Our 13-Step Review Process For VPN In 2023 – Ranked!

Our 13-Step Review: When we review VPN services, we tend to open our wallets and become paying customers. We tend to never upload for free accounts. This is what we tend to do:

  1. Buy the VPN subscription for each VPN service.
  2. Install the VPN app on our laptop (Windows ten or waterproof operating system ten.13+).
  3. Run multiple speed tests from completely different locations speedtest.net victimization.
  4. Verify apps and browser extensions for DNS, IP, and WebRTC breaches..
  5. Test the usability and ease of use of the VPN app.
  6. Check your employment policy and jurisdiction.
  7. Check if they unblock/work with Netflix.
  8. Check if they allow torrenting and P2P.
  9. Try our customer service.
  10. List your main security and privacy options.
  11. Check compatibility (TOR, Game Consoles, Routers, etc.).
  12. Compare price|price} vs value.
  13. Sort them accordingly on our home page.

Here it is, however, we tend to measure and test every part of a VPN service:

1. Same Computer & Network For Each VPN

What is inside the box?

Our 13-Step Review Process For VPN In 2023
Our 13-Step Review

Introducing our dependable Lenovo IdeaPad 120S-141AP, also known as “Lenny” for short!

Our 13-Step Review

We ran all the VPNs we tested on Lenny to keep tech school steady. We tend to buy Lenny just for that purpose.

It wouldn’t make any sense to check these VPNs on several different networks, which is why we tend to use a wired, wired connection on a constant network at our headquarters in the Baltic State. We tend to test our network speed several times over several weeks to live up to our average: ninety-eight Mbps transfer, and fifty-three Mbps download:

Our 13-Step Review Process For VPN In 2023
Our 13-Step Review

2. Bought & Installed 78 VPN Apps (Ongoing…)

Here’s a look at Lenny’s desk from a few weeks ago for perspective:

Our 13-Step Review

This is the half where we tend to pause and use the bold type to think this is a must:

We tend not to settle for cash, bribes, favors, in-kind donations, exotic pets, cryptocurrency, home-cooked meals, or ANY compensation in exchange for writing or writing a review. EVER.

We tend to purchase every VPN service we try out of our own pockets to allow complete honesty as a real associate degree customer.

Our 13-Step Review Process For VPN In 2023
Our 13-Step Review

All of our knowledge is collected firsthand – unlike other reviewers, we tend not to chisel numbers from different sites or just build them up. (Which is unfortunately all too common.)

3. Read Through Their Logging Policy

Have you EVER scanned work or privacy policy in detail? we have. More than forty times. Until our eyes die and our heads ache.

Our 13-Step Review Process For VPN In 2023
Our 13-Step Review

This is the least fun part of our reviews, but the most important: shady companies use harsh language to hide the fact that they are going after and sharing your activity.

We scan the fine print to make sure you’re not being taken advantage of.

4. Check Their Jurisdiction & History

Company name and background: Who runs the company? Where is the area unit they are from? Do they need a history of user privacy violations or leaks? We tend to collect as much information as possible and provide it to you.

Jurisdiction – The jurisdiction in which a VPN is based can play a significant role in whether or not a VPN may be forced to hand over your data to authorities if requested. additional about this here.c

Our 13-Step Review

5. Run Multiple Speed Tests

It doesn’t matter how secure your VPN is if it takes 3 hours to transfer an associate degree episode of “Stranger Things”. We tend to use speedtest.net to look at transfer and transfer speeds multiple times to account for fluctuations in commission.

We also go back to these speed tests once a year to see if anything has changed.

Unfortunately, some VPNs were slow…

Our 13-Step Review Process For VPN In 2023
Our 13-Step Review

6. Tested Netflix Streaming Across 3 to 6 Servers

Netflix and relaxation? as long as it works. That’s why we often don’t do a one-time test: we find that the servers (if any) work with Netflix and allow you to learn, saving you time and headaches.

Our 13-Step Review

7. Read Through Their Torrenting/P2P Policy

Some VPNs restrict P2P and torrenting. Some defend it directly. Another area unit is crafty about it. We tend to get down to business to make sure you can do what you want with the VPN of choice.

Our 13-Step Review Process For VPN In 2023
Our 13-Step Review

8. Test For DNS, IPv4, IPv6, & WebRTC Leaks

TL; DR – Science discipline leaks happen once your VPN doesn’t cover your actual science discipline while browsing. For example: If you visited uploading a geo-restricted show on Netflix and therefore the content was still blocked, your actual scientific discipline may have simply leaked.

We strategically check common points of failure to visualize how the VPN works.

Our 13-Step Review

9. Graded their usability and user-friendliness

The world’s most secure VPN won’t be easy to use if you need a computer science degree to use it properly. We looked at things like setup time, easy interfaces, and easy setup to find a way to make the VPN affordable for the average user.

10. Evaluate Each VPN Security & Privacy Features

Different VPN service area units are ideal for different use cases (for example, business vs. personal), while some “premium” options should be standard on every VPN. We tend to evaluate…

  • Security protocols in the market
  • encryption classification
  • Kill-switch (instant disconnect if security is lost)
  • of goop connections (How many devices at once)
  • browser extensions
  • Number and location of servers

And whatever distinctive options the VPN Service brings to the table, it clarifies the good, the bad, and therefore the ugly.

Our 13-Step Review Process For VPN In 2023
Our 13-Step Review

11. Give Their Customer Support a (Real!) Test Run

NEVER trust a corporate UN agency to guarantee “best in class” customer service. We tend to submit support tickets, create phone calls, chat, and a lot to check the response speed and therefore the ability of the support team on the other end once it handles common VPN issues.

Our 13-Step Review Process For VPN In 2023
Our 13-Step Review

12. Test Compatibility With Routers, TVs, TOR, & Consoles

If your VPN service is not compatible with your devices, what’s the point? We tend to check multiple different setups for compatibility to help you avoid buying a solution that won’t work on your devices.

Additionally, we checked whether TOR is often used in conjunction with the VPN service for an extra layer of security, vital for many power users and people in challenging environments/locations.

Our 13-Step Review

13. Compare The Cost vs Value

Yes, evaluation is very important. so why measure it last? because there is no point in an extremely free product that compromises your privacy, or a fancy product that offers nothing better than a less expensive one.

Our 13-Step Review Process For VPN In 2023
Our 13-Step Review

You Can Take It From Here…

The whole method, right?

Between going through those thirteen points for over 70 VPN providers and checking past reviews to keep them up to date, it’s easy to understand why we tend to take a while to post new reviews.

We hope you appreciate the depth and transparency involved in the work we tend to do here, the details of which will be useful for your call.

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