SaferVPN Review in 2023: Features, Pricing & More!

SaferVPN is an associate-grade Israeli provider with “all the right moves.” Cross-platform and easy to use, it has more than 700 servers in thirty-four countries and extremely tight speeds.

Why Choose SaferVPN

It comes complete with 24/7 live chat support, comprehensive guides, a kill switch, and an excellent rating with a wide variety of VPN protocols, as well as OpenVPN. I thought its feature set was pretty spectacular, so I was looking forward to seeing how SaferVPN works.

Best VPN For

SaferVPN Review

SaferVPN Pros & Cons


  • 24-hour free trial
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • Wide selection of encoding protocols
  • Up to five matching connections
  • Wide server coverage
  • Unblock BBC iPlayer
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • Off switch


  • Work session
  • Israeli jurisdiction
  • P2P is not allowed
  • No Netflix US

Pricing and Plans

Considering the feature set, I expected to find a high-end list, but SaferVPN dressed on the reasonable side. Your monthly fee may be a bit steep at $9.99, but the yearly subscription brings it down by almost 0.5 and starts at $59.95. The biennial arrangement, however, tops them all with an $83.77 tag.

The paid members area unit allowed up to 5 matching connections. All plans come along with a 30-day money-back guarantee, and you’ll be able to pay with Bitcoin or Paymentwall-enabled ways other than the normal master card and PayPal. this may be sensible if you are trying to remain anonymous.

I also appreciate it, but your 24-hour trial doesn’t need in-person diagnosable information. What you’re doing is verifying your email address to activate the free trial, but that’s about all the information they have to ask you to get started.

SaferVPN Review in 2023
SaferVPN Review


Wonderful usability and cross-platform support area unit with SaferVPN. They support all preferred platforms: Windows, Mac, iOS, and mobile platforms and mechanical routers. It’s also available as a chrome extension, but I’m not a Google browser exponent due to privacy concerns. In general, VPN extensions for browsers are not identical to the VPN desktop app, so I recommend that you do not order nominal convenience over security and performance.

It took a few minutes for the US state to check my email, install a Windows desktop app, and log in to start the VPN. the website displays a neat and interlocking organization for non-experienced users, so finding the right transfer files and installation instructions is easy. Not that you want them. Installation can be a matter of many clicks. No tedious setup instructions, no downloading and moving setup files, nothing.

Once launched, the app seemed elegant and intuitive. The hamburger icon takes you to Settings, while the Connections button reveals the list of servers.

SaferVPN Review in 2023
SaferVPN Review

The connection and disconnection worked perfectly, and also the general impression is that of elegant and solid computer code. The same experience extended to mobile devices, as SaferVPN comes with a fancy mechanical shopper that requires minimal user input to get everything working. Notably, all desktop and mobile apps support OpenVPN and are available with a kill switch.

Let’s start looking at the treats, shall we? SaferVPN comes with an honest list of settings. In addition to toggling the start of the operating system startup and reduced execution, it allows you to change or disable a kill switch, which disables the web connection once the VPN connection is interrupted.


SaferVPN also comes with a special feature, Car Wireless Fidelity, which automatically activates VPN once your device connects to a public network. Sweet.

SaferVPN Review

Next on my favorites list is the Settings tab which allows you to select the encoding protocol. SaferVPN supports PPTP, and L2TP over IPSec, IKEv2, and OpenVPN.

Not only can you choose between them, but in case none of them ring a bell, the app comes with a brief description of what each protocol will do, and when you should or shouldn’t use it. Their website includes a full breakdown of protocol options, complete with encryption, security, speeds, platform support, execs, and cons for each protocol.

By default, the desktop application is designed to automatically interact with a protocol, which means that you can easily choose the one you think is most suitable. the schema for this function jointly says that it will fall back on other protocols. I wouldn’t use that as it’s not clear how the most suitable protocol is chosen.

SaferVPN Review in 2023
SaferVPN Review

Another factor that I found limiting is the list of servers. With over 700 servers, I was expecting a granular breakdown of servers by country, speeds, latency, and whatnot. There is no such factor. All you get may be a list of states, which can be a bit unsatisfying.

However, whenever you have a question, their customer support is available via live chat or tickets. I contacted them via live chat many times throughout the day, and each time the response was very quick and helpful.

SaferVPN Review in 2023
SaferVPN Review


The speed drop was at intervals in the right range in my tests, and the VPN worked well on both short-distance and long-distance connections. very carefully you will be able to compare, here is my association before sanctioning VPN:

SaferVPN Review in 2023

and here is the speed reading for the US server:

For the USA server:

SaferVPN Review in 2023

And the UK server:

This means you’ll be able to stream, game, or stay productive without losing too much in network association speeds and latency.

SaferVPN Review in 2023

I was glad that SaferVPN passed the protection tests successfully. No DNS leak:

No WebRTC leak:

SaferVPN Review

No IPv6 leak was detected, either:

SaferVPN Review

In case you’re curious about how SaferVPN handles streaming-style services, the results area unit is mixed. They don’t unblock Netflix U.S.A. right now, that’s not surprising considering Netflix has been cracking down on VPNs of late.

On the bright side, it works well with BBC iPlayer and got the US state up and running in no time with almost zero buffering.

SaferVPN Review in 2023
SaferVPN Review

Privacy and Security

SaferVPN relies on 256-bit level encryption and comes with a full suite of protocols, including OpenVPN. Please note, however, that P2P torrenting is not allowed. neither is the distribution or consumption of any proprietary or sexy content.

On the plus side, their terms of service and privacy policy are written in human English, as well as the brain-numbing expressive style used in the industry.

SaferVPN Review

SaferVPN is based in Israel, a country that ships massive policing technologies to restrictive regimes and engages in massive policing on its terms. This can be dangerous news if you want a VPN to leak classified government information or engage in some direct investigative journalism.

At the same time, an average user can be quite comfortable with SaferVPN’s minimal logs policy:

SaferVPN Review

Final Thoughts

SaferVPN’s acceptable use clause is pretty precautionary, and the provider is located in Israel. So no state secrets will be leaked here. Other than that, it’s a powerful and possible proposition with wide server coverage, protocol types, tight speeds, and a very user-friendly buyer with various quality options. put it with a catch-free 24-hour free trial and low-cost plans, and you want to visualize it.

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