OpenVPN Review 2022 – What Is It & How Does It Work?

OpenVPN Review 2022, One of the quickest and safest protocols is OpenVPN. It is free and offers peer-to-peer secure online access. OpenVPN has received a lot of attention since it is an ASCII text file and because it is free. Its unmatched capacity to go beyond firewalls. Combined with a mix between security, pragmatism, and accountability, has made it the standard trade.

While configuring OpenVPN manually technically advanced, nowadays you can also connect to the protocol simply by using a VPN. Subscribing to a top-tier VPN provider that delivers the protocol, as usual, can take the hassle out of setting up and maintaining everything yourself.

I decided to require Open VPN to test and check whether or not it works similar to what people say.

Short on Time? Here Are My Key Findings

  • Strong unlock capabilities. OpenVPN is de facto effective at bypassing geo-blocks. however, your results may depend on the servers you use.
  • Super fast speeds. The protocol offers two versions, one that favors speed, and the opposite security. If you use reliable servers, you must have good speeds.
  • No official server network. The service does not provide a network of servers. You want to use your servers or those of a third party.
  • Robust security measures. OpenVPN supports 256-bit encryption, making it one of the most secure options out there.
  • No records. OpenVPN collects less information, however, your privacy depends on the servers/service provider you use.
  • Work in China. This is often one of the few protocols that will bypass the good old Chinese Firewall and allow access to anywhere in the Asian country.
  • Excellent compatibility. will install OpenVPN on all major platforms – there are native apps for every operating system.

OpenVPN Features — Updated

💸 Price0 USD/month
📆 Money Back Guarantee30 Days
📝 Does VPN keep logs?No
🖥 Number of servers34+
💻 Number of devices per license10
🛡 Kill switchYes
🗺 Based in countryUnited States
🛠 SupportTicketing System
📥 Supports torrentingYes
OpenVPN Review 2022

Streaming — Does Not Unblock Any Platforms on Its Own

If used with dependable servers, OpenVPN will get around geoblocks and provide you access to any streaming service. You won’t be able to access anything on your own because OpenVPN only offers a buyer. You wish to make use of your personal or external servers.

Another option is to exploit free servers from the OpenVPN community. However, if your goal is to use the VPN for streaming, be aware that these servers do not appear to be sure of offering you access to geo-blocked content. Also, no one will vouch for your security, which means your identity also exposed to the apps and websites you access.

To test the protocol, I used ExpressVPN’s manual OpenVPN setup. With the combination of ExpressVPN’s server network and OpenVPN’s strong security measures, you could access numerous streaming platforms.

Unblocked libraries from Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Peacock, Disney+, and more. However, this happened because the VPN I used has smart servers. In other things, it could not be ready to access any platform.

If you want a reliable thank you for accessing geo-blocked platforms, then I’d like to recommend you check out these VPNs that unblock many streaming services.

Speeds — Fast Speeds When Using UDP

OpenVPN provides fast speeds after using the speed-prioritizing UDP protocol. the opposite protocol supported by OpenVPN (protocol) prioritizes security but is considerably slower.

When your goal is to use a fast and secure affiliation for transmission, or to do many things at the same time, such as online transactions or generating files, you should go for UDP. If you want a more secure affiliation, you must be forced to bypass strict firewalls or send sensitive information, and speed is not that important, you must use the protocol.

To test OpenVPN speeds, I used ExpressVPN servers and also the UDP protocol.

First, I tested my base membership. My base speed was 48.42 Mbps transfer, 2.33 Mbps transfer, Associate in Nursing, and 8 ms ping. by establishing the baseline, I started testing the VPN.

On most servers, I got transfer speeds of around forty Mbps, which is good. you will expect a 10-20% drop after connecting with a VPN, therefore I was proud of this result of a decrease in a terrorist organizations. The European servers, that Pine Tree Stateasure closest to me, gave Pine Tree State a ping under one hundred ms. This is usually a good thing as a ping speed of less than 150ms and fast Mbps allow you to successfully play online games and transfer massive files. However, my ping spiked to 245ms after connecting to the Australian Associate in Nursing server.


Note that my results are also because ExpressVPN includes a network of lightning-fast servers. If you are exploiting the OpenVPN buyer with another provider, you may get different results.

OpenVPN Review 2022
OpenVPN Review 2022

While OpenVPN is one of the most secure protocols, it’s not the fastest: WireGuard is much faster. This is usually because OpenVPN uses an extremely high level of security and advanced unblocking technologies that make it one of the few protocols capable of bypassing strong firewalls and censorship.

I recommend you check out these super fast VPNs that offer fast and reliable connections. In this way, you will be able to connect them by taking advantage of the OpenVPN shopper and browsing, streaming, and transferring without interruption.

Are OpenVPN’s Speeds Fast Enough for Gaming? Depends

The OpenVPN protocol, when combined with top-tier VPN servers, will give you blazing-fast speeds and low enough ping for graceful, lag-free gaming.

The servers I tested provided Pine Tree State with good speeds and log latency in most locations. However, not all VPN servers and providers can give you similar performance. check out these VPNs that provide the best recreation connections.

Server Network — No Official Servers

OpenVPN does not have a server network that it will use. you want to use your servers, third-party servers maintained by the OpenVPN community; otherwise, it will connect to another VPN’s servers that exploit the OpenVPN app.

Servers provided by the OpenVPN community are usually free, however, these do not appear to be official free servers from the company itself. There is no guarantee of the security or privacy offered by the servers.

There are several different alternatives to finding reliable servers if you know where to look. However, if you find it difficult to ask for free servers that bypass censorship or allow you to torrent safely, I recommend using a VPN subscription. As an example, getting a subscription from Associate in Nursing ExpressVPN can offer you access to a good network of secure and reliable servers.

Security — One of the Safest Protocols

OpenVPN is one of the most secure protocols. Supports multiple levels of cryptography, such as AES, Camelia, Blowfish, CAST-128, and more.

As a general rule, it works with 256-bit OpenSSL cryptography: an associated implementation of the industry standard AES-256-bit cryptography, which is almost unbreakable. In addition, it uses certificates for authentication and provides support for IPv6.

To secure data transfer between devices, OpenVPN uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and TLS (Transport Layer Security) cryptographic protocols together. This is often an ongoing technology that is used to protect HTTPS websites.

When you use OpenVPN to bypass geo-blocks or firewalls, your online traffic looks like normal internet traffic, making VPN detection much longer lasting. SSL/TLS technology offers additional benefits to OpenVPN, such as allowing you to verify that the server you are connecting to is secure, the supporting information has not changed and allowing you to create and share new cryptographic keys to protect information within the session. Additionally, OpenVPN uses OpenSSL to support most crypto algorithms, hash functions, and public key crypto technology.

This means that once you square the OpenVPN victimization, your data is safe and you are fully protected from potential cyber-attacks.

For actual knowledge transfer, OpenVPN uses UDP (User Knowledge Protocol) and protocol (Transmission Management Protocol).

The protocol checks {knowledge|information|information} thoroughly to ensure that the transferred data is received accurately. UDP, on the other hand, could be much faster because it sends the information immediately before the activity is checked. this will make it less reliable.

UDP is usually the default OpenVPN protocol, however, if the connection becomes unstable it automatically switches to the protocol. This ensures that you continue to use a secure and stable membership.

Kill Switch and Auto-connect

In addition to protocol decisions, OpenVPN features an inherent kill switch that shuts down the web entirely if the affiliation fails. this means that despite your VPN flaws, you can be protected against data leaks.

There is also the auto connect option that activates OpenVPN alongside your device. this is usually convenient if you want to be protected to the slightest degree (for example, if you’re using a public network) and don’t want to worry about protection every time you open your laptop or turn on your phone.

IP and DNS Leaks

OpenVPN has glorious data science and DNS leak protection. However, the protocol it uses is not the only problem keeping your information safe. Also, you may want a reliable server network that will successfully shift your data science address to the specified location and funnel your knowledge without leaking.

In my tests, I used ExpressVPN servers. coupled with OpenVPN’s secure knowledge transfer protocols, my knowledge was protected.

OpenVPN Review 2022
OpenVPN Review 2022

When the VPN cannot correctly assign you a replacement data science address, your data science address could be leaked. If that happens, websites you visit might even see your real data science address and location. Just like the associated data science leak, once a DNS leak occurs, your browsing history is exposed. therefore, it is vital to use a VPN that protects this information.

Privacy — Depends on the Servers You Use

OpenVPN itself does not collect any data, associated with you can only use it with an email address, no personal data or payment details are needed.

But betting that the servers you connect to will collect knowledge, so be very careful. OpenVPN is not responsible for what happens to your data once it measures the victimization of third-party servers. And you have no authority over the owners of the servers and what they will do with the information.

By using the servers of a top-tier VPN like ExpressVPN, you can be sure that your privacy will not be compromised.

Torrenting — Allowed, But Use With Caution

OpenVPN has airtight security and solid speeds once you use UDP, however, whether or not you should use it for torrenting depends on the servers you connect with.

While you will be ready to get free servers that allow torrenting, my recommendation would be to urge a reliable VPN provider. sometimes they have wide networks and a no-logs policy. some of them even have dedicated torrent servers.

Be careful as torrenting is not allowed in some countries and downloading proprietary material is punishable by law. My team and I do not excuse extrajudicial torrenting. stay safe and perpetually secure the fabric you are close to transferring.

Does OpenVPN Work in China? Yes

OpenVPN is one of the few protocols that work from Chinese territory and can bypass standard firewalls. Most VPNs that use OpenVPN recommend that you use the protocol once you want to bypass geoblocks in China.

But the ability of a VPN to work in China also depends on the servers it uses and the crypto protocols. Reliable VPNs like ExpressVPN have huge server networks and top-of-the-line security that lets you access what you want, even if you’re in China.

Simultaneous Device Connections — Unlimited

OpenVPN is found on an unlimited variety of devices. Please note that manual configuration is time-consuming and inconvenient for various inexperienced users. Instead, I would like to recommend you to use a VPN provider that comes with OpenVPN designed manually.

If you decide to use the protocol through a VPN provider, you should have limits on the number of devices you can connect under one subscription. Perpetual confirmation that what’s on offer in your setup might be a smart match for you.

Installation & Apps


Device Compatibility — Can be Used on Almost Any Device

OpenVPN offers specialized programs for all popular operating systems and has outstanding device compatibility. Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS all support OpenVPN.

While this may not sound like much, keep in mind that OpenVPN is simply a protocol, not a VPN provider. however, several VPNs that use OpenVPN provide browser extensions and support for alternative Wi-Fi-enabled devices along with router affiliation. this allows you to use the VPN on most unsupported devices like smart TVs and game consoles.

Set-Up & Installation — Not Great For Beginners

There are three square options for installing OpenVPN: manually victimize your own devices or servers, manually with a VPN subscription, and mechanically.

Each of those configuration options has its advantages and disadvantages. therefore, make sure you understand what each setting entails and whether or not it is right for you. Full manual configuration is intended for SMBs or tech-savvy networking professionals. Once you value using a provider more, both manual and automatic configurations are much more convenient. especially for VPN users with very little or no experience to the slightest degree.

Manual Set Up Without a VPN Subscription

Manual configuration, even if it is not a VPN subscription, is the most problematic option. I would not recommend it for beginners as this setup requires a lot of technical skills, networking experience, and dedication of a great deal of time and energy. It is primarily aimed at professionals.

OpenVPN Review 2022
OpenVPN Review 2022

In short, you will need to install the application, find out the servers, create computer addresses for various devices connected to the network, figure out the authentication, etc.

OpenVPN Review 2022
OpenVPN Review 2022

If your main goal in getting a VPN is to be able to unblock streaming platforms, like Netflix or Hulu, I recommend getting a VPN subscription.

Manual Set up With a VPN Subscription

Setting up OpenVPN with a VPN subscription is much easier. Typically, your VPN provider may have careful setup instructions on how to use OpenVPN with the service. however, you still need to look for some extra steps compared to automatic setup.

Using OpenVPN with a VPN subscription looks similar no matter which provider you choose. want to transfer and install the appropriate application for your operating system, get the .ovpn files from the server and then transfer them to the application.

For example, once I was testing OpenVPN with the ExpressVPN server, setting it up was simple. ExpressVPN offers an in-depth orientation of your website. however, if you are new to installing a VPN with OpenVPN manually, it should seem daunting.

OpenVPN Review 2022
OpenVPN Review 2022

First, ExpressVPN allows you to choose and transfer the servers you would like to use. When downloading the .ovpn files for all the servers you plan to use, you want to decide which device you’re putting into OpenVPN. when the application is installed, configure (add) the servers. Lastly, you want to line up DNS leak protection.

OpenVPN Review 2022
OpenVPN Review 2022

Once you do these steps, right-click on the OpenVPN UI from the system enclosure. Hover over the location of the specified server and in the menu that opens, click “Connect”. To end your membership, repeat the steps and select “Disconnect”.

Automatic Set Up

This is the easiest way to use OpenVPN: just download the application for your operating system, install it and log in. Before establishing an affiliation, verify that the protocol has been chosen. However, most VPNs that offer OpenVPN have it by default. If not, choose OpenVPN UDP or OpenVPN protocol, decide the location of the server and click connect. Whoops! You are victimizing OpenVPN!


Yearly Plan


Per Month



Per Month

Monthly Plan


Per Month

The OpenVPN software system is an ASCII text file. As such, you will be able to transfer OpenVPN hookup apps for free on all your devices. though setting it up manually needs a solid amount of technical information.

There are a couple of paid versions of the software system geared towards businesses: Access Server for use in conjunction with your self-hosted servers, and OpenVPN Cloud which uses OpenVPN’s network of cloud servers. they need a passionate progressive assessment of how many matching VPN connections you want.

If you are a small or medium business owner, the paid version of OpenVPN may well be an honest alternative. However, if you want a VPN just for unblocking media sites or occasional P2P file sharing, getting the free OpenVPN Connect app and maybe a VPN subscription might be the simplest option for you.

Reliability & Support


Common forms of support, such as live chat or email, do not exist for OpenVPN.

However, there is a Support Center where you can submit a price tag and many articles about OpenVPN Cloud and Access Server in your web content. You can also find a Resource Center that provides various case studies, videos, and quick start guides. But again, this square measure focused on paid services.

If you want help with the free OpenVPN Connect app, you should be ready to get all the data you want within the Community section. It contains the following topics: downloads, ASCII text files, documentation, wiki, and forum. In them, you can find detailed documentation. Articles, FAQs, and books that cover something you will need to install and victimize OpenVPN.

Compare OpenVPN With The Top Alternative VPNs

The Bottom Line

Final Verdict

OpenVPN is one of the most widely used protocols on the market these days and could be a good alternative for anyone trying to find a secure and reliable VPN affiliate.

Tech-savvy users and small and medium-sized businesses will enjoy a fully manual setup that allows them to use their own devices and servers to form a secure personal network. On the other hand, additional casual VPN users will simply get a VPN subscription from one of the many VPN providers that offer OpenVPN on their services.

Regardless of your installation option, OpenVPN can help you bypass strong firewalls and keep you protected in the shortest amount of time. the combination of robust security features, along with 256-bit OpenSSL cryptography, and a pair of data transfer protocols, associated with a machine kill switch, make OpenVPN one of the most secure VPN protocols today.

FAQs on OpenVPN

Is OpenVPN Safe?

Yes, OpenVPN is one of the most secure protocols you will ever use. is 256-bit OpenSSL cryptography that supports authentication certificates, UDP and Knowledge Transfer Protocol protocols, and auto-connect and auto-shutdown options. it is one of the simplest and most secure VPN protocols available.

Can I Use OpenVPN For Free?

Yes, OpenVPN is a free ASCII text file software system. you will be able to configure it manually together with your own devices and servers and use it free. You can also choose a VPN provider that supports the OpenVPN protocol, such as ExpressVPN, and bypass the complicated setup method for a small, low monthly fee.

Will OpenVPN Slow My Speeds Down?

Yes, each VPN (protocol) is expected to slow down your speeds by 10-20%. OpenVPN is one of the most secure protocols, but not the fastest. There are square ways to increase speed once you tweak your settings: if you prefer a fast connection, choose UDP. If you want overlay security, associate with the protocol.

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