardware transparency as well as load equalization to avoid wasting resources. obtainable on LINUX or Windows operating system.

Managed WooCommerce

All WooCommerce Liquid Web hosting packages include the features you’d like to scale and secure your online stores. Provides practicality specific to e-commerce sites. Take advantage of WooCommerce Managed Hosting to take your store to the next level.

If you can’t find an answer for your business, contact support to create a custom setup or opt for LiquidWeb’s web hosting setup. Yes, you will be able to accomplish your goal!

Managed WordPress Hosting

Liquid Web WordPress managed hosting plans are designed to produce quality convenience for sites running on this platform. Remember that they are currently available in both the US and Europe!

Managed VPS Hosting

One of Liquid Web‘s distinctive features in relation to this product is that it charges only for the times the servers are used. It lowers prices and, at the same time, makes it easier to cancel. Managed hosting value at LiquidWeb starts at $15 per month.

Liquid Web Managed VPS Hosting

Security Measures

Liquid Web offers a wide variety of security add-ons and services. With Cloud and a platform in love, if you accept any of the admin panels, you will have 24/7 managed support, the team is ready to help you with any issues related to server security. Liquid Web includes security, the performance boost of a CDN, and DDoS protection at no charge.

Here the square measure other facts:

  • Standard protection against DDoS attacks
  • ServerSecure Advanced Security
  • Integrated firewall
  • Root access

As for the plugins, they provide advanced protection services like protection and remediation, vulnerability scanning, Internet application, hardware firewalls, etc. You will be able to contact support to choose additional security measures if your website requires them, and so that they can respond to you quickly, in tune with liquid web review.

Liquid Web security

Support Options

Customer support shows how much the provider cares about its users. The faster your issues are resolved, the better the provider name. In addition to customer service, there is also a journal and domain of knowledge that will give you additional information on how to trade with this provider. We recommend that you only study this information carefully before you start trading with the service.

Liquid Web Support

We decided to see how quickly support responds within a business day in our review. To our surprise, it took no more than ten seconds before a responsive support manager contacted us and answered all of our queries in great detail. Thank you very substantially for such a qualified service, Erika!

Liquid Web Quick Facts

Uptime SLAs100%
Proactive compliance by defaultincluded in every configuration
WordPress Pre-installedattached
Advanced OptionsCloudflare CDN, Integrated Firewall
Free Domainincluded in every setup
Liquid web email hostingPlugin

Can We Recommend Liquid Web ?

Yes. We will defend this reliable hosting service in our Liquid Web Shared Hosting review. the only essential drawback is its value. You can of course look for a less expensive answer, however, you are unlikely to be looking for consistently high performance. Although, honestly, such a value can offer the speed of loading content a little higher.

However, it is still considered quite high. You should not use hosting if you do not perceive the configuration in the slightest. Even despite fast and responsive customer service, you’re going to run into problems. In any case, it is an excellent possibility for your business, if your budget contemplates such spending on hosting.

FAQS on Liquid Web

On a VPS, how many websites can I host?

There is no limit to the number of websites you can host on a VPS as our server has unlimited hosting capabilities.

Where are the Liquid Web servers located?

Lansing, MI
Phoenix, Arizona
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Can I update Liquid Web settings at any time?

Yes, if your business needs have expanded, you can simply upgrade your configuration.

Is Liquid Web smart for beginners?

Not really. it is an exclusive service that needs some technical preparation before using it.

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