The Best Headphones For Runners (2021)

When it comes to buying a set of running headphones, the fit is likely the most critical thing to consider. You want a pair that is safe and comfy; you don’t want to lose a headset while running.

There are other things in which to have faith. The finest running headphones should have good sound quality. As well as durability, battery life, noise cancellation, and consistent functioning with few interruptions. For obvious reasons, running headphones must also be sweat-resistant. This is why the otherwise fantastic Sony WF-1000XM3 isn’t on this list. (While Apple does not claim that high-quality AirPods are water-resistant, we’ve found that they do a good job of managing sweat). Also, if you’re a runner, you’re surely aware that the most basic running headphones must be truly wireless or, at the absolute least, wireless, as wired headphones can get in the way.

I selected the best ideal running earphone models after years of trying wireless earbuds and sports earbuds. To share my hard-won wisdom, I’ve put together a list of wireless earphones that I’ve tried and tested and believe are suitable for runners. We have solid options for whatever you need on this list of the easiest running headphones. Which includes in-ear headphones, in-ear headphones, Bluetooth headphones, noise-isolating headphones, bone conduction headphones, completely wireless headphones, and many more. You want your headphones to play music.

Best Bone Conduction Headphones

After Shokz Aeropex

The Best Headphones For Runners (2021) Best Bone Conduction Headphones

Waterproof: Yes (IP67 rating: can withstand immersion in 1 meter of water for 30 minutes).

Wireless Bone Conduction by After Shokz Hearing aids aren’t what we used to think of as hearing aids because they don’t stay in your ears; instead, they send sound to your ear through your cheekbones. The open architecture of this technology as a running headset allows you to hear ambient noise and what is going on around you while taking music notes or having a phone call through wireless headphones. Any training headset’s ability to hear outside noise and ambient sound are vital, and that opening allows runners to hear the sound of traffic. Also, some race organizers forbid participants from wearing anything in their ears, which is why on-ear headphones like this one exist, specifically for folks who want to listen to music while running.

In 2019, AfterShokz released the Aeropex on-ear headphones ($ 160), which they characterize as their “lightest and highest-quality headphones yet.” The sound quality of this pair of headphones, based on my early testing, is unquestionably superior. The Trekz Air, or the Air as it is now known, was the company’s previous flagship model. It also has a more comfortable fit, making it easier to wear. While AfterShokz’s wireless headphones continue to improve in terms of performance with each new version, the sound quality still falls short of that of a regular headphone.

Affordable Bone Conduction

Aftershokz OpenMove

The Best Headphones For Runners (2021) Affordable Bone Conduction

Waterproof: Yes (IP55 rating, can withstand strong jets of water).

The new entry-level Open Move bone conduction headphones from After Shokz retail for $ 100, but are presently on sale for $ 80. Replaces the earlier Titanium model, which is still available (for $ 80) and has a few small design improvements. It was comfy to wear, and while the sound quality isn’t great, it’s adequate for a bone conduction headset (again, keep your sound quality expectations in check or you’ll be disappointed). While running, it’s ideal for taking notes on podcasts, audiobooks, and newscasts (I have a penchant for concentrating on XM radio while running).

This device charges through USB-C and comes with a convenient carrying pouch. The battery has a 6-hour capacity.

Good Value

EarFun Free Pro

The Best Headphones For Runners (2021) Good Value

Waterproof: Yes (IPX5 rating; can withstand a sustained stream of water).

We had the cheapest EarFun Free on this list, but I’ve been using the newer, more feature-rich EarFun Free Pro headphones for athletic activities lately. Active noise canceling with transparency mode, wireless charging, and Bluetooth 5.2 are all required. They are IPX5 water-resistant, which means they can survive a sustained stream of water. They have a battery life of seven hours without noise-canceling and around six hours with it.

They sound amazing for the money, with a pretty clean and balanced sound and punchy bass; they have a wide soundstage. They’re light and comfy to wear, but they need little fins to keep them in your ears, and they have a low-key appearance.

Because of the AirPods Pro, don’t expect them to filter out all noise, but they do give adequate cushioning. It’s worth mentioning that the left and right earbuds may be used individually, and there’s a low latency mode for watching videos (and presumably playing games). The call quality was also acceptable; callers reported hearing some background noise, but it was not distracting and they could clearly hear my voice. The controls on the touch screen responded.

Secure Fit

Jaybird Vista 2

The Best Headphones For Runners (2021) Secure Fit

Waterproof: Yes (IPX68 rating: dustproof and fully waterproof)

Known for their secure fit, decent sound, and ruggedness, Jaybird’s Vista sports headphones ($ 150) are on our list of the best training headphones and best running headphones since 2019. Now the Vista 2, an upgraded version featuring An identical design and better tag ($ 200), has come up with some of the key enhancements missing from the original: active noise cancellation and a transparency mode called SurroundSense, which lets you hear the world from the surface, a crucial feature. for runners and cyclists.

The upgraded headphones have a design that is nearly identical to the originals. Jaybird, on the other hand, has added cloth to the surface of the buds, which helps to reduce wind noise (think of the material as a damper). When the ear buttons are removed, the music stops automatically due to an ear detection sensor.

The Vista 2 buttons feature an IPX68 water resistance rating, indicating that they are entirely dustproof and waterproof. They’re also sweating, crush, and drop resistant, according to Jaybird. As a result, the IP54-rated compact housing is now splash-proof and dust-resistant.

They sound excellent once you tweak the EQ settings to your taste, but their sound quality isn’t quite up to level with comparable expensive headphones in the $ 200 range. Their noise cancellation, transparency mode, and voice calls are adequate but not outstanding (AirPods work best in all departments). If you do decide to purchase them, you will do so because of their firmness and secure fit.

Lightweight Beats

Beats Studio Buds

The Best Headphones For Runners (2021) Lightweight Beats

Waterproof: Yes (IPX4 rating – splash-proof)

The Beats Studio Buds appear to be very similar to the reported stemless AirPods. They are small, lightweight headphones that are comfortable to wear and offer great sound, and they are aimed at both iOS and Android users. They are missing a couple of key features on the Apple side (no H1 or W1 chip), but they are small, lightweight headphones that are comfortable to wear and offer great sound. While their noise canceling isn’t as strong as the AirPods Pro’s, they do offer a transparency option that allows ambient sound in and works well for making calls. Finally, their best selling features are their fit and sound quality, and they’re around $50 less expensive than the AirPods Pro.

They fit my ears securely (I ran with them without a problem), but they will slip a bit if you sweat a lot. in that case, it is going to be an honest idea to position yourself on some foam pads, which improve grip in one touch (I use them with the AirPods Pro).

Open Design Made for Runners

Bose Sport Open Earbuds

The Best Headphones For Runners (2021) Open Design Made for Runners

Waterproof: Yes (IPX4 rating – splash-proof).

When it comes to headphones, Bose’s open-back sports headphones are quite original. Not to be confused with the company’s more traditional in-ear sports headphones and QuietComfort headphones, they have an open-topped design, which means that the hearing aid sits high on the ear and does not penetrate the auditory meatus.

Aimed at runners and cyclists who want their ears to be hospitable to the planet for safety reasons, or for people who don’t want any kind of bud in their ears, they sound surprisingly good. I ended up liking them, but their design isn’t for everyone, and how you comfortably discover them will determine in what proportion you want them.

Best Noise-canceling Headphones for Runners

Apple AirPods Pro

The Best Headphones For Runners (2021) Best Noise-canceling Headphones for Runners

Waterproof: Yes (IPX4 rating – splash-proof).

The AirPods Pro is an excellent fully wireless earphone for jogging, even though they aren’t billed as such. This is thanks to its award-winning lightweight design and fit, increased bass performance, effective noise cancellation, and exceptional call quality. While I can’t run with the basic AirPods because the in-ear headphones don’t fit my ears properly, I had no trouble jogging with the AirPods Pro, which has a noise-isolating design and a silicone tip that adapts your hearing comfortably. However, by using a pair of Comply foam ear cushions ($ 25), I was able to achieve a more secure fit.

For runners, it is worth noting that there is a transparency mode that allows sound to filter through. You will still need to reduce the amount of your music to hear the sound of traffic. The AirPods Pro is also officially classified as sweat resistant.

Best With Ear Hooks

Beats Powerbeats Pro

The Best Headphones For Runners (2021) Best With Ear Hooks

Waterproof: Yes (IPX4 rating – splash-proof).

Yes, the Beats Powerbeats Pro’s gigantic charging case can be a significant drawback. However, combining all of the elements that make Apple AirPods amazing with richer sound quality and longer battery life in a wireless headphone design that won’t slip off your ear (! ear hooks to win!) could be a winning offer in the end. headphones for jogging Just make sure you get these running headphones from a store with a strong return policy in case you’re one of the small percentages of people with ears that don’t fit Bluetooth headphones. Keep in mind that these headphones frequently drop in price from $ 250 to $ 200 or even less; if you buy them, don’t pay full price.

Good for Android Users

Google Pixel Buds A-Series

The Best Headphones For Runners (2021) Good for Android Users

Waterproof: Yes (IPX4 rating – splash-proof)

Google’s Pixel Buds A-Series are pretty unusual, they’re new, but they’re not exactly an update. They look and sound almost like last year’s Pixel Buds 2, which debuted at $ 179 but now sell for less. Instead of getting new features like active noise cancellation, though, they’ve actually lost a couple of. Why? The “A” stands for affordability – they’re only $ 100. That new lower cost is the real story here, making them a true wireless value, particularly for Android users. and therefore the integrated stabilizer arches (also known as sports fins) help to keep the buttons securely in your ears during sports activities.

Best Audio Sunglasses

Bose Frames (Tempo)

The Best Headphones For Runners (2021) Best Audio Sunglasses

Waterproof: Yes (IPX4 rating – splash-proof).

Bose Frames are one of those goods that you either have to use to appreciate fully or throw away. The idea is that you will receive a genuine pair of sunglasses along with a pair of headphones that do not fit your ears. Rather, a beam of sound is sent into your ears by the minuscule speakers integrated into each arm. This style may appeal to those who dislike wearing headphones in their ears, and it also provides a level of protection for runners and cyclists who want their ears to be environmentally friendly.

Bose has updated its line of audio sunglasses with three new models, including the Tempo sports model, which offers better sound and battery life than the more traditional-looking Tenor and Soprano models. The Tempo has better specs in all respects, with USB-C charging and larger 22mm drivers. It also offers up to eight hours of battery life.

Since the initial few frames, their sound has surely improved. The Tempo, according to Bose, is “deeper and louder, high enough to ride a bike at 40 kilometers per hour while still being able to hear traffic and your training companions.” They’re resistant to perspiration, rain, scratches, and shattering, as well as being Bose compatible and fitting under most hard hats. (I was able to use them with several motorbike helmets without issue.) Due to a dual-mic replacement technology, they also perform effectively for making calls. Optional lenses are $ 39, and prescription lenses can be ordered through Lensabl.

Solid Under $50

TaoTronics SoundLiberty P10

The Best Headphones For Runners (2021) Solid Under $50

Waterproof: Yes (IPX8 rating – fully waterproof)

The SoundLiberty P10 headphones from TaoTronics are another AirPods Pro imitation. But they’re one of the best for the money, with good sound and decent call quality. The noise cancellation isn’t quite as good as the AirPods Pro’s, but it’s adequate. And there’s also an ambient mode that lets in sound (nearly as natural as the AirPods Pro’s transparency mode), as well as an anti-wind option.

I’ve used a lot of TaoTronics hearing aids over the years, and these could be the greatest TaoTronics hearing aids yet. While they aren’t flashy, they are comfortable to wear. Have small housing and the instructions clearly explain how to utilize the touch controls. They have Bluetooth 5.2 and an IPX8 rating, making them entirely waterproof. With noise cancellation active and the volume at 50%, the battery life is six and a half hours.

Comfortable Fit

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

The Best Headphones For Runners (2021) Comfortable Fit

Yes, it is water-resistant (IPX2 rating – sweat-resistant and protects against light splashes).

Whatever you think of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live’s bean-shaped look, they’re the most inventive wireless earbuds of the year. They require an open design (the tip of the ear is not tucked into the ear) like conventional AirPods. And they are quite comfortable to wear and fit my ears better than AirPods. These wireless headphones are unobtrusive and rest snug against your ear, eliminating wind noise when cycling. I use them for jogging and bicycling on a regular basis. And they’re wonderful for sporting activities if they fit your ears well. However, some people won’t obtain a secure fit, so buy them from a company with a decent return policy.

They offer good sound and work well as headphones for creating calls, with good ground noise reduction so callers can hear you clearly even when you’re in noisier environments. While they do feature active noise cancellation. It is slight compared to noise cancellation in headphones that have a noise-isolating design. In other words, buy them for their look and sound, not their noise-canceling features.

Good Sound, Secure Fit

Bose Sport Earbuds

The Best Headphones For Runners (2021) Good Sound, Secure Fit

Waterproof: Yes (IPX4 rating – splash-proof).

Both QuietComfort sports headphones and Bose sports headphones comply with training headphones, due to their StayHear Max tips and secure fit. But gaming headphones are more compact and lightweight, and also cheaper (QuietComfort headphones have excellent cancellation active noise, however).

They have an equivalent IPX4 splash resistance rating because the QuietComfort headphones are equipped with Bluetooth 5.1 (my connection was rock solid) and share an identical design aesthetic, with three color options available.

Unlike their big brother, they don’t need active noise cancellation and less battery life (five hours instead of six), plus they don’t need wireless charging. While they stick out above your ears, they are noticeably smaller and lighter than QuietComfort headphones and their casing is 30% to 40% smaller.

The case is still not as small as the cases of competitors such as AirPods Pro, Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus, Galaxy Buds Live, and Jabra Elite 75t. But it feels reasonably compact.

Sony Sports Earbuds

Sony WF-SP800N

The Best Headphones For Runners (2021) Sony Sports Earbuds

Waterproof: Yes (IP55 splash-proof)

Sony’s new WF-1000XM4 headphones are waterproof, unlike the WF-1000XM3. However, if you don’t want to spend $ 279 on Sony’s newest and greatest headphones, the WF-SP800N sports headphones are a good alternative and can often be found for less than $ 100 in specific colors.

No, the noise cancellation and sound aren’t as good as what you get with the WF-1000XM4 (or WF-1000XM3 for that matter), but there’s still a lot to love about these buttons, including great sound, cancellation solid noise, and good call quality. It’s definitely a nice update over the WF-SP700N, which arrived in 2018 and thus the “arches” (sport fins) block the headphones in your ears. Just confirm you get a decent seal from one of the included ear pads, alternatively, both sound and noise cancellation will be mediocre.

All-around Performer

Jabra Elite 75t

The Best Headphones For Runners (2021) All-around Performer

Waterproof: Yes (IP55 rating, can withstand strong jets of water).

While the Elite 75t has only been out for a short time, it is still one of the simplest true wireless headphones out there and recently added noise cancellation via a firmware update. Previous firmware updates improved voice call performance.

The Elite 75t headphones aren’t as comfortable to wear as the AirPods Pro, but they do sound better, have clearer overall sound, and better definition of bass audio quality, bye-bye as you get a decent seal.

The slightly tougher Elite Active 75t is also available for around $ 20 more, but with the arrival of the new Elite 85t, we’re seeing some sales on the Elite 75t.

Good Value Bone-conduction Headphone

AfterShokz Air

The Best Headphones For Runners (2021) Good Value Bone-conduction Headphone

Waterproof: Yes (IP55 rating, can withstand strong jets of water).

If you don’t want to shell out $ 160 for AfterShokz’s top-of-the-line Aeropex wireless bone conduction headphones, the Trekz Air, or just Air, as it’s called now, retail for around $ 40 less. This pair of around-the-neck headphones was AfterShokz’s top model a few years ago and it’s not a huge downfall from the Aeropex, but it has less battery life (up to 6 hours instead of eight) and maybe a bit less waterproof. (IP55 vs. IP67 for Aeropex). Still, the Air sounds good for bone conduction headphones. However, again, keep in mind that the sound does not qualify as that of a standard headphone.

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