MDDHosting Review 2021: Features, Pricing & More!

MDDHosting may be a small private hosting company founded relatively recently in 2007.

His claims of fame?

MDDHosting Review 2021

Speed ​​and repair. The “meat and potatoes” of web hosting. His direct approach seems refreshingly honest in an industry that will be, well, less so.

It also reflects its down-to-earth roots from the Midwest (which started and are based in Indiana, with data centers in Denver, Colorado).

We are always looking for the diamond in the rough; Hosting startups that offer a special or better approach than the industry stalwarts.

MDDHosting seems like an ideal candidate.

We purchased the “Basic Plan” from MDDHosting and set up a WordPress website to start running tests for the eventual unbiased review you are reading now.

Let’s delve into.

General Info & Hosting Overview

Our Rating:Our Verdict: 4.0⭐⭐⭐⭐
SPEED:637 ms (February 2020 to January 2021)
UPTIME:99.13% (February 2020 to January 2021)
SUPPORT:Live Chat, Phone, Ticketing, and Knowledge Base
APPS:Softaculous App Installer for the Most Popular Apps Like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and more.
FEATURES:Unlimited websites and bandwidth, 10GB storage, unlimited email accounts, 30-day money-back guarantee, 1000% uptime guarantee, daily off-site backup
HOSTING PLANS:Cloud, VPS, and Reseller Hosting
PRICING:Starting at $4.00/mo (no higher renewal price)

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MDDHosting Review 2021

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MDDHosting Review 2021

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MDDHosting Review 2021

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Pros of MDDHosting

Most hosting companies sell an equivalent service (more or less). Some bring a couple of extras, but the big three of uptime, speed, and customer service are mostly what you’re buying.

If an internet hosting company falls short in any of those areas, there is a problem. Two or more, run!

Fortunately, MDDHosting tops two out of three with flying colors.

1. Decent Page Load Time (637 ms)

First, speed. This is where the last 12 months of MDDHosting have been pretty good.

During our test period, they put an average page load time of 637 ms. This is usually an honest result, but the speed of MDDHosting has slowed down over the last year. for example, its speed during our last test period was 358 ms.

MDDHosting Review 2021
MDDHosting average speed

However, for now, they are still fast enough (like A2 Hosting or Hostinger) to urge us to pass.

2. Quick, Efficient Support

MDDHosting provides 24/7/365 standard customer support via phone, ticketing, and also live chat.

During our review processes, the customer representative enabled our live chat consultation at one point and was generally well informed.

MDDHosting Review 2021

Again, they perform well in one of the “big three”, providing fast and efficient support that is fine for an 8/10 minimum.

MDDHosting also has a vast domain of knowledge.

3. Straightforward Hosting


That was a nasty technical joke that means what you see is what you get with MDDHosting.

No hidden fees. There are no price hacks you have to sign on to for the next 35 years of your life for the low price advertised on the website. And there are no games with limited standard features that force you to accept the most expensive plans.

Sure, there are some space and storage limitations for smaller plans. Otherwise, you get all the equivalent features that the more expensive ones offer.

For example, even with your basic plan, you get unlimited:

  • Domains
  • Subdomains
  • Databases
  • Emails
  • FTP accounts

Want to buy just one month, versus a full year (or more)? Sure, you will go ahead and do this. The annual discount isn’t that big either; therefore, not much is being lost.

4. 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

MDDHosting offers a no-hassle, unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee with most of their plans. Nothing special like 90 or maybe 97 days, but not great either.

5. Free Migrations for cPanel Sites

Some web servers that we have reviewed will charge you for each site migration. That’s right – they basically charge you more to run your business to them.

Others will offer free maneuvering of a site on their servers. But if you’d like to bring an extra one? This is correct: they’re going to charge you more.

We are happy to report that MDDHosting does not. in accordance with their terms, they will help move any of their sites to their data centers for free. There is also no limit, so you will move two, five, or ten and you will not be charged more.

There are only two caveats.

The first is that you simply have to ask within the first 60 days. However, that seems pretty obvious, so it’s not a big deal. then it will cost $ 10 per site.

The other potential problem is that these free migrations to the site are available only for cPanel accounts. If you try to manipulate sites without access to cPanel, it will cost $ 25 per site or account.

The positive side is that these policies are quite common. Most cPanel-compatible hosts can move these files faster and easier than other custom settings that don’t match your own server settings.

6. No Renewal Price Hikes

MDDHosting goes against another common pricing trick in the industry that ends up trapping customers all of a sudden.

Many hosts will advertise a surprisingly low rate on their site.

Naturally, people are drawn to what seems like a tremendous value. And it is if you register for a minimum of three years to ensure that low rate.

However, the opposite common problem is that when this introductory plan expires, you are often left with a “renewal fee” that will be 2-3 times the initial price you paid.

Fortunately, MDDHosting does not do this. So whatever price you pay when you move into them, it will also be the price you pay when your initial plan expires. There is no surprising increase in time from two to three years.

7. “1000%” Uptime Guarantee

The terms of MDDHosting include a “1000 percent Uptime Guarantee”.

What does that mean exactly?

It means that for every hour of downtime, “you can request 10 times (1000%) the particular amount of downtime.”

In other words, one hour of inactivity earns you ten hours of credit.

MDDHosting Review 2021

The problem is, you simply need to send an email to your billing department ( within seven days of the downtime.

As with other uptime guarantees, this only applies to actual downtime due to internal issues or errors.

Extraordinary situations or daily downtime for repairs are not included.

And this guarantee only applies to your reseller and shared hosting accounts.

Cons of MDDHosting

Everything good has a price. With MDDhosting, one of its “cons” is just that.

But what else is MDDHosting missing?

Let’s start with uptime.

1. Way-Below Average Uptime 99.13%

Over a 12-month period, we tracked MDDHosting uptime for our site to make sure everything was running smoothly (and that there were no issues).

The industry standard comes with 99.93% uptime and sadly, MDDHosting’s 12-month uptime was well below that, hitting 99.13% with 3 days of downtime.

However, if we take a look at their uptime history, they need to show consistently good results, except for July 2020 when uptime was 89.86%, which probably hit the overall average.

MDDHosting Review 2021
MDDHosting average uptime
Average uptime of the last 12 months:
  • January 2021: 99.95%
  • December 2020: 100%
  • November 2020: 100%
  • October 2020: 100%
  • September 2020: 100%
  • August 2020: 100%
  • July 2020: 89.86% (not good)
  • June 2020: 100%
  • May 2020: 99.99%
  • April 2020: 99.97%
  • March 2020: 99.97%
  • February 2020: 100%

2. Additional Costs for Extra Services

MDDHosting‘s basic plans are reasonably good value. However, anything above and beyond the traditional hosting plan features will cost you a bit more.

For example, MDDHosting does not provide a free name for the elementary year. Instead, it will cost you $ 14.95 / year if you want a replacement.

There are also small price increases if you also sign up for a shorter one or two-year offer. So paying an additional year or two upfront can often save you a couple of dollars a month (which could add up to $ 100 to the price of the overall plan).

Although MDDHosting offers tons of useful additional security measures, those will cost you more, too. This also includes everything from SpamExperts email security to SiteLock website security.

And the costs of these are not cheap either. You’re looking at $ 62.99 for 3 years of SiteLock’s lower-level Find service to $ 799.99 for 3 years of their full-featured Defend offering.

At this rate, you will find yourself paying the maximum amount (or more) for these additional features, as you decide to start with essential hosting.

So while it’s nice that they provide them, once you start adding everything up, the value per dollar doesn’t look so good. And possibly you would be happier paying a touch more monthly for something that has all of those features right out of the box.

MDDHosting Pricing, Hosting Plans & Quick Facts

MDDHosting offers several hosting plans. Here is a summary of the top three cheapest options:

Cloud Starter PlanCloud 1 PlanCloud 2 Plan
Email AccountsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Other Features• 0.5 Core CPU
•0.5GB RAM
• 1 Core CPU
• 2 Core CPU

Quick Facts

  • Free Domain: No.
  • Ease of Signup: very long registration process.
  • Money-Back: 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Payment Methods: MasterCard, Paypal.
  • Hidden Fees and Clauses: By registering, you agree that they need the appropriate to vary the amount of the monthly payment and other charges at any time. you do not want to use 25 percent of system resources for more than 120 seconds; otherwise, you risk canceling the account (industry standard). Abusing your staff in any medium or format will end in the termination of your account without a refund (which is also respectable).
  • Upsells: a couple of upsells.
  • Account Activation: Quick activation.
  • Control Panel and Dashboard Experience: cPanel.
  • Installation of Apps and CMSs (WordPress, Joomla, etc.): Quick and easy installation of popular applications and CMS with Softaculous.
  • Other Features: Free SSL security and SiteLock Site, daily off-site backup

Do We Recommend MDDHosting?

Yes, we do recommend them a bit (but there are still better options).

MDDHosting is comparatively new to the hosting game. So far, they have featured questionable uptime figures, decent page load times, and excellent customer support.

Even though they should cut their price, there are still plenty of less expensive options if you’re just trying to find an easy hobby or private spot.

Otherwise, besides being one of the more expensive shared hosting options available, if you take advantage of all the “unlimited” options that even your Starter package comes totally loaded with, you will certainly get your money’s worth.

Best alternatives for MDDHosting are:

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Affordable | Top 3 Load Time | Multilingual Support
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Best Monthly Plan | 97-Day Refund time| Unlimited Bandwidth
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