SiteGround vs InMotion Comparison for 2023 – 1 Winner!

SiteGround vs InMotion stands for options that rival enterprise-grade hosting solutions. Such as white label, collaboration, and website staging. This vendor undoubtedly attracts businesses and manages to come out on top of our recommended lists in every class.

Against, we have InMotion Hosting. This provider offers a classic cPanel panel and a huge specialization in the business with its speed and stability.

In this article, I have done AN in-depth review and tested each SiteGround and InMotion. During this comparison, You will notice everything that needs to be understood before choosing the right provider, Whether for private use or your business.

Siteground Vs Inmotion: General Info

Both SiteGround and InMotion Hosting offer reasonable solutions for both beginners and advanced users with plenty of options to choose from. To induce a better understanding of how these vendors stack up against each other, here is a summary of the options that matter most.

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FeatureInMotion HostingSiteGround
Price fromFrom $2.29/monthFrom $3.99/month
Free domainNoNo
Payment typesCredit card, PayPal, check, money orderCredit card
Hosting typesShared, Managed WordPress, VPS, Reseller, and Dedicated server hosting plansShared, WordPress/WooCommerce, and cloud hosting plans
Control panelAccount management panel +cPanelCustom control panel Site Tools
Average speed759ms217ms
Monitored uptime99.98%99.99%
Uptime guarantee99.99%99.9%
Server locationsThe USAThe USA, UK, Netherlands, Germany, Australia, and Singapore
SecuritySSLs, malware and DDoS protection, WAFFree SSL, server monitoring, weekly/daily backup, DDoS protection, 2-factor-authentication, AI anti-bot protection, and a Security plugin
Support24/7 live chat, tickets, phone, and Skype24/7 live chat, email, and phone
Website migrationFree automated WordPress website transfersFree automated WordPress migration or paid professional site transfer
ExtrasEmail accountStaging, caching, emails, white-label, collaboration tools, and CDN
Money-back guarantee90 days30 days
SiteGround vs InMotion Comparison for 2023

Siteground Vs Inmotion Hosting: Pricing Comparison

SiteGround’s entry plan sells for $3.99/mo. InMotion Hosting could be a little cheaper indefinitely, offering shared hosting plans for costs starting as low as $2.29/month.

For different wishes, you will be able to choose from a group of various accommodation packages:

Hosting typeSiteGroundInMotion Hosting
Shared hosting✔️✔️
WordPress hosting✔️✔️
WooCommerce hosting✔️✔️
Cloud hosting✔️
VPS hosting✔️
Reseller hosting✔️✔️
Dedicated hosting✔️
Visit SiteGroundVisit InMotion Hosting
SiteGround vs InMotion Comparison for 2023

The most widespread form of hosting is shared. This is what SiteGround and InMotion Hosting offer in their entry plans:

  • SiteGround (StartUp – $3.99/mo): One website, 10GB SSD storage, unmetered traffic, free SSL, daily backups, and free email. In addition to the basics, you can also get access to speed-boosting options like SuperCacher and SG Optimizer.
  • InMotion Hosting (Core – $2.29/mo): Two Websites, 100GB SSD Storage, Unmetered Data Metering, Free SSL, and Ten Email Accounts.

As you can see, InMotion Hosting is not only cheaper but also offers an additional website and 10 times more storage. On the other hand, SiteGround not only has the requirements but also includes daily backups even in its most profitable configuration.

In addition to entry plans, both providers offer different levels of shared hosting options. So, for which plans should you prefer yourself?

SiteGround offers three plans. They range in price from $3.99 to $10.69 a month.


If you have a small business or just want ONE option that supports a lot of traffic, check out the GrowBig setup. In addition to providing 100,000 visits per month, it also offers some nice additional options: staging, on-demand backups, and unlimited websites. All of these combined should be enough to convince you that this plan offers the best price of the 3 for business hosting.

Best value

The most profitable value of SiteGround is not associated with the longest subscription amount. If you buy the fix for twelve months, you’ll pay $47.88. That equates to a lower monthly fee compared to the 3-year subscription which is worth a total of $377.64.

Now, InMotion Hosting has four plans to establish. costs range from $2.29/mo to $12.99/mo.

The configuration that has the most important price is the Core configuration. the amount of SSD storage, along with unmetered data measurement and ten email addresses, make this the most effective plan for a website or perhaps a small business with expansion potential. The fix also offers free SSL, but you’ll be missing several server features that you should only buy as add-ons, like domain security and malware protection. However, the main configuration is the one I like to recommend.

Best Value

To get access to the most affordable value, you’ll need to choose the 3-year subscription. Choosing the three-year Core plan subscription, you’ll pay $82.44, saving up to $241.20. when the amount of 3 years, the renewal costs are higher, except for the first three years, you will pay a lower monthly fee.

However, an interesting factor to keep in mind is that each provider offers very different money-back guarantee periods. while SiteGround comes with a typical 30-day money-back guarantee, InMotion Hosting triples that and offers a 90-day money-back guarantee.

All in all, considering the quantitative relationship {value} and value, InMotion Hosting takes the crown in this round. The provider includes a free SSL, 100 GB of disk space, and even allows you to host two sites even on their cheapest plan.

Hosting Management: Ease of Use

SiteGround opts for a native hosting panel that is not only very easy to use but also includes time-saving options that are available. InMotion Hosting is also delivered within the Simple Usage class but in a completely different way. Using a native user panel and cPanel, InMotion Hosting allows users to access every operation with just one click.

In 2020, websiteGround listed their cPanel for a fully customizable Site Tools panel. This awesome new interface is easy even for people who are not the least bit familiar with any panel. SiteGround users will be ready to customize their page and pin frequently used tools to the top of the dashboard, like managing domains and emails.

SiteGround vs InMotion Comparison for 2023
SiteGround vs InMotion Comparison for 2023

Another feature that makes SiteGround attractive is the convenience of WordPress staging. With this tool, you create a duplicate of your live website. SiteGround can let you experiment with changes to the staging version without interrupting the live version, making the process of growing your website easier.

The collaboration feature is also good for increasing workflow and overall security. Collaborators can be more specific about what they need to think about, which can translate into more power.


InMotion Hosting opts for a hybrid interface, made up of a native panel and a cPanel. The combination is easy to use, but it can take a bit of getting used to. The account administration panel has shortcuts to the cPanel administration modules (email, SSL administration, and Softaculous), while cPanel is just what it is: a typical and useful panel for daily hosting administration tasks, such as managing databases, accessing the file manager, and changing PHP Versions.

SiteGround vs InMotion Comparison for 2023
SiteGround vs InMotion Comparison for 2023

Square panels measure easily and are extremely clear. The square images measure the same between the two panels, however, the cPanel is where you will access most of the tools. that have domains, security, email accounts, and file manager, among many others. inside the cPanel, you will even be ready to install WordPress. Overall the experience is sweet and cPanel is comparable to most service providers in practical terms.

SiteGround vs InMotion Comparison for 2023
SiteGround vs InMotion Comparison for 2023

In the simple usage class, if you are looking for AN interface that is simple and useful, SiteGround offers all of that. It offers its users all the convenience they could want, with staging and caching management. InMotion Hosting will be an honest job, however, the mix between native and cPanel feels weird from time to time.

Siteground Vs Inmotion Hosting Performance

Performance-wise, SiteGround was very reliable and very fast. InMotion Hosting was not on an equivalent level. While it delivered sensible results in terms of time and website speed, the average response was poor with room for improvement.

Uptime and Response Time

In terms of uptime, SiteGround was solid. 99.99% of the average period, totaling only 7m periods of time during two months of testing is wonderful.

SiteGround vs InMotion Comparison for 2023
SiteGround vs InMotion Comparison for 2023

The average latency period was also incredibly fast. 217 ms is one of the simplest you’ll notice on the market, and well below the market average of 600 ms, creating an incredibly attractive prospect for SiteGround partners.

InMotion Hosting was not satisfactory when placed alongside SiteGround’s stated results, even assuming the overall results were quite reasonable.

Between February and April, the period was 99.98%, only slightly below SiteGround. Over a couple of months, I logged three outages totaling a total of sixteen minutes of the time period.

SiteGround vs InMotion Comparison for 2023
SiteGround vs InMotion Comparison for 2023

Where InMotion Hosting did not impress was within the average latency period. 759ms is not enough. Not only is it significantly slower than SiteGround, but it’s also above the 600ms market average.

In terms of the time frame and latent period, it is hard to travel against SiteGround. It represents a {much better|much better|higher|stronger|stronger|better} timeframe, but it also far outperforms InMotion Hosting in latency. InMotion Hosting is still a good internet host, but the difference in average latency period cannot be overlooked. SiteGround is the clear winner.

Website Speed

In our website speed test, InMotion hosting delivered incredible results, which SiteGround was able to beat with flying colors.

As you read this half, you should look at two main scores:

  • The Largest Content Paint (LCP) corresponds to the time within which the most content is loaded. By Google standards, 2.5 seconds or less is good. The faster the LCP, the higher the website’s ranking in search engines.
  • Absolute Load Time is the time it takes for a website to become fully interactive with the user. It should take just three seconds to produce a decent user experience.

SiteGround was fast. one of the fastest web hosts on the market, with an Associate in Nursing LCP of 872ms, breaking the 2.5s barrier with ease and with room to spare. The full load time was also 1.1s, also well below the 3-second benchmark.

SiteGround vs InMotion Comparison for 2023
SiteGround vs InMotion Comparison for 2023

If SiteGround was fast, InMotion Hosting was even faster. website speed results for this provider were anything but terrific. With an Associate in Nursing LCP of 663 ms and a fully loaded time of 825 ms, it’s one of the fastest tests we’ve ever run.

SiteGround vs InMotion Comparison for 2023
SiteGround vs InMotion Comparison for 2023

In website speed, the winner is InMotion Hosting, beating SiteGround in the two most important measures tested. Both are fast hosting providers, but InMotion Hosting managed to outperform SiteGround.

Although the website speed provided by InMotion Hosting was excellent, it is important to mention that their servers are located in the US only, while SiteGround has servers in Europe, Singapore, and the US. a server closer to the location of your website visitors, resulting in faster speeds; be sure to keep that in mind once you select your server location.


Performance was not an issue for any of the web hosts. However, the overall winner of the class is SiteGround just because it doesn’t have a weak link. InMotion Hosting places smart leads in every aspect except one: latency period. That problem offers the performance title to SiteGround.

Website security

In the department, SiteGround is one of the simplest in the industry, bringing a wide variety of security tools to the user in its simplest configuration. InMotion Hosting was less spectacular, making its users purchase additional advanced security measures.

SiteGround, being one of the leading secure hosting providers, offers top-notch security without charging you extra for it. These are the options included in the plan:

  • Free SSL certificate;
  • Monitoring system;
  • Smart Internet Application Firewall;
  • anti-robot AI;
  • Security Plugin;
  • Daily automatic backups.

The only main feature that is not offered for free with the plan is domain privacy. it will cost you $12 within the initial year and $24 thereafter. It is not exactly cheap, but in any case, it is the only security aspect that the provider lacks.

InMotion Hosting includes some basic security measures in its plan:

  • Free SSL certificate;
  • Basic Internet Application Firewall;
  • DDoS protection;
  • Malware protection.
  • Automatic backups can be inside the combine, except for an additional $24/year.


If security is one of your top priorities, as it should be, SiteGround is the best choice. InMotion Hosting offers the essential security that you’ll notice in most competitors, however, SiteGround takes it up a notch. every essential you have to have is there.

Customer support

Both SiteGround and InMotion Hosting have multiple channels accessible 24/7. You’ll select from live chat, phone support, ticketing, and databases. InMotion Hosting also offers Skype support.

SiteGround’s help center promptly asks you to specify your problem so that it can better respond to the high volume of support requests. Some requests enter the ticketing system, et al. are redirected to phone or chat support. Once you’re connected with the associate degree agent, the matter can presumably be resolved in no time.

InMotion Hosting’s live chat facility has a pretty quick reaction time, but once you’re connected, expect a bit of a wait between messages. The private assistant who came to my aid was helpful and competent, explaining step by step what I need to do to take care of the matter at hand.

Regardless of which provider you select, the customer service experience is sweet in every case.

Siteground Vs Inmotion Hosting: Final Recommendations

Both providers proved to be a great opportunity for shared hosting, but SiteGround gave very strong results in every class and test run. InMotion Hosting delivered smart results across the board, however, it fell a bit short. So within the SiteGround vs InMotion Hosting battle, it is safe to mention that the top host is SiteGround.

FeatureSiteGroundInMotion HostingVerdict
Price★★★★☆★★★★☆Pricing is the section where SiteGround and InMotion Hosting are more evenly matched. The first offers more hosting features but has a higher price point, while the latter is cheaper but misses a few essentials.
Ease of use★★★★☆★★★★☆The interface presented by SiteGround is superior to InMotion Hosting. SiteGround’s custom Site Tools are nothing short of amazing, while InMotion Hosting’s mix of native and cPanel was easy to understand, but nothing extraordinary.
Performance★★★★★★★★★★Performance was great in both cases, but SiteGround was amazing across all the tests, from uptime and average response time to website speed, while InMotion Hosting had problems in the response time.
Security★★★★★★★★★☆The most secure option is SiteGround. When compared to InMotion Hosting it has more features included in the plans and fewer paid add-ons.
Support★★★☆☆★★★★☆SiteGround’s service was fast and accurate, having live chat, phone, and ticketing all working 24/7. InMotion Hosting also has those 3 channels plus a Skype option. But the overall experience was better with SiteGround.
SiteGround vs InMotion Comparison for 2023

While SiteGround might be a terrifyingly secure and fast hosting provider, InMotion proves to be just as competent. The latter offers simplicity, smart performance, and extremely cheap security for much less. this selection can undoubtedly be adapted to any project, be it private or business.


But whatever the method, if you’re trying to find fast and secure WordPress hosting for smaller business sites, SiteGround could be a great possibility.

Alternatives to Siteground and Inmotion Hosting

Not convinced by SiteGround or InMotion Hosting? You will take a look at our best class of website hosts, but to make things easier for you, I have selected some of the best options:


HostGator has some of the simplest reviews on the market for a reason. It’s a reasonable chance that it will always perform well in the main categories we tend to test. Performance-wise, it’s one of the best in its price tier (starting at $2.75/month) and is designed for beginners and executives alike.


GoDaddy in recent years emerged as a strong rival in the web hosting market. The pricing (starting at $1.99/month) is average for the market, however, what makes it a powerful prospect is its ease of use and performance. All the essential tools will be easily found on the dash and its performance is one of the best we’ve tested as well.

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Siteground Vs Inmotion Hosting Faqs

Is Siteground Better Than Inmotion Hosting?

SiteGround is healthier than InMotion Hosting in every class. It offers better performance, with pleasing timing and response times, along with fast website speeds, an associate degree interface that’s more attractive and easier to use, stronger security, and strong customer support.

Which Is Cheaper: Inmotion Hosting or Sitegound?

InMotion Hosting is cheaper than SiteGround, with an associate degree entry-level value of $2.29/mo compared to $3.99/mo.

Which Is Better for WordPress Hosting: Siteground or Inmotion?

For WordPress hosting, SiteGround offers unimaginable security measures, an excellent value, and an SG Optimizer plugin that allows you to manage cache settings right in your WP admin panel.

Is Siteground Overpriced?

Quality generally has value. SiteGround is more expensive than most of its competitors, however, the tools it offers, along with everything it allows the user to achieve, make SiteGround worth it.

Is Inmotion Faster Than Siteground?

When it comes to website performance, InMotion Hosting outperforms SiteGround, but both services deliver very equal outcomes.

Which Reseller Plans Are Better: Siteground or Inmotion Hosting?

SiteGround reseller plans higher area units. For [*fr1] value you will get every essential SiteGround feature. InMotion vs SiteGround reseller is another win for SiteGround.

Is Moving From Siteground to Inmotion Possible?

Yes. Moving from SiteGround to InMotion is doable. It not only offers a free WordPress auto-migration plugin but also allows you to perform the migration manually. To test this method manually, you want to transfer files from your recent website, export the website databases, and import them to the new website while uploading the recovered files. After that, you want to map your name away from SiteGround and onto the InMotion server.

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