The Families’ Beginner’s Travel Guide in 2023

Traveling with children is one of life’s unique challenges as a new adult. it is both appreciated and industrious in the same life. If you’re stumped about moving your family to the Amalfi Coast and want tips for beginners to make your trip enjoyable, read on. We’ll get you there so you can enjoy your vacation in style and hopefully minimize any headaches.

The Beginner’s Amalfi Coast Travel Guide For Families

How To Get To The Amalfi Coast

The Families' Beginner's Travel Guide in 2023 sorrento pier
The Families’ Beginner’s Travel Guide

Over five million visitors make their thanks to the Amalfi Coast each year, and while it’s not a car, most families will find it difficult to access. That said, there are several area units to choose from for families.

Note that there are no direct flights to the coast, so you will have to land in Rome or the city. The explanation for why most people stop in Rome, which is further away, is that the fare there is cheaper, and landing in the city is almost always more expensive.

How To Get To The Amalfi Coast From Rome

Hiring a taxi or a private driver is the most luxurious and cozy option that can take you directly from the airfield to the coast, but this way can cost you around 500 euros. think about this value and you will also land in the city and you will notice your gratitude to the Coast. later.

The next most suitable option is the Trenitalia or Italotreno train, which beats the Associate in Nursing hour and takes you into the city. There are no direct trains to the Amalfi Coast, so the city is the hub that will connect you to the coast.

How To Get To The Amalfi Coast From Naples

If you decide to land at the city airfield, you will prefer a taxi to take you to one of the cities on the Amalfi Coast, such as Positano. The trip is about an hour and a half, but this is usually the most expensive option.

The Families' Beginner's Travel Guide in 2023 molo_beverello
The Families’ Beginner’s Travel Guide

The next most suitable option, and the one we usually suggest, is to take a ferry from the city port (Molo Beverello) which will take you to the key towns of Positano or Amalfi with an initial stop in Sorrento, north of Amalfi…

You may also prefer the train or bus from the city to Sorrento, however as this is usually a guide for families we do not recommend this mode of travel. Sorrento (or the closest opposite city to the south, Salerno) is not on the Amalfi coast and you will have to notice other transport to join the coastal cities. this involves additional transfers and probably additional headaches.

There are thirteen towns and villages on the Amalfi Coast: Amalfi, Atrani, Cetara, Conca de’ poet, Furore, Maiori, Minori, Positano, Praiano, Ravello, Scala, Tramonti, and Vietri Sul Mare.

To make it easier for you, we are going to suggest the most familiar of the cities and tell you what you can do there.

Where To Stay? 

Here are the cities area unit recommendations that will keep this offering almost an idyllic beach-like feel while being kid-friendly:


The Families' Beginner's Travel Guide in 2023 st gennaro church in praiano
The Families’ Beginner’s Travel Guide

The neighboring town of Praiano is only a quarter of an hour from Positano and has the added advantage of being centrally located and away from the crowds.

Praiano is historically a fishing village with many locals returning here to enjoy the great food. Associated with Nursing and an all-day sunbath at the beach – the sunsets area unit is also spectacular. If your kid’s area unit is mobile, the Sentiero Degli Dei, or Path of the Gods, is accessed from Praiano.

Although silent, it shares similar problems with Positano and it is the stairs. However, with a few hotels strategically located on the road and its generally laid-back vibe, families might consider staying here as a close alternative to Positano.

You may have to ditch strollers to get around town.


The Families' Beginner's Travel Guide in 2023 amalfi town
The Families’ Beginner’s Travel Guide

Located right in the middle of all the cities in the historic town of Amalfi, where the Amalfi Coast gets its name.

It is the largest city in the surrounding area and shares the charm of Positano but not the nightlife attractions and great value labels.

The area could be a transportation hub with ferries, cars, and buses perpetually returning through it. this means that there are additional smooth paths that make it easier for the elderly with strollers to get around the city more easily.

Amalfi offers the hustle and bustle of Positano while still being safe for families to stay. just make sure your accommodation doesn’t need big steps to attract and be prepared for throngs of hikers, commuters, and all kinds of tourists throughout the day.

Maiori & Minori

The Families' Beginner's Travel Guide in 2023 maiori beach
The Families’ Beginner’s Travel Guide

Unlike its counterparts, Maiori is almost completely flat with several beach accommodation options.

On top of that, the town of Maiori boasts the longest beach on the Amalfi Coast at 1km in length and it is also a sandy beach, not the standard rocky ones found in Italy. Its neighbor, Minori, is equally family-friendly with easy-to-trace paths that are pram-friendly.

The Families' Beginner's Travel Guide in 2023 minori beach and town view
The Families’ Beginner’s Travel Guide

The two towns linked by the Lemons Historic Walk trail associated each with a largely similar experience, though the beach is smaller in Minori.

When it comes down to it, pick Maiori if you’re trying to stay on the beach and want the flat-layout convenience of the city, and pick Minori if you want some of the charms of the other vertical Amalfi Coast towns.

Note that the ferries stop at Maiori more frequently, so if you’re making regular trips to the other coastal towns, you’ll need to make Maiori your home base.


The Families' Beginner's Travel Guide in 2023 cetara coast
The Families’ Beginner’s Travel Guide

Cetara is a very large town and is always out of the limelight. this implies that the accommodation is instantly accessible near places of interest such as public roads or the beach.

There are many beachside residences available for rent that come with your room, something that people can appreciate.

Like Positano or Praiano, there are square inclines and uphill climbs, but the square measure is much more of a chance in the park compared to the additional vertical cities. Cetara could be a one-street town with restaurants, hotels, and retail stores dotting most of the streets.

The city is independent thanks to its thriving food trade, so they are less obsessed with trading ventures to survive. This means you’ll be able to enjoy some great food, but you’ll probably need to learn some Italian if you want to get around town.

What Activities Are Available For Families?

For additional accommodation options and additional freedom of movement, some travelers also prefer to stay within the neighboring cities of Salerno or Sorrento. You will have to make a small associated return move from the Amalfi coast, but it is also a possibility if you prefer not to stay directly on the coast.

Once you’ve chosen where you’re going to hang your hat, check the ferry schedule for departure times from your port of choice to your intended destination for the day.

The Families' Beginner's Travel Guide in 2023 ferry to positano
The Families’ Beginner’s Travel Guide

Since we’re talking about ferries, create ferry rides in each of your best activities! Kids tire easily so boat trips between cities are the simplest thanks to keep them away while giving you the best vantage point to visit the Amalfi Coast.

Vi operators for ferries within the Gulf are Traveler, Alilauro, Alicost, Caremark, NLG, and Coop. Sant’Andrea. He will visit each one to induce an understanding of their fleet, schedules, and their rates.

There’s nothing like seeing Positano from the water and getting off the ferry can give you a nice read of the pastel-colored rising buildings that make up this destination.

Atrani Beach

The Families' Beginner's Travel Guide in 2023 atrani beach at night
The Families’ Beginner’s Travel Guide

If you are done with the pictures, Atrani beach, located near the city of Amalfi, has the safest beach in space. the ocean is calm, the sand is soft, and there is plenty of food and shopping nearby. Would you like to have a chance?

Next, in Amalfi, the Paper Museum is the oldest paper mill in Europe. Children under the age of five enter free of charge and only cost EUR 4.50 per adult. The repository even allows you to create your paper using the standard method.

Duomo Di Amalfi

The Families' Beginner's Travel Guide in 2023 Duomo Di Amalfi
The Families’ Beginner’s Travel Guide

The most impressive cathedral on the coast is also located here in the city of Amalfi, the Duomo di Amalfi. The outpost is made up of many structures, such as the tomb where the body of Saint Andrew rested and, therefore, the tower.

Finally, although it’s not technically on the Amalfi coast, a lot of people from the UN agency make the trip here and also make the trip to Pompeii. the location of urban center is within the city of Pompeii near the coast of the Bay of Naples.

From Amalfi, it’s about an hour and a half by bus; otherwise, you will take the train from the neighboring cities of Salerno or Sorrento.

The preserved city of the inner city offers America a glimpse into the traditional world that even had bakeries complete with grinders, kneading machines, and ovens, some still containing loaves of bread!

Family Travel Packages

Tours of the European country are often packaged for couples or honeymooners trying to experience their slice of Italy, but people don’t want to feel abandoned.

Family travel packages that give you peace of mind while soaking up the Tuscan sun are in abundance and an experienced travel guide will help you find the right accommodation in the city that’s right for you.

Use this guide as a referral partner to speak with an agent ready to help you get the most out of your vacation with your family.

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