SPAMfighter Antivirus Review In 2021: Features, Pricing & More!

SPAMfighter Antivirus Overview

SPAMfighter Antivirus (review) can be a computer tool and a security platform that detects and removes spam emails. Its uses go beyond email protection. You will use it for the prevention of spyware and phishing.

This software can also optimize and update your devices, making them work faster. Driver updates and disk space reclamation are essential add-ons that you would like for your operations.

Midsize Businesses
Best for


Starting Price

SPAMfighter Antivirus Pros & Cons


  • Spam prevention
  • Spyware resistant
  • Anti-phishing
  • Easy to use


  • Inconsistent handling of spam
  • Delete real emails
  • Difficult start
  • Smooth interface
  • Some functions do not work
  • Weak antivirus

How to Set It Up and Uninstall

There are two branches of service available: personal and commercial. Each of them presents a different installation process.

For personal use, there are three security components: Spamfghter, Virusfighter, and Spywarefighter. For an optimal experience, download them all. Please confirm that you have your current antivirus program OFF before installing it.

  1. Then click “start download” after selecting a component.
  2. Click on the file and click yes to begin the installation.
  3. Make sure to create a folder for all SPAMfighter solutions.
  4. Click Finish to run your program.

Repeat the previous steps for the optimization components. If you already have anti-spam software, you will have to disable it in a rather ironic way before installing any of the solutions.

For business, you must find a server or have one already available. the method is the same as above.

SPAMfighter - Download
Article: SPAMfighter Antivirus Review In 2021


SPAMfighter includes some tools to optimize your computer. Slow-PCfighter is meant to spice up your RAM and eliminate hardware errors. But it doesn’t work with your antivirus, which makes little sense.

In most cases, these optimization tools just slow down your device.


Money-back GuaranteeNo
Free VersionNo
PlatformWindows XP and later, Mac OS
Parental ControlsNo
Email ProtectionYes
VPN ServicesNo
Smartphone OptimizerNo
USD Virus ScansNo
Automated Virus ScansNo
Game ModeNo
Safe BrowserNo
Passive ModeNo
Article: SPAMfighter Antivirus Review In 2021

Threat Protection

Adware PreventionYes
Article: SPAMfighter Antivirus Review In 2021


SPAMfighter detects and isolates malicious emails. This process is automatic. it will also scan your emails and other files for spyware. The way it does it is often sporadic and inconsistent. You will often end up manually checking your spam folders for real threats.


PlanPriceNumber of DevicesTop Features
Free TrialFree1PC optimization & security
Business and Cloud Server
Article: SPAMfighter Antivirus Review In 2021


SPAMfighter has not introduced any discounts or special offers.

Privacy and Security


Not a perfect choice if this is often your priority. it does not distinguish regular emails from threats.


It doesn’t protect you too like McAfee or Trend Micro.

Performance and Protection

As previously stated, this program provides very little protection against typical infections. In addition, the performance is unreliable.

Malware Protection

SPAMfighter detects and prevents malware.

Ransomware Detection

This comes with the service package.

Phishing Detection

It has built-in phishing prevention.

Spyware Detection

SPAMfighter detects and removes spyware.

Firewall Protection

There are no firewall services available.

Lab Test Results

SPAMfighter earned a 4.4/5 through numerous professional reviews. After a couple of runs on a test server, we found that the optimization department was not compliant.

Ease of Use and Interface

The software is simple to use, but the interface is incredibly outdated.

Customer Support

The sole kind of customer assistance offered is over the phone. The good news is that it is available for no cost.

Our Verdict

SPAMfighter excels in many areas, including detecting spyware and fighting to phish. Besides preventing spam, you can also optimize your devices. If you use a small or medium-sized business, this product will be especially useful.

It includes a number of free utilities, such as anti-spam, antivirus, and spyware fighter, that provide efficient security. A problem with this is often that each of these features works independently. Don’t expect seamless integration between tools like when using conventional AVs like McAfee and Trend Micro.

The anti-spam function has a few problems of its own. There is no guarantee that you will always tag particular malicious content. You will experience randomness in the detection pattern. This leads users to have to manually check their spam folder, defeating the goal.

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