Top Attractions & Activities In Killarney For 2023

Set amid towering hills and sparkling lakes, Killarney could be a dream location for those hoping to absorb Ireland’s history as well as its charm. A popular Irish tourist destination, this beautiful city is packed with tourist attractions and fun things to try in that space drive meant to please all types of travelers.

Located near the southwest coast in County Kerry, Killarney could be a good base for nature lovers who want to drink in the wonder of the Irish countryside; kayak the Brobdingnagian Lakes Killarney; and tour the iconic Ring of Kerry, a scenic drive through the city.

Killarney is also the start (and end) of the spectacular 200-kilometer-long Kerry Way, a road so scenic you’ll want your camera to have a long memory at home.

The beauty of the area and therefore the wide variety of recreational activities (such as walking, cycling, fishing, and canoeing) make Killarney one of the best places to visit in Ireland. After all, it is home to one of Ireland’s most majestic landscapes: Killarney Park.

While many of those opportunities are located on the outskirts of Killarney, there are several tourist attractions within the city limits. From visiting a historic abbey to browsing quaint shops and touring a castle, you’ll find plenty of fun things to try with our list of Killarney’s top attractions.

Killarney National Park

Top Attractions & Activities In Killarney For 2023 Killarney Lakes
Top Attractions & Activities In Killarney

Killarney Park can be such a mesmerizing wonder that you’ll want more time to explore it. Located just over ten minutes south of Killarney, this idyllic spot is spread over an impressive 10,236 hectares and boasts ancient oak woodlands and thus the fascinating Killarney lakes (Lough Leane, Upper Lake, and Muckross Lake). in front of a scene of breathless mountains.

The park is less than ten miles from Ross Castle, although the castle and its surroundings are part of this national heritage website. There are smaller winding roads and cycle tracks to explore if you’d rather ditch the car for a bit of exercise. The walking and running area includes some of the most common things to try and some of the best ways to explore the park. All routes offer spectacular views of Killarney’s beautiful countryside.

Killarney National Park & Lakes

At its center is the Bourne Vincent Necropolis, named once for the Bourne family and California legislator Vincent, WHO granted the park to the Irish State in 1932. Map data|and knowledge|and data area unit} available at park information centers.

Also within the park is Killarney House & Gardens. The house you see today began as the stable block of the initial residence in the early 18th century and was transformed into the current residence in 1913. The highlight of a visit is the opportunity to stroll through the fully restored gardens, as well as a variety of the rooms of the house.

Tour the Ring of Kerry

Top Attractions & Activities In Killarney For 2023 Ring of Kerry
Top Attractions & Activities In Killarney

Killarney is an excellent start for explorations of this charming corner of Ireland. One of the best things to try in Killarney is to walk The Ring of Kerry, a 179-kilometer circular route that is considered one of Ireland’s top attractions. Race across the spectacular Iveragh terrain, passing sandy beaches, rugged mountains, and ancient ruins along the way. Have your camera ready.

Killarney is the best place to start for those wishing to follow this much-loved route. Are undecided if you’re ready for the stress of navigating the winding Irish roads? Leave the driving to someone else, so you’ll appreciate the reading. be part of radio-controlled tours organized by Associate in Nursing such as the Ring of Kerry tour as well as Killarney Lakes and National Park. This fun-filled day trip begins in Killarney with building pickups and allows plenty of time to explore the famous “Ring” scenic drive.

Kerry Cliffs, Ring of Kerry

Other points of interest you’ll see during the nearly seven-hour drive include the beautiful edge of Hollow Bay, MacGillycuddy Reeks, and Kenmare Bay, with plenty of stops to take pictures and take in the incredible views.

Also of interest are the spectacular Lakes of Killarney, 3 beautiful lakes popular with kayakers and nature lovers. Communities you’ll even get a chance to imagine include Glenbeigh, Waterville, and Sneem, each offering a first glimpse of old-town life.

Muckross House Gardens & Traditional Farms

Top Attractions & Activities In Killarney For 2023 Muckross House Gardens & Traditional Farms
Top Attractions & Activities In Killarney

Just a 16-minute drive from Killarney town center, this striking 19th-century Victorian mansion sits in a splendid seaside setting in Killarney Park, surrounded by lavish gardens and grounds. The house is close to the shores of Muckross Lake, one of Killarney’s 3 lakes.

Four successive generations of the Herbert family occupied this site, although the house guests see today was completed in 1843. Queen Victoria stayed lavishly here in 1861, and extensive improvements were made to the structure and gardens before her visit. Moving the beautiful home is a must-do, as is a ride through the lavish gardens in a carriage (pony and trap).

The traditional farms are also worth visiting. Here you will see a very different eire, rooted in rural life during the 1930s and 1940s, a time when there was no running water in many country houses, and electricity was not yet available throughout the country.

There are 3 working farms, each with animals (some of which the youngsters will pet). The machinery dates from the origins of the farm and works as it did then, on previous instrumentation typically forced by horses.

Visitors can also explore a carpenter’s shop, worker’s house, and blacksmith’s forge. the farm building could be a real treat and especially fascinating if you are visiting with youngsters. A free shuttle bus runs endlessly through the positioning.

Adress: Killarney National Park, Muckross, Killarney, Co. Kerry

Dinis Cottage and Island

Dinis Cottage

From Muckross House (near Muckross House), guests will take a boat to the house, which was designed by the Herbert family and appears on the central lake. The house has been variously represented as a farmhouse and lumberjack’s cabin and dates from the 1700s. It has been repaired in recent years and currently functions as a place to eat.

The Meeting of the Waters and the Old Weir Bridge are just a short walk away. The windows of the houses display the names of the many prosperous guests that the UN agency inscribed in their names with their expensive diamond rings; the oldest dates back to the mid-19th century.

Visit Dingle and the Dingle Peninsula

Top Attractions & Activities In Killarney For 2023 Colorful shops and restaurants in the town of Dingle
Top Attractions & Activities In Killarney

The beautiful hollow ground is another must-see destination amongst the simple reach of Killarney. Again, this popular attraction isn’t technically in town, but moving to this hot spot is considered one of the best things to do in Killarney. Although easy to drive by car, a very popular way to visit this high-end tourist area is on a target hunting tour.

Lasting a full day, the best of those fun guided tours of the Dingle Peninsula also includes Slea Head, Europe’s westernmost destination, and En Beach, one of Ireland’s best beaches.

Beachside road on the Dingle Peninsula

Part of the fun is here, passing through incredible mountain scenery and visiting beautiful contours along the way. make sure your camera is loaded.

Highlights include a visit to the Gallarus Address, the proverbial Associate Degree Early Christian Church for its gems of ancient anthropology, and of course Inch Beach, popular for its surf.

You’ll even have plenty of time for lunch (or an Associate Degree sundae from Murphy’s) as you explore the quaint town of Hollow, which has a toy of brightly colored shops and restaurants lining its charming, narrow streets.

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Muckross Abbey

Top Attractions & Activities In Killarney For 2023 Muckross Abbey
Top Attractions & Activities In Killarney

A drive of just under a mile along the N71 towards Killarney brings guests to the Muckross Park Hotel with access to the ruined monastery (a short walk from the general public car park). Held in the 15th century, Muckross Abbey remains remarkably preserved within the boundaries of Killarney Park.

Formerly known as the Irrelagh Franciscan Monastery, Muckross Abbey’s most notable feature is its tower, which overlapped when it was initially built. it is the only Franciscan tower in the country that equals the width of the church.

The cloister and other connected buildings surround a spectacular yew tree, which some say is as old as the abbey itself. The monks had to leave the place in 1652 during the solon campaigns. Today, his cemetery continues in used for contemporary burials.

Address: Carrigafreaghane, Co. Kerry

Ross Castle

Ross Castle

Another notable attraction located within Killarney Park, Ross Castle is located almost thirteen minutes on the N71 from Muckross House. This imposing structure was built in the fifteenth century by the O’Donoghue social group.

It later came into the hands of the Browne family and the World Health Organization became the Earls of Kenmare and closely controlled a huge chunk of the land that now comprises Killarney Park. The structure consists of a tower house surrounded by walls with many spherical towers.

Top Attractions & Activities in Killarney for 2022 Ross Castle
Top Attractions & Activities In Killarney

An earlier prophecy foretold that the castle was only taken by an associated attack from the water. In 1652, taking advantage of this, Cromwell’s General Ludlow had a large ship launched in the lower lake, where the defenders, seeing this as the fulfillment of the prophecy, immediately gave.

Guided tours are accessible, and two water buses transport visitors to the lower lake from Ross Pier. Cruises can be accessed from Ross and Reen Piers to Innisfallen (Lower Lake) and Lord Brandon’s House (Upper Lake).

Address: Ross Castle, Killarney, Co. Kerry

Innisfallen Island

Ruins of the Innisfallen Monastery on Innisfallen Island

Take a ride to the quiet little island of Innisfallen from the pier at Ross Castle, 1.5 kilometers away. From here, guests will paddle over the surface of Logh Leane to the island’s main attraction, a 7th-century cloister.

Brian Boru, Associate Irish King and Emperor of Scots, is reported to have studied here. In the early 13th century, the Annals of Innisfallen (an important source for early Irish history) was written here and is now housed in the Bodleian Library in Oxford, England.

On the northeast side, there might be a small 12th-century church of red sandstone rock. Innisfallen still retains Eire’s earlier native wood, specifically mountain ash, ash, yew, and holly.

The Gap of Dunloe

Top Attractions & Activities In Killarney For 2023 Old stone bridge near the Gap of Dunloe
Top Attractions & Activities In Killarney

A drive of approximately seven miles takes visitors through the picturesque Gap of Dunloe, an impressive thin spot etched by glacial ice. This rocky pass separates Purple Mountain and its northern foothills in the western part of Killarney Park from Macgillicuddy’s Reeks and is therefore exceptional, you may remember it forever.

The gap is best reached from the R562, which follows the Lower Lakeside. From the road to Gap, visitors will see Dunloe Castle, hidden in a large grove of trees, as well as a group of Ogham Stones (National Monument). From Kate Kearney’s house, the four-kilometer ascent to the pass was sometimes completed in an extremely merry car, on foot, or a pony.

Those who venture to the highest square measure are rewarded with great views of rolling hills, valleys, and lakes.

Jaunting Cars

Jaunting cars sign

Arriving in Killarney, guests can’t help but notice the proliferation of otherwise illustrious horses and traps like Jaunting Cars. This is the norm thanks to touring all the local attractions, getting into the contemporary air and in the company of a Jarvey (driver and guide), World Health Organization can tell stories and keep visitors entertained every step of the way.

Jaunting Cars square measure is accessible to both teams and solo travelers. Tours cover Ross Castle, Muckross House & Gardens, and alternative main sites in and around Killarney. Jaunting cars pulled through hotels and at major tourist attractions, or simply by approaching a driver/guide and taking it from there.

Killarney Falconry

Top Attractions & Activities in Killarney for 2022 Falcon on a gloved hand in Ireland
Top Attractions & Activities In Killarney

One of the highest-rated animal experiences in this part of Ireland was enjoyed thanks to Killarney’s art fathers. This fascinating trip consists of radio-controlled walks around the lakes of Killarney in the company of a falcon and his guide of him.

Each tour is personalized and can tailor to suit teams of all sizes and ages, and each member of the group gets a chance to handle one of the glorious birds (don’t worry, art gloves are provided). In addition, military training in bird management is offered.

Given the recognition of those “hawk rides,” be careful to book well in advance to avoid disappointment.

Address: Bishop Moynihan Crescent, Killarney, Co. Kerry

The Church of the Sloes Killarney

Church of the Sloes

St. Mary’s, also called Church of the Sloes, or “Cill Airne” in Irish, is said to be the building named after her in Killarney. A very small church to visit, this beautifully is laid out on a site in the heart of Killarney which had a church since the 13th century.

St. Mary’s distinctive acoustics have light-emitting diodes to host regular concerts from spring through the season, regularly to enchant visiting tourists.

Typical concerts include performances by traveling orchestras and choirs, along with prominent local artists, all offering an eclectic alternative to the music genre and a non-secular associate degree. Donations are always appreciated even though most concerts are free.

Church tours are all the rage, with a spotlight on its elegant stained-glass windows from all over Ireland and Wales.

Address: Kenmare Place, Killarney, Co. Kerry


Top Attractions & Activities In Killarney For 2023 Tralee
Top Attractions & Activities In Killarney

Less than half an hour from Killarney is the historic town of Tralee. We’re saying city, but Tralee feels very much like a city, especially in the active hub. Tralee is today best known for its Rose of Tralee International competition, which held once a year since 1959. Tralee’s history, however, goes back much further. it was supported in the 13th century and has played a strategic role in Irish history over the centuries. it is full of history and culture, as well as anthropology sites, historical monuments, parks, and therefore the well-known Tralee Bay.

While Tralee is definitely worth a visit on its own, it will make for an invigorating day or everyday visit from Killarney. Be careful going to the Tralee Seaway which opened in 1846 and is 2 miles long.

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Torc Waterfall

Torc Waterfall

One of Ireland’s most stunning natural sites is just a short drive from Killarney, just minutes away from beautiful woodland. Descending the side of Torc Mountain Torn is one of the easiest things to do in Killarney.

The body of water is twenty meters high and one hundred and ten meters long. The supply is Owengarriff Creek, which flows out of Devil’s Punchbowl Lake. It is a short walk from the entrance to Muckross House. If it rains heavily the night before, you can be sure the views will be spectacular.

Be aware that car parking spaces is quite restricted, so it must be difficult to find a parking area unless you arrive early in the morning. You’ll also rent a motorcycle in town and thus bike to the bottom of the body of water, which is perhaps the smallest amount of jitters thanks to the visit.


Top Attractions & Activities In Killarney For 2023 Colorful shops in Kenmare
Top Attractions & Activities In Killarney

Kenmare marks the top of the Ring of Kerry if it starts at Kenmare. however, the 2 cities don’t seem mutually exclusive if you drive directly. this means that Kenmare will build a good expedition from Killarney, without having to attempt the almost 200km driving loop (definitely worth it though!).

This charming little town can be a well-respected traveler’s stop, and there’s always a reason. Brightly colored retailers line most of the street, offering everything from arts and crafts to wonderful restaurants. The streets themselves are insanely pretty, and it’s an easy town to get around and spend a stunning afternoon in.

Kenmare was built in the 18th century, primarily for work, mining, and fishing. several of the buildings within the town square measure healthy. Also worth stopping at is Reenagross Mainland Park, one of the most beautiful walking areas near Kenmare Bay.

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