The 5 Best Supplements for a Leaky Gut (2023)

Leaky gut might be a fairly new term. It doesn’t mean you didn’t take him to the bathroom in time (!). But it’s a term that refers to the porosity of your viscera. Keep scrolling to find out more, whether you’re experiencing symptoms or not, and that supplements will make a difference to today’s terrifyingly real health issue.

The function of the visceral wall may be a barrier between the inside of your intestine and your blood. A healthy organ has tiny spaces. Known as tight junctions, that allow water and many other nutrients to reach the blood. At the same time, these small spaces block access to harmful substances, protecting the body from unwanted toxins or undigested food molecules. The porosity of the viscera refers to the benefit that the substances resist the wall of the viscera. High porosity means easy transition.

When the spaces loosen, the viscera become highly permeable, allowing undigested proteins, such as proteins, toxins, microbes, and fungi, to pass into the body without restriction. This development considered a “leaky gut” or hyperpermeability of the viscera.

The 5 Best Supplements for a Leaky Gut
The 5 Best Supplements for a Leaky Gut

If you are one of the many who suffer from fatigue, brain fog, headaches and migraines, constant gas and bloating, chronic diarrhea or constipation, frequent colds and flu, mood swings and bouts of depression, skin breakouts, sugar cravings, inflammatory disease, and joint pain – your visceral wall may be compromised.

The good news is that with a few dietary and lifestyle changes. There are many things you can do to try to help a leaky gut.


Incorporating a GI of coffee, a high-fiber diet, and an associated abundance of vegetables could be a good start. Reducing protein and sugar intake is also a great help for your intestines. The protein will have an associated inflammatory impact on the intestinal cells. The sugar will feed the associated overgrowth of unwanted gut bacteria, and the sugar damages the gut barrier.

The 5 Best Supplements for a Leaky Gut

Supplements to support your gut health and return the porosity of your viscera to healthy levels are plentiful.

We’ve picked our top five: Marine Scleroprotein, Probiotics, Zinc, L-Glutamine, and Dietary Fiber.

There are several others, as well, including aloe vera, saturated fatty acids, organic enzymes, licorice root, caramel root, turmeric, and slippery elm.

Marine Collagen

Collagen forms the building blocks of our body’s “structures” and is what gives your body’s tissues their physical property. One of the most obvious is its impact on the skin as you age your skin begins to lose its physical property due to the naturally decreased production of scleroprotein in your own body. Scleroprotein is instantly absorbed in supplement form and can be a major part of all animal tissues found throughout the body, as well as in the lining of their viscera. Scleroprotein contains the amino acids amino acid and glycine, which are the building blocks of the lining of the viscera.

Our hydrolyzed marine scleroprotein is one of the highest potency and quality scleroprotein supplements available.

The 5 Best Supplements for a Leaky Gut


These measures squared the “good bacteria” that help keep your organ meats in optimal health. They not only play an important role in the functioning of organic processes. But also stimulate the system, help you sleep, and help with the synthesis of certain vitamins. They also prevent harmful bacteria from settling in the intestine, which could then leak into the body.

A good probiotic supplement is excellent support for digestion and for balancing intestinal flora. Probiotics are also found naturally in some hard foods like kefir, live dairy products, and kombucha. They are best taken or consumed daily to maintain a healthy balance of microbes. Therefore, we are obsessed with the advantages of probiotics, we even tend to other complicated for our popular immunity.

The 5 Best Supplements for a Leaky Gut Probiotics
The 5 Best Supplements for a Leaky Gut


Zinc can be a powerful inhibitor and is important for overall health. It helps restore immunity and increase your body’s resistance to viruses. It also helps support a wide variety of chronic conditions such as rheumatism, and chronic fatigue, and relieves biological conditions due to its medicinal properties.

The 5 Best Supplements for a Leaky Gut


L-Glutamine is an associated aminoalkanoic acid that effectively feeds the cells of the abdomen, giving them the ability to care for the integrity of the intestinal lining. High-stress levels reduce amino acid levels thanks to the associated increase in hydrocortisone stress secretion. Once hydrocortisone increases, amino acids plummet, increasing the risk of leaky gut. Fortunately, L-Glutamine as a supplement will facilitate the repair and reverse this damage, restoring a healthy enteral lining.

The 5 Best Supplements for a Leaky Gut L-Glutamine
The 5 Best Supplements for a Leaky Gut

Dietary Fibre

Fiber is one of nature’s natural wonders! Soluble fiber found in vegetables, fruits, seeds, and whole grains feeds the helpful bacteria in your gut, which improves gut health and prevents hyperpermeability. These days, you’ll also be adding extra fiber to your diet in supplement form—that’s great for people who need a boost!

The 5 Best Supplements for a Leaky Gut Dietary Fibre
The 5 Best Supplements for a Leaky Gut

Sure enough, fiber helps your body digest non-fibrous foods and keeps things moving! The fibrous material doesn’t pass into your body, it stays inside the GI tract, working its magic by transporting other material and feasting on your healthy gut bacteria too. It helps your healthy microbiome flourish and effectively cleanses it from the inside out.

It comes to gut health, you practically measure what you eat. If this is an area of ​​your health and wellness that you simply struggle with, try and remember to only travel with refined carbohydrates like white pasta, white rice, fruit, and sugar. complete with low GI natural whole foods, lots of key supplements, and plenty of probiotics.

When choosing supplements, look for natural or bioavailable sources, as well as high purity and premium quality. Quality matters because what you put into your body has a direct impact on your health and well-being.

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