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Psiphon can be a Canadian provider since 2008. It started as a project at the national research lab. The Provincial Capital University, thus becoming a corporation providing censorship circumvention.

Why Choose Psiphon VPN?

Psiphon uses a combination of VPN, SSH, and HTTP Proxy to automatically make you the leading economic association to bypass censorship in your region. The company claims from the start that it’s not a tool you should mistreat for security, privacy, or obscurity.

Psiphon VPN Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Compatible with Windows, Android, and iOS
  • Offers installation files delivered via email
  • Transparent about work


  • Session Logs and Awareness of Use
  • Share records with third parties
  • Canadian
  • It does not reveal the locations of the servers.
  • No, thanks for manually choosing a server location
  • weak security
  • Paid plans are expensive

Pricing and Plans

Psiphon comes as a free desktop utility and mobile app. it is ad-supported, however, it is free for all users. It also comes with a data measurement limit of around 2 MBps to ensure that everyone can enjoy unlimited data access. You won’t be able to stream or play games with it. But you will be able to access Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and news websites from around the world.

If you install your mobile app, you gain access to your in-app purchases that allow you to remove the information measurement limit. These costs are not disclosed anywhere else, and you can only purchase through iTunes or Google Play. Here’s the breakdown of available plans: $9.56/month for Optimum Speed, $4.99/month for Prime Speed, $4.99 for a 7-day pass, $9.99 for a 30-day pass, and $113.99 for a 360-day pass. Happen.

A 30-day money-back guarantee is included with every purchased subscription. Given that it is not even remotely privacy-oriented, the premium service is pricey (logging, ads, no kill switch).


Psiphon offers a native consumer for Windows (XP and earlier). A mobile app for humanoids, and a browser for iOS devices. You will be able to install the apps from iTunes or Google Play. But if they are blocked in your region, you can transfer the humanoid app directly from the provider’s website and download it.

However, iOS users have no options if Psiphon is locked to their regional iTunes. I’m not sure if there is a solution for jailbroken devices. However, since you will be able to request the installation file via email to, you will be able to check it out as well. Please do not consider a quick response as support relies on automated responses.

For general inquiries and technical guides, you can refer to the FAQs and user guides.

One of the questions that always grumpy ME was the location of their servers, something that the company does not reveal. The app mechanically connects you to the optimal server. Each time, you get a replacement IP. But I managed to take a look at the currently available locations from the Logs section of the Windows Psiphon app.

Psiphon VPN Review in 2023
Psiphon VPN Review

Available regions include European Countries, Spain, Great Britain, Hungary, India, Japan, Netherlands, Poland, Singapore, Romania, Italy, France, Canada, Germany, and the USA. There are additional countries that pop up within the records at completely different times. The main goal is for Psiphon to guide you through regions with a mild censorship climate.

Psiphon VPN Review

The Windows app is displayed neatly in six expandable tabs: logs, language (lots of options!), relative information (with links to the transfer page and FAQ), comments, settings, and also the main tab with the Connect/Disconnect button.


The humanoid app is similarly intuitive but includes an additional tab for statistics showing the amount of data sent and received. Its options tab allows you to choose whether or not to channel the device’s entire traffic through Psiphon, or simply the VPN app’s built-in browser.

Psiphon VPN Review in 2023
Psiphon VPN Review

The Windows-based application settings are full of expandable buttons. But you won’t have any inconvenience features of what they symbolize: each switch expands in a quick clarification.

For example, the transport mode uses L2TP/IPSec without obfuscation; Upstream Proxy allows you to specify a proxy to use; Native Proxy Ports allows you to add your native port numbers manually; Split Tunnel does not route websites at intervals from your home country through the VPN, freeing up an extra measure of information for websites outside of your country to be blocked. In addition, you will be able to disable timeouts for slow networks to mitigate the association problems born.

Psiphon VPN Review

The Psiphon humanoid app also comes with a detailed settings tab. In addition to simple things like enjoying sound notifications once the association status changes, you’ll be able to customize how Psiphon connects via an HTTP proxy and use custom settings for host address, port, authentication of the proxy, and domain.

The browser built into the Psiphon mobile app is downright spartan (you can’t configure it to request a desktop version of websites, for example), but it works, though.
There is no DNS leak protection or a kill switch in any of the Psiphon iterations, however, the overall feature set is deep for a free tool.


Since Psiphon clearly states that its data measurement is banned, my speed test results weren’t surprising, but they were pretty decent.

My initial speed was slow:

Psiphon VPN Review

However, he did not fully return to a crawl with Psiphon enabled. He even got better at an extremely American connection:

Psiphon VPN Review in 2023
Psiphon VPN Review

While the Spanish association was not affected at all:

Psiphon VPN Review

Psiphon failed to leak my DNS, even assuming it relies on Google’s DNS:

Psiphon VPN Review in 2023
Psiphon VPN Review

It also passed my WebRTC and IPv6 leak tests:

Psiphon VPN Review in 2023
Psiphon VPN Review

Psiphon is unsuitable for streaming only because it’s doubly geared towards a very different problem, but it managed to stream HBO (with exacerbated buffering times):

Unfortunately, Psiphon didn’t help me connect to Netflix or BBC iPlayer.

Psiphon VPN Review in 2023
Psiphon VPN Review

Privacy and Security

Psiphon is a Canadian-based provider with roots in the provincial capital’s University National Research Laboratory, sometimes getting its funding from the likes of the US State Department and the European Parliament. In addition to that, the North American country will be part of the 5 Eyes and Fourteen Eyes massive police work alliance.

Psiphon’s Privacy Policy reiterates over and over again that it does not increase your privacy or security online. Since it shows you ads, there are beacons and cookies, advertising partners, and Google Analytics involved.

The company records and maintains its IP addresses, user agents, and timestamps within Amazon S3.
Amazon has access to those records. The information is mixed and analyzed by the Psiphon developers, so please delete it at some point.

Unfortunately, Psiphon also records the user’s browsing activity and discloses it to third parties:

Therefore, circumventing censorship is based on the value of privacy. Do you have to take a risk and put yourself out there for work and aggregation? I think it shouldn’t because there are better options for many regions known for condemning freedom on the net.

On the technical front, Psiphon is an ASCII text file, but SSH, HTTP Proxy, or IP2Sec are not created for security or obscurity reasons. If you think you might be targeted by law enforcement agencies, don’t trust Psiphon to hide your traffic.

However, knowing that totalitarian regimes and international intelligence agencies monitor social media (especially during crises), you should not trust Psiphon to use social media for communication or politics.

Final Thoughts

Psiphon can be a working line of censorship circumvention tool for legions of people in oppressive regimes. but the best you can do with it is browse The Sunday Times. Don’t use it for privacy and security because it clearly says it doesn’t offer any. it is also not suitable for streaming or playing. There are better options to circumvent censorship.

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