OVH Hosting Review 2021: Features, Pricing & More!

OVH hosting is the largest web hosting company in Europe, serving its customers with a variety of high-performance servers.

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+ Multiple data centers across the globe
+ Wide range of dedicated servers to be provisioned quickly
+ Choose from a custom dashboard, cPanel, or Plesk


Limited options for immediate support
You are responsible for the backups

Our Verdict: 4.5⭐⭐⭐⭐⋆ 

More than 15 OVH customers rate this host 2.9 out of 5 stars, with above-average scores for performance and quality.

Is OVH Perfect for Your Website?

OVH is not the main well-known web host, but this international company serves 1.4 million customers in 138 countries.

OVH offers a full range of hosting plans at competitive prices. But does it offer the value and benefits you need?

If OVH is right for you, our OVH expert analysis will help you decide.

What Is OVH?

OVH may be a leading hosting provider in France offering a full range of web hosting and server hosting designed to suit a variety of clients.

Clients include small website owners and all thanks to large companies looking for the newest cloud infrastructure solutions for their business. VPS hosting plans start at $ 3.35 per month when paid annually.

Who is OVH?

Originally, OVH was created by Octave Klaba in Lille, France, in 1999. In the years that followed, OVH started to develop and extend its services in France and, subsequently, in the rest of Europe in 2006, when its first branches were opened in Poland, Spain, and Senegal.

Today it is the most important hosting provider in all of Europe.

OVH Hosting Review 2021

The web hosting company also expanded into Africa, the US, and Canada, making it a global player in the hosting services market.

OVH hosts up to 18 million websites and currently has almost 3 million domain names registered through its service.

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OVH Hosting

OVH offers web hosting and email options for users with a good kind of need.

Even entry-level hosting packages come with features that help make your site reliable, fast, and secure.

What Features Come With OVH Web Hosting plans?

Depending on the type of plan you select, you will get access to many features to make running your site easier and improving its performance.

Features include:

  • Anti DDoS to improve security
  • The custom dashboard or the cPanel / Plesk dashboard
  • Email Hosting
  • Free 24/7 phone support
  • A service level agreement (SLA) for you to request downtime service credits

OVH Hosting Plans

OVH offers a wide range of web hosting plans designed to meet the needs of website owners and businesses.

Although OVH is a global company, it appears that some services are not available in all regions.

“You can only order US-hosted services via the OVH US website … “You can only order US hosting services from the US website of OVH…

If you are in the UK, you will remove a shared hosting plan for £ 1.69 per month. Shared hosting plans come with unlimited traffic, and disk space starts at 100GB and goes up to 500GB on higher-tier plans.

You will get a free domain for the elementary year. There are limited 1-click installs, offering only WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and Prestashop.

OVH Hosting Review 2021

According to the general OVH website (not region specific), there are three main ways to host your web projects with OVH web hosting: VPS, dedicated servers, and dedicated cloud.

OVH Hosting Review 2021

We provide a quick overview within the table and expand on these plans below.

VPSDedicatedDedicated Cloud
PricingUS$ 5.52ex. GST/monthUS$ 136.79ex. GST/monthUS$ 8.69 ex. GST/month/
PackagesVPS SSD, VPS Cloud, VPS Cloud RAMFour dedicated servers availableThree configurations available
CPU1 x 2GHz to 4 x 2 GHz6 x 3.3GHz to 24 x 3GHz2 x 6 cores to 2 x ten cores
RAM2GB to 24 GB RAM32 GB to 256 GB2 x 16 GB RAM to 2 x 64 RAM
Storage20 GB SSD to 100 GB500 GB2 x 1.2 TB to 2 x 1.2 TB

Some of its most used services are:

VPS Hosting:

OVH offers several different VPS hosting plans that allow you to regulate your own corner of the online. With this server, you are in full control of your part of the server and can use it as you wish without interference from OVH.

Dedicated Servers:

If you or your business need a little more power or need to host an Exchange server or multiple cloud services, OVH offers several different dedicated server options that vary in speed, size, and bandwidth. This saves you a lot of money by choosing the precise type of server that meets your business requirements.


The cloud is here and more and more businesses are turning their local file servers and applications into cloud-based services that can be accessed from anywhere.

If you want to give it a try, you would like to look for a service that provides secure and reliable cloud services. OVH offers a variety of cloud-based plans perfect for anyone who wants to create their own cloud on the web.

OVH Servers

For more powerful hosting options, OVH offers a complete suite of dedicated servers for companies with demanding requirements.

Dedicated server ranges include advanced servers for small businesses that want tailored servers, dedicated infrastructure servers that go with powerful processors; Highly scalable and secure dedicated storage servers for backup, and distributed storage Customizable premium HG dedicated servers for resource-intensive production environments. Ideal for machine learning workloads and giant data. Dedicated game servers for secure online games

Network Infrastructures and Datacenters

At the time of writing, OVH has 27 data centers located around the world, including data centers in Canada, Paris, London, Singapore, and Australia. OVH supports and maintains its own data centers, rather than renting equipment from other companies like many providers.

OVH Hosting Review 2021

The company also offers a number of the fastest speeds available within the company, giving its customers a minimum of 1 Gbps, all the way up to 40 Gbps for larger customers requiring more bandwidth.

Customer Support and Service

OVH offers 24/7 customer support, but its solutions are not designed for IT beginners.

Video: OVH offers tutorials like this one to help customers complete technical tasks on their own.

Most of their solutions give you the framework to test what you would like, but you will need to configure those options yourself. While you will have access to 24/7 phone support to help you if something is not working as expected, you will need to attend.

Instead, they give customers access to services, much like real-time health data centers, so they can better troubleshoot issues.

OVH Hosting Review 2021

OVH believes that you are an expert and offers you the freedom to run your server as you wish without interference from them. That’s why customers can check the status of knowledge centers and run diagnostic tests on their hardware.

OVH support options include: Free 24/7 phone support Email support Online FAQ Online documentation for dedicated cloud product forum – currently in the process

What’s OVH Customer Service Like?

The opinions of OVH customers are mixed. This is often not a surprise – the reviews usually come from customers who feel strong trust in some brands, anyway.

Some customers praised OVH, while others mentioned frequent and unexplained downtime and long response times.

Security and Uptime

Like many suppliers, OVH has an uptime of over 99%. This figure, of course, does not include any maintenance that must be performed on the server to ensure its continued security and viability in the future.

It also offers some of the easiest security options in the industry. As you can probably imagine, if you are hosting an Exchange email server or cloud-based digital computer for your business, you would like to make sure your sensitive data is protected. This uses hardware-based firewalls to protect your server from attacks.

OVH DDoS Protection

This also uses DDoS security to discourage and stop denial of service attacks on its server.

Billing Policies and Procedures

For all of the different hosting options, OVH has affordable rates, and most are billed monthly. They also have related configuration costs on some of their bigger packages, including dedicated servers and cloud storage solutions.

Unlike other companies, OVH does not offer refunds on its servers, which means that if you are not satisfied, you will not have to pay the money, including installation fees.

However, OVH offers a payment extension policy that will allow you to delay billing for up to five days if you want a touch of extra time to pay your bill. However, this is not time off and you will be charged for the additional 5 days once you are billed.

OVH Pros & Cons

Still, have questions about OVH hosting? We have listed most of the pros and cons.


OVH is one of the largest hosting companies in the world, so they are definitely doing something right.

  • Sets with quality housing
  • Detailed lessons and active forum for the group
  • Wide variety of highly customizable plans for web hosting
  • SLA for you to get points in the event of inactivity.


Here we list the OVH disadvantages to think about before making a decision.

  • Limited support options; immediate support is not guaranteed
  • Limited 1-click installs – some web servers offer hundreds
  • OVH provides a backup tool for some hosting plans, but they do not perform the service for you
  • Some plans come with a custom dashboard, not cPanel or Plesk

Is OVH Hosting Right for You?

OVH has some satisfied customers and also some dissatisfied ones. The key complaints are poor uptime and slow reaction time from customer service representatives.

OVH offers a good type of benefits and services designed for a wide range of consumers. Your systems are set up for easy expansion, so you can easily add services when needed as your needs or business requirements expand.

If you are looking for a comprehensive solution to meet all your needs, including cloud solutions, email and web hosting, OVH may be a company to consider. If you’re a new web host and embarking on a small project, this web host might not be the easiest option for your needs.

The best alternatives for OVH are:

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Best Monthly Plan | 97-Day Refund time| Unlimited Bandwidth
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