The Guide To Be Smart About Flash Sales in (2022)

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The Guide To Be Smart About Flash Sales in (2022)

In 2012, J.C. Penney stopped promoting sales and offering coupons. Instead, they advertised new “everyday low prices,” which feels like a pretty smart plan, right? Except, in 2012, J.C. Penney sales were born twenty-fifth.

JC Penney found that they generated more cash once their product costs went up, so cutting them all the way around, I worked on these “last-minute deals.” People were more likely to buy when they felt they were getting a special deal, rather than an “everyday low price” associate’s degree.

Although the example of J.C. Penney may seem offbeat, it makes sense to people like Ms. Fobes, a World Health Organization blogger who runs Penny Pinchin’ ma. Ms. Fobes told The big apple Times that she stopped looking at J.C. Penney once the discounts disappeared because, “For someone like Pine Tree State, who is always looking for a purchase or a coupon, because one thing is twenty percent off, then having the ability to hand over the coupon to avoid wasting it, it just seduces the Pine Tree State… It’s a rush.”

If you’re relating to Mrs. Fobes’ discount excitement, you’re not alone. the frenzy to find a deal will usually spur shoppers to make additional purchases. And, fortunately for e-commerce sites, the psychological science behind discounting doesn’t just exist for physical outlets, it also extends to online search with flash sales.

What is a flash sale?

The Guide To Be Smart About Flash Sales in (2022)

A flash sale can be a small discount or promotion on merchandise offered by e-commerce stores, usually lasting less than twenty-four hours. The goal of a flash sale is to encourage shoppers (web shoppers) to drive the purchase, increase overall customer awareness and loyalty, and compel shoppers to view alternative non-sale products listed on the page.

Flash sales generate an average thirty-five fifth in group share rates. Along with hype revenue, flash sales will make it easier for your eCommerce business to remove excess inventory and stabilize your existing inventory. More importantly, flash sales often attract a large audience to your website and incentivize viewers to also grab products that aren’t on sale.

To fuel your audience’s thrill-seeking craving and grow your online presence, we’ve put together a list of seven easy steps to running a flash sale, along with examples of eCommerce flash sales to fuel your strategy.

How to Run a Flash Sale in Seven Easy Steps!

The Guide To Be Smart About Flash Sales in (2022)

Determine the goal of your sale:

The Guide To Be Smart About Flash Sales in  (2022) Determine the goal of your sale:

Flash sales help you accomplish many different things, and having them focus on one goal will help you live your success. so let’s narrow it down: do you have an excess amount on a specific product that isn’t selling? Do you want to stabilize your inventory by encouraging customers to focus on totally different products? Or do you want to boost traffic to your website by offering a discount on a high-quality product? that specializes in one target will help you decide which product you want to use for the flash sale.

Choose the right product for your ideal market:

The Guide To Be Smart About Flash Sales in  (2022) Choose the right product for your ideal market:

While this may seem like something of a contradiction to the first step, you should keep in mind that you can’t just opt ​​for any product you want to drop – the product you select must align closely with your target market. If you want semi-permanent customers, you’d like to place a markdown on products that encourage the right people to click through to your website.

Promote sales ahead of time:

The Guide To Be Smart About Flash Sales in  (2022) Promote sales ahead of time:

People like to do analysis and look up product reviews in the past, so it’s important to let your customers know before your flash sale is live. this can also be an opportunity to expand your reach on social media and through email by making emails and social media posts count in fun ways.

Word it correctly:

The Guide To Be Smart About Flash Sales in  (2022) Word it correctly:

Your discount must stand out – saving $5 on a $100 purchase probably won’t attract the maximum amount of attention you want, so consider a way to phrase your offer for optimal reach. There are 2 completely different directions you’ll take along with your writing: “Get $ off” which emphasizes making a profit, and “Save $” which emphasizes avoiding a loss. While this depends on your target market, people are generally more motivated to avoid pain, and missing out on a decent discount certainly sounds like a pain.

Keep time frame short:

The Guide To Be Smart About Flash Sales in  (2022) Keep time frame short:

The reason a flash sale works are that it stimulates impulse buying and, to quote Ms. Fobes, a “rush.” Make your audience feel the pressure: Three-hour flash sales have the best rates on Bastille Day, and ideally, your flash sale won’t exceed twenty-four hours.

Check your inventory:

The Guide To Be Smart About Flash Sales in  (2022) Check your inventory:

To make the most of your flash sale, make sure you have enough of your discount product available. Use a supplier company to determine how much you want. You don’t need to sell the discount product too early, try people with a negative experience of your whole.

Prepare for shipping and delivery:

It will be hard to retain your new customers if they take a month to receive the product they bought. In today’s e-commerce world, wherever same-day and next-day shipping is expected, you’ll need to arrange bulk shipping and delivery ahead of time, providing a seamless experience from start to finish.

6 Examples of Great Flash Sales

The Guide To Be Smart About Flash Sales in (2022)

J. Crew

This flash sale works because J.Crew links it to a very specific niche audience: people who surf. If you like to sail, this flash sale may entice you to check out J. Crew’s discount sailing apparel. It’s a smaller audience, but it’s also more likely to be one of the Nursing Associates.

The Guide To Be Smart About Flash Sales in  (2022) J. Crew


This flash sale works because of its mystery element. the bright purple call-to-action button compels customers to click to find out how much of a deal they’ll get, and no doubt once they see what they’ve “earned,” they’ll explore Loft’s products to use their discount.

The Guide To Be Smart About Flash Sales in  (2022) Loft


By granting discount levels, the sooner you claim your discount, the more money you save, and the promotion gives Associate in Nursing an intense sense of urgency (Oh, can I be one of the first? Let’s try it!). Creating your flash sale wants a competitive game will be effective.

The Guide To Be Smart About Flash Sales in  (2022) Hype

Auchan Retail

Auchan Retail, a French international retail company, shows several children in its flash sale advertisement, indicating that there will be plenty of things to buy. This flash sale encourages internet shoppers to check out all the products they can get for half price.

The Guide To Be Smart About Flash Sales in  (2022) Auchan Retail

Pottery Barn

This flash sale uses “select vanities” verbiage to extend the need to click to find that vanity. Pottery Barn means that (What if I like one of the discount vanities? I should check, just in case). It also shows an adorable boy from Associate in Nursing sitting on a dresser. Ennobling the viewer to imagine their child mistreating this dresser.

The Guide To Be Smart About Flash Sales in  (2022) Pottery Barn


When I see this offer, I’m so horrified by the good. I don’t even care where the discount one-way price ticket is that it causes me. The low $15 offer probably isn’t a flight to Paris, but it grabs the viewer’s attention. It also gives them that much-needed rush to think Wait, where can I fly for less than $20? I like to travel, I would possibly see it too!

The Guide To Be Smart About Flash Sales in  (2022) JetBlue

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