Quick Heal Antivirus Review In 2023: Features, Pricing & More!

Quick Heal Antivirus Review: Quick Expert Summary

Quick Heal Antivirus Review Total Security claims to offer “robust protection for your PC” that protects against malware, money theft, and spyware, in addition to parental operation. Here is my evaluation.


Quick Heal contains automatic and customizable scanning modes. While the former can check your files and directories according to default system settings, the latter helps you select the system areas to scan for viruses. You will also be able to take a predetermined action in case malicious code is detected on your system. The software system has also been shown to perform well below test conditions and has been given a “Superior Product” rating by the AV-Test Institute. During my test, it immediately marked the EICAR test file as malicious.

Quick Heal Antivirus Review In 2023
Quick Heal Antivirus Review

Those squares simply measure the fundamentals, however. The software system jointly includes the Advance DNAScan tool that provides continuous observation of unsafe programs. Behavior-based antivirus tools provide stronger protection over signature-based models, and I was happy to see that Fast Heal has packed all the options into this tool.

In addition, the program includes the Associate in Nursing Automatic Rogueware Scan which runs separate definition information that specifically looks for Rogueware. Rogueware is a progressively prominent threat from Associates in Nursing that installs malware disguised as malware removal tools.


In addition to its rich selection of scanning options, Fast Heal Total Security also includes some network security features. These include the Associate in Nursing anti-keylogger tool, automatic scanning hardware, and a parental system.

I tried the keylogger and it blocked access to the transfer page for the standard Windows Spyrix keylogger. Then isolated the program once I inserted it from a USB drive; this is spectacular as keylogger protection from other software system titles will usually be bypassed this way.

The parental control feature is also very well designed and would give the other tool some money. It integrates directly with your system accounts, making it easy to block certain kinds of websites. Selecting the kinds of websites to block young browsers is not always easy. As the system prepares filter templates compatible with the ages of the users. The parent management module also includes the Associate in Nursing application management tool that blocks access to certain programs on the computer itself.

Quick Heal Antivirus Review In 2023
Quick Heal Antivirus Review

This is a tool that I haven’t come across much before and also the combination of web-based and program-level filtering gives seniors peace of mind. Finally, there is a tool that allows principals (ie parents) to limit computer access based on time and day.

Another less common tool included in Fast Heal Total Security could be a computer tuner. This includes some tweaking tools, such as a disk defragmenter. Which are intended to improve the performance of your software package. at one-minute intervals after starting the scan, the system knew many things in my file registry and disk drive that required cleaning. The upgrade itself happened mechanically and I re-ran a fully optimized system at minute intervals.

Ease of Use

Quick Heal Total Security is downloaded from the Fast Heal website. Although I downloaded the installation utility in less than a second, the program started a lengthy transfer process before installing the program.

I always like it when the transfer of initial definitions happens in the background when the program has been installed. Aside from the somewhat lengthy initial installation, however, the program proved to be an absolutely easy Nursing Associate. There is a central dashboard-style program to monitor all mobile system components and also the installation method generated separate launchers for quick access to additional items like a performance tuner and malware scanner. The dashboard features 5 main buttons for quick access to deeper menus for various scanning options and a check indicator on the “home” page provides an immediate indication of system health.


Quick Heal has provided a full support program through the phone icon at the bottom of the dashboard. The standard options are measured there (an email ticketing system, a web-based mindset, and live chat), but what struck Maine the most was the convenience of remote support that can be implemented from the program to intervals. This tool is simply Teamviewer nested at intervals in the program, so if you are familiar with that software system, you will know that it is simple to generate a Nursing Associate ID and password for a technician to require on their system. I prefer, however, to simply call the Live Chat technician to help Maine perform a virtual drive scan and then immediately access the program to allow him to remotely access my machine. Truly, Fast Heal excels in this department.

Quick Heal Antivirus Review In 2023
Quick Heal Antivirus Review


Total Security sits at the top of Fast Heal’s products, incorporating elements of Antivirus Pro, and Net Security, and adding others like Secure Delete, Data Theft Protection, and Computer Tuning Tool. It would have nice subscription periods of just over 1 year and also the option to protect more than 3 devices, but the answer is worth it considering its scanning and security features.

Quick Heal Products & Pricing

Quick Heal Antivirus Pro

$30.00 / Year

Quick Heal Internet Security

$40.00 / Year

Quick Heal Total Security Multi-Device

$75.00 / Year

Bottom Line:

Quick Heal Total Security gives you all the antivirus, antimalware, and Anti-Rogueware tools you could want. the value is good and also the support is top-notch.

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