Opera VPN Review in 2023: Features, Pricing & More!

Opera VPN may be a feature within the Opera application program that encrypts your traffic and routes it through a proxy to cover your real computer address. Therefore, it is a VPN only by name, because it is simply a proxy service.

Opera VPN Review in 2023
Opera VPN Review

Most importantly, you should note that it only protects traffic in the Opera browser as it is not a separate VPN app.

Although Opera VPN is free, you should turn around before you abuse it. That’s because it lacks all the mandatory features like a kill switch, doesn’t work with Netflix, and even has certain security risks. I would recommend using a paid alternative like NordVPN which will guarantee your online anonymity by giving you best-in-class options associated with an audited no-logs policy.

Opera VPN Review in 2022 NordVPN

Best Alternative to OperaVPN

NordVPN is one of the simplest VPNs on the market with high speeds, unbreakable encryption, and an independently audited no-logs policy.

Cybernews® score

4.9 /5

  • Strong coding
  • Best for streaming video
  • Affordable value

Continue reading this Opera VPN review if you want to learn more about this service, and why it’s best left alone.

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Opera VPN Review

Opera VPN Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Unlimited information
  • Good speeds
  • Easy to use


  • Doesn’t unblock Netflix
  • It doesn’t work with torrents.
  • No options
  • Impossible to choose a selected country
  • Security issues

Best Opera VPN Alternatives:

Is Opera VPN Good For Streaming?

After some testing, it became quite obvious that Opera VPN is not an honest alternative to unblocking streaming sites.

PlatformDoes it Work?
Netflix❌ No
Hulu❌ No
BBC iPlayer❌ No
HBO Max❌ No
YouTube✅ Yes
Opera VPN Review

For starters, the VPN does not allow you to choose a specific country; you will only choose between Asia, Europe, and America. This makes it much more difficult to unblock a streaming service that works only in specific regions.

However, Opera VPN did not change my Netflix library despite the continent I used. I was not blocked, at least I only got the international page.

Then I continually search for BBC iPlayer. However, I couldn’t even try to unblock the page, because the VPN doesn’t have the option to select a realm server.

Then it was DAZN, Hulu, and HBO GHB. None of them worked once mistreating the Yankee server.

However, what did work was YouTube. I got the Indonesian library once I abused the Asian server, the Dutch library with the EU server, and YouTube USA with the Yankee server. sadly, random YouTube libraries are not enough to redeem Opera VPN.

Alternatives for Unblocking Streaming Services

If you want an open VPN to unblock Netflix and other platforms, simply head over to our article on the best VPNs for streaming or check out the list below:

  • NordVPN. Equipped with blazing-fast speeds and best-in-class encryption, NordVPN is ready to unblock a total of sixteen different Netflix libraries. It works in conjunction with Hulu, HBO Max, Disney+, BBC iPlayer, and other platforms. Oh, and it offers the SmartDNS feature that allows you to watch movies on almost any device.
  • Surfshark. You will love this VPN if you like Netflix. That’s because it unblocks thirty Netflix libraries and many other VPN offers. The tool works in conjunction with most of the different sites like BBC iPlayer, Apple TV, and HBO nowadays.
  • PureVPN. Although PureVPN’s skills are a bit more humble than NordVPN and Surfshark, it will still be a reasonably smart job for you to watch Netflix America, BBC iPlayer, and DAZN.

Is Opera VPN Good For Torrenting?

It was no surprise that Opera VPN just doesn’t work with torrents.

First of all, as this is usually a browser-only resolution, you won’t be able to use any torrenting apps because the traffic simply won’t be encrypted. So, in theory, you are left with Internet torrent buyers that work directly in the Opera browser.

I tried to do just that and unfortunately, nothing worked as it should have. Torrent traffic was not encrypted, bypassing the VPN/proxy entirely. In short, you will have zero advantage with OperaVPN if you want a VPN for P2P connections.

Opera VPN Servers and Locations

In terms of locations, Opera VPN has 3 of them:

  • Europe
  • Americas
  • Asia

If this sounds a bit too broad, well, it is. You cannot opt ​​for a selected country as with other VPNs or perhaps proxy services; there is only the possibility of selecting an entire continent.

Opera VPN Review

Simply put, you will get a random country. I don’t know if the list of countries rotates from time to time, but right away, I was able to connect to the Republic of Indonesia, a European country, and thus the US.

In case you want a selected country to unblock the content you want, you should consider getting a true VPN service. For example, NordVPN offers 5,500 servers in fifty-nine countries and even allows you to connect to a similar server when using the program.

Speed Performance: Is Opera VPN Fast?

I wasn’t ready to do a thorough speed check like with other VPN services, as there are only three continents to settle on with no option to choose a particular country. Also, there is only one protocol (HTTPS) available, so there wasn’t much to deal with.

However, the results I managed to induce were pretty clever.

  • Baseline: 295.85 Mbps transfer, 301.12 Mbps transfer
LocationDownload (Mbps)Upload (Mbps)
Opera VPN Review

Opera VPN offered very fast transfer speeds, like those of the simplest fast VPNs. However, transfer speeds were generally problematic.

Overall, these results aren’t that great for a proxy, as I’ve seen almost zero % transfer speed reduction once connected to the {different|opposite} side of the planet with other providers.

Plans and Pricing

Opera VPN Review in 2023 Plans and Pricing
Opera VPN Review

Opera VPN is free as it simply comes with the Opera browser. There are no paid subscriptions that can enhance your experience. However, although this seems to justify its mediocrity, I still do not recommend abuse even if you have a reasonable budget. That’s because there are plenty of free VPNs out there that will give you better service.

For instance, Atlas VPN provides ten GB of data each month along with all the advantages of a complete VPN. This offers VPN access on an unlimited number of devices, military-grade encryption, and a dependable tunneling protocol.

You might also want to consider ProtonVPN as their offer is even bigger: you get unlimited data with no monthly caps! but you will experience slower speeds than with the paid version.

Finally, it’s not a bad plan to cut a deal with Windscribe either. Although it only offers you ten GB of data per month, its free version will unblock Netflix.

Just keep in mind that it can be dangerous to use a free VPN if it’s not included in our list of the best free VPNs. That’s because many shady services will sell your information or bombard you with malicious ads. So if you can afford it, it is better to choose a paid VPN service with a reliable privacy policy.

Interface and Ease of Use

Opera VPN is available as an associate degree Opera browser add-on on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. To use it, you need to transfer Opera (free) and change the VPN in the settings section.

Afterward, there is not much to find. simply open the tool by clicking the VPN icon on the left side of the address bar and select the continent you want to connect to. That is all.

Opera VPN Review

The only information you see in the desktop apps is how much data you’ve used that day. However, since the VPN doesn’t limit your information, I don’t see the reason for this.

The humanoid version, however, can be a bit more customizable. You will value using the VPN for personal tabs only, or allowing search engines to detect your real region for additional correct search results.

Opera VPN Features

There is not much to mention when it comes to Opera VPN options. the only feature you might consider is the secret writing of Opera browser traffic (which quite a few proxies offer as they just modify your scientific address without protecting your data).

Other than that, there is nothing. no kill switch can defend your identity in case the VPN unexpectedly fails. Also, there are no split tunnels because there is nothing to split – the VPN only works in the Opera browser.

Opera VPN lacks all the most important vital features that make for a fully useful as well as secure VPN.

If you want a tool with extensive practicality, I recommend NordVPN. That’s because it includes some of the weirder options like obfuscated servers, SmartDNS, bachelor, and even a built-in SOCKS proxy that works great with torrents. On the other hand, when it comes to Opera VPN, nothing else can do.

Is Opera VPN Safe?

Unfortunately, Opera VPN is not very secure to use. although it implements military grade AES-256 secret write, everything else regarding this service raises associate grade supercilium or 2.

First of all, a proxy service should not be promoted as a VPN. Most web users are not tech-savvy and will not understand that the tool simply protects Opera browser traffic, not the entire device.

Also, Opera VPN does not use a secure tunnel protocol. Instead, it implements the overridden HTTPS (TLS) protocol which is at risk of cyber attacks.

Not surprisingly, Opera VPN has not undergone any independent security audits like alternative VPN services (NordVPN, Surfshark, VyprVPN, etc.).

And considering all the scandals related to Opera, I would not recommend Opera VPN to anyone involved with online privacy.


VPN jurisdiction can be a bit of a problem. is based primarily in Noreg, which may be a member of the 9-Eyes Alliance. The countries that belong to the current alliance area unit but fascinating places once it involves user privacy on the net.

However, what is even beyond Noreg is Opera’s relationship with China. That’s right: Many years ago, massive shares of the company were oversubscribed to Chinese investors. Unfortunately, China-owned apps have a nasty name when it comes to privacy. for example, TikTok has already raised widespread speculation that its users’ information is being shared with the CCP.

Privacy Issues

Since the only thanks for using this VPN is through the Opera browser, browser-related issues and scandals are relevant.

For example, Opera allegedly launched many predatory loan applications with alarming annual participation rates and unreasonable loan terms.

To add insult to injury, the privacy policy of the Opera browser is not the clearest. Although the section on the VPN states that data associated with your browsing activity and thus the originating network address is not collected, the same cannot be said for the browser itself. for example, it is written that Opera and its product share some of the user’s data with sites like Facebook (which is one of the most hostile entities to online privacy).

Customer Support

As Opera VPN is not a full VPN service, there are no dedicated customer support options in case you need help. the only place you will get information about the VPN is the Opera Service Center. Here you will find a total of four frequently asked questions about the VPN tool. That is all.

You can also find Opera’s contact details online. However, the support page states that the phone numbers provided cannot be used for product support. There is also a contact type, but you can only offer feedback through it without waiting for a solution.

Is Opera VPN any Good and Worth Getting?

After all, Opera VPN can be a mediocre service at best. It advertises itself as a VPN, but it doesn’t act like one in the slightest.

The tool does not use any secure tunneling protocol, cannot unblock any streaming platform other than YouTube, and is pretty useless when it comes to torrenting. Also, all the Opera-related scandals don’t add much quality.

The only sensible thing about the service is its high speeds, but you’ll also get that with a decent VPN like Surfshark.

All in all, let’s hope Opera VPN becomes a more robust service in the future.


Is Opera VPN Trustworthy?

Not Really. Considering Opera’s relationship with China and questionable workplace policy, I wouldn’t recommend victimizing Opera VPN if you want a reliable service.

Can Opera VPN Be Tracked?

No, your activity while victimizing Opera VPN will not be half-tracked. However, keep in mind that the tool exclusively encrypts traffic from the Opera browser and not alternative applications on your device.

Does Opera VPN Hide Browsing History?

No, Opera VPN will not hide your browsing history. To do that, choose a personal window in your Opera browser. You’ll notice it by clicking on the “O” set in the top left corner.

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