Top 5 Best Web Hosting Companies In Russia for 2021

Best Web Hosting Providers In Russia for 2021

On this site (Miller-Reviews), Russian web hosting companies are represented by the 5 most reputable hosting providers + a bonus, from basic CMS-oriented sites to federal-level hosting providers and name registrars. Recently, several new data centers have been incorporated in Russia. they are based mainly in Moscow and St. Petersburg. That is, in Europe and Russia, your website can work with a limited ping time.

You will get two choices when you want to select an online hosting service: international and native. The main difference lies in the position of the physical servers between these two hosting styles. It is seen, however, that most website owners want to have an impact on local hosts.


  1. Best level of company support – Once you have planned to create a worldwide web hosting organization, you will get cheaper packages in some cases. However, the most important factor for you is the support options available. There are ticket systems in many companies. You will get solutions to your problems. But, the costs of international calls seem to be a drag on you, while communicating with a foreign hosting corporation. On the contrary, if it is a local web server, you will get technical support in no time.
  2. Better signals sent to search engines: Google usually gives a really high specialization within the signals related to the sector of your site. Analyze the IP location of your server. So once you have chosen a UK based hosting service, which is not within your geographic area, you would like to inquire about their data center stuff. However, if you want to avoid such hassles, it is best to travel for an area hosting agency, as their servers are generally located within the country.
  3. Increased website speed – Hosting a site online with any local provider allows you to enjoy better performance and speed. It is one of the important facts that a site, hosted locally, often loads faster, in contrast to the platform hosted internationally. This is often because website visitors are very close to or next to the Knowledge Center. Your customers can save their time and your potential customer can also get satisfaction after visiting your site.

Top 5 Best Web Hosting Providers in Russia


  • Free SSL certificate (except for the minimum budget plan)
  • Daily backups
  • 99.7 percent uptime guarantee
  • Protection against DDoS attacks
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • SSD storage
  • Website Builder
Best Web Hosting Providers In Russia for 2021

Plans starting from $2.17/mo

With several accredited registrars, REG.RU is the well-known and biggest Russian web hosting firm, with data centers located in Europe. Its operations started in 2006. The number of this company’s customers has surpassed 1.3 million.

The firm provides domains and a range of other hosting facilities to please all clients. All services are provided by this company, from website creation to hosting. As there are 170 templates available, you’ll easily build a website.

Regardless of the plan you have chosen, you will get tons of things at no cost: SSD RAID, unlimited traffic, DNS, virus scan, ISP manager, cPanel, and much more. Other additional services for all clients are IPv4 address, DDoS security, and website security control. The verification of the certificate of name of this company is also reliable so can be trusted.

Alpha SSL guarantees fast issuance, strong encryption, and compatibility on any browser. One of the most promotional offers on this site is that if you register any domain, you will get SSL certificate (one year) and hosting (two months) at no cost. While using any service of this company, you will pay through Sberbank Online, RBK Money, Yandex Money, PayPal and Alpha Click.

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  • Unlimited databases, subdomains, addresses, bandwidth
  • Fast SSD Servers
  • Free SSL certificates for all your sites
  • Free transfer of internet sites.
  • Beneficial domain registration fees (.ru / .pф – 190 rubles per year)
  • Credit options availability
  • Quick and courteous support is available.
  • 35 days of trial duration
  • Very inexpensive packages for beginners
Best Web Hosting Providers In Russia for 2021

Plans starting from $1.79/mo

As one of Russia’s top ten web hosting providers, Beget is no stranger to the industry. They are not flashy in any way, but since their inception in 2007, they need to offer reliable web hosting services at an honest price. They are based in Saint Petersburg, Russia, and their website is available in English and Russian.

This is another reliable company that provides you with various services like website hosting, server rental, and domain registration. Currently, the essential web hosting package starts from $ 2. With this plan, costumer can get an evaluation time (of 35 days). It includes constant support, and servers with SSDs.

The main strengths of its hosting solutions include permanent monitoring, the newest server system, and timely maintenance. additionally, in the case of server rental, Intel and Supermicro technology ensure efficiency and stability.

  1. The cheapest shared web hosting plan: starts from 1380 Rub per year.
  2. Optimal shared hosting plan: 2940 rub / year Noble.
  3. Dedicated server hosting plan: CPU – 4 cores; RAM – 32Gb SSD – 2 * 480GB; LAN: 40 Mbit / s

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3. HostGator

  • An unbeatable 99.99 percent uptime
  • Free email marketing tools for updating your site.
  • The customer support is fast and efficient.
  • The Good Value
  • Shared hosting “All unlimited”
  • Quick and helpful live chat support
  • 45 day money back guarantee
  • Limited VPS / Dedicated Server configuration options
  • Average server response times
Best Web Hosting Providers In Russia for 2021.

Plans starting from $2.75/mo

HostGator was established in 2002. They quickly become one of the largest hosting companies all over the world. you will attribute the monstrous growth to their excellent shared hosting plans, reliable web hosting and quality customer service.

Today it is based in Houston, Texas. Is home to some 10 million domains. They need 850 employees to provide 24-hour support and serve businesses of all sizes.


Let’s look at the last six months of Gator’s uptime and reaction time, measured by Although this data represents just a test site, it still gives you an honest idea of ​​what you want to use Gator.

Migration Policy

Within 30 days of opening a shared hosting account, Gator will transfer an internet site to your new domain for free. They will also transfer a complete cPanel, which incorporates all domains, email accounts and settings.

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4. DreamHost

  • 100% uptime promise
  • Free privacy features.
  • Ecological accommodation
  • Quite poor and almost stable performance
  • Exquisite backup function.
  • The easiest panel to use is
  • Configuration versatility of our websites and domains
  • Is affordable
  • The customer service is extremely supportive and attentive.
Best Web Hosting Providers In Russia for 2021

Plans starting from $2.59/mo

Since their founding in 1996 (in Los Angeles), they need to grow to host 1.5 million websites(have 400,000 customers. Amazing).

DreamHost is one of those suppliers that you can basically discover suggested all over. Truth be told, WordPress underpins them. Yet I don’t know how genuinely I could take this underwriting, as in spite of the fact that they show SiteGround as an alternative (which we favor of). They additionally suggest Bluehost, which can be a considerably more sketchy choice. look at the two here.

DreamHost isn’t an industry goliath, however it has developed from zero to 400,000 customers in the a long time since it was set up in 1997. They are customers from very 100 distinct nations. Brag 1.5 million sites and 750,000 introduces. WordPress.

But is DreamHost the only hosting company for you? Well, that depends.

It is an inexpensive hosting provider, keeping features to a minimum to keep prices low. Which may sound great if you are on an honest budget. But what about the quality? Can DreamHost keep it high?

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5. BlueHost

  • 100% uptime promise
  • Free privacy features.
  • Ecological accommodation
  • Quite poor and almost stable performance
  • They have an exquisite backup function.
  • The easiest panel to use is
  • Configuration versatility of our websites and domains
  • Is affordable
  • The customer service is extremely supportive and attentive.
Best Web Hosting Providers In Russia for 2021

Plans starting from $2.75/mo

Did you notice that Bluehost hosts roughly 2 million sites?

That is tons.

Getting a truly wide client base is plentiful proof that they are accomplishing something right. Their uptime is reliable, specialist speeds are satisfactory. Accommodating features for students and veterans are remembered for their facilitating plans.

Bluehost likewise has one live talk administration and telephone reinforcement each day. You will safely check them with their unlimited 30-day guarantee.

In any case, there are likewise a few disadvantages, for example, higher re-energize expenses and a few restrictions on the most economical plan.

Regardless, we make them flabbergast news to share prior to continuing with the review:

Commonly, the shared facilitating plans offered by Bluehost start at $ 3.95/month. In any case, we coordinated a one-time arrangement for our clients. Figured out how to diminish the incentive to $ 2.75/month. Along these lines, in the event that you need to employ them prior to directing this review, around then don’t stop for a second to thank this offer. In the event that conceivable, have confidence that this course of action doesn’t make us uneven towards Bluehost. As a general rule, every one of our reviews centers exclusively around real information, for example, uptime, speed, and cost.

So we may want to research Bluehost directly. See if they will provide you with a top-notch site hosting company that you simply need.

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  • Profitable plans
  • Accessible customer service 24/7
  • Russian Tier III data centers
  • Offers many sophisticated functions
  • The live chat operator could not solve my problem.
  • Without expanding your plan you can’t downgrade quickly
  • Daily monitoring and data backup
  • Domain .ru, .po, .site, .online or .store free
  • Ten to 100 domains are supported
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • SSD storage from 4GB to 30GB
  • Unlimited traffic
Best Web Hosting Providers In Russia for 2021
ru center

Plans starting from $9.49/mo

RU-CENTER, a Russian web facilitating organization, was established in 2000. It is an enormous organization with 350 workers, 900,000 customers. It has 7,400,000 enlisted areas in excess of 650 space zones. the site is accessible in Russian just as American English.

RU-focus is the second most perceived web facilitating specialist organization. With countless facilitating suppliers and area recorders, you have acquired a ton of trust from clients.

The RU-center team has twenty years of experience in domain registration. Most of the office of this company is within the city of Moscow. This company offers a variety of hosting packages. With all of them you get a webmail reader, subdomains, high traffic, and many other cool features.

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