Mullvad Review in 2021: Features, Pricing & More!

Mullvad (review) offers a private and anonymous VPN service to protect your internet connection. They use the OpenVPN and WireGuard VPN protocols.

You can buy this software completely anonymously as they don’t want your email for the registration process. the only reason for concern is its strict jurisdiction in Sweden and the lack of a live chat option.

Amagicom AB, the company behind Mullvad, was founded in Göteborg, Sweden, in 2009 by Fredrik Strömberg and Daniel Berntsson.

In 2017, they attracted over 13,000 new users, but is their VPN service better than the competition?

Article: Mullvad Review in 2021

Mullvad VPN Overview

OVERALL RANK:#6 out of 78 VPNs
LOG FILES:No Logging Policy
LOCATIONS:36 countries, 299 servers
SUPPORT:Email Only
TORRENTING: Torrenting Allowed
Article: Mullvad Review in 2021

Mullvad Pros

No-Logging Privacy Policy

Each and every VPN provider claims not to log any of your data as you create usage of their networks.

We have found this to be anything but true; VPN providers record and provide your data to authorities.

Fun, huh?

But you bought us! Experts, who spend hours reading through legal jibber-jabber for us to paint a real picture.

See Mullvad’s registration policy:

Mullvad No Logging Policy
Article: Mullvad Review in 2021

Did you notice something?

Numbered account

Sounds scary like Swiss banking secrecy, huh? I will explain this amazing feature later. You don’t want to miss it!

In other words, you don’t sign up using your email address and password. You’re given a unique account number, and that’s it!

Mullvad uses Numbered Accounts
Article: Mullvad Review in 2021

Mullvad’s no-logging policy is probably the strongest we’ve ever seen, and it makes perfect sense.

Their lack of login information gives them the power to provide you with unprecedented anonymity. Just fantastic!

Also, the Mullvad website does not track you through its website, as shown through Privacy Badger.

Strong Tunneling Protocols – OpenVPN & WireGuard

It was quite interesting to learn that Mullvad only uses OpenVPN and a really new crypto-based protocol that is still in development: WireGuard.

WireGuard is a secure network tunnel in development with a really promising whitepaper. It is very likely that it will become a great novelty in the world of VPNs. Thanks to a truly minimal and streamlined code base, this crypto-based protocol is claimed to be ready to deliver up to 5x faster connections and 0 connection delays.

As of today, Wireguard is available for Linux now and is currently in beta for both Windows and Android.

Very exciting stuff!

Mullvad also supports the SOCKS5 protocol.

Safe and Secure – No IP Leaks

Mullvad AES 256 Encryption
Article: Mullvad Review in 2021

Well, we agree that Mullvad has our best interest in the fund.

Step 1 – Check.

However, it seems that disastrous data breaches are happening more often than ever.

Mullvad follows standard practices here and uses industry-standard AES-256 encryption over UDP.

Mullvad also provides simple access to WireGuard, an ongoing open-source VPN.

Nothing out of the standard here. I could have liked more information on those topics on your website.

It is very rare.

Has a Kill Switch

A kill switch allows the VPN to interrupt your Internet connection if its own tunneling process fails.

Mullvad has this feature available which adds to the overall security.

DNS & Malware Proof (With One Caveat)

Systems that connect a website like “” to your real IP address are called name servers (DNS).

A DNS can have an ideal map of your browsing history, which is precisely what VPNs were initially designed for. However, some VPNs run into problems trying to cover their browsing from a DNS server.

A DNS leak occurs when this information is assaulted and accessed.

We took all of our VPNs through a series of tests at to ensure that IP leaks aren’t a problem. Mullvad was originally tested and located to ensure that it was not leaking. We repeated the tests in July 2019 and discovered that it got perfect scores on all of them.

DNS Leak Results for Mullvad VPN
Article: Mullvad Review in 2021
DNS Server Results for Mullvad VPN
Article: Mullvad Review in 2021

Mullvad wisely offers DNS leak protection by default. You can also verify this through your online DNS testing tool.

DNS Server Leak Results for Mullvad VPN
Article: Mullvad Review in 2021

We also ran the Mullvad installation file through 67 different antivirus programs.

Interestingly, Baidu (Chinese conglomerate) reports a virus, which we trust is a false positive.

virus report
Article: Mullvad Review in 2021

In any case, the world’s top 60 antivirus programs agree with us: Mullvad can be trusted!

Faster Than Average Speed

Common sense suggests that if you are taking a long way, it will take longer to get from A to B.

There is no difference here!

Every time you choose to use a VPN, you go off the beaten track.

Slowdowns are inevitable!

That being said, some work much better than others. The speed of a server depends on a billion things, including the amount of usage.

Cheap VPNs skimp and let their servers get overused and bog down.


Measuring connection speeds is one of our most significant and comprehensive tests. Every day, we run hundreds of them with the sole purpose of finding the fastest!

As usual, we use our Europe-based 100Mbps up and down the connection for reference.

We connect to servers in the EU and US and measure how much our speeds have slowed.

We generally don’t like to see a speed reduction of more than 20%. These are Mullvad’s results:

Mullvad Europe Speed Test

Mullvad Europe Speed test
Article: Mullvad Review in 2021
  • Ping: 62 ms
  • Download: 83 Mbps
  • Upload: 34 Mbps

Mullvad USA Speed Test

Mullvad US Speed test
Article: Mullvad Review in 2021
  • Ping: 109 ms
  • Download: 59 Mbps
  • Upload: 20 Mbps

Compared to our fastest VPNs, this places Mullvad 10th out of a total of 78 different VPNs!

Really awesome stuff, especially for home servers.

Torrenting And P2P is Allowed

Since torrents are one of the main reasons people use VPNs, you’d think all providers would allow it.


Not if you are based in countries where you can be sued on the ground.

You won’t find too many torrent-friendly VPNs operating in any of the 14-eye jurisdictions.

Especially not in Sweden. You know, the guys who loaded up and jailed the Founders of The Pirate Bay.

Mullvad is one of the few that DOES support torrenting.

While they don’t say so explicitly, their detailed and straightforward Bittorent guide suggests that they are okay with you doing your thing.

Unblocks Netflix, But Only Some Servers

A few years ago, when cyberattacks and data breaches weren’t that common, VPNs were an amazing tool for watching Netflix from anywhere in the world.

Netflix geo-blocks its content, which means that the Netflix someone watches in New York City would be different from the Netflix in Rome, Italy. VPNs became their go-to solution due to these restrictions.

Unfortunately, Netflix is ​​very quick to identify VPN connections and block access to its services today.

Remember, a VPN hides your traffic, but not always the fact that you are using a VPN.

Access Full Netflix with Mullvad?
Article: Mullvad Review in 2021

We checked a number of Mullvad servers to see how many of them provide complete access to the Netflix library in the United States (the largest).

The server in New York managed to unblock Netflix when we first tested this product. Unfortunately, the business has caught up, and Netflix is no longer available on any of the US servers we checked.

  • New York – Blocked
  • Illinois – Blocked
  • Arizona – Blocked
  • Texas – Blocked
  • Washington – Blocked

Blocked servers are inevitable, but Netflix does not support direct connections due to Mullvad’s restricted US server locations (29 total).

However, that was not the case everywhere. We connected to a server in London, England, and turned on Netflix, only to find ourselves with good results.

Netflix Working on Mullvad's UK Server
Article: Mullvad Review in 2021

Netflix fired up and started playing Stranger Things without any delay.

So while Mullvad’s Netflix functionality may fail in the US, there are other markets it can still find its way into.

That isn’t the best Netflix customer service we’ve seen, but it’s certainly not the worst.

Solid Server Network

When it comes to servers: the more a VPN has, the higher. you want options and Mullvad offers them.

When we first reviewed this product, Mullvad had a minimalist website where users had to try very hard to find information from the server. And once he did, it had been hard to tell.

Mullvad, on the other hand, has changed all of that, creating a more streamlined site with a clearly identified server list that divides all of the company’s server choices into three categories.

List of Mullvad OpenVPN Servers
Article: Mullvad Review in 2021

There are 311 OpenVPN servers in the Mullvad system, located in 38 countries around the world.

List of Mullvad Wireguard Servers
Article: Mullvad Review in 2021

Wireguard servers are located in 27 different countries. There are 60 in all.

Mullvad VPN Bridge Server List
Article: Mullvad Review in 2021

Mullvad also has 14 Bridge servers that are located in nine different countries.

In total, Mullvad offers 385 servers in 38 countries and allows five simultaneous connections.

New User Friendly App

When we first reviewed Mullvad, we were appalled at how poor the app’s usability was, especially for newbies who weren’t VPN experts.

The company has clearly responded well to criticism because they came back with a new interface and a simple design that someone with absolutely no technical experience could operate.

Signing up was easy. They do not invite any personal information. just enter your payment method and pay in advance for the amount of time you want. I paid $ 5.61 for a month of service. We will delve into payment methods in a later section.

Mullvad VPN Sign Up Process
Article: Mullvad Review in 2021

Mullvad assigns you an account number after payment is received. The device would then be downloaded to your device.

Mullvad VPN Download Page
Article: Mullvad Review in 2021

The download was simple and fast. It failed once, but I rebooted it and it worked perfectly.

Mullvad VPN Download Progress
Article: Mullvad Review in 2021

The application launched and immediately connected me to a server in Sweden. If you don’t want the app to auto-attach on startup, those settings are often changed by clicking the gear icon in the upper-right corner.

Mullvad VPN App
Article: Mullvad Review in 2021

You can connect and disconnect from the service with the push of 1 button. If you want to change your location, click the “Change location” button and you will get a menu with all the countries included in the Mullvad server list.

For countries with multiple options, click the arrow next to their name and a menu will appear allowing you to choose individual servers by city.

By clicking on the country itself, it will be assigned to a random server.

This is an excellent heading correction, turning what was once a borderline unusable product, unless you were an expert, into one of the only and easiest to use VPNs we’ve come across.

Mullvad Cons

Super Strict Swedish Jurisdiction (14 Eyes)

After World War II, the UKUSA Accord forever changed the way intelligence communities work. What started as an intelligence-sharing agreement between two countries more than 70 years ago has grown into an alliance of 14 Western countries sharing intelligence with each other.

Scary? You can bet.

If you think the NSA only spies on US citizens, reassess.

Article: Mullvad Review in 2021

Mullvad, unfortunately, is based in Sweden, which is one of those 14 countries. Sweden has been particularly active and is widely regarded as a leader in data exchange.

Would this generally be a deciding factor? Almost sure.

Is it with Mullvad? Do not!

Remember that you don’t have to provide any information to register? If you feel compelled to buy your services anonymously (Bitcoin), there is nothing the 14 eyes can use to detect you.

That being said, I could strongly suggest you look elsewhere, if you don’t like cryptocurrencies and want a more convenient checkout process.

No Live Chat Support

He does not plan to break his arm next Sunday, but he continues to have insurance.

Do you agree?

It is not a question of if, but of when you will have to communicate and need help from your VPN provider. Mullvad or not.

With Mullvad, you will be limited in how quickly you will receive assistance.

Unfortunately, our favorite Swedes do not offer any kind of live chat or ticketing system. Also, its knowledge base offers very little access to support articles. You will need to dig and scroll to find one that does or does not answer your question.

You can reach them through their email:

Here’s a quick CS test that I ran to measure how they might answer some basic questions.

Mullvad Customer Support Email
Article: Mullvad Review in 2021

As you will see, it forced me to be lazy and I really got heavy on the “I don’t know anything” angle.

They came to me in two hours!

Sadly, his response was equally vague and lacking in context. a touch of disappointment.

Just in case, I tested them again, this point via Facebook.

I asked a really inquisitive question, about an abusive loophole in your system (nothing to fear). As an informed courtesy, I have even edited the fine print to prevent people from abusing its arrangement.

I was surprised to receive an answer just an hour later and what a response! They didn’t try to make up a story or anything, but hell for the leather admitted what I already knew to be true.

Really impressive! I just wish this level of quality reaches your official support channels.

One more band-aid to tear.

This one can hurt; They only provide support during and around Swedish working hours.

Not All Devices Are Supported

Devices Mullvad supports one method or another:

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux
  • iOS
  • Android

Typically, we want VPN providers to develop their standalone apps and programs for the big 5 operating systems: Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android.

Mullvad has developed applications for less than Mac, Windows, and Linux. You will have to go through a lengthy 15-step process through setting up OpenVPN on your mobile devices.

It’s not cool.

There is also no information on smart TVs, router support, and other less frequently used internet devices.

Mullvad Pricing, Cost and Payment Methods

You know their pricing is straightforward, once they don’t even have a fanatic pricing page.

It is so simple.

It just takes a few seconds to create an account.

After that, 30 days of access costs € 5 (about $ 5.61).

No monthly plans, no closed features that require “Premium” accounts, nothing.

It’s 5 euros a month and that’s it.

Mullvad Account Creation Payment
Article: Mullvad Review in 2021

Among the 9 different payment methods like Paypal and credit cards, Mullvad accepts two cryptocurrencies for anonymous payments: Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.

This, including your numbered accounts, guarantees 100% secrecy.

Yes, please!

As for Mullvad’s refund policy, it’s solid, but it’s often confusing if you decide on the crypto payment route.

Make sure you read it carefully and that you can provide a signature for the first address where you do not want to make the payment.

Oh, and don’t pay cash. Apparently, the Swedes aren’t great at it when it comes to refunds …

Do I recommend Mullvad VPN?


We once mentioned this service as “close, but not pure.” Directing VPN newbies to services like NordVPN. That was mainly thanks to usability concerns that have been removed with these recent updates.

Mullvad, you’ve earned that cigar!

Unfortunately, the support department is still lackluster and its Netflix functionality is shoddy at best. Adding dedicated mobile apps for the Android and iOS platforms are some of the things we hope to determine in the future, except they’ve done enough for now to get our endorsement.

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