PC Protect Antivirus Review In 2023: Features, Pricing & More!

PC Protect Review: Quick Expert Summary

PCProtect has reasonable malware detection rates, many useful options, and inexpensive subscriptions. Their antivirus scanner scored a ninety-nine for detecting malware in my tests, that’s perfectly sensible. It uses advanced heuristics and a wealth of constantly updated information to find malware files on Windows, macOS, and mechanical devices. It also has an associated iOS app, but it’s basic.

PCProtect also includes a host of great additional options, including:

  • Web shield.
  • Virtual personal network (VPN).
  • Data Breach Monitor.
  • Protection against identity theft.
  • System optimizer.
  • Password manager.
  • And much more…

I think PCProtect could be a specialized antivirus, however, it is an associated inferior version of the popular TotalAV antivirus. I’m not kidding! The interface, the results of the malware scan, the extensions, and the payment menus: are practically the same as TotalAV. It’s not some weird scam, either: Every square measure of TotalAV and PCProtect is owned by a similar company.

That said, TotalAV’s internet protection feature is updated very frequently (and can be much more secure), its VPN is more secure for streaming, and its mobile apps provide plenty of useful security features. Together TotalAV provides comprehensive fraud protection for US users (PCProtect does not). Since PCProtect and TotalAV measure similar values, I like to recommend that most users choose TotalAV for their web security needs.

However, if you want to use PCProtect, you should know that all their plans are associated with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so there is no risk in trying it.

🏅Overall Rank#20 out of 69 antiviruses
🔥 FirewallNo
🌐 VPNYes (with unlimited data)
🎁 Free PlanYes
💵 Pricing$19.00 / year
💰 Money-Back Guarantee30 days
💻 Operating SystemsWindows, Android, macOS, iOS
PC Protect Antivirus Review

PCProtect Full Review

PC Protect Antivirus Review In 2023
PC Protect Antivirus Review

PCProtect can be a safe and intuitive antivirus with many useful additional options.

This rebranding of TotalAV offers all the features similar to TotalAV, as well as a complicated antivirus engine with a malware detection rating of ninety-nine, however, its Internet, VPN, and fraud protections for US users United are worse than those of TotalAV.

You can get PCProtect for less than $19.00/year, and there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee on all PCProtect subscriptions.

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PCProtect Security Features

Anti-Malware Protection

PC Protect Antivirus Review In 2023
PC Protect Antivirus Review

Like TotalAV, PCProtect uses Avira’s Victory antivirus engine for period malware detection and on-demand antivirus scanning. Avira is one of our best antiviruses for 2023, and its scanner uses advanced heuristics as well as a host of great malware to find the latest malware threats.

PCProtect provides four basic types of scans:

  • System Scan: Scans the entire drive.
  • Quick Scan – Scans running processes, temporary files, and browser files.
  • Custom Scan – Scans a specific file, folder, or drive.
  • Smart Scan: Performs a quick scan, then checks for system tuning and internet protection issues.

For my tests, I downloaded nearly 1,000 files of malware information, as well as viruses, Trojans, adware, rootkits, spyware, and ransomware before running a full system scan. PCProtect was able to find almost 99 of the malware on my laptop, which could be a specialized result. The system scan only took about ninety minutes, which might be a bit slower than competitors like Bitdefender, but it’s still pretty smart.

PCProtect also offers period malware detection: In my tests, PCProtect blocked every malware file I tried to transfer to my laptop, as well as compressed files that some antiviruses fail to block.

Web Shield

PC Protect Antivirus Review In 2023
PC Protect Antivirus Review

PCProtect internet protection could be a tool to block phishing sites, exploit attacks, and other malicious websites. Internet Protect works in all browsers from your Windows desktop (you don’t need to install an associated extension), but Mack users should install Internet Protect as a browser extension (macOS’s built-in protections prevent desktop applications from filtering browser activity).

Unfortunately, I cannot highly recommend PCProtect’s Internet protection. In my tests, it didn’t find as many insecure sites as TotalAV. Although TotalAV and PCProtect use similar technology to find unsafe sites, PCProtect’s internet protection has not been updated since 2019; in today’s ever-changing threat landscape, this is often simply insecure. By comparison, TotalAV’s internet protection receives

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

PC Protect Antivirus Review In 2023
PC Protect Antivirus Review

PCProtect VPN includes strong security features and is quite smart for general web browsing and torrenting.

It uses strong 256-bit AES secret writing to protect your browsing traffic and includes a kill switch that will cut off your connection if your VPN drops. Together they have a wonderful network of servers, providing connections to nearly forty countries, as well as the United States, several European countries, and even Ghana. However, I would prefer that PCProtect provide connections to servers in Asia as Norton will.

PCProtect VPN is just as fast as TotalAV (which is our top VPN+antivirus package for 2023), but not as fast as standalone VPNs like ExpressVPN. Because VPNs encrypt all of your web traffic and bounce it from your computer to another server, any VPN can cause a small amount of delay.

Here it joins some of my speed tests without any VPN connection, then connects to the PCProtect VPN from a local server in the United States, and thus connects to a VPN server in town.

PC Protect Antivirus Review In 2023
PC Protect Antivirus Review In 2023

Personal Experience

As you can see, my speeds took off once I connected to the PCProtect VPN, my ping increased and my upload/download speeds decreased. While ExpressVPN and Personal Net Access have much faster speeds, I wasn’t too put off by PCProtect’s VPN slowdowns: I was still ready to stream 4K video, access content-rich sites like Instagram, and transfer giant torrent files without a hitch. while connected to PCProtect’s native and international VPN servers.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t ready to access most streaming services with the PCProtect VPN: Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+ all blocked my access to their sites. By comparison, most standalone VPNs (and some antivirus-enabled VPNs like TotalAV) are ready to access most streaming services.

Overall, PCProtect VPN can be a smart tool for fast, secure, and encrypted network access. It protects user information with 256-bit AES secret writing and a kill switch, incorporates a global network of servers, and supports torrenting. I want PCProtect to be able to access streaming sites, but it’s still a great network security tool for many users in 2023.

Password Vault

PC Protect Antivirus Review In 2023
PC Protect Antivirus Review

PCProtect’s Secret Vault feature can be a basic secrets manager with smart security: it’s mostly the image of TotalAV’s secrets manager.

Like all secret managers, PCProtect stores passwords in a very tightly encrypted vault. It includes a secret generator to create new and advanced passwords and offers a browser extension that can automatically complete logins after navigating to a website that is kept in its secret vault.

In my tests, Secret Vault was easy to use: I could import old passwords into my vault using a .csv file, and when I navigated to a website with one of my saved passwords, I could simply click on Secret Vault. Vault icon inside the login field to automatically complete my logins with just 1 click.

However, I want PCProtect’s secret manager to have a lot of options. Competitors like 1Password provide secret auditing tools that flag weak passwords, 2FA options to tighten vault security, secret sharing, and live darknet watch tools that track every login saved to your vault.

I think PCProtect could pack a lot of security tools, but it’s a decent minimalist secrets manager for many users in 2023.

Identity Theft Protection

PC Protect Antivirus Review In 2023
PC Protect Antivirus Review

PCProtect offers its fraud protections for an additional price; however, they are not worth it. TotalAV’s fraud protection area unit is much better (for US users).

PCProtect provides darknet surveillance for PII (Personally Characteristic Information), therefore it will track if any of your PII appears in a knowledge breach or darknet forum. However, competitor antiviruses like McAfee include dark web surveillance with their plans at no extra charge.

I was hoping to check out a lot of PCProtect’s advanced fraud protection; for example, TotalAV offers US users advanced credit monitoring and up to $1 million in fraud insurance. but instead, I was given a menu with dozens of private questions about my life, online accounts, and web usage. This allowed PCProtect to provide Pine Tree State with a “p

PC Protect Antivirus Review In 2023

For US users, TotalAV’s fraud protections (powered by AURA) will let you know if any of your PII (including debit cards, bank accounts, social security rank, and more) is used in a transaction, application, court continuous, and more monetary.

I have a ton of options from PCProtect, but I don’t think its darknet monitoring feature and PII form are worth the extra value. However, the rest of the additional options of the program are quite useful.

System Tune-Up Tools

PC Protect Antivirus Review In 2023
PC Protect Antivirus Review

PCProtect provides a complete set of useful system tuning tools to help speed up your system, including:

  • Garbage cleaner.
  • Duplicate Finder.
  • Disk usage analyzer.
  • Browser Cleaner.
  • Startup Optimizer.
  • Uninstaller.

Unlike its VPN and network protection, PCProtect’s system tuning tools work just as well as TotalAV’s.

In my tests, laptopProtect was able to detect more than a couple of GB of junk files on my Windows PC, which is pretty spectacular (some competitors like Trend Small can’t detect junk files as well). I also found the Disk Usage tool useful: it generates a graph showing which processes are coming first on your system, which can be extremely helpful if you’re experiencing system lag but isn’t sure why.

The alternative enhancement options of PCProtect are quite useful, however, I would prefer it to provide some additional options. for example, Norton includes a Game Booster that can allocate system resources to make your central processor run faster (which is good for gamers or anyone using CPU-intensive programs). I’d also like to see PCProtect incorporate a charting feature like the one Norton offers: with Norton, you’ll be able to see every activity done by your antivirus software system, inspect performance metrics, and put together a comprehensive picture of your system’s performance issues.

However, I like the system tuning feature of PCProtect. All of their tools help make a slow laptop run more smoothly, they are conveniently organized and easy to use and helped Pine Tree State speed up my laptop during my tests.

Additional Features

PCProtect does offer some additional add-on options, but most of them are only available for additional value, and I don’t think they’re all that practical. Here are the additional features of PCProtect:

  • Ad blocker.
  • Data Breach Checker.
  • Antivirus e-book.

PCProtect’s ad blocker feature is great for blocking ads, but so is unblock Origin, which is a free browser extension available for all browsers (major VPNs like Personal Web Access also offer built-in ad blockers).

In the meantime, PCProtect’s data breach checker comes in handy: it scans a {data} breach data to let you know if any of your data has been leaked. however, it is an equivalent service to haveibeenpwned.com, which is completely free.

And lastly, I don’t quite understand why PCProtect is an Associate in Nursing attempt to create a cash marketing e-book on cybersecurity. There are thousands of pages of wonderful writings, forums, and YouTube videos online about cyber safety, so it seems pretty silly for the Associate in Nursing to charge readers for an e-book on the subject.

However, while I was not affected by the additional features of PCProtect, it still offers many great web security tools for a fair price in 2023.

PCProtect Plans and Pricing

PCProtect only offers a restricted free install and a paid install – Computer Security ($19.00/year), which offers most of the options listed above on a couple of devices. This is usually an extremely honest value for an associate-grade antivirus with internet protections, a secure VPN, dark web watch tools, and system tuning options.

PCProtect is priced right, but I wish it was cheaper than TotalAV since it’s essentially a pretty inferior version of a similar program. TotalAV and PCProtect offer free basic plans, but they don’t include temporary malware protection (Avira could be a good free antivirus configured with temporary malware detection).

Another factor that PCProtect has in common with TotalAV is that they both offer extremely annoying checkout menus: Before you purchase your PCProtect subscription, you have to navigate through at least three windows trying to sell you more options and options. upgrades you may or may not want (and may already be included in your plan).

If you click on all those updates, your PCProtect settings will just skyrocket in value. And even once you’ve purchased your install, PCProtect tries to upsell you by linking you to their online marketplace, where you’ll get things like an associate’s degree e-book, priority customer support, and virus protection on unlimited devices.

PC Protect Antivirus Review In 2023
PC Protect Antivirus Review

Overall, I find PCProtect to be a pretty cheap program, but their purchasing protocols and online marketplace are deliberately confusing, and they offer a lot of add-ons that will greatly increase the price of their plans. I also think that PCProtect should be offered at a lower price than TotalAV. If you want to get a reasonable antivirus with dozens of smart options, just ignore all the PCProtect upsells and gets its premium setup.

PCProtect Ease of Use and Setup

PC Protect Antivirus Review In 2023
PC Protect Antivirus Review

Like TotalAV, PCProtect is a simple program with an intuitive associate-grade desktop application, easy-to-use browser extensions, and plenty of customization options.

After purchasing my PCProtect installation. I was able to download and install the program on my computer and waterproof it in just a few minutes. The PCProtect splash screen prompted Maine to run a smart scan that scanned my laptop for malware and junk files.

PCProtect is organized simply, with a sidebar on the left side of the screen offering half a dozen different categories:

  • Malware protection.
  • Internet security.
  • System setup.
  • Password vault.
  • Accounts to share with the family.
  • Settings.

The first three options measure the square between drop-down menus that contain tools like the malware scanner, VPN, fraud protections, junk file remover, and more. I liked how simple PCProtect made it to access its options. Some competitors (including Norton) have so many options that their interfaces can be a bit confusing.

Navigating to Mainenu Settings allowed me to modify dozens of security settings. You could change the language of the interface, schedule antivirus scans, whitelist safe files, modify the scan intensity of my period, and more.

I enjoyed the victimization of the PCProtect desktop application. It contains all the features of PCProtect, is easy to use, and offers users a decent amount of customization options in a gorgeous interface.

PCProtect Mobile App

PC Protect Antivirus Review

PCProtect offers a good web security app for mechanics and a basic iOS app that primarily offers VPN protection. I was quite surprised by PCProtect’s minimalistic mobile apps because TotalAV offers a lot of protection for both mechanical and iOS devices.

Android users get protection like malware scans, temporary protection, system cleanup, and a VPN. I tested PCProtect’s Mechanical Man protections against nearly a hundred Mechanical Man malware samples (including ransomware, spyware, and rootkits) and was greatly affected by its ninety-nine malware detection rates. Even big competitors like Bitdefender and Norton offer similar protections against Mechanical Man malware.

However, PCProtect’s alternative mobile options area unit is pretty basic. Their VPN is still good, however, it is not as good as Mechanical Man or iOS VPNs from competitors like ExpressVPN.

And I want PCProtect to offer many antivirus options for every mechanic and iOS. TotalAV’s Mechanical Man app includes an anti-phishing tool, secure browser, and app locker, and its iOS app offers device tracking, data breach monitoring, and anti-phishing protection. See our list of the most effective mechanical antivirus here, or click here to see our high recommendations for iOS.

However, PCProtect provides sensible anti-malware protection for mechanical users and its mobile app is easy to use.

PCProtect Customer Support

PCProtect customer support options include a large online mental object, phone support, and email support. Like TotalAV, PCProtect’s email support isn’t great. However, their phone support team makes up for it by being very prompt and knowledgeable.

Phone support is in English only and is offered from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. m. to 11 p.m. m., civil time. My experience with the PCProtect phone support team was very positive. I was involved with a representative within minutes, the support workers were very knowledgeable and ready to answer security questions and handle my questions.

If you have questions about PCProtect, I suggest you use the phone support facility as my experience with their email support team was quite unsatisfactory. PCProtect responded to my support question within twelve hours. Which is fast (even major competitors like Avira take up to twenty-four hours to respond to email support inquiries). However, in response to my question about PCProtect, I received a link to purchase a TotalAV inspiration.

PC Protect Antivirus Review

Since I wasn’t victimizing TotalAV or asking questions about it, this oversight was pretty frustrating. Once I identified the error, the PCProtect support team responded twenty-four hours later with this solution to my question. So I strongly suggest avoiding the PCProtect email support team, especially if their phone support is helpful and fast.

Is PCProtect a Good Internet Security Program for 2023?

PCProtect provides an honest antivirus engine, which detected ninety-nine of the malicious programs in my rigorous stress tests. It also includes a fairly fast VPN, a useful darknet watcher tool, and plenty of system tweaking options.

But its network and anti-phishing protections don’t update often enough. Its VPN wasn’t ready to unblock streaming sites like Netflix in my tests, its secret manager is basic, and its iOS app is just a minimalist VPN.

TotalAV is developed by the same team as PCProtect. Its network protection area unit is updated many times, its VPN is ready to unblock streaming sites, and its mobile app area unit is much better. It’s also about the same price as PCProtect (both are very affordable). It’s hard not to recommend TotalAV over PCProtect.

However, PCProtect is still a good possibility for users looking for a safe and easy-to-use antivirus program in 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions – About PCProtect Antivirus

  • Is PCProtect the same as TotalAV?
  • Is PCProtect secure?
  • How do I cancel PCProtect and get a refund?
  • Is PCProtect free?

Is PCProtect the same as TotalAV?

PCProtect is developed by Protected.net cluster Ltd, the same team behind TotalAV. The program area unit is almost identical, although PCProtect’s network protection feature and VPN don’t update as often as TotalAV’s.

I’m not entirely sure why shield.net cluster Ltd sells the same antivirus system under different names, but their entire antivirus system is built on top of Avira’s successful antimalware engine. In our tests, both TotalAV and Avira are often among the top ten antiviruses in 2023 in malware detection rates.

Is PCProtect secure?

PCProtect’s antimalware scanner is very secure. In my tests, its on-demand disk scanner and period malware protection earned a detection rating of ninety-nine. This can be great, like some of the best antiviruses on the market, like Norton and Bitdefender.

However, PCProtect’s anti-phishing and anti-exploit Internet protections are not as secure as those of TotalAV, Norton, or Bitdefender.

How do I cancel PCProtect and get a refund?

Canceling PCProtect is easy – I recommend using the phone support line for this method. As I was able to cancel my account and receive a refund in about five minutes using this method. Refunds are guaranteed for users within the first thirty days of receiving or upgrading their PCProtect subscription.

The PCProtect phone support line is open from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. m. to 11 p.m. m Eastern Standard Time, seven days a week. Once you have convinced their support person that you are very much obliged to remove PCProtect, they will send you an unsubscribe link. Once you click on that link, just click on the ok dialogs and you may be refunded over a few days. (I got my refund at twenty-four-hour intervals.

Is PCProtect free?

PCProtect offers a free setup, but it does not include temporary malware detection. Which is a necessary security feature for antivirus systems in 2023. I don’t normally suggest a free antivirus system, but Avira’s free antivirus program is quite good. Includes period malware protection, internet protection, an honest parole manager, and more.

However, PCProtect will offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on all of its paid plans. So you’ll test those insurances out and judge if they’re right for you.

PC Protect Products & Pricing

PC Protect Free

$0.00 / year

PC Security

$19.00 / year

Bottom Line

PCProtect could be a smart antivirus program with a fast VPN, good dark web watcher tools, and useful system tuning options. It got ninety-nine detection ratings throughout my malware tests, and its VPN is secure, fast, and responsive for browsing and torrenting. However, PCProtect is very much an inferior version of TotalAV (they’re even made by a similar company). TotalAV’s mobile plans, VPN, and anti-phishing protections are all better (and similarly priced). However, PCProtect could be a sensible, easy-to-use program with sensible antimalware protections, and it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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