Tencent PC Manager Antivirus Review In 2023: Features, Pricing & More!

Tencent PC Manager Antivirus Overview

Tencent PC Manager Antivirus Review is a great Chinese software suite, that has come out with an antivirus suite that brings a lot of options to the table than you will probably expect at first. Laptop Manager consists of 2 engines that keep devices free from malware, so the user is safe online.

The website advertises different options. However, the international version does not cover them, making it a simple antivirus package.

Tencent PC Manager Antivirus Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Good protection
  • Good test results


  • No customer support
  • Doubtful discharge
  • Poor translations
  • No automatic scanning
  • No detailed reports on malware
  • A limited number of functions

How to Set It Up and Install

This program’s installation file is rather big. It only takes a few minutes to repair and install Tencent Laptop Manager. You also don’t need a login.

The wizard helps to change the installation procedure even.

  1. Select Install Now when the transfer is finished.
  2. Click the “Try it now” button.
  3. Visit Settings to line up your most popular courses of action.
Tencent PC Manager Antivirus Review


Tencent PC Manager Antivirus Review

You will be able to know all the options on the market through an easy and simplified interface, and its mimic characteristics.


Money-back GuaranteeNo, it’s free
Free VersionYes
PlatformmacOS, iOS, Windows, Android
Parental ControlsNo
Email ProtectionNo
VPN ServiceNo
Smartphone OptimizerNo
USB Virus ScansYes
Automated Virus ScansNo
Game ModeYes
Safe BrowserYes
Passive ModeYes
Tencent PC Manager Antivirus Review

Threat Protection

Adware PreventionYes
Tencent PC Manager Antivirus Review


When it comes to scanning, this software package offers temporary malware protection. You will be ready to choose between 3 different types of scans.

Quick scans only take minutes. Deep scans are performed on the entire device but may take longer. The third option, Custom Scan, allows you to view a specific part of your device.


Tencent Laptop Manager is also a free package, which suggests that there are no advanced evaluation plans.


There are no discounts available because this service is gratuitous.

Privacy and Security

Tencent PC Manager Antivirus Review In 2023 - Privacy and Security
Tencent PC Manager Antivirus Review


This antivirus recognizes phishing and other types of corrupted online data that would infect your device and compromise your privacy. Together, it prevents you from clicking on suspicious URLs for an extra layer of security.


Tencent’s product offers strict protection against malware entering your device, whether through an external associate-grade device or transfer. Covers all major styles of negative files.

Performance and Protection

Tencent PC Manager Antivirus Review In 2023 - Performance and Protection
Tencent PC Manager Antivirus Review

Although it is too easy for several users, the performance of this program is quite good: it is fast and cheap in its protection tasks.

Malware Protection

Tencent’s antimalware resolution protects you from all kinds of common malware.

Ransomware Detection

This software keeps an eye on your network and stops ransomware.

Phishing Detection

PC Manager helps you discover phishing URLs.

Spyware Detection

Antimalware protection includes spyware detection and interference.

Firewall Protection

Tencent also has its firewall web app, albeit it is not part of this bundle.

Lab Test Results

Tencent PC Manager Antivirus Review In 2023 - Lab Test Results
Tencent PC Manager Antivirus Review

Tencent Laptop Manager took AV-Comparatives’ real-world protection test and ranked twelfth out of eighteen apps tested in 2018. Its 99.2% protection rate outperformed several big names in the industry, with few positive results.

Unfortunately, this program is not covered by any independent testing laboratories.

Ease of Use and Interface

The interface is attractive and easy to use, although this feature is negative since it is due to the lack of options it offers.

If you ignore the poorly translated Chinese, navigation is as simple as clicking the labeled buttons.

Customer Support

One of the biggest obstacles encountered by this promising program is the lack of customer support, or any facilitation, for its international users.

It’s short and data-driven, and it’s not structured for the sake of providing you with a full knowledge base, or the other FAQ section. Once you download and install the program, you’re ready to figure out the rest on your own.

Our Verdict

Tencent Laptop Manager is also a free antivirus suite with wonderful capabilities. However, this Chinese product comes without an honest associate degree translation as well as dedicated customer support.

These features make it lag behind its main competitors such as McAfee and Intego, and show that Tencent still has a long way to go to develop a clear public image to ensure trustworthiness.

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