SurfEasy VPN Review In 2021: Features, Pricing & More!

This time, I’m looking at a Symantec-owned VPN service named SurfEasy. I’ll do my utmost to compile a list of all the disadvantages and advantages that I discovered after using your VPN programme.

SurfEasy VPN Review In 2021: Features, Pricing & More!
Article: SurfEasy VPN Review In 2021: Features, Pricing & More!

SurfEasy VPN has a free Chrome proxy as well as a VPN service. They also have a free VPN service, but the bandwidth is limited to 500MB, which means you can only use their apps for a few hours.

Both the free and paid versions use the OpenVPN protocol as well as 256-bit encryption.

SurfEasy, Inc., of Toronto, Ontario, is actually owned by the security company Symantec.

What follows is an unbiased, data-backed SurfEasy review to help you opt in.

SurfEasy VPN Overview

USABILITY:Very user-friendly
LOG FILES:Some Logging Policy
LOCATIONS:28 countries, 1000+ servers
SUPPORT:Email Only
NETFLIX:Unblocks Netflix USA
ENCRYPTION/PROTOCOL:AES 256-bit encryption; OpenVPN
Article: SurfEasy VPN Review In 2021: Features, Pricing & More!


256-bit AES encryption + OpenVPN

SurfEasy uses AES-256, “bank grade” security encryption. This is usually almost as good because it hits the market today.

Most of the simpler VPNs we’ve reviewed believe in this same encryption standard, so you’re in good hands.

Also almost like the opposite big players, SurfEasy applications for Windows, Mac (desktop) and Android use the OpenVPN protocol. While iOS apps and native Mac apps will use IPSec.

Again, this is usually common in both cases. And you should almost always persist with these default settings.

The only reason you want to change to an older protocol option is if your device or connection is out of date. Just keep in mind that these options are often not safe in today’s times.

So they are good for anonymity, but not so good for security.

PPTP, for example, is often hacked in about three minutes by amateur developers. Imagine what a professional could neutralize that point.

No Leaks / Malware were Founded

Beyond the outright tricks, the second common way a VPN lets you disconnect is by accidentally “leaking” your data to ISPs and other prying eyes.

For you, it is a kind of established VPN connection. you think you are safe. But you are anything but.

That is why we run six different tests for each product we use. The goal is to investigate the connection from all angles, trying to find possible loopholes that will affect you later.

But good news.

SurfEasy showed no leaks in any of the six tests:

  • (none found)
  • (none found)
  • (none found)
  • (none found)
  • (none found)
  • (none found)
SurfEasy VPN Review In 2021: Features, Pricing & More!
Article: SurfEasy VPN Review In 2021: Features, Pricing & More!

We also ran your installation files through VirusTotal to ensure that the initial client you were downloading did not contain any surprises.

Fortunately, all of this is also clear. There are no signs of possible viruses or malware.

Netflix Unblocking works

In recent years, Netflix has cracked down on VPN use by targeting the IP addresses of VPN servers.

That is unfortunate for people who travel or live abroad.

Because licensing restrictions plus Netflix’s new stance mean it’s increasingly difficult to stream your local content.

SurfEasy is no exception, unfortunately.

We tried four separate servers and only two of them were functional.

SurfEasy VPN Review In 2021: Features, Pricing & More!
Article: SurfEasy VPN Review In 2021: Features, Pricing & More!

US and Canadian servers work with Netflix (latest test: April 2018)

Full torrent download is allowed on the “Ultra plan”

Torrenting has a bad reputation.

It is often used for illegal purposes, such as circumventing copyright laws to download your favorite movies or music.

However, there are legitimate uses for the technology created by the Navy.

Some companies, like Facebook and even Twitter, will use it internally to manipulate massive files back and forth.

They reportedly checked out the creation of their own options, before quickly realizing that the prevailing BiTtorrent technology was already perfect.

SurfEasy has created specific torrent-friendly servers that are available under their UltraVPN plan.

SurfEasy VPN Review In 2021: Features, Pricing & More!
Article: SurfEasy VPN Review In 2021: Features, Pricing & More!

So it would cost an extra couple of dollars, but you will get secure access with “auto-activation protection.”

The P2P connection can leave you exposed. Others can see what you are doing or downloading.

But connecting to a VPN in the first place should alleviate these concerns.

Tor + VPN Compatibility

Connecting to The Onion Router (TOR) will redirect your traffic signals to various relay points.

That helps increase your anonymity, making it difficult for people to get your original location.

The downside is that there are often flaws that will leave you exposed.

TorMoil, for example, was recently discovered in the Tor browsers on Mac and Linux.

This week, a critical flaw, dubbed TorMoil, was found within the Mac and Linux versions of Tor.

The end result of this loophole was that your IP could be leaked, once again, without your knowledge.

You use TOR to cover your location. And yet an easy mistake could undermine it in seconds.

Duplicating with a VPN ensures that this does not happen. It also keeps your connection safe from “bad” nodes or relay settings to steal your data.

SurfEasy is TOR compliant, so now there is no excuse.

User-Friendly App InterFace

The VPN client loaded quickly without any major delays or errors.

It is also quite intuitive. Do you want to modify locations? Click on the large globe and choose where. It really is that easy.

SurfEasy VPN Review In 2021: Features, Pricing & More!
Article: SurfEasy VPN Review In 2021: Features, Pricing & More!

1000+ Server (28 Countries)

That’s pretty good, putting them safely within the top third for the server options of the VPNs we’ve reviewed.

Not as many as the 1500 ExpressVPN servers in 95 countries. But quite a few dozen that many others contribute.

Each plan comes with its “Enhanced Tracker Blocker” algorithm that will track the cookies used by advertisers.

SurfEasy Enchanced Tracker Blocker explanation

You’ll also get unlimited data on your paid plans, with up to 5 device connections at one time.

Everything sounds pretty good so far. apart from one thing.


Not very strict registration policy

All VPN websites will say “do not log in”, then inevitably admit that they are logging into their Privacy Policy.

See Exhibit A:

SurfEasy refers to itself as a “no-log VPN”.

Its site claims that it does not stick to the following:

  • No download history
  • Dont have browsing data
  • No usage logs
SurfEasy Logging Policy
Article: SurfEasy VPN Review In 2021: Features, Pricing & More!

Their Privacy Policy complies with these statements, further reinforcing that they do not collect your IP or the sites you browse.

But they do admit that some unique cases fall outside these limits.

For starters, your site will use tracking technology to observe performance and serve you retargeting ads to urge you to buy.

Each user of the Opera browser will receive a random subscriber ID that disappears when their browser history is cleared.

And, at the request of the enforcement agencies, “they will disclose personal information, including your usage data.”

It is not unfortunate in general. But this last part is particularly key.

Because the local jurisdiction of your VPN company often has a great influence on who can access this personal data.

Located in the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom, it is not the simplest

In 1941, the United Kingdom and thus the States formed an intelligence alliance called the UKUSA Agreement. Three years later, this agreement was expanded to include Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Today, Canada is seen as one of the first members of this “5 eyes” alliance.

SurfEasy Website Footer Image
Article: SurfEasy VPN Review In 2021: Features, Pricing & More!

The agreement stipulated rules for sharing intelligence, in the hope of preventing another world war.

This local jurisdiction is vital for a couple of reasons.

Most VPN companies obviously do not support criminality on their service. So despite what most logging policies say, if they need a reason to believe that crime is taking place, they will cooperate with the authorities.

SurfEasy’s Privacy Policy said the maximum amount.

But during this case, if your personal information is shared with Canada, there is an honest chance that it is also in the hands of the US, UK, Australia, and New Zealand.

SurfEasy slowed our internet access by 71%.

It can’t be avoided. There isn’t anything that can be said about it.

Every time you connect to a VPN server, the performance of your connection requires success.

The extra layers of security and anonymity will slow things down.

BUT, that doesn’t mean it should be a huge hit.

Some of the faster ones we’ve reviewed, like ExpressVPN, are barely noticeable. You might get a couple of Mbps hooked up, but ultimately it’s worth it.

This is what our connection speeds looked like before using SurfEasy:

Benchmark Speed Test

We then connect to servers in both the EU and the US to see the performance impact.

The short answer?

It wasn’t pretty. Here is the EU server speed test:

SurfEasy EU Speed Test

EU server speed test:

  • Ping: 46 ms
  • Download: 28.50 Mbps (71.13% slower)
  • Upload: 21.15 Mbps (60.1% slower)

The download speed from the US server worked a little better, but the upload was atrocious:

US Server Speed ​​Test (Slow):

  • 138 ms
  • Download: 47 Mbps (51.55% slower)
  • Upload: 1.59 Mbps (50.43% slower)

To date, we have tested 78 different VPNs. (It is not a joke.)

And this performance places SurfEasy somewhere in the middle of the group at position 44, just behind TunnelBear.

Poor Customer Service

First, we try to send an invite to your forum.

SurfEasy Customer Support 1
Article: SurfEasy VPN Review In 2021: Features, Pricing & More!

But we don’t get any shipping confirmation afterward. Therefore, we are not sure that they are navigating correctly.

We then tested their email support and had much better luck.

SurfEasy Customer support email

They came to us the same day and were pretty quick with the changes.

So although unfortunately there is no live chat option and therefore the support tickets did not work that well, at the very least you have to be ready to believe the email.

Does not Work With Routers

SurfEasy is compatible with many devices and OP systems. This includes:

SurfEasy Supported Devices
Article: SurfEasy VPN Review In 2021: Features, Pricing & More!

They do, however, sell Opera and Chrome browser plugins. You won’t have to update the windows client separately this way.

They now have an Amazon-compatible smartphone app. This is unusual because if you’re one of the three people with an Amazon phone that wants a native VPN version, it’s a cool bonus. (Of course, I’m joking!)

Routers, unfortunately, do not trust them at this point. You’re nearly cursed with the fact that you can only use five computers at once.

No Kill Switch

Another common “leak” that undermines VPN users occurs when their Internet connection unexpectedly drops.

Suppose you are on your phone and thus the shit cafe WiFi goes bad. Your cellular network will often eat up slack, so you won’t notice any hiccups.

The problem is that this network change will also temporarily interrupt your VPN connection.

That would leave all your data exposed to the planet for a couple of seconds. And it could divulge its actual location to anyone looking.

A kill switch would automatically pack your browser when a connection dropped like this.

A bit annoying, sure. But much better than abandoning all your personal information.

And they have been developing additional features like a billboard tracking blocking algorithm to disrupt sites that are trying to track their behavior.

Pricing, Payment Methods, and Plans for SurfEasy VPN

SurfEasy monthly plans
Article: SurfEasy VPN Review In 2021: Features, Pricing & More!

Starter (free), Total, and Ultra are the three standard plans offered by SurfEasy. All three are available at discounted monthly and annual rates.

I wouldn’t recommend using the free version because it’s limited to 500MB (generally this is just one hour of browsing).

The monthly choice is as follows:

And here’s a quick look at the annual discounts:

Surfeasy annual plans
Article: SurfEasy VPN Review In 2021: Features, Pricing & More!

The starter package is completely eligible.

Both SurfEasy plans come with a 7-day money-back guarantee.

SurfEasy 7 day money back guarantee
SurfEasy Money back guarantee terms

That means you’ll use the free version to pity you, before upgrading with the peace of mind that you simply have another seven days to request a full refund if it doesn’t count.

SurfEasy accepts all major credit cards and PayPal. There are no cryptocurrencies or other methods at the moment.

SurfEasy payment screen
Article: SurfEasy VPN Review In 2021: Features, Pricing & More!

Do We Recommend SurfEasy VPN?

No, we don’t.

The speed tests were too slow across the board. There was no kill switch and therefore the incontrovertible fact that they are within the 5 Eyes alliance is also concerning.

There were tons of things to love. But at the peak of the day, there are much better options like NordVPN or ExpressVPN.

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