The Best Fitness YouTube Channels (2021)

Whether you want to get in better shape from the comfort of your home. Find an exciting new exercise to do, or learn more about the planet of health and fitness, we’re close to showing you the simplest fitness YouTube channels out there.

“What is the best fitness YouTube channel?” is a specific response to the question. Because it is greatly influenced by your hobbies, exercise goals, and industry knowledge, it is highly subjective.

So we’ve included a variety of various fitness accounts below. From vloggers to natural bodybuilding tips to tips for a successful career in the health and fitness industry.

But wait, have you ever considered turning your passion for exercise into a career? Working as a private trainer can be the dream career you’ve never considered if you’re a fitness enthusiast.

21 Best Fitness YouTube Channels 

Nick’s Strength and Power 

Looking for a YouTube channel dedicated to natural bodybuilding? Then he’d like to witness Nick’s strength and might.

Nick talks about his journey as a bodybuilder and keeps his audience up to date on his progress.
This channel will keep you up to speed on the newest news from the world of bodybuilding. Whether you are a natural bodybuilder or a fan who is interested in the industry.

Nick vlogs his experiences at contests and conferences, including meeting Arnold Schwarzenegger. You’ll also find hours of binge-worthy content on this channel, including case studies on your favorite Mr. Olympia winners and the history of bodybuilding.

Love Sweat Fitness

If you’ve ever searched YouTube for fitness inspiration. You’ll know how to respond to the question “how many fitness channels are there on YouTube?” It’s a question that can’t be answered. So, what distinguishes this one from the rest?

Love Sweat Fitness is a journey from Katie, who, in a way. Tried and tested the justifiable part of her diet fad.
Ultimately, she took matters into her own hands, made lifestyle changes, developed healthy habits, and lost 45 pounds.

In the process, she found a passion for fitness and helping others reach her exercise goals. This led to her becoming a licensed personal trainer and starting what is, in our opinion. One of the most engaging and stimulating health and fitness YouTube channels out there.

One of the simplest things about Love Sweat Fitness is that Katie shows her own experience with weight loss.
On her channel, you’ll find a playlist dedicated to her healthy weight loss transformation. She shares lifestyle tips, healthy recipes, where she explains how she achieved her goals, and talks about the one thing many people struggle with: maintaining that ideal weight.

Even if her goals are not strictly based on weight loss, she still needs to inspect her 5 Day Motivational Challenge if she feels like she needs some extra inspiration to hit the gym.


Next on our list of the simplest fitness channels on YouTube is HASfit. If you are eager to get in shape or have been hitting the gym for a short time without getting anywhere. Then HASfit could be the answer to your problems.

They have over 1000 long-duration workouts all available for free, as well as free 30-90 day plans that include nutrition tips. Exercise routines, and therefore the most vital part of any training plan: the motivation!
We love that they have organized exercise routines for different muscle groups. Instead of generic “upper-body” routines, you will find a series of videos dedicated to specific areas of the body, such as the triceps, shoulders, and therefore the back.

If you feel like trying something new, we highly recommend heading to their channel. His kickboxing workouts and MMA series are some of the simplest fitness workouts on YouTube.

Joanna Soh Official 

For all of the benefits of having a personal trainer without having to step a foot over your front doorstep, Joanna Soh is one of the best YouTube fitness vloggers to subscribe to.

If you find that exercise challenges are the best way to get you motivated, then you’ll love Joanna’s content. 

Her health and fitness YouTube channels are filled with exciting exercise challenges, such as her ‘Burn 10,000 calories in 30 days’ video or the ‘1000 cardio & core burn challenge’. 

You’ll find those and tons more in the section ‘Crazy Workout Challenges!!’ but be aware, as the name suggests, they can be pretty intense!

You’re probably already searching for Joanna’s channel. But if you’re not quite convinced that this is one of the best fitness YouTube accounts, then there’s more.

As a qualified personal trainer herself, Joanna is also fully clued up on all things nutrition. 

If you’re new to exercising and serious about getting in shape. You’ll find her health and nutrition videos focusing on clean eating and food portions, and why you should forget about fad diets, are useful.


If you like calisthenics, then it goes without saying that you should simply check out the OfficialBarstarzz channel.

Have no idea what calisthenics is? That is fine too. These guys will show you exactly the way to get started, master the fundamentals, and how calisthenics can transform your physique.

This is perhaps the simplest YouTube fitness channel to check out for anyone who wants to work out hard but would rather avoid the gym at all costs.

All workouts involve purely bodyweight exercises, but that doesn’t mean they’re easy! These guys prove that you can just grow without weights and big, clunky exercise machines.
Even if this isn’t something you’re thinking of trying for yourself, it’s still very entertaining to watch!

BodyFit by Amy

If you’re here trying to find exercise inspiration. BodyFit by Amy has some of the simplest YouTube exercise videos out there.

We especially love that it features an entire section dedicated to kettlebell training, covering quick kettlebell crunches. Full-body kettlebell workouts, and an exercise guide that teaches you exactly how to swing the right weights. Russian.

Amy’s Fitness has some great workouts on YouTube, but if you’re new to training or have an injury that requires you to rest, don’t put it off.

It also has a section dedicated to beginner and low impact workouts, as well as a series of prenatal exercises to keep fit during pregnancy.

OriGym Personal Training Careers 

We couldn’t write about the simplest fitness channels on YouTube and not include our channel.
You’ll discover lots of gym motivation, fitness music mixes, and hours of workout and nutrition advice from our industry experts on the OriGym channel.

The unparalleled counsel and assistance you may get from our training career classes are unique to our channel.

If you follow the latest series on our channel. You will learn everything you could know to have a successful career as a private coach.

If you are already a professional physical therapist or are simply considering employment in the fitness industry as a possible career path. We guarantee that you will learn something useful from this series.

Not sure where to start with advertising? We covered it with our video explaining the 5 best advertising strategies to use in 2020.

Or not sure which of the various professional physical therapy options is best for you? It can be quite confusing trying to decide between working directly for a club, working as a freelancer, or starting your own business.
But don’t be overwhelmed when weighing the pros and cons of each, because we’ve done all the research for you.

XHIT Daily

YouTube can be a brilliant platform with an infinite amount of data at your fingertips. It’s packed with content on health and fitness, some of which are helpful, others … not so much.

With over 3 million subscribers, XHIT Daily falls into the really useful category.

This channel is packed with a huge type of workout that can structure several of the simplest fitness programs on YouTube.

They even have high-intensity celebrity fitness programs for those who want to look like their favorite celebrity.

We guarantee you’ll find what you’re looking for on this channel, whether you want to start simple with hands-on tutorials. You’re a fitness fanatic looking for an epic workout routine.

Bored with your regular gym routine? Mix it up by trying out your Ball Medley workout.

The Fitness Marshall 

This isn’t exactly what you’d expect from a health and fitness channel. But that’s precisely why it’s one of the greatest.

The Fitness Marshall features a well-deserved spot on our list of the simplest YouTube channels for fitness because it proves what many of you almost certainly think is impossible – that cardio doesn’t have to be boring!
Caleb Marshall, aka “The Fitness Marshall,” puts a different spin on cardio, with dance workouts that combine exercise and entertainment.

If you want to work out while listening to music. This channel is for you because they are always publishing new videos and routines with the newest tunes.

You can try a “fast sweat” workout for a quick cardio workout or a full workout. There is the option to create your playlist combining different warm-ups, main workouts, and then finish with one of your cool-down videos.


Another all-natural bodybuilding YouTube channel we just discussed is MattDoesFitness.
If you like bodybuilding, this is one of the simplest fitness YouTube channels to subscribe to.
Matt posts general fitness suggestions as well as particular tutorials on how to become a better bodybuilder daily. He has some of the most basic natural bodybuilding recommendations on YouTube, in our opinion.

In addition to being a trusted source for advice, MattDoes Fitness also posts tons of upbeat content purely for entertainment, and we love that!

You’ll attend this channel for recommendations on how to build muscle and bulge up, but you’ll stick around for the fun challenges and lifestyle blogs.

Who doesn’t want to see a bodybuilder try to survive each day by eating the diet of the Victoria’s Secret model? Or do you see a bodybuilder prove a strong man? You will find all that and more on this channel!

The Lean Machines 

Lean Machines, hosted by two best friends, John and Leon, is the next YouTube fitness channel on our list.
These men are personal trainers, health trainers, and now YouTube sensations with one of the most informative health and fitness channels on the internet.

Each of them has a thorough understanding of the foundations of exercise and nutrition. Allowing them to deliver entertaining and educational content.

Regardless of your fitness level or how informed you are on the topic of health and fitness. You will learn a lot from The Lean Machines.

These guys are specialized in what they are doing, they are motivating and fun to watch.

They share easy suggestions like how to create a healthy deli on a budget. As well as more in-depth pieces on topics like calorie tracking and “everything you’d like to know about macros,” in a range of vlogs and films.

Kali Muscle

Do you need some motivation to get off the couch and into the gym? Then you would like to go to the Kali Muscle page as soon as we finish here.

Hands down, this is often one of the simplest fitness motivation YouTube channels out there.
Kali Muscle’s channel has some incredible exercise videos, all of them are divided into playlists for different body areas.

Kali Muscle is the man to follow if you want to strengthen your biceps or learn new chest isolation workouts.
You might understand that this man’s workouts aren’t easy because he can lift large objects.
If you’re brave enough to offer this, DOMS will seriously affect you every day or two, but once it’s over. You’ll be itching to try more.

Although much of its content is related to fitness, its self-proclaimed goal is to motivate and encourage people.
He posts several times a week, not only dispensing some of the top inspirational motivations of natural bodybuilding on YouTube but also mixing them with occasional videos talking about nutrition or a vlog shared every day in his life as a bodybuilder father of twins.

Molly Bailey 

YouTube fitness isn’t just about the form of workout videos and workout guides, there are also many more channels based on fitness lifestyles from influencers or vloggers like Molly Bailey.

Molly is one of the easiest YouTube fitness vloggers out there; This is usually an important statement because there are so many good health influencers on YouTube.

She posts tons of vlogs, usually updating her subscribers on what’s new on her weight loss journey, sharing what she eats on her average day, or filming her real-life morning routine.
If you’re looking for meal prep inspiration, you should check out her healthy grocery swag.

If you’re looking for motivation, check out her videos like her “Summer Fitness Challenge” or this one where she discusses her results from using the Stairmaster every day (dedication, we know!).

Scott Herman Fitness 

If you want to push exercise and are serious about getting results. Scott Herman Fitness is the YouTube channel you just need to tune in to.

He posts several of the simplest fitness videos on YouTube. With new content twice a week that covers common training mistakes, and shares all the exercise tips and tricks that we would have liked to know once we started training.

This channel is a bunch of exercise videos on its own, while it does share some really useful exercise demos for you to check your form. It also features a playlist dedicated to debunking myths and another specifically specializing in all things. nutrition and supplements.

With the amount of data, this guy has on nutrition and therefore the beginnings of the exercise. We will see why he has 2.34 million subscribers.

Whether your goal is to build muscle, burn fat, get stronger, or improve your endurance. You will find something useful in this channel.


There was just no way we could write to the simplest health and fitness YouTube channels and not include this one.

This husband and wife duo pride themselves on being “no-gimmick fitness folks.” There is no magic pill or top-secret trick. Just pure motivation and exercise routines that they employ.

Over the past 10 years, they have shared hundreds of workouts at home.

Regardless of your fitness level, how much equipment you have access to, or if you have 5 or 50 minutes to adjust during a workout. You will find something on this channel.

If you are a big fan of cardio, you will find complete fat-burning exercises lasting over 30 minutes, or if you prefer strength training. There are plenty of complete workouts with warm-ups, exercises, and stretches.


For us, MadFit is great there with the highest fitness YouTube channels for workouts that you can simply do from the comfort of your home.

She features a playlist of hours of equipment-free workouts that can get you burning without having to step a foot over the front door or spend a penny on a pair of dumbbells.

Well, you can almost certainly buy an exercise mat, but that’s pretty much it!

We’d say the simplest thing about this channel is its department-friendly workouts, like this 10-minute department-friendly HIIT routine.

Their apartment-friendly workouts are intentionally low-impact and non-shopping so you can exercise reception without disturbing your neighbors (or feeling like you’re falling off someone’s roof!).

As another bonus, the aesthetics of your channel are beautiful. It’s well thought out, with all of its content organized into easy-to-navigate sections.


Do you want to change your usual exercise routine? Boxing can be a great thank you for adding some variety to your training. It’s fun and diligent, what is it that you don’t love?

Nate Bower can be a boxing instructor, certified personal trainer, and competitive athlete sharing a variety of various boxing workouts.

Whether he’s a beginner looking to improve his technique or a seasoned boxer trying to find a replacement through training, he will find exactly what he is trying to find at NateBowerFitness.

Once he’s mastered the fundamentals, he will move on to heavy bag workouts, try a HIIT routine, or try one of his boxing classes.

Regardless of what he chooses to try, he will surely start to sweat and feel the heat from these workouts.

Who knows, maybe you’ll discover a new love for this sport! If Nate has inspired you, consider enrolling in our boxing and pad workout CPD course.

The Body Coach TV 

One of the UK’s simplest fitness YouTube channels comes from fitness trainer Joe Wicks with “The Body Coach TV”.

Joe is known for his support of high-intensity workouts, so it’s no surprise that HIIT sessions are prevalent on his YouTube fitness channel.

You’ll never grow tired of channeling him because he always posts a new HIIT workout.
It features a series of HIIT routines for beginners, as well as some pretty intense workouts if you fancy a challenge.

One different thing about this channel is that it also includes workouts for teens.

If you are a parent and are concerned that your kids are not active enough, otherwise you need a thank you to get your family involved in their exercise routines, this is often an excellent channel for fun and kid-friendly workouts.

Tone It Up 

Tone It Up is another one of many brilliant YouTube channels on health and fitness.

They post everything about health, fitness, and lifestyle, including quick and easy recipes, full-body workouts, and a series of films about feeling good and learning to accept your body.

Although we consider this to be one of the most user-friendly fitness channels on YouTube, unlike other channels like HASfit and Joanna Soh Official, not all of their video is free.

This fitness YouTube channel is effectively connected with their website; however, you will have to spend a little more if you want to conduct a full workout or try a comprehensive nutrition plan.

We have to provide them to you, the content that you can access for free is good, but we’ll see why people would be reluctant to buy the extra extras once they can get them for free elsewhere.


Regardless of your exercise goals, whether you’re a runner trying to come up with ideas for a recovery session or really into strength training, we almost guarantee that POPSUGAR will have exactly what you’re trying to find.
These are some of the most basic free YouTube fitness videos we’ve come across, especially if you enjoy bodyweight exercises or workouts that require little or no equipment to perform.

They put up a replacement video flawlessly, so it’s guaranteed you’ll never lose interest in doing the equivalent over and over again.

You can’t make it to the gym today because you’re too busy? Let us know what you think of this 10-minute summer sweat and abs workout in the comments section below!

Natacha Océane 

Last on our list is one of our favorite fitness YouTubers, Natacha Océane.
Natacha puts herself to the test by attempting numerous fitness challenges such as fasted cardio and halving her daily calorie intake for a week.

She even talked about her experience taking the physical exam for the US Navy Seals and training with a professional ballet coach.

We enjoy her channel since there is always something new to see.

She often shares her exercise journey, for example, her entire training week.

But her content also includes tons of videos that share her healthy eating habits and tips from her on how to revisit the target with training if you’re feeling unmotivated.

If you’re looking for a channel with a holistic and healthy approach to lifestyle and fitness, this is usually an honest one to travel through.

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