Rewarding Yourself For Reaching Your Fitness Goals (2021)

Unfortunately, this is often a standard experience for several people who want to cut back, increase productivity, or continue with a replacement exercise routine.

Well, one of the reasons people struggle is because it’s so hard to stay consistent once they don’t see the immediate results of their behavior change.

Fortunately, there is an easy thank you to sticking with your habits, goals, and tasks:

Reward yourself every time you reach a crucial milestone or achieve a selected goal.

When you’re lacking inspiration (or too sleepy to begin), having something to be concerned about makes it simpler to stay with a habit.

In this post, I’ll re-evaluate 155 ways to reward yourself for completing a goal or task.

Entertainment Rewards

Rewarding Yourself For Reaching Your Fitness Goals (2021) Entertainment Rewards
Article: Rewarding Yourself For Reaching Your Fitness Goals (2021)

Food Rewards

Rewarding Yourself For Reaching Your Fitness Goals (2021) Food Rewards
Article: Rewarding Yourself For Reaching Your Fitness Goals (2021)
  • In the morning, sip on this green superfood beverage.
  • Buy your favorite pastry or cake.
  • Cook your favorite dish. Use all those expensive ingredients.
  • Enjoy a meal kit delivery service for a couple of weeks instead of cooking.
  • Have a glass (or two!) Of wine.
  • Eat at your favorite restaurant.
  • Get carried away by your appetite buying your favorite sweets.
  • Enjoy your lunch outdoors.
  • Make a gourmet dessert.
  • Make your fondue.
  • Order in.
  • Take the job opportunity and buy your favorite frozen dessert or yogurt.
  • Enjoy a smoothie or shake.
  • Buy some cheese and crackers.

(If you’re trying to find the other one, here are some rewards that don’t involve food.)

Free Rewards

Rewarding Yourself For Reaching Your Fitness Goals (2021) Free Rewards
Article: Rewarding Yourself For Reaching Your Fitness Goals (2021)
  • Call (or spend each day with) a lover or loved one who makes you smile.
  • Colour. check out these fun picture book options for adults.
  • Create a private sanctuary. Create a personal reception space where you will relax.
  • Dance and sing.
  • Designate a day off and do absolutely nothing.
  • Do a crossword or word search.
  • Draw or doodle.
  • Get involved in a little gardening.
  • Enjoy a long bath or shower.
  • Enjoy a spa day at home.
  • Go screen-less for an hour, specifically take advantage of the social media opportunity.
  • Host a game night and play classics like Pictionary, Twister, and Charades with friends.
  • Knit, crochet, cross-stitch, embroider or sew.
  • Lie down in a hammock.
  • Candles, or better yet, scented candles, should be lit.
  • Play poker or other cards with your friends.
  • Rearrange your closet.
  • Sit on a porch swing.
  • Take a selfie.
  • During working hours, take a short break.
  • Take photos.
  • Visit the library or bookstore yourself.
  • Volunteer at your local shelter.
  • Write a note to a lover or loved one you haven’t talked to in a while. Include a note on how you are grateful for how they have positively impacted your life. (This is a simple process for writing a great thank you note.)

Self-Care Rewards

Rewarding Yourself For Reaching Your Fitness Goals (2021) Self-Care Rewards
Article: Rewarding Yourself For Reaching Your Fitness Goals (2021)
  • Book a session with a private coach.
  • Get a manicure or pedicure (or both).
  • Replace your hairdo or experiment with a different hair colour.
  • Get a replacement tattoo or piercing.
  • Put on a replacement sports bra.
  • Wear athletic shoes at an athletic store.
  • Get some new shades for outdoor exercise.
  • Purchase a bottle of high-end shower gel or lotion.
  • Go to a salon to get your eyebrows plucked or threaded.
  • Hire someone to wash your house.
  • Invest in some moisture-wicking training socks to avoid sweaty feet!
  • Invest in a fitness tracker to help you stay motivated.
  • Postpone today’s to-do list until tomorrow.
  • Get together with a lover on a Saturday morning for a cappuccino or brunch.
  • Pamper yourself every week in a luxurious spa.
  • Practice mindful writing.
  • Shave your legs and make your bed with fresh linens.
  • Participate in a charity walk or a running event.
  • Sign up for a healthy subscription box.
  • Sign up for a yoga / Sumba / pole dance class.
  • Take every day off from work for no reason.
  • Take a five-minute self-esteem break.
  • Allow yourself to take a sleep without feeling guilty.
  • Spend some time experimenting with your hair and cosmetics.
  • Bring your automobile in for a thorough cleaning from the inside out.
  • Treat yourself to a massage or facial.
  • Try a mindfulness replacement exercise (here are 71 great tips to get you started).
  • Try aromatherapy, a safe and natural method of treating various ailments.
  • Watch a YouTube makeup tutorial and experiment.
  • Use a replacement fragrance that you like.
  • Wear something that makes you feel safe.
  • Work on your hobby or craft project that you simply enjoy. (You can start with these 55 hobbies for women and 60 hobbies for men.)
  • Write in your journal. (Here are 33 journaling ideas that prompt you to get started.)
  • Schedule an informed portrait session.
  • Go to sleep early.

Shopping Rewards

Rewarding Yourself For Reaching Your Fitness Goals (2021) Shopping Rewards
Article: Rewarding Yourself For Reaching Your Fitness Goals (2021)
  • Start a “rewards savings”. Reward yourself with money. whenever you reach a goal, add $ 5, $ 10, or $ 20 to your “rewards savings” account.
  • Start a collection, be it stamps, action figures, sports memorabilia, etc. Enjoy the pleasure of searching, owning, and growing your collection.
  • Light up your goal calendar with stickers. Use stickers to highlight accomplishments and emphasize deadlines.
  • Explore a market, an antique store, or a thrift store. Maybe you will finally find that piece of furniture you’ve been trying to find.
  • Buy a car or home stereo, or a big-screen TV. Save this splurge once you achieve big goals.
  • Buy a new, flowery pitcher or bottle of water – a perfect reward for hitting a fitness goal.
  • Invest in a lottery ticket.
  • Buy a replacement paint for your room or room. Brighten up your surroundings with a replacement paint or wall décor.
  • Buy a replacement app. Whether it’s a gaming app or something associated with your goals, buy that premium app you’ve been wanting for a while.
  • Purchase a replacement book and borrow it. Purchase a hardback copy of one of the books on your reading list and set aside time to read it. (We have a growing list of over 250 novels we suggest you read.)
  • Buy a replacement bag or laptop bag. Oftentimes, this is another splurge reward that you will give yourself once you achieve a big milestone.
  • Purchase a replacement exercise DVD. Allow yourself to do replacement training once you reach a previous goal. This also helps make the exercise interesting.
  • Buy a replacement training set, a perfect reward for hitting a weight goal.
  • Purchase a plant to place on your nightstand or in your yard. Plants in the workplace might help you be happier and more productive.
  • For protein shakes and smoothies, invest in a compact personal blender.
  • Buy and hang a bird feeder and sit back and watch the birds enjoy themselves.
  • Buy something from your Pinterest boards.
  • Purchase or create a unique piece of jewelry.
  • Buy something that makes your work more enjoyable, some kind of new frame or a stationary toy.
  • Purchase a bouquet of fresh flowers for yourself to display in your house.
  • Buy yourself a nice journal to write down thoughts, emotions, goals, and dreams.
  • Buy yourself a reasonable scarf or hat and wear it.
  • Give someone an unexpected gift.
  • Buy a glossy entertainment magazine and check out the latest fashion and celebrity news.
  • Purchase some new cosmetics.
  • Buy a high-end pair of wireless headphones.
  • Buy colored shoelaces to enhance your walking shoes.
  • Redecorate your bedroom.
  • Shop shelves selling clothing and accessories at a discount.

Travel and Outdoor Rewards

Rewarding Yourself For Reaching Your Fitness Goals (2021) Travel and Outdoor Rewards
Article: Rewarding Yourself For Reaching Your Fitness Goals (2021)
  • Adopt a dog, your new walking companion.
  • Build a fireplace and enjoy its comforting warmth.
  • Discover a tourist spot or a tourist spot that you have never taken the time to visit.
  • Enjoy a nice morning walk in the park.
  • Take a nice walk alone or with friends.
  • Enjoy the flowers in an arboretum.
  • Find a quiet place to sit and do nothing for a while, soaking up the sun or feeling the breeze.
  • Fly a kite.
  • Join your pals for a game of bowling.
  • Go camping and enjoy the fresh air.
  • Go canoeing, rowing, kayaking, or surfing.
  • Take a nice bike ride.
  • Go swimming.
  • Go geocaching.
  • To ride a horse.
  • Go look at the stars.
  • Go to the mall and shop (or people watch).
  • Have a picnic for a great family time.
  • Plan a weekend getaway together with your spouse.
  • Plant a tree in your backyard.
  • Play Frisbee.
  • Sit on the beach when it is empty because everyone else is working.
  • Spend Saturday night in a quaint bed and breakfast.
  • Spend every week visiting your favorite park.
  • Take a cruise to Hawaii and learn to dive.
  • Go for a stroll with your friends or family.
  • Take a mini-vacation.
  • Take a riverboat or sailboat ride.
  • Visit a farm or orchard to pick your crop and harvest sunflowers, strawberries, apples, and other homegrown delicacies.
  • Take a tour of a vineyard and try some of their products.
  • Visit the dog park.
  • Watch the sunrise or sunset.

Final Thoughts on Rewarding Yourself

As you will see, there are many ways to reward yourself. Some are small rewards that last a couple of minutes and require no money, while other rewards are often expensive and life-changing (in a positive way). When using this list, please confirm that the rewards match the achievements and that it remains consistent.

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