The Ultimate Men’s Grooming Guide (2023)

Ten years ago. When it came to men’s hair care, it might be hard to convince the common man to use more than a block of soap to look at himself from head to toe. Including a root-stimulating hairstyle, alpha lipoic acid night humor, or white Algae anti-aging eye contour.

Today, a Korean seven-step daily skincare routine is becoming the norm. With a wave of fresh and subtle personal care products launching each year. But even if we have them, will we know what we are doing with them?

To save you from the mortal embarrassment of going to the ER after you’ve eaten 0.5 of a dip of sugar wax, FashionBeans has included an ultimate guide to everything or any aspect of men’s grooming: a hair reference book. A manual on male hair removal, and an introduction to, well, primer. You get the thought.

The Ultimate Men's Grooming Guide (2023) Men's Grooming
The Ultimate Men’s Grooming Guide (2023)

How Men’s Grooming Has Evolved

Male grooming can be copied from several years back when cavemen used hinged shells to remove their whiskers from their faces. However, the trend did not move from the perimeter to the culture of thought until much more recently.

The gay community was an early adopter of male grooming throughout the 1970s. From the ultra-groomed and shaved look to the “shaggy bear” tribes. A few decades later, in the 1990s, the football pitch became the next global platform. The likes of David Beckham (who now has his range of men’s grooming products) first criticized and then celebrated for her ‘metrosexual’ commitment to cosmetics.

Simultaneously, there was a growing obsession with the body of sports facilities. Meanwhile, with the female market reaching saturation, beauty brands began to see the male class as ripe for growth. Fast-forward to today, and global revenue from men’s care is expected to top $78bn (£60bn) by 2023. According to analytics firm IMARC.

Global warming has also played a role. Recent summers have brought some of the hottest days ever recorded around the world. Leading to an increase in self-tanning and a thirty percent increase in waxing, according to the beauty booking platform. Treatwell. Since the beginning of 2018, the website has also seen an increase in demand from men for regular haircuts. Hair coloring, Brazilian straightening. And facials.

What is clear is that men still accept men’s grooming in all its forms, without any visible delay.

Men's Grooming

How Male Grooming Has Changed

Social media has arguably had the most important recent impact on body ideals. a continuous stream of comparison with friends and colleagues. And quick access to the culture of celebrities. Brands. And influencers who are constantly marketed in North American countries: it all suggests that we are more aware than ever of what we see. We currently tend to be part of a global community, and we are also influenced by trends around the world.

In November 2018. Chanel launched a men’s makeup line in the UK. But the French fashion house opted to introduce it in the Republic of Korea. Where men have long had complicated male grooming. An epic K-Pop star like BTS tells the American nation everything we want to know; Glossy lips. Meticulously elegant eyebrows, flawless, poreless skin. And hints of mascara: this measures the current aspirations of many young men in the East Asian nation.

Of course, some could counter that a bathroom cabinet stocked with modern body wash devalues outdated notions of “masculinity.” Most dominant males thought cavum juice was all you took to attract a partner ten years ago. But what’s wrong with wanting to be the freshmen version of ourselves, the drum sanders? Isn’t the ultimate goal of being content and at ease in our skin? Pick anything, and we’ll help you get it perfect. Whether you mean a trim baby chest, a weekly mustache trim, or a full golden tan.

The Complete Guide to Men’s Grooming


The Ultimate Men's Grooming Guide (2023) Men's Grooming
The Ultimate Men’s Grooming Guide


No man earned points for adulterating by manhandling an equivalent bar of soap on his pendants and face. In addition to not being clogged with nasties, a face wash designed specifically for your skin type is pH balanced to keep your skin from feeling tight. Uncomfortable, or dry.

Although Tom Ford prescribes the male grooming school twice a day. Apart from showering there is no need to cleanse your face once a day, with the emphasis on a fair scrub to remove dirt and grime before bed.

Sonic cleansing brushes add a luxurious component to the ritual and work like pre-shave schoolwork, lifting, and smoothing skin. Together they provide a deeper clean. Useful if you live or add a town and measure squares exposed to pollution all day.

FashionBeans Tip: Don’t be afraid of oil-based cleansers. They won’t cause blemishes or blackheads and are kinder to dry, mature skin varieties.



Unless you want to look like something found behind a grave door. Using a moisturizer is an important part of a men’s grooming routine.

To start your work-free day off right, leave home with skin protected from environmental aggressors like sun and pollution. Which means looking for formulas loaded with SPF and antioxidants. Energizing formulas can also ease the vitality of tired and anxious skin and hide the evidence of nocturnal activity.

After sunset. Skin goes into repair mode So boosts its internal functions with select night cream or nourishing formula designed to increase cell turnover and prevent signs of aging.

FashionBeans Tip: Adapt your routine to the seasons. By increasing UV light protection and lighter gel/water textures in summer and layering on association throughout winter.

The Ultimate Men's Grooming Guide (2023)
The Ultimate Men’s Grooming Guide


Every day the meat sheds around fifty million skin flakes. The equivalent of around 0.03 to 0.09 g of skin every hour. (Sorry if you were consumption). This is often important to keep your face looking modern, however, the turnover of new cells slows down as we age. Which means we’d like to give up the activity.

Exfoliation refers to the removal of the primary layer of the stratum. The benefits of this hug keep pores cleaner and blemishes trapped and create a clearer skin feel and appearance.

Cleansers typically double as exfoliators. These are either physical exfoliants like grains of salt in a scrub or chemical exfoliants like alpha acid.

FashionBeans Tip: Exfoliating every day is harsh and ultimately damaging; once a week is good.



Gentlemen. It’s time to work up a sweat with this expert-level step in the men’s grooming regimen that combines cleansing and moisturizing.

Despite what many assume. Toners do not close the pores. The goal of toning is to remove any impurities not washed away and to set the stage for whatever product you’re applying next. They are available in many different forms. From mists to cleansing waters, and can work together to target specific skin concerns like dry skin or excess oil.

FashionBeans Tip: Toning can be a good part of any helping ritual, but don’t lose sleep if you don’t know. Some guys will go skip it altogether.

The Ultimate Men's Grooming Guide (2023)
The Ultimate Men’s Grooming Guide


Before you head back to the body wash aisle, don’t be scared by these new names. humor is moisturizing a couple of .0.

They’re made of many smaller molecules than old-fashioned creams, making them ready to address specific considerations like wrinkles or damaged pigmentation, with less-attackable ingredients.

Similar facial oils and serums are used in conjunction with a standard moisturizer or on the spot. It’s about finding the right texture and combination that works for your skin.

FashionBeans Tip: Has moisturizer ever felt too greasy or heavy? A serum is most likely what you want.


Face Masks

Like making pop zits and drumming to Phil Collins songs, face masks are a guilty pleasure that men don’t seem to want enough of.

Clay and charcoal-based masks are best for full skin and clogged pores, as these ingredients work to draw out impurities. Sheet masks, another Asian trend, are sensible to wear while traveling as they are available individually wrapped and can help wick away moisture altogether in heavier-than-air aircraft cabins with low humidity.

Some peel off, some need to be rinsed off, but all can make you want St. Patrick Bateman. (Well groomed, not a killer.)

FashionBeans Tip: Face masks work like a skin booster: Unplanned flight, hangover, or feeling extra dry? There is a mask for that.

The Ultimate Men's Grooming Guide (2023)
The Ultimate Men’s Grooming Guide


Men's Grooming


It’s a bold statement, but a great haircut has the power to garner more clout than a fancy wardrobe.

Whether it’s a high-maintenance pompadour or a no-fuss buzz cut, keeping your locks up to date should be front and center of your men’s grooming routine, especially before any wedding, job, or interview.

Finding a good hairdresser is key if you’re trying to get the right hairstyle for your face shape, hair type, and mannerisms. cutting or receding? Your stylist can learn the simplest ways to enhance what you have.

FashionBeans Tip: Get organized and get in the habit of setting aside a daily trim. That approach will allow you to build a relationship with a barber and learn what they are doing and what they don’t like.


Most men want to assume that they want to reduce the factor of washing their hair completely, but while it should seem routine, not everyone gets it right.

Sure, we want to keep our hair clean, but because shampooing strips hair of its natural oils, washing it every day can be more expensive. In fact, for the brave, it only takes six weeks without washing at all to reactivate the hair’s natural cleansing mechanism.

Of course, there are often when you need to rinse and repeat, such as to remove hair product buildup. However, even in this case, less is usually a lot forever.

FashionBeans Tip: Shampoo bars provide plenty of eco-friendly graces for washing your hair.

The Ultimate Men's Grooming Guide (2023)
The Ultimate Men’s Grooming Guide


Ask any barber the price of their Barbicide and they will tell you the same thing: when it comes to men’s grooming products, we should always victimize ourselves less, not more.

Whether pomade or clay, always start with a pea-sized amount. Work this forward from the back of your head to make sure you don’t have too much product in the front.

In addition to making sure you’re combining the right product for your hair type, style, and condition, it’s important to understand how different techniques affect the result. Using a blow dryer can help you achieve a much more polished finish while applying it to wet hair will give it a coarse, groomed look.

FashionBeans Tip: Before applying to hair, warm merchandise in the palms of your hands. This makes it much more flexible and easier to figure out through the hair.

The Best Styling Products


An early gel favorite, pomade is the first taco product needed to form designs like the pompadour and cowlick. shiny and transferable, you will style and reshape PRN. sensitive for dry hair.



Hair gel is ideal for a fixed hold and a wet-look fashion. The good news is that it’s had a long focus since you last used it as a spotty kid, so there won’t be any white flakes if it dries out.

The Ultimate Men's Grooming Guide (2023)
The Ultimate Men’s Grooming Guide


Ideal for styling short, stormy cuts such as fringe designs and French crops, the wax will either have a matte finish or provide a low lightness while providing an easily reworkable medium hold.


Sea Salt Spray

Beach hair at your fingertips, Ocean Salt Spray is the latest buzz product in the styling world. They are often used to add volume and lose hold to longer hair, curls, and waves.

The Ultimate Men's Grooming Guide (2023)
The Ultimate Men’s Grooming Guide


Clay is thicker than gel but much more flexible than wax. Ideal for men with fine or cut hair, it can be used to add body and density without letting individual strands fall out, giving the appearance of thicker locks.

The Ultimate Men’s Grooming Guide

Hair Creme

Part hair styling product, part hair care aid, and hair cream work best on medium to long-length styles. Helps eliminate frizz, adds definition to curls and waves, and improves their overall condition.

The Ultimate Men's Grooming Guide (2023)
The Ultimate Men’s Grooming Guide

Hair Treatments

Previous generations had to face the genetic lottery once it came to their hair. Nothing could stop the march of male pattern phalacrosis, and the only solution for unruly locks and coarse curly waves was to get a haircut on your head.

Now, as long as you have the funds, there is an answer to almost every hair problem.

Brazilian Keratin Blow-Dry A comparatively expensive method, a Brazilian or albuminoid blow-dry laminates the hair with a layer of fibrous proteins to regulate frizz, provide powerful texture and make the hair easier to style.

Straightening For a good modification of the feel of the hair, say from curly to straight, you need a chemical agent. By breaking the bonds between the hair and repositioning them with a fixative, it will make curly hair much smoother, smooth out kinks, and reduce frizz, and you will also like the hairstyle. It does not wear off, yet it will grow new hair.

Coloring Whether it’s to hide gray hair or create a press release by going blonde, coloring your hair requires frequent maintenance, making it a reasonably expensive hobby. Although a home kits area unit is offered, it is a male grooming task that is always best left to professionals.

Thinning It is a cruel and incontrovertible fact that half of all men over the age of thirty can eventually be dirty with a sharp straw. There are many home treatments (such as Propecia or Regaine) that will help stop a receding hairline. However, these can be associated with negative side effects, so it’s important to seek medical advice first. The permanent resolution comes with a hair transplant, along that area unit of healthy follicles taken from the back of the pinnacle and touched to the crown.

Facial Hair

The Ultimate Men's Grooming Guide (2023) Man touching facial hair
The Ultimate Men’s Grooming Guide


You have to be a very special kind of person to like shaving. Do we tend to assume that you might also like constantly changing sheets? Weirdo. However, not all men need (or even can) grow facial hair, making it a necessary evil.

There are still plenty of reasons to urge you to come on board with a blank face. In addition to standing out from the bearded crowd, facial hair often turns gray faster than the hair on your head, so suddenly undressing can take years off your hair.

There are also alternative reasons for the area unit. Because of the exfoliation that a razor (or shaving brush) offers, it allows your skin to get the best out of masks, scrubs, and serums while helping to minimize blemishes and blemishes. As long as you follow all the proper pre-shave and post-shave steps in your men’s grooming routine.

The Ultimate Men's Grooming Guide (2023)
The Ultimate Men’s Grooming Guide

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