Speedify Review in 2022: Features, Plans & More!

Speedify Review in 2022
Speedify Review in 2022

Speedify is not your run-of-the-mill VPN. It is AN app that connects multiple web sources into one stable connection for streaming, video calls, and online browsing, under the security of a VPN connection. It is precisely these channel linking options that make it unique: but how will it work in real life? And is it the right possibility for you?

Let’s find out what goes into this Speedify review.


Logs:Minimal Logs
Price:From $4.99
Server Locations:Over 70
Torrenting:Yes (on select servers)
Speedify Review in 2022

Speedify VPN Pros & Cons


  • Good speeds
  • Good apps for all major devices
  • Strong security measures
  • Skip function
  • Five simultaneous connections
  • Works fine on live streaming
  • Excellent customer service
  • Using multiple connections quickly


  • Not good for unblocking streaming content
  • Based in the US

Streaming: Does Speedify Work with Video Services?

If you’re trying to find a VPN to unblock geo-restricted content on major streaming sites, Speedify is sadly not the service for you. We tend to test it and couldn’t unblock the likes of Hulu, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and DAZN. However, he had no problems with YouTube.

Plus, if you’re already connected to the streaming sites you want to watch, you’ll be able to use Speedify without jeopardizing that association, thanks to the Skip feature.

This allows you to choose apps to run without the VPN connection; therefore, your inability to unblock sites will not get in the way of viewing them in the initial location.

Speedify Review in 2022 bypass
Speedify Review in 2022

When it comes to video quality, we tend to be affected by how well this provider maintained low latency and high frame rates during video calls and YouTube videos; there is no problem at all.

Speedify was also great when we used it to stream on Twitch. It’s a solid all-around possibility for streaming. The channel linking feature makes Speedify a great alternative for anyone who streams their video.

Speed: is Speedify…Fast?

  • Standard: 1 ms, 294.62 Mbps for downloads, and 300.29 Mbps for uploads
US California22.9412.01
UK London239.42148.13
Speedify Review in 2022

Speedify offers reasonable association speeds, although extremely remote connections can be a bit slow. So we tend to get good speeds in Canada, which is an ocean apart from the US, so reasonable speeds on a server far away don’t seem out of the question.

Much of the speed is related to the tunneling protocol, and Speedify has a sudden resolution here. The protocols offered to be used are OpenVPN UDP Area Unit, OpenVPN Transmission Control Protocol, OpenVPN Multiple Transmission Control Protocol, and HTTPS. It’s rare to see multiple transmission control protocol sockets used to improve connection speeds. Speedify even says that Transmission Control Protocol is its fastest protocol and HTTPS is its slowest, that’s almost different! the alternative} of what you will find in other VPNs!

So if Speedify is specifically a TCP-based VPN, it’s smart that connection speeds can drop with servers that are far away. It is documented that transmission control protocol performance suffers over longer distances. Right away, the hotspot unit is guaranteed to be much more stable and reliable.

Speedify Review in 2022

Using channel bonding, the result area unit becomes even more robust, especially when victimizing near VPN servers. You will be able to use this feature to improve your connection if your WiFi or mobile Internet (or both) is unstable.

That said, VPN speeds come down to many factors besides tunneling protocols, like current network connections, and location, and can differ for everyone. except for the US in general, Speedify was not that fast.

Security Features: is Speedify Safe?

Speedify uses AES-128-GCM or ChaCha20 encryption, depending on the device it is victimizing. ChaCha20 is the safest possibility. Speedify also claims to use TLS 1.2 (with HTTPS); don’t trust this if you want the VPN for something sensitive.

A variety of tunneling protocols are offered, including:

  • OpenVPN Multi Socket Transmission Control Protocol
  • HTTP

When it comes to encryption, Speedify checks all the right boxes.

Now, there is a concern about the location of the VPN. Speedify is based in Philadelphia, the USA often this is not a great location for VPN privacy. If your online activities include something that the US government might disapprove of, this may not be the best VPN alternative.

Being the same, Speedify doesn’t log your online activities and has some smart security measures like a kill switch and scientific discipline, and DNS leak protection. There have also been no information leaks or instances of Speedify providing free information; for many people, this might be enough to trust this provider.

Speedify Features

Speedify options include:

  • Channel union. Speedify helps you use all of your existing online connections to deliver the most effective performance possible. this is usually particularly useful for mobile users, the World Health Organization will combine mobile and Wi-Fi connections into one, and for gamers, the World Health Organization will get the most effective latency possible.
  • Live broadcast. If you’ve ever used a VPN to stream your video content, you’ll understand: that it’s not always the best experience. however, that is precisely where Speedify shines, delivering consistent high-quality video performance.
  • Speed ​​Test. is an honest way to find the fastest server closest to your location.
  • Link mode. This feature optimizes your association depending on what you are using the VPN for. It is divided into Transmission Mode for transmission, Speed ​​Mode for performance, and Redundant Mode for reliability.
  • Derivation. A useful feature, Bypass can be activated if you find that certain services do not allow you to access them if you are using a VPN. you will be able to use it on streaming sites and mechanic services like auto mechanics, VoLTE, and visual voicemail.

You can also select your DNS service provider, and there are area unit security measures such as scientific discipline and DNS leak protection, and a network switch to protect your anonymity.

Speedify Pricing

SubscriptionPrice Per monthSimultaneous connections
Individuals Plan – 1 month$14.995
Individuals Plan – 1 year$7.495
Individuals Plan – 3 years$4.995
Families Plan – 1 month$22.504 accounts with 5 connections each
Families Plan – 1 year$11.254 accounts with 5 connections each
Families Plan – 3 years$7.504 accounts with 5 connections each
Teams Plan – 1 month$14.99 per user (with AN option to add a burning server for $120.00 per month)5 connections for each account
Teams Plan – 1 year$7.49 per user (with AN option to add a burning server for $75.00 per month)5 connections for each account
Speedify Review in 2022

Speedify offers many subscription plans. While the long-term valuation may seem high ($7.49 per month for an annual plan), Speedify’s shorter subscription cost area unit is terrifyingly competitive ($14.99 per month), which makes for a solid possibility if you’re not interested in creating a lengthy commitment.

You’ll also get a minimum of 5 simultaneous connections with all plans, so you’ll be able to implement the VPN on your devices.

All plans except group plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you’ll be able to try out Speedify and claim a refund with no hassle if you’re not proud of the service.

Speedify Apps

Speedify Review in 2022 for windows
Speedify Review in 2022

Speedify has an app for all major platforms, as well as Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and golem.

The apps are easy to use and intuitive overall. They’re also consistent across platforms, so you won’t see any jarring changes once you switch devices.

The Linux app is particularly versatile. It gives you multiple ways to install the app, and you even get a customizable user interface, which you can change or disable depending on how you want to use it. It even allows you to share the secure connection online via Wi-Fi or local area network to different devices.

Speedify does not provide browser extensions or apps for golem TV and thus Amazon Firestick. however, this is not a problem when it comes to the latter, because the VPN is not set up to unblock streaming sites anyway.

Speedify Customer Support

Speedify incorporates a good customer support network to help you with problems and queries. Similar to a reliable 24/7 live chat, you will be in touch via email.

There’s also a knowledge-intensive domain where you’ll find setup instructions, detailed guides, in-depth tutorials, and even links to third-party guides.

With this great support at hand, you should always be able to get the help and knowledge you want.

Speedify Review – Conclusion

Speedify can be a great way to use all the connections it offers right out of the box to create a fast and reliable option. It’s a great choice for general web browsing and business use – we especially needed it, but it discovered what we were doing online and automatically adjusted settings to optimize our experience.

Speedify is ideal for online water sports, work conferences, video chats, and online conference calls. Customer support is also nice, matching, or maybe extraordinary with the biggest names in the VPN market. And for a VPN stance, I still had all the key security features locked and loaded.

There are a few problems: in particular, the streaming options are restricted and so the Yankee location of the VPN will raise an eyebrow or two. Except for the simple day-to-day tasks and great performance, Speedify is right up there with the simplest VPN out there.

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