Private Tunnel Review In 2023: Features, Pricing & More!


The Personal Tunnel story begins with James Yohan and Francis Dinha, the founders of the Iraqi National Congress of OpenVPN Technologies. They achieved great success with their victory OpenVPN project in 2002 and launched their company to counter its further development.
We view Personal Tunnel as a web privacy initiative rather than your standard VPN provider. The tried-and-true team behind it incorporated a larger package and networking, with progressive technology and distinctive options.

Private Tunnel was created to provide its users with enhanced security, protected communication services, and trusted ownership. We’ve put the service under some serious scrutiny and can get all the ends across in this dedicated personal Tunnel review.

Private Tunnel Review In 2023
Private Tunnel Review


The Private Tunnel consumer is extremely clean and determined but leaves a lot to be desired in the aesthetic department. the overall look just seems old-fashioned and the combination is somewhat off-putting to the eye. cannot be personalized to the consumer, which adds to the already disappointing experience. Fortunately, once you get past appearances, you’ll see an efficient and easy-to-use VPN consumer. It works pretty well, especially if you just need a quick server association.

Private Tunnel Review In 2023
Private Tunnel Review

The main screen can tell you about your current profile, the region you are connected to, and your nonhereditary scientific address. The bottom of the screen features a distinguished Connect button and the top right corner contains the settings menu.

Performance and Reliability

We connected to several random servers throughout our test circuit and were able to report lackluster results. Speeds were generally inconsistent between vastly different servers, with the US server providing somewhat higher results than all others.

Private Tunnel Review In 2023 Performance and Reliability
Private Tunnel Review

We enforced constant disconnections when trying to connect to the UK server and were unable to get successful results due to dog association outages. The servers in the European country and the urban center also showed disappointing results compared to our initial expectations.

Overall, our speed test section returned poor to mediocre results when it comes to the average server speed. We would certainly prefer to hear many opinions, so we invite you to contact the United States and share your experiences.


Private Tunnel is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android 4.0+, and iOS 6.1+. It can also work on the UNIX operating system, however, this requires prior data and knowledge of the declaration interface.

Also, you can create a personal tunnel job on various operating systems and devices by downloading configuration files and doing some additional work.

While searching for this personal Tunnel review, we tested the VPN on our computer and auto smartphone and the installation took place in just a few minutes without any hiccups in the process.

The following devices are incompatible with Personal Tunnel due to their restricted support for the OpenVPN driver:

  • Tv USB sticks
  • TV decoders
  • special tablets

A few years ago, there were mentions of implementing support for Blackberry and Windows Phone, however, that has not happened.

Private Tunnel Review In 2023 Multi-Platform
Private Tunnel Review


Private Tunnel offers only a couple of server locations, including the United States, Germany, Hong Kong, Sweden, Canada, Japan, etc. This is not enough for worldwide coverage, so you will not be able to connect from your geographical location, betting on where you are based.

Private Tunnel Review In 2023 Features
Private Tunnel Review

You will not be able to access personal tunnels from the following countries due to their censorship rules:

  • Porcelain
  • Saudi Arabia
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Oman
  • Iran
  • Turkmenistan

Private Tunnel does not provide service within the following countries:

  • Ghana
  • Nigeria
  • Ivory Coast

We were also unable to access Netflix’s Private Abuse Tunnel, so you’ll probably need to look into alternatives if streaming is your primary reason for purchasing a VPN.

If you choose to travel premium, you will have unlimited access to information and maintain three or four simultaneous connections. The service also comes with unlimited server speed.

Security and Privacy

Private Tunnel uses the OpenVPN protocol entirely. this means that you will not have the option to connect with PPTP, L2TP/IPsec, and SSTP. this is usually not a problem in our opinion, as we tend to continually recommend OpenVPN victimization.

Private Tunnel Review In 2023 Security and Privacy
Private Tunnel Review

The service is located within the United States, which could be a deal breaker for some VPN users. Although the United States does not have the necessary data retention laws, it is home to the CIA and the US intelligence agency, which have a bad reputation for their arrest and gag warrants. In other words, the United States is not a friendly place for VPN services.

Private Tunnel uses AES-GCM encryption with 128-bit keys, which is pretty weak by trendy standards. AES-256 is considered to be the strongest encryption currently on the market because it is still “uncracked” by the authorities.
You may visit the site anonymously, however, if you choose to register you will be required to provide your name, email, signage, and payment details. Personal Tunnel may collect this information and record it in your information. The registered data is protected through SSL technology, but we would be much happier if the company did not record any registrations at the initial location.

Private Tunnel’s Privacy Policy states that the information collected is used solely to improve the service and monitor performance. This is usually a very good bit, but it can’t beat a log-free VPN.


Private Tunnel Review In 2023 Support
Private Tunnel Review

You can contact Tunnel’s support workers via email or live chat, which can be a good set of options. Customer service business hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00 p.m. m. to 5:00 p.m. m. PST.

The list on the official website is quite small and doesn’t offer much, to be honest. The answers are usually terribly obscure and generic without going into various details.

The support staff is incredibly quick with responses, but the staff members we spoke to while doing research for our Tunnel review weren’t all that knowledgeable when it came to the topics we wanted to discuss.

Pricing Options

1 Month


3 Months


6 Months


1 Year


Private Tunnel offers 2 completely different subscription plans:

  • Fixed ($6 per month; $35 per year): unlimited access to knowledge; up to three synchronous connections.
  • Flexible ($6 per month; $35 per year + additional device fees) –Unlimited access to knowledge; fourth membership offered for an additional fee.
Private Tunnel Review

As a replacement user, you will subscribe to one of the offered plans and receive 7 days. when the period ends, it can be mechanically stung. Please note that you will simply continuously cancel the service before that happens if you are not aware of it.

You will get a 100% free 7-day period of time to determine whether or not Personal Tunnel meets your VPN needs.

Private Tunnel Pros & Cons

To wrap up this personal review of Tunnel, here’s a quick rundown of the options that wowed America, and also the aspects of the service that could use improvement.


  • Excellent code
  • Team behind OpenVPN
  • Compatibility with the main platforms.
  • User-friendly shopper
  • The free 7-day time period
  • Economic evaluation


  • Low server count
  • Mediocre speeds
  • Suboptimal secret write
  • Poor listing section

Private Tunnel Rating

Our ratings are the results of an independent and objective analysis of Tunnel staff, generating the final rating that reflects the overall quality of the company. Ratings may change due to service changes.

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