SecureVPN Review In 2023: Features, Pricing & More!

Going by the name of SecureVPN, this VPN packs a lot to live up to!

But it will? Scan to find my thoughts on this VPN provider and whether or not it’s a decent alternative out of all the options on the market these days.

SecureVPN Review In 2023
SecureVPN Review


  • Includes a kill switch
  • Easy to use
  • Supports torrenting


  • Located in the U.S.
  • Collects some logs


SecureVPN has only been on the market for so many years now. As a result of this, it is not one of the many popular VPNs out there. However, if you’re trying to find a reasonable VPN, it’s worth considering. Not only is there a free plan available, but the premium plan is still reasonable.

One factor I have to say is that the server network is incredibly small with SecureVPN. The company only has servers in seven countries, so I expect them to expand in the future, as this may not be enough, especially when compared to ExpressVPN and CyberGhost.

SecureVPN Review

The servers have a decent spread in terms of locations, including countries like Asia, Luxembourg, the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Singapore, and the United States. However, this can be a very small server network despite this.

The company itself is based in the United States, which is not good news! One of the worst legal systems for VPN providers is this one. Why? Well, the US can be an introductory member of the 5 Eyes policing alliance. Alternative members include New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and thus the United Kingdom. The 5 countries have come together primarily to share information.

Since SecureVPN is based in the US, it must support information sharing as part of this agreement and must accommodate any demands created by the centralized. In my opinion, if you find a VPN provider in this part of the world, you will never be 100 percent secure.

Does SecureVPN sound right to you?

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Of course, it’s only natural that your speed will bog down a bit once you connect to any VPN. You don’t want to get too bogged down, though, do you?

SecureVPN Review In 2023 Speed
SecureVPN Review

Fortunately, SecureVPN didn’t fail at the first hurdle! Once I tried the servers within the EU, I got a speed drop of around ten percent, that’s not dangerous at all. The results were not as spectacular in the United States, but they were not dangerous either. However, the transfer speeds were much higher than the transfer speeds.


Security is often one of the most important things to think about when it comes to finding a VPN. One thing I was happy to imagine was that there is an intrinsic kill switch! A kill switch gives you an excellent layer of security, ensuring you only need one area unit to protect yourself even though your network connection goes down. this can be particularly important for those looking for a VPN for torrenting features.

SecureVPN Review In 2023 Security
SecureVPN Review

Does Securevpn Collect Logs?

After browsing the SecureVPN website, I realized that the VPN provider said that it is 100% secure and personal no matter where you are. It sounds smart, but many VPN providers create these kinds of guarantees. you’d assume they’re not collecting logs during this case, right? Wrong!

Unfortunately, SecureVPN will collect logs. It is not one of the worst job policies out there, however, it is very important to know that they are collecting information.

You were ready to see that some of the data collected by SecureVPN include your internal and external computing.

Also, there were many things regarding his security policy that caused some concern in Maine. While the companies say they don’t record your data, they say they will offer it to the government. your knowledge of use. this can be a bit contradictory, so I would prefer SecureVPN to be a little more direct and clear about what information they are doing and not saving.

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Ease of Use

SecureVPN Review In 2023 Ease of Use
SecureVPN Review

I was insanely proud of how simple SecureVPN was to install and use. You don’t need to turn around when it comes to downloading this app. The installation method is easy and thus the app is extremely easy to use. From clicking the link to transfer the app to connect to a server, the entire process only took Maine a few minutes.

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SecureVPN Review

You can download torrents with SecureVPN, but as long as you choose the premium set. Since the security levels are quite high with this VPN, it is not a bad choice if you are looking for something with torrenting features.

I always suggest making sure the VPN you select contains a kill switch if you’re curious about torrenting, and luckily VPNSecure checks this box.

Does Securevpn Sound Right for You?

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Unblock Streaming Services

SecureVPN Review In 2023 Unblock Streaming Services
SecureVPN Review

I wouldn’t suggest SecureVPN if you’re curious about how to unblock streaming services. I even tried a couple of servers and had a bit of luck in terms of unblocking Netflix in the North American country. Due to the small network of servers, I would imagine that you are about to have a hard time unblocking most of the streaming services out there.

It’s an extremely small amount of a hit-and-miss in this space. I’ve even made it to Netflix several times, but have had more failures than successes. There is a location on SecureVPN dedicated to Netflix issues, which the company will care a lot about this, but they need a little bit of some form of travel in my opinion.

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This VPN is compatible with all major devices and operating systems i.e. Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac.

SecureVPN Review In 2023 Compatibility
SecureVPN Review

However, when it comes to alternative platforms and devices, SecureVPN is not a very good option. Also, there are several guides available to help if you are not using one of the major platforms.

You can connect 5 devices to the current VPN at the same time, that’s business as usual.

Games Consoles and Streaming Devices

SecureVPN Review In 2023 Games Consoles and Streaming Devices
SecureVPN Review

You probably won’t be surprised to find that SecureVPN isn’t a suggested pick for streaming devices and gaming consoles considering my earlier comments on VPN compatibility.

If you’re looking for the best VPN for gaming, some of the alternatives I suggest include NordVPN, Surfshark, and IPVanish.

Browser Extensions

SecureVPN Review

There are no browser extensions available with SecureVPN. If you prefer to decide more about the simplest VPNs for browser extensions, you can read my opinion about VPNs for Firefox and Google Chrome.

Customer Support

I was a bit frustrated to learn that SecureVPN only provides email support. When I first landed on your website, you stated that support was available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Because of this, I assumed that the live chat was about to go live, but this was not the case, that’s unsatisfying.

Instead, only email support was available. I found the support to be quite obscure, and there aren’t many information guides online. This is one of the areas where I would like to see SecureVPN improve.

SecureVPN Review In 2023 Customer Support
SecureVPN Review

If you are taking a look at the FAQ section, you will see that there are only four questions answered. Barely complete, right? Once you get to the FAQ section, the company’s entire business hours change to “9 am to 5 pm civil time, seven days a week.” So what is it? nine to five, or twenty-four hours? Your prediction is almost as accurate as mine!


There are two plans available to you if you are interested in SecureVPN. This can be a free fix or a paid fix.

SecureVPN Review In 2023 Pricing
SecureVPN Review

As you can imagine, the free setup is incredibly restricted, which is why it’s free! What can you anticipate from this plan, then?
You’ll get security measures, VoIP and Internet access, and unlimited speed. You can attach one device at a time, though. Furthermore, there are limits in terms of knowledge transfer and VPN session duration. the first is a thousand MB/month, with the VPN session length restricted to twenty minutes, which can be frustrating to mention the bare minimum!

You also don’t get full access to the network, which suggests that you can’t engage in any P2P file sharing.

With the paid fix, you can use the VPN to download torrents. limits are removed in terms of knowledge transfer and VPN session duration. Also, as mentioned above, you are about to be able to connect 5 devices at once.

How much is this about to set you back? you will be able to pay $7.99 per month or $69.99 per year, which you will have to pay directly in one payment. Even though you want to buy the year outright, you’ll still get good savings if you choose to travel this route. In total, that’s $25.89 that you can only save over 12 months if you choose the annual plan.


You now know what I think of the SecureVPN app. In my opinion, this is the Associate in Nursing app that is only very suitable for casual browsing. While there are several smart options for you to get the most out of, there are also some glaring loopholes.

Does Securevpn Sound Right for You?

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