Perfect Privacy VPN Review In 2023: Features, Pricing & More!

Perfect Privacy Review: Quick Expert Summary

Perfect Privacy to the robust security measures, maintains rapid speeds on local and native servers, works pretty well in restrictive countries, and allows unlimited connections, but I still assume there are better performing VPNs in 2023 like ExpressVPN and personal web access.

In addition to the standard security measures of the industry with AES 256-bit encoding, a kill switch, and a non-journalistic policy, good confidentiality addition:

  • Full protection against fire.
  • Transmission perfect secrecy.
  • RAM servers only.
  • TrackStop.
  • Sneaky-VPN
  • And more…

Perfect Privacy has the potential to be a VPN of choice, but there are a lot of issues that I can’t ignore – it doesn’t work with leading sites like Netflix and BBC iPlayer, and there is noticeable slowness on them. remote servers, a network of servers that is simply too small, and lacks split-tunneling. In addition, the mechanical man application is a fundamental basic, and its Windows application is buggy and difficult to use, it is too expensive for what it offers, and its email support and ticketing system is neither reagent nor useful

Perfect Privacy to paid monthly and yearly plans. They are only available with a 7-day refund guarantee (the partner of the best VPNs has a 30-day refund guarantee).

🏅 Overall RankRank shortcode
🌍 Number of Servers50+
📱 Number of DevicesUnlimited
💸 Starting Price$8.95 / month
🎁 Free PlanNo
💰 Money-Back Guarantee7 days

Perfect Privacy Full Review

Perfect Privacy VPN Review In 2023 Perfect Privacy Full Review
Perfect Privacy VPN Review

I’ve spent the last few weeks testing good privacy for viewing, but it’s one of the best alternative VPNs on the market. Overall, it’s smart about securing your data and torrenting, but its streaming support is terrible (it can’t access Netflix, Disney+, and other main streaming apps), and its desktop apps aren’t in no case easy.

Perfect Privacy includes industry-standard security measures, advanced security measures that serve RAM uniquely, and the extras such as an advertising blocker. It also allows torrenting on servers in over 20 countries, works with popular P2P apps like uTorrent and Vuze, and is free with port forwarding and SOCKS5 proxies.

Although there are tons of my favorite things about good privacy, it still lacks the value that the best VPNs in 2023 provide.

Perfect Privacy Features

Perfect Privacy possesses the Cervantes standard VPN security functions:

  • 256-bit AES encoding — Use a bank-quality code to render your indecipherable information.
  • Non-journalistic policy — Do not register for your traffic (visited sites and downloaded files) and your IP address.
  • Kill switch — Disable Internet access if the VPN disconnects to prevent traffic sources.

I’m sure that the kill switch of the Windows application is incredibly customizable – you can configure it to block all Internet traffic if you don’t connect to a VPN or if you have an excellent good privacy application. Of course, you assure that you will never accidentally access the Internet without initially connecting to a VPN.

Perfect Privacy uses the OpenVPN and IKEv2/IPSec protocols – so that is all highly secured and on the intelligent speeds, just to have good confidentiality along with the support of WireGuard, which is also secured by OpenVPN and IKEv2 /IPSec more abundant plus fast.

It also advanced security measures such as RAM-only servers (every server reset erases all data) and ideal forward secrecy (modify your encryption key for each association to prevent cybercriminals from compromising the keys of encoding passed or future).

It seems to me that good confidentiality offers complete protection against IPv6, DNS, and WebRTC sources (for certain main VPNs like VyprVPN you are obliged to manually deactivate IPv6 and WebRTC to prevent them). I have carried out the tests of sources that have connected me to providers from more than 10 countries and I have never found any of the sources. Good confidentiality is also one of the Seoul VPNs that take charge of the IPv6 traffic rather than obstructing, your navigation on the IPv6 sites only with the VPN.

Better Privacy

Unfortunately, good privacy doesn’t have a split tunnel (you allow yourself to select the applications used by the VPN and the applications used by your native network) with the principal VPNs such as ExpressVPN and the web personnel. however, it will go along with other alternative features:

Perfect Privacy VPN Review In 2023 Perfect Privacy Features
Perfect Privacy VPN Review
  • Multihop VPN. helps you send your information through up to four different VPN servers, providing multiple layers of cryptography. It’s easy to tweak Multi-Hop VPN, but there’s no in-app prompt on how to use it (you just connect to one server, so connect to alternative servers to double, triple, or quadruple your encryption)
  • Neurorouting. This can be a multi-hop VPN setup backed by machine learning that automatically selects the servers you use to provide optimal security. an ideal privacy support representative ME said that NeuroRouting can make it easy for users in restrictive countries in the World Health Organization area unit who have trouble connecting to excellent privacy.

More Features

  • TrackStop. This is an excellent Privacy ad blocker, which is actually handy and highly customizable. In my tests, it managed to remove ads on ad-heavy media stores (which made the sites load faster) and also blocked my connections to dubious communication protocol sites. Additionally, TrackStop helps you block sites that don’t appear to apply to children (for example, gambling and creation sites), websites that post fake news, and sites that collect user information (such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, and YouTube). ). TrackStop is on par with leading VPN ad blockers like Tacca leontopetaloides MACE from non-public web access and NetShield from ProtonVPN. That said, I don’t like it, but you can’t change TrackStop within the Great Privacy apps; instead, you would like to log in to your account on the Great Privacy website to display the feature (PIA MACE and NetShield Area Unit simply turned on with a click within the VPN app).
  • Stealth VPN. This is a great Privacy obfuscation feature (it makes your VPN traffic look like regular web traffic), which can be achieved with the OpenVPN protocol and helps you use the Internet in restrictive countries. Excellent Privacy provides three methods of obfuscation: tunnel (adds an extra layer of SSL cryptography to make OpenVPN traffic look like traditional web traffic), SSH (similar to the tunnel, but uses SSH cryptography instead of SSL encryption), associated obfsproxy (wraps the VPN traffic in an obfuscation layer to avoid detection). Excellent Privacy told me that it offers so many obfuscation strategies that users simply choose a special possibility if one methodology doesn’t work.

Perfect Privacy Security & Privacy

Perfect Privacy incorporates a strict zero-logs policy: it does not collect your scientific field address, traffic (which sites you visit and which files you download), membership timestamps, and usage information measures. Excellent privacy only logs your email address, which you need to request features and provide customer support.

While Great Privacy’s no-logs policy hasn’t been audited like ExpressVPN and ProtonVPN, it was proven true in a couple of 016s: Dutch authorities condemned two of the best Privacy servers in Rotterdam but weren’t ready to reveal no useful information on them.

It also incorporates a guarantee canary, which provides transparency by revealing whether the provider has received guarantees for user information or requests that would compromise the VPN service. the VPN does not store any user information.

Perfect Privacy VPN Review In 2023 Perfect Privacy Security & Privacy
Perfect Privacy VPN Review

Perfect Privacy is based on privacy-respecting Svizzera, which is outside the jurisdiction of the 5/9/14 Eyes Alliances (a group of countries that share information about police work with each other).

Overall, excellent privacy comes with a strict no-logs policy (which has been proven to be true) and is based in an extremely privacy-friendly country.

Perfect Privacy Speed & Performance

I ran speed tests on my Windows 10 computer while connecting to servers in over 20 countries where Excellent Privacy has servers. I got the fastest speeds while connected to servers in my country (Romania), but experienced noticeable slowdowns on distant servers within the US, Japan, Australia, and Canada.

First, I ran a speed test while not connected to the VPN to get a baseline for my network speeds:

Perfect Privacy VPN Review In 2023 Perfect Privacy Speed & Performance
Perfect Privacy VPN Review

It does not have a quick connect feature, which mechanically connects you to the fastest server for your location. so I manually connected to a server in my country (Romania) — here is my speeds area unit:

Perfect Privacy VPN Review

Next, I connected to an overseas server within the US:

Perfect Privacy Speed & Performance
Perfect Privacy VPN Review

On nearby servers in the Balkan country, I had fairly fast speeds: sites loaded instantly, HD videos loaded instantly and didn’t buffer, 4K videos loaded instantly, but there was minimal buffering while it jumped, and I downloaded 32 GB. in 14-15 minutes, that’s fast. but on distant servers within the US, I noticed noticeable slowdowns, while sites and HD videos loaded instantly, 4K videos took 6-7 seconds to load, and I noticed noticeable buffering while skipping videos, and noticed a high ping while enjoying it. online games.

Overall, excellent ME privacy provided fast speeds on native and nearby servers, however, my speeds lagged noticeably on distant servers. Honestly, the main competitors like ExpressVPN and Personal Net Access offer much faster speeds on all servers.

Perfect Privacy Servers & IP Addresses

Perfect Privacy has 50+ servers in 20+ countries, which is significantly below major providers like ExpressVPN (3,000+ servers in 90+ countries) and ProtonVPN (1,700+ servers in 60+ countries). Excellent Privacy primarily has servers in North America and Europe and offers good coverage for Asia and thus the geographic region, but users in Africa, South America, and Central America may have trouble finding a nearby server for speeds. fast.

Perfect Privacy allows torrenting on most of their servers, except for Australia, France, and the US. I think alternative providers have better torrenting support; for example, Personal Net Access allows P2P traffic on all of its servers, which are located in more than 80 countries.

I like that excellent privacy has an in-app option that shows server ping (how long it takes your device to talk to the VPN server) because this metric helps you find fast servers (low ping gets you faster speeds). fast). The ping is fine as I always had faster speeds once I abused the servers with low ping. That said, I’m not happy that the ability to ping the server isn’t offered in the Mechanical Man app. Personal net Access displays the server ping in its mobile apps and also color-codes the ping (so it’s easier to use). easy to know that the ping is good). and that ping is bad).

Overall, excellent privacy comes with a small server network but allows you to download torrents from most server locations. AND has an in-app option that shows server ping.

Perfect Privacy Streaming & Torrenting

I don’t recommend great privacy for streaming. You’ll access liquid ecstasy from HBO, but it doesn’t work with high-streaming sites like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, and BBC iPlayer.

If you’re looking for a very smart streaming VPN, I like to recommend ExpressVPN. It claims to consistently access over 65 streaming services (including Netflix).

Perfect Privacy VPN Review In 2023 Perfect Privacy Streaming & Torrenting
Perfect Privacy VPN Review

But I think it’s great. Privacy provides good torrent support: it allows P2P traffic on servers in over 20 countries and works with high-torrent apps like qBittorrent and Vuze. It also comes with port forwarding (which lets you connect with additional peers to induce faster downloads). And SOCKS5 proxies (change your scientific address like a VPN, but don’t use encryption, so they’re faster). In my tests, I always had 10-15% faster P2P speeds once I abused those options.

That said, I still believe that there are better P2P VPNs out there; for example, personal network access allows you to download torrents on servers in over 80 countries. (So it’s much easier to find a nearby server for quick downloads) and also comes with port forwarding.

Overall excellent privacy can’t access modern sites like Netflix but they are P2P servers in 20+ countries. And comes with port forwarding and SOCKS5 proxies.

Perfect Privacy Plans & Pricing

Perfect Privacy has monthly and annual payment plans. Allows unlimited connections (most VPNs only allow 5-7 synchronous connections). With that said, IPVanish also has unlimited connections Associate in Nursingd is a superior product overall.

Perfect Privacy plans start at $8.95/month, which I think is too expensive for what this VPN offers. Big competitors like ExpressVPN, Private Web Access, and ProtonVPN offer significantly higher prices.

Perfect Privacy accepts credit/debit cards, PayPal, cryptocurrencies, and multiple different payment options processed by Paymentwall and Stripe. However, I don’t like that it only comes with a 7-day money-back guarantee. Most of the best providers have a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Overall, Excellent Privacy is expensive, accepts multiple payment strategies, and only includes a 7-day money-back guarantee.

Ease of Use: Mobile & Desktop Apps

Perfect Privacy VPN Review In 2023 Ease of Use: Mobile & Desktop Apps
Perfect Privacy VPN Review

Perfect Privacy has apps for robots, macOS, Windows, Android TV, and Hearth Stick. If you want an honest VPN that has both iOS and UNIX apps, I highly recommend ExpressVPN.

The robot app is extremely basic as there are hardly any settings or options in the area unit. Beginners might like it because the app won’t feel overwhelming. The excellent privacy mentioned above is more useful for advanced users. So I don’t understand why they didn’t add extra options like hide VPN and Multi-Hop VPN to the app. Mobile Also, it’s easy to find and connect to servers, but I still wish the robot app was associated with a quick connect feature. Honestly, there are better bot VPN apps out there.

Desktop apps are more feature-rich than robot apps. But they’re not very intuitive because the look and feel are so outdated. (Looks like something you’d see in the Associate in Nursing app from 2001). Also, the Windows app is quite buggy. I generally experienced lags and mini-freezes once the dynamic setup was done and I couldn’t connect to some servers. I feel like different high VPNs have much easier Windows and macOS apps.

Overall, Great Privacy has apps for robots, Windows, macOS, and smart TVs, but they’re not super easy.

Customer Support

Perfect Privacy VPN Review

Perfect Privacy has multiple support channels, as well as setup guides, FAQs, support tickets, a forum, and email support, however, it lacks live chat.

It has many FAQs that offer helpful answers: There have been time and time again after I couldn’t contact the provider’s support team because the FAQ answered all my queries. I also like the setup guides because they are easy to follow and include screenshots.

Unlike other high-end VPNs like ExpressVPN and Private Web Access, Super Privacy doesn’t offer live chat support. So I tried their email support and ticketing system; unfortunately, it is extremely unhealthy. I sent great privacy emails and support reps only responded to at least one email. I’ve also opened several support tickets but rarely got a response. (And when support reps did respond, they didn’t offer any helpful information). Worse yet, one of my support price tags was removed without being self-addressed. I opened another support ticket for this issue, but the reps were unable to help me.

On the y side, the excellent Privacy forum is quite active. I posted a couple of threads and received helpful responses within 1-2 days.

Overall, Excellent Privacy has FAQs, tutorials, and a fairly active forum. However, it lacks live chat support, and its price tag system and email support area unit are terrible.

Is Perfect Privacy Any Good in 2023?

Perfect Privacy comes with high-end security features. Maintains fast speeds on nearby servers, works well in restrictive countries, has sensible P2P support, and supports unlimited connections. That said, I’m still assuming there are much better VPNs out there in 2023. (ExpressVPN and Personal Net Access are my favorite providers).

In addition to essential VPN security features like a kill switch, bank-grade cryptography, and a no-logs policy. You can also get advanced security features like full leak protection, RAM-only servers, and excellent forward secrecy. And additional security. . functions like TrackStop and hide VPN.

Unfortunately, I still assume several areas need improvement: good privacy can’t access widespread streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime. It has pretty massive slowdowns on distant servers, it spans a small server network. And it’s missing one standard extra feature, As split tunneling. Furthermore, it comes bundled with a basic humanoid app and a hard-to-use Windows app is too expensive and provides extremely dangerous email support.

Perfect Privacy has paid monthly and yearly plans, and only comes with a 7-day money-back guarantee. (Most of the best VPN providers have a 30-day money-back guarantee).

Perfect Privacy – Frequently Asked Questions

Does Perfect Privacy Work With Netflix?

No, good Privacy can’t access Netflix. You also can’t access alternative websites like BBC iPlayer, Disney+, and Amazon Prime (but it will work with HBO Max).

If you want a decent Netflix VPN, I’d recommend ExpressVPN. It consistently works with Netflix and collectively claims to access over 65 alternative streaming services.

Is Perfect Privacy Good for Torrenting?

Yes, as good privacy allows P2P traffic on servers in over 20 countries and works with popular torrent apps like qBittorrent and Vuze. It also comes with port forwarding (connect to additional peers for faster downloads). SOCKS5 proxies (changes your computing address like a VPN, but it’s much faster), and strong security features.

That said, I’m still assuming that ExpressVPN can be a considerably higher P2P VPN: it allows you to download torrents on 3000+ servers in 90+ countries. (So it’s easier to find a nearby server for fast speeds), offers great security. And it’s much faster and easier to use than good privacy.

Does Perfect Privacy Work on IOS?

No, good privacy doesn’t have the Associate in Nursing iOS app; instead, you want to do a manual setup, which is inconvenient and time-consuming.

If you’re looking for an extremely smart iOS VPN. My first choice is ExpressVPN because it’s a very intuitive and easy-to-install iOS app from Associate in Nursing. And also comes with high-end security measures, fast speeds, and glorious streaming support.

Is Perfect Privacy Safe?

Yes, since good privacy comes with industry-standard VPN security measures, a kind of kill switch, and a no-logs policy. (Which was put in place once the Dutch authorities seized several of the provider’s servers), and grade encryption. banking. Plus, good privacy comes with advanced security measures like full leak protection, and RAM-only servers. (Every server restart erases all data), and excellent forward secrecy. (Change the encryption key for each VPN session to prevent hackers compromise past or future encryption keys).

However, I think ExpressVPN may be a much better option: it also has great security measures but comes at a much higher price. (It works with the best streaming sites, has faster speeds, and comes with lots of simple apps).

Perfect Privacy Products & Pricing

Perfect Privacy 2 Years

$8.95 / month

7 Days Money Back

Perfect Privacy 1 Year

$9.99 / month

7 Days Money Back

Perfect Privacy 1 Month

$12.99 / month

7 Days Money Back

Bottom Line

Perfect Privacy has robust security measures. Maintains smart speeds on nearby servers, works well in restrictive countries, and is good for torrenting. However, I guess there are still better VPNs out there. In addition to industry-standard security measures like AES 256-bit encryption, a no-logs policy, and a kill switch, you get advanced security measures like RAM-only servers and other security measures like a banner blocker. That said, I don’t like how good the privacy is, It doesn’t work with major sites like Netflix and BBC iPlayer. It has noticeable slowdowns on distant servers, and it lacks split tunneling.

I’m also not happy that your golem app is extremely simple and your windows app is buggy and hard to use. Which is too much is too expensive, and their email support and ticketing system are dangerous. Good Privacy allows unlimited connections, has paid monthly and yearly plans, and only comes with a 7-day money-back guarantee.

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