Low Carb Food List (2022)

If you’re adopting a low-carb diet or just want to cut carbs, you’ll speculate on what foods you’ll be able to eat. Or how many carbohydrates are measured in mixed foods like quinoa & oatmeal, healthy whole grains that also contain carbohydrates, but are also packed with nutrients? Not to mention, what vegetables, fruits, and proteins can you reasonably eat, and how many carbohydrates are in those foods?

The key to not feeling disadvantaged is to eat a variety of foods from all the food groups, even grains will pair nicely with low-carb intake.

At EatingWell, we tend to suggest that on a low-carb diet. You get 40 percent of your calories from carbs or a minimum of 120 grams of total carbs per day. That amount helps you maintain a diet and get all your nutrients. It’s also more possible and less restrictive than following super low-carb diets like the ketogenic diet.

The Best Healthy Low-Carb Grains


1/2 cup cooked quinoa = 20 grams of carbohydrate

Low Carb Food List (2022) The Best Healthy Low-Carb Grains
Low Carb Food List (2022)

Quinoa is one of the most hyped grains, due to its content of macromolecules (8 grams per cup) and fiber (5 grams per cup). however, keep in mind that just because it’s a high-protein grain doesn’t mean it’s very low-carb. 1/2 cup of poached quinoa has twenty grams of the supermolecule, so be sure to include that in your day and follow up with a 1/2 cup serving (get all of our best quinoa status-shifting tips and nutritional information here).


1 cup of poached oats = twenty-eight grams of supermolecule

Low Carb Food List (2022) Oatmeal
Low Carb Food List (2022)

If your goal is to have a huge bowl of carbs, even on a low-carb diet, make it with oatmeal. Oatmeal contains beta-glucan, which helps slow digestion. during a study in Nutrition Journal, eating oatmeal helped curb cravings for four hours longer than dry cereal containing the same number of calories. Whether or not you choose a serving of traditional oatmeal or quick oatmeal, each contains twenty-seven grams of carbohydrates per 1/2 dry cup. be sure to buy plain versions instead of seasoned instant oatmeal, which comes with a lot of added sugar. (Want to cook like a pro? Here are the right thanks for making oatmeal.)


Low Carb Food List (2022) Polenta
Low Carb Food List (2022)

Made from Indian food, porridge may be a staple of the Italian change of state. you can prepare it for the reception or get ready-to-eat porridge in rolls that you simply cut. A 3.5-ounce serving (one-fifth of the roll) contains just fifteen grams of carbs, pretty low when it comes to grains. If you’re gluten-free, porridge is a decent option, too.

Low-Carb Proteins

Most proteins are low in carbohydrates, particularly animal proteins. the following is a list of healthy proteins you can eat and their amount of carbohydrates.


Low Carb Food List (2022)

A giant egg contains half a dozen grams of macromolecules, five grams of fat, and zero grams of carbohydrates — they beat out a nice 72-calorie pack. Eat the yolk: A new analysis from the Yankee Journal of Clinical Nutrition shows that while eggs do contain cholesterol, they don’t increase your risk of heart disease, even if you have a cistron that makes you more sensitive to dietary cholesterol. They also contain the necessary nutrients, as well as calciferol, xanthophyll, and vitamin B.


Low Carb Food List (2022) Beef
Low Carb Food List (2022)

The meat is a victim because it is all macromolecule and not carbohydrates. (Remember, while it’s a good amount of vitamins and minerals, meat is also fiber-free. Translation: You should skip the meat and cut out fiber-adding whole grains, fruits, and vegetables from your diet.) You know chicken can be a lean source of macromolecules, but twenty cuts of meat are considered “lean” or “leaner” by the executive department. Sensible selections include eye round roast, cut of beef, pot roast, and prime steak.

Hemp Seeds

Low Carb Food List (2022) Hemp Seeds
Low Carb Food List (2022)

The best thing about this is that you will simply sprinkle hemp on foods like dairy products, salads, or oatmeal for a nutty crunch and a good source of the vegetarian macromolecule. A 3-tablespoon serving contains nine grams of a macromolecule, one gram of fiber, and one hundred and seventy calories. In addition, they are a source made of iron, metal, and Zn.


Low Carb Food List (2022)

These crustaceans are good to include in meals, especially if you are looking to lose weight. 3 ounces of shrimp offers a whopping twenty grams of macromolecule for less than eighty-four calories. just be sure to grill or lightly sauté them, bread them and cook them, and add non-essential carbs and calories.


Low Carb Food List (2022) Soy
Low Carb Food List (2022)

Whether it’s edamame, curd, or milk, soy could be a good choice if you want a lot of macromolecules for tiny carbs. A 3.5-ounce serving of extra firm curd contains ten grams of macromolecule and only a couple of grams of supermolecule. One cup of edamame has eighteen grams of macromolecule and might be a bit higher in carbohydrates at fourteen grams. A cup of milk has seven grams of macromolecule and only four grams of carbohydrates. If you choose milk, be sure to drink it without sugar; sugary versions contain twice the carbohydrates due to the higher amount of sugar.


Low Carb Food List (2022) Seitan
Low Carb Food List (2022)

You might think you have to stay away from seitan, a meat substitute for eating made from wheat gluten, because, well, it’s made from wheat. However, a 3-ounce serving offers just a couple of grams of carbs and a whopping twelve grams of macromolecule.

Peanut Butter

Low Carb Food List (2022) Peanut Butter
Low Carb Food List (2022)

Peanuts are technically a legume (same family as beans), so they have seven grams of carbs per serving. however, a couple of tablespoons of pasta contains seven grams of macromolecule and sixteen grams of healthy and satiating fats. several brands flavored with sugar, along with honey and syrup. To limit sugar (and carbs), opt for those made only with peanuts. different nut butter, such as almond butter, cashew butter, and pistachio butter are good selections.

Low-Carb Snacks


Low Carb Food List (2022) Nuts
Low Carb Food List (2022)

Think of almonds (23 whole provide six grams of macromolecule and six grams of carbohydrate), walnuts (14 halves contain four grams of macromolecule and four grams of carbohydrate), or pistachios (49 around the curve have six grams of macromolecule and eight grams of carbohydrate). carbohydrates). the good thing about round the corner is that they are also a stellar source of fiber, another nutrient that gives strength to your meals and snacks. All of these selections provide a couple of to four grams of fiber per serving. (Women should aim for twenty-five grams of fiber per day.)

String cheese

Low Carb Food List (2022) String cheese
Low Carb Food List (2022)

An easily mobile portion of a macromolecule, a cheese stick contains only eighty calories per six grams of macromolecule and less than one gram of supermolecule. Plus, a recent small study in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry found that absorbing cheese could make smart microorganisms that keep your gut healthy.


Low Carb Food List (2022) Olives
Low Carb Food List (2022)

There’s a reason you’ll be served a small plate of olives (instead of bread) in countries like Spain and European countries before your meal: they’re packed with flavor. Olives are full of healthy monounsaturated fatty acids. And 1/4 cup is just forty calories, two grams of sugar, and one gram of fiber. These days, you can find them in convenient snack packs for convenience on the go.


Low Carb Food List (2022) Jerky
Low Carb Food List (2022)

Jerky recently received a gourmand makeover and is now offered with ingredients like responsibly raised turkey, chicken, beef, and beef in inventive flavors (like herbs, citrus, and teriyaki). With around seven grams of macromolecule and only two grams of carbs per 1-ounce bar, this can be a good way to skip mid-afternoon snacks without eating potato chips. just try to make a hole with the least amount of Na.

Hummus & Crudités

Low Carb Food List (2022) Hummus & Crudités
Low Carb Food List (2022)

Crunchy non-starchy vegetables like cucumbers and celery make good spikes for dipping in pasta (about four grams of carbs per 2-tablespoon serving). Chickpeas in paste provide macromolecules and abundant vitamin B, a very important measure to serve your body to convert food into fuel. want another dip? Try the seasoning or combine Greek dairy products with juice, garlic, and herbs.

Low-Carb Vegetables

Get our list of hierarchical vegetables from lowest carb to highest carb.


Low Carb Food List (2022) Cauliflower
Low Carb Food List (2022)

This genus of dilleniid dicots has a flare as a popular vegetable. Low carbs may appreciate it because it will mash up like potatoes. Or throw it in the kitchen appliance to create “cauliflower rice,” which can then be used in “rice” and stir-fry bowls. Some grocery stores even sell prepackaged cauliflower rice for easy room preparation.


Low Carb Food List (2022) Zucchini
Low Carb Food List (2022)

We love zucchini because it is so versatile. With a vegetable peeler or handy spiralizer, zucchini are transformed into spaghetti-like “noodles” or linguine as a low-carb substitute for pasta. Don’t miss out on our vegetarian noodle recipes including zucchini noodles, pumpkin pas

Spaghetti Squash

Low Carb Food List (2022) Spaghetti Squash
Low Carb Food List (2022)

Another nice choice is pumpkin spaghetti, which may be baked or cooked and the “pumpkin noodles” ejected with a fork. You can top them with the sauce just like zucchini noodles. Bake them in casseroles or lasagna — squash is delicious regardless of the flavors it’s served with. For ideas, check out our amazing spaghetti squash recipes.

Sweet Potatoes

Low Carb Food List (2022) Sweet Potatoes
Low Carb Food List (2022)

All potatoes measure starchy vegetables (along with others like corn and peas), so they have extra carbs. A medium sweet potato contains twenty-four grams of sugar, so combine it with baked chicken or fish and a green vegetable like broccoli for a complete meal. Fiber (4 grams) helps slow digestion, and sweet potatoes are packed with disease-fighting antioxidants known as carotenoids.

Low-Carb Fruits

Get our list of hierarchical fruits from lowest carb to highest carb.


Low Carb Food List (2022)

Berries are a winner because they are low in sugar and high in fiber, so they keep your body at just the right energy level. Blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, and raspberries square all smart choices when you’re craving fruit. One cup of blueberries provides eighty-four calories and twenty-one grams of carbohydrates, one cup of blackberries has sixty-two calories and fourteen grams of carbohydrates, sliced ​​strawberries provide fifty-three calories and thirteen grams of carbohydrates per cup, and raspberries have sixty-four calories and fifteen grams of sugar in one cup.


Low Carb Food List (2022)

Super refreshing, this melon ranks lower on the fruit calorie scale: just fifty calories per cup of cubes and thirteen grams of carbs.


Low Carb Food List (2022) Plums
Low Carb Food List (2022)

These are good because they are sometimes on the smaller end, so they have partial constitutional control. A fruit contains only thirty calories, eight grams of sugar, and one gram of fiber. Also, these are mobile for absorption on the go.

Fresh Fruit

Low Carb Food List (2022)

Regardless of the type of fruit you eat, be sure to choose fresh fruit instead of juice or edible fruit. Juice doesn’t contain fiber, so the sugar will raise your glucose quickly. the edible fruit is commonly sweetened with added sugars or juices, and cup for cup typically contains four times as many calories (and carbs).

Low-Carb Dairy

Greek Yogurt

Low Carb Food List (2022)

Dairy isn’t out of the question just because you’re low carb. choose Greek yogurt, which includes a higher content of supermolecules compared to regular yogurt. A half-dozen-ounce instrument offers seventeen grams of supermolecule and only 6 grams of carbohydrates and is a good source of atomic number 20 for maintaining bone. However, it is a low-carb option as long as it is simple. Fruit mixes contain many teaspoons of added sugar and 3 times the amount of carbohydrates. create your own with our DIY address for Greek yogurt.


Low Carb Food List (2022) Kefir
Low Carb Food List (2022)

While kefir, a sour milk drink with lemon, contains just as many carbohydrates as milk, it has the added benefit of probiotics, which help improve gut health. It’s also lactose-free, so if you’re having trouble digesting regular milk, kefir is a good way to get a supermolecule (1 cup provides eleven grams), D (a quarter of your daily allowance), and atomic number. 20 (almost a mere fraction of what you would like for a day).

Non-Dairy Milk

Low Carb Food List (2022) Non-Dairy Milks
Low Carb Food List (2022)

This is not a dairy farm, but if you’re looking for a non-dairy food other than cow’s milk, recognize that they don’t all seem the same when it comes to nutrition. Low-carb selections include nuts (such as almonds) and coconut milk. Avoid rice and oat milk, which can provide more than twenty grams of carbs per cup, and watch out for added sugars.

Cottage Cheese

Low Carb Food List (2022)

Don’t forget the farmhouse cheese. it’s a supermolecule powerhouse that rivals Greek yogurt, at twenty-four grams per cup. Call on farmhouse cheese when you need to shake up your breakfast routine, or as a quick snack topped with cinnamon and berries.

Low-Carb Desserts

Whipped Coconut Milk & Berries

Low Carb Food List (2022)

We’re talking about the stuff of a will (not the non-dairy milk substitute). A mere fraction of a cup of “lite” coconut milk contains fifty calories and one gram of carbohydrates. Scoop out the thick, custard-like milk and whisk it into a non-dairy topping to prepare the berries for a low-carb dessert. See a way to make DIY coconut topping.

Almond-Flour Baked Treats

Low Carb Food List (2022)

The next time you’re baking a dessert, swap out some plain flour for almond flour (also known as almond flour). Made up of finely ground almonds, the flour adds antioxidant and slimming monounsaturated fats and a few extra supermolecules to cookies, cakes, and sweetbreads.

Avocado Pudding

Low Carb Food List (2022) Avocado Pudding
Low Carb Food List (2022)

You can create avocado pudding by swirling nut milk, avocado, and flavors like chocolate in a kitchen appliance. Avocado may also be a fruit, but it’s a made-for-you source of good-for-you fats. Watch the calories here: A whole avocado contains around 320. On the flip side, it also packs nearly fourteen grams of satiating fiber and a respectable four grams of supermolecule.

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