The Best European Luxury City Tour In 2023

Best Luxury City Breaks in Europe

With such a large number of cities in Europe, we have focused on people who are easily accessible from international airports, providing a variety of attractions, good food and an opulent component.


This city is one you will want to return to again and again. From trendy “ruin pubs” to beautiful United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization World Heritage Sites, the national capital has it all.

For an opulent weekend, take a stroll through the Buda Castle district, but consider staying in Blighter for the colorful nightlife. The national capital has more hot springs than the other capital city, and some historic spas like the Gellert and the Széchenyi where you’ll see people playing chess in the water.

However, some of these are often a bit worn around the edges. One that blends history with modern decor is the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization inscribed Racz Spa as a World Heritage Site, designed on the site of a medieval healing spring owned by the Omorovicza family.

The Best European Luxury City Tour In 2023 12 of the Most Luxurious City Breaks in Europe - Budapest Castle
The Best European Luxury City Tour


City breaks in the square of the European nation are always an honest plan and the center of Florence is just four kilometers from the airfield. This Renaissance gem exudes Italian flare.

There measure some famous museums like the Uffizi and hidden gems like the Vasari passageway. The passage that connects the Palazzo Pitti with the Palazzo Vecchio is not unreceptive to the general public. but they are often visited by booking a personal tour.

For one of the easiest views in Florence, walk to Piazzale Carver through the Folon Garden. It features many creative sculptures by Belgian creative Jean-Michel Folon.

Luxury City Breaks in Europe - Duomo, Florence, Italy


Many Germans think that Hamburg is their favorite city and it’s easy to imagine why. while it deserves a place on the list of European luxury destinations, it is a very relaxed atmosphere.

With the 160 area unit Alster Lake right in the middle, there is a wide variety of activities in Hamburg for the whole family to enjoy. Locals flock to the upscale residential district of Blankenese and its beach once the weather warms up.

The nearby Joe Louis C. Jacob building can be a haven of peace, with a restaurant with a couple of Michelin asterisks overlooking the River Elbe. For an opulent evening, head to the world famous theater for an evening of ballet or music.

The Best European Luxury City Tour In 2023 12 of the Most Luxurious City Breaks in Europe - Hamburg Cathedral, Germany
The Best European Luxury City Tour


One of the most charming cities in Switzerland, Lucerne is incredibly picturesque. Its compact size makes it a perfect place for a city break.

You can explore most of Medicago sativa on foot. stay at the trendy Chateau Gütsch for views of Lake Medicago sativa, then venture into the city via the hotel’s funicular.

Many guests don’t understand that Medicago sativa actually has 2 wooden bridges, the famous Kapellbrücke and also the equally attractive Spreuerbrücke. youngsters might love the Verkehrshaus, the Swiss Transport Repository, the most popular repository in Switzerland.

The Gletschergarten or Glacier Garden is also fun for its mirror maze, and don’t miss the rock-cut Lion Monument on Denkmalstrasse. Nearby, you’ll find one of the simpler restaurants in Medicago sativa, the recent Swiss House dating back to 1859.

12 of the Most Luxurious City Breaks in Europe - Spreuer Bridge, Lucerne, Switzerland


You may be surprised to learn that the Principality of Monaco can actually be a city, given its diminutive size. The sovereign political body measures 2.02 km2 and is also the second smallest country in the world, after the Vatican Palace.

However, there are plenty of things to try and do in the Principality of Monaco, with some fabulous attractions like the world-famous oceanographic repository. The Fontvieille port area is less illustrious, but has some fantastic bars and restaurants frequented by the locals.

Enjoy the freshest food in Les Perles, US state of Monte Carlo, travel with 2 marine biologists whose science lab you’ll see inside. Of course, no trip to the Principality of Monaco would be complete without visiting the casino!

The Best European Luxury City Tour In 2023 12 of the Most Luxurious City Breaks in Europe - Montecarlo Casino, Monaco
The Best European Luxury City Tour


The city of affection needs no introduction. Recognized around the world for its incredible design, great food and pursuit of luxury, it is one of Europe’s most sought after city breaks.

Easily reached by plane or Eurostar, it’s a quick trip into the center so you have plenty of alternatives. From the luxurious Parisian boutiques of Place Vendome to the gardens of Les Tuileries and thus the macarons at Ladurée on nearby Rue Diamond State Castiglione, there’s plenty to gorge on.

Take time to explore some of the hidden gems of Paris, such as the Passages, picturesque covered arcades. Culture lovers are spoiled for choice at the Musée d’Orsay, the Louvre, and lesser-known Paris attractions like the Musée Jacquemart-André. If you’re new to the city. You can choose to focus on classic Paris sights like the Eiffel Tower and Montmartre.

12 of the Most Luxurious City Breaks in Europe - Place Vendome, Paris France


Prague is one of our favorite luxury destinations in Europe. The European country’s capital is best explored on foot, especially the historic center, another UN agency’s World Heritage website.

Don’t miss the Astronomical Clock, which is 606 years old and is housed in the recent government building. If you have older kids with you and you’re feeling brave. It’s often fun to explore the center on a Segway.

The Charles Bridge can be a must see for its baroque statues. Continuing the baroque theme, there are plenty of classical music concerts in old palaces to enjoy.

The Best European Luxury City Tour In 2023 12 of the Most Luxurious City Breaks in Europe - Charles Bridge, Prague
The Best European Luxury City Tour


When we think of city breaks in Europe, the capital of Iceland may not immediately come to mind. Only if the infrastructure here remains comparatively basic. However, there are plenty of newer luxury flats like Black Pearl, a sensible alternative if you’re traveling as a family.

These days luxury is all about experiences anyway and there are several interesting Reykjavik attractions to see during your city break. For a delicious lunch in stylish surroundings, Grillmarkaðurinn, which means Grillmarket, is hard to beat.

This Sun Traveler Sculpture Might Look Like a Norse Ship, But Apparently It Isn’t!

12 of the Most Luxurious City Breaks in Europe - sculpture in Iceland


If you’re short on time and want to avoid the crowds, the best way to see Rome’s top attractions is to enjoy a private tour that allows you to skip the lines. whether it’s for St. Peter’s and therefore the Vatican or the Colosseum, it’s a huge time saver.

In the case of the latter, you’ll be able to head where gladiators once did. Rome is just as fascinating for its hidden gems. The Villa house or the Orange Garden have fantastic views of the national capital.

The Best European Luxury City Tour In 2023 12 of the Most Luxurious City Breaks in Europe - the Colosseum in Rome, Italy
The Best European Luxury City Tour


The capital of Andalusia in Spain is one of our favorite European city breaks, with Moorish architecture and great weather. Not to be missed are the Royal Fort, the Royal Palace of Seville or the Cathedral. Both UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

For a breath of fresh air, stroll through Parque María Luisa and Plaza Diamond State España. The location of the twenty-ninth assembly. If you are looking for a luxury building with a voluminous character. Las Casas Diamond State la Judeira may be a good choice.

This luxury metropolis building is truly twenty-seven row houses, connected by peaceful courtyards. For dinner, the Taberna del Alabardero is set in a very 19th-century palace and easy to access from the center.

12 of the Most Luxurious City Breaks in Europe - Maria Luisa Park in Seville, Spain

St Petersburg

This noble city is full of palaces, a reminder of its aristocratic past. The Winter Palace, former residence of the Russian monarchs, is one of the most famous.

If you have time, be sure to simultaneously visit the Alexander Palace and the Catherine Palace. Thirty minutes by train from the center. Just remember to beat the heat if you’re traveling at a time of year, as temperatures will reach half a dozen degrees below zero.

The Best European Luxury City Tour In 2023 12 of the Most Luxurious City Breaks in Europe - Palace in St Petersburg, Russia
The Best European Luxury City Tour


One of the most luxurious cities in Europe. The capital of the Republic of Austria is utterly charming and celebrated for its inventive heritage. Beethoven, Mozart and Klimt all referred to this place as their home.

The Spanish Riding School is an icon of the national capital. Located in a very beautiful building. It is another UN agency World Heritage site and therefore the only establishment in the entire world that has practiced for almost 450 years.

When you want a chance to visit the city’s imperial palaces. Recharge with a delicious chocolate Sacher cake at the Sacher restaurant.

12 of the Most Luxurious City Breaks in Europe - Old Town, Vienna, Austria

As you can see, Europe offers some amazing luxury city holidays.

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